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4th of July Mattress Sales (Up to $1,200+ OFF)

Most Americans don’t equate the 4th of July with mattress sales. We’re more likely to think of fireworks, BBQs, and family get togethers. But holiday weekends are a great time to shop for a new mattress because retailers offer the best deals during holidays.

Best 4th of July Mattress Sales

PlushBeds (6/28/19 to 7/8/19)
  • $1200 off all Organic Latex Mattresses plus FREE: 2 organic latex pillows, sheet set, and protector
  • $600 off all Memory Foam Mattresses plus FREE: 2 organic latex pillows and sheet set
  • Up to 60% off all Adjustable Beds plus FREE: 10 years extended warranty

Before you buy a mattress anywhere, make sure you read about the 20 Things You Should Know About Mattress Stores and use our free Mattress Buyer’s Checklist to make sure you get the best deal.

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What is the First Step to Buying a New Mattress?

The first step is deciding that your current mattress is no longer providing you with the comfortable night’s sleep you deserve. Sleep is essential to your health and your success. Poor sleep quality makes you grumpy which can damage your romantic relationship and even get you fired. A good mattress is important.

Signs You Should Consider a New Mattress This 4th of July

Signs that it is time to shop for a new mattress include:

  • On a recent trip, you slept better in the hotel than you do at home
  • You feel stiff or achy when you wake up
  • You need a different size of mattress
  • Your child has outgrown their bed
  • Your baby is ready to move from their crib to a big kid bed
  • Your RV mattress leaves you feeling tired all day long
  • You want an air mattress to use for guests or under your sleeping bag in your tent
  • You are experiencing low back pain, especially in the morning
  • You aren’t sleeping well or feel tired frequently during the day

Don’t be Taken Advantage of When You Buy a Mattress over the 4th of July

It saddens me to say this, but many mattress stores cheat customers by withholding information and by providing misleading information. I wish this wasn’t so. Until the day comes when all mattress sellers are noble and honorable, the best I can do is help as many people as possible avoid being ripped off.

To accomplish that, we provide two free resources to protect you. The first is a free Mattress Buyer’s Checklist. The checklist helps you, the buyer, keep track of the information you’ve gathered while making your decision about which mattress to buy during the 4th of July mattress sales (or anytime you need a new mattress).

We designed the list to help you ask questions that will prevent commissioned mattress salespeople from getting away with putting their own financial interests ahead of your health and well-being.

We’re not exaggerating the problem. Here is a direct quote of a warning :

According to numerous complaints received in our office, consumers allege that Mattress Firm sells merchandise of poor quality, fails to adhere to their own guarantee, and lacks transparency in relaying their polices. Upon receipt of their purchased items, many consumers report the items are incorrect and differ in brand or model. Additional allegations state the merchandise sold is of poor quality and requires multiple repairs and replacements, also used items are often sold as new. When contacted regarding these concerns, consumers allege the company attempts to charge an additional fee to deliver the correct items. Complainants also report that the company has failed to honor their 120-day guarantee, preventing exchanges or refunds within the allotted time frame.Better Business Bureau

Don’t be Taken Advantage of When You Buy a Mattress over the 4th of July

We Already Researched Mattress Stores for You

Earlier this year, we spent over 100 hours investigating mattress stores and their treatment of customers. The above problems are pervasive. Our detailed review of mattress stores highlights similar issues at almost every mattress store we reviewed.

The reviews from other customers are available for anyone with the time to spend reading them. We did that for you to save you time and so we could guide you. What we learned was depressing. Our search began because we wanted to find reputable mattress stores we could recommend.

After a while, it became apparent that the search was futile. That’s when we decided to create the Mattress Buyer’s Checklist. It is the best way we can think of to protect you from unethical practices commonly used by mattress stores.

Don’t be Misguided by Myths

Don’t be Misguided by Myths

As a child, I loved myths. I was transported to another time and place when I heard stories about Athena, Hercules, Zeus, Apollo, and so many others. As an adult, urban myths are the bane of my existence because I see the harm they do.

One urban myth is that the best way to choose a mattress is to lay down on it. Independent researchers studied the best way to choose a mattress. It turns out that laying on a mattress while awake does not give us the information we need about how the mattress will feel when our muscles are relaxed during sleep.

After completing their research, the scientists suggested the two best ways to decide if a mattress will help you sleep well:

  • Keep a daily sleep journal to track how you sleep for two weeks
  • Use actigraphy. Actigraphy is a type of sleep monitor that is now available in many watches including the Apple Watch, FitBit, LetsCom, and other brands.

We came up with two ways to help you use their recommendations:

If a mattress salesperson tries to tell you that the best way to know if a mattress is comfortable is laying on it in their store, refer them to the research by scientists that proves they’re sharing a myth—not reality.

The Most Important Requirement in Selecting the Best Mattress

It is obvious from the researcher’s recommendations that choosing the best mattress requires you to sleep on the mattress. This means you have to have access to the mattress in your home. This is one area where almost all mattress stores fail. Even if they offer what they call a sleep trial, mattress store sleep trials almost never promise to refund your money when the mattress doesn’t work for you. At best, they offer an exchange when they offer any sort of trial, but this may not be obvious.

You have to be diligent about requesting clarification of how a sleep trial in a mattress store is defined. Online mattress stores spell their policies out in writing and almost all of them have free returns with no re-stocking fees.

On the other hand, mattress stores play games with exchanges—they make it hard on customers who decide to exchange a mattress that doesn’t work well for them in several ways:

  • Charging re-stocking fees
  • Not allowing the replacement mattress to be purchased at a sale price even if it is on sale
  • Not offering a warranty on the replacement mattress
  • Pick-up and new delivery fees

They use all their creativity trying to rip-off customers and none trying to make sure customers get a mattress that works well at a good price.

The Best Way to Buy a Mattress during the 4th of July Holiday Sales

The best way to buy a mattress is online. Online retailers almost all provide free, and we mean completely free (no shipping charges, no re-stocking fees, and no games) sleep trials. Sleep trials last more than three months when you buy online, which is more than enough time to know how well you’ll sleep on a mattress.

Follow the Money is a good strategy when you decide where to buy a new mattress. This side-by-side comparison helps you visualize who benefits from the money you spend on a mattress.

Brick and Mortar Mattress Store

Money Trail

Online Mattress Store

Money Trail

Brick and Mortar Mattress Store Money TrailOnline Mattress Store Money Trail
It is easy to see why mattresses cost more when you buy them at a mattress store. They incur a lot of expenses that don’t benefit the purchaser.
  • Mattress manufacturers who sell direct to the public save about half the costs they incur when they sell in stores. They pass some of those savings on to consumers via free shipping, free no-risk sleep trials, and by providing outstanding customer service.
  • They pass the rest of the savings on by charging less for the mattress.

Now that you know the truth about the best way to choose a mattress and have our free Mattress Buyer’s Guide and Sleep Journal, you won’t be ripped off when you buy a mattress during the 4th of July mattress sales.

Resources to Help You Make a Good Decision

Resources to Help You Make a Good Decision

Our staff work hard to evaluate mattresses and compile helpful information you can rely on. Our research saves you time and money. We want you to be happy with your decision for a long time. If you’re in the market for a new mattress during the 4th of July sales, these resources will help:

Learn about mattress types:

We’ve evaluated hundreds of mattresses in each category and selected the best of them for these articles:

Who We Are

We are people with a passion for helping others. Because sleep is so important to everyone’s quality of life, we feel a lot of satisfaction when we help people improve the quality of their sleep and their sleep hygiene through education. We spend hundreds of hours every month reviewing mattresses and reading the most recent research from universities and independent sleep labs. While we make a small commission when people purchase mattresses using links from our site, we aren’t tied to supporting a specific mattress.

Referring to the side-by-side charts, we are part of the advertising costs. However, we aren’t employed by them.  In fact, we reject relationships with manufacturers who ask us to rate their mattresses a certain way. (Yes, some do this.) We value honesty and integrity above anything else, so our reviews reflect our honest opinions. We are a partner you can trust as you search for a good night’s sleep.

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