Amerisleep Mattress Review

Amerisleep Liberty Mattress Review

The Amerisleep Liberty Mattress Bed Plant-Based Memory Foam is an affordable, highly-rated mattress with some high-quality features and benefits you would only see in very expensive premium competitors.

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Key characteristics of Amerisleep Liberty mattress

  • The Amerisleep Liberty Bed is 12” tall, 2 inches more than the 10” mattress size that competitors offer in this category. This extra thickness adds more durability and support compression.
  • Liberty like other Amerisleep mattresses is officially licensed to use Celliant® in their covers which retains heat and helps for a restful sleep experience overall.
  • It features Bio-Pur plant-based memory foam layer for an eco-friendly and healthier lifestyle as well as a great cooling effect.

The one thing that sets apart Liberty as well as the rest of the Amerisleep beds, is the surface cover of the mattress. This contains unique fibers infused with a mineral-based material called Celliant.

Celliant is also used in the Bear mattress and is designed to take excess body heat, absorb it, and recycle into infrared energy. Its benefits relate to pain relief for athletes and boosting circulation, while some tests reveal that it helped people fall asleep faster.

The highly stretchy nature of the cover material thanks to the Celliant benefits allows the memory foam below to fully contour to your body and instantly goes right back to its original shape afterward. Some mattress covers use stiffer materials, which can reduce comfort.

In particular, for the Liberty mattress cover surface, it has also a modern textured look with a wave design, feeling cool and sleek to the touch.

Beneath the cover, Amerisleep designed a fiber fire barrier to meet flame standards, which is GreenQuard certified for healthier protection.

The added advantage of Amerisleep Liberty mattress is how it is ideal for side sleepers and for some combo sleepers. Overall, our testing suggested that each person’s hips and shoulders could sink far enough to keep their spine in a natural, comfortable alignment.

Amerisleep Liberty bed mattress is the right match if you

Want a medium feel – It offers a true medium feel, rated in a 5.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. This provides with that right amount of balance between support and comfort and has excellent temperature control.

Want to sleep cool – The Liberty mattress was designed with air circulation, heat retention and pain relief in mind. The Celliant®-infused cover allows breathing, heat wicking, and is designed to circulate air, improving airflow to keep you cool all night long.

You are a side sleeper or combo sleeper – you’ll probably feel that the Amerisleep Liberty mattress is perfect.

Prefer eco-friendly solutions – The Liberty is constructed with care towards the environment from the patented VPF technology during the manufacturing process and the impact it leaves to the premium bio-plant based materials for better health. It uses thus ECO-friendly materials and processes and is CertiPUR-US® certified.

Amerisleep Liberty bed mattress is not a good match if you

Prefer an innerspring feel – It is not the best option if you love the traditional innerspring feel on a mattress. Instead, Liberty is closer to foam lovers who will love the contouring, plush and support.

Prefer luxury feel –  If you want to invest over $5,000 for a mattress, you can check DUX or at least Tempur-Pedic.  but I guess most people won’t invest just for the brand, actually, we can take a look at for some affordable luxury choices.

Construction of Casper

So, what is the Amerisleep Liberty mattress made of?

 Amerisleep Liberty mattress construction

The Amerisleep Liberty mattress contains three layers beneath the cover, designed with high-quality materials throughout. This construction is targeted specifically at the plush memory foam experience without losing support or sinking uncomfortably deep into the bed.

Cover: Breathable, high-stretch Celliant-infused cover with Greenguard fiber fire barrier. This advanced fabric combines 13 minerals into thermoreactive yarn that converts body heat into the infrared.

Top layer: Bio-Pur plant-based memory foam layer for soothing pressure relief and retain heat to keep cooling and breathability with its open-celled construction.

Second layer: The affinity layer is used as a transition layer which complements the plush memory foam by enhancing responsiveness and support.

Base: The high-density foam base layer serves as the core of the bed, providing lasting support for proper alignment.

Amerisleep Mattress Layers

Firmness and support

Amerisleep Liberty mattress was designed to ensure that you sleep well while striking a great balance between comfort and an adequate firmness. It is a medium firm mattress which does a great job of contouring to many different body types. It is best suited for to side-sleepers for sure.

Amerisleep Mattress Firmness

It seems that the Amerisleep Liberty bed does an excellent job in the following:

  • Support for the back and hips
  • Supports the neck well
  • The spine is more aligned as they sleep
  • Supports all types of sleepers

Value for money

The mattress sizes currently available for Amerisleep Liberty cover the standard dimensions and come at variant prices:

  • Twin– $799
  • Twin XL– $899
  • Full– $1099
  • Queen– $1199
  • King– $1499
  • California King– $1499
  • Split King– $1599

With the price for an Amerisleep Liberty mattress ranging between $799 and $1,599, it is safe to say that it poses a really good option if your budget is a bit over average to provide with extreme comfort and luxury. The specifications of the Liberty are comparable to models that cost twice as much, such as Simmon Beautyrest and iComfort.

Sleeping experience of Amerisleep mattress

While most higher-priced competitors rely on gel-infused foam layers near the top, Amerisleep Liberty mattress uses a unique and superior type of foam compared to standard poly foams. Their Bio-Pur™ memory foam has an extreme open cell structure that lets air move while you’re in bed.

According to the company, this unique material contains a very high percent of plant-based ingredients and is designed for maximum breathability and to retain heat so you’ll stay cool and comfortable through the night.

Based on consumer reviews and our own personal testing, the Amerisleep Liberty Bed indeed sleeps cool and breathes extremely well compared to memory foam mattress we’ve seen so far.

Amerisleep Liberty mattress comparison

Motion Transfer

The memory foam type used in the Liberty bed helps boost comfort as well as functionality and performance. In addition, our motion transfer test indicates that there is an insignificant motion on the beds making it ideal for couples and it is highly unlikely that you will sense your partner’s moves during the evening.


The Amerisleep Liberty Bed is built in the USA using a high degree of sustainable materials and ecologically sound manufacturing. In particular, the patented foam manufacturing process used by Amerisleep actually leaves air cleaner leaving the factory thanks to filtration and avoiding ingredients with harmful volatile organic compounds.
The company estimates that their mattress has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, which exceeds other predictions and still provide the same luxury feeling.

Smell and Eco-Friendliness

You will be glad to hear that the Liberty Bed from Amerisleep has almost no smell due to the bed’s construction and delivery approach.

MaterialDegassing PeriodBreak-In PeriodFirmness Level 1-10
Bio-Foam Memory FoamNone0-14 Days7.5

Instead of producing foam in an open environment that emits harmful contaminants into the air, the company manufactures their beds using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), the most eco-friendly process in the world.

This VPF process is free of harsh chemicals, creating foam with incredibly low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Any waste from this process is 100% recycled internally.

Amerisleep’s American-made, plant-based foams are CertiPUR-US® certified, to guarantee it’s completely free from toxic chemicals.

Amerisleep Liberty mattress eco

Shipping , Trial, Warranty, Return

The Amerisleep Liberty Bed comes rolled compactly in a box style and is shipped via FedEx. Indicatively, the package dimensions are around X19” x X19” x X42” for the Queen size for reference.

It can fit through almost any doorway and hallway, and you shouldn’t have a problem with most staircases and elevators. Once you place it in the room of your desire, you can use it on any frame you like, even place it directly on the floor.

Amerisleep Liberty mattress shipping

Amerisleep provides with a 100-Day trial which begins on the day of delivery, not purchases. There are no restocking fees and no charges, whatsoever. In addition, Amerisleep ensures excellent customer support.

The company promises a fair warranty of first 10 years, which will be replaced or repaired at no cost. Following these 10 years span, years 11-20 are pro-rated. The amount you would pay to replace the bed is calculated with the following guideline: the number of years you have owned the mattress divided by twenty (20), times the original purchase price.

The warranty is void if the mattress is used on an incompatible surface, if it is soiled, or damaged by the user. 

Liberty VS other Amerisleep models

Amerisleep features 5 models to choose from. Liberty is closer to the middle of the firmness scale, with a medium firmness. Independence is on the far softer side (Soft) as well as Colonial (Medium Soft). The three of them -Liberty, Colonial, and Independence- are proposed for side and combo sleepers best.

Revere (Medium Firm) and Americana (Firm) are best for back and stomach sleepers since they rank at the other end of the firmness scale.

Amerisleep Liberty mattress vs Other Mattress

Below is a brief comparison of the five models of Amerisleep Liberty mattress.

CONSTRUCTION3 layers3 layers3 layers2 layers2 layers
FIRMNESSMedium firmSoftMedium SoftMedium FirmFirm
THICKNESS12 inches14 inches13 inches12 inches10 inches

Final Verdict

The mattress itself is very balanced, providing plushness that a lot of bed in a box models lack excessive hugging.

The Liberty Bed offers terrific support, great body contouring, high-quality and green materials, and is designed with cooling and comfort in mind. And it’s at a surprisingly low price point. A very balanced overall result which you will definitely enjoy.

In short, the Amerisleep Liberty Plant-Based Memory Foam Mattress is the top contender among the higher-priced premium competitors.

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