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About Us

The goal of Best Mattress Reviews is to provide sleep education, so you can make an informed decision when buying a mattress, pillows, or other sleep aids. We present straight forward, unbiased reviews that not only highlight the effective features but that also reveal the drawbacks. After all, we spend a third of our day in bed, and consistent high-quality sleep can help you lose weight, improve your memory, alleviate stress, and live longer. Since support levels of mattresses impact sleep, pain, and daytime functioning— mattresses matter.

At Best Mattress Reviews

We take into account that tests have revealed some people sleep better on medium-firm mattresses while others prefer softer or firmer ones. A plus size individual might describe a mattress as soft while a leaner individual may feel the same mattress is firm. Since each of us snoozes in our own way and responds to mattresses and other sleep aids differently, our recommendations address the vast variety of preferences. A mattress that works for one person may not work for another.

It’s difficult for consumers to choose mattresses on their own because sleeping consists of several stages. In the REM “rapid eye movement” stage, vivid dreams occur. To prevent us from acting out our dreams, we lose skeletal muscle tone. The skeletal muscles supporting our back relax, diminishing our spinal support. So, a mattress that felt supportive when you tried it at the store may perform differently when you are in REM sleep.

In addition, such a wide range of mattresses are available that consumers need help in choosing the one that’s right for them.

Innerspring mattresses use a network of steel coil springs. Most of them feature individually pocketed coils which keep them from poking through the cushioning and they also prolong the life of the mattress. Also, a layer of cushioning covers the coils to provide extra comfort. They are available in a wide variety of firmness levels (based on coil configuration).

Other options are pillow top (filled with polyester or down batting), latex, memory foam or a combination of cushioning materials.

Latex foam mattresses have a latex foam core rather than springs for support. Latex conforms to the body, preventing painful pressure points and subsequently back and joint pain.

Memory foam absorbs movement, unlike an innerspring mattress. Air chamber mattresses feature air-filled compartments for support in place of coils or latex foam cores.

They have a layer of top foam to cushion your body. These mattresses allow individual control of the comfort level on either side of the bed.

A couple can sleep together and still one can dial a softer mattress setting on their side of the bed and the other can dial a firmer setting for their side of the bed.

Because of all of those options and variables we consistently follow three specific guidelines in our research and testing:

  • We find and research and highest rated, most popular, and newest products for testing. Manufactures often reach out to us and send a sample for testing and sometimes we contacted the manufacturer directly.
  • We’ll sleep on the mattress for 1 to 2 weeks ourselves. If there is any type of odor when we first open the mattress, we’ll keep it there for 2 to 3 days then sleep on it again.
  • We take comfort, support, price, firmness, pressure relief, responsiveness, motion transfer, edge support, the return policy, and the warranty into consideration.

To ensure our research is reliable and our testing results are accurate, we use the same methods for all of our tests. Then, we deliver our ratings and recommendations on Best Mattress Reviews.

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