Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress is a premium mattress that offers consumers quite a few unique quality features and benefits, definitely affordable and overall luxurious and attractive.

Official site: http://www.aviyamattress.com/

Key characteristics:

  • It seems that at 12 inches thick(Thicker than most other online mattresses, the industry standard are 10 inches), Aviya is highly durable and the 3 inches edging foam give extra strength around the edges of the mattress.
  • The mattress provides 3 firmness options with supportive innerspring for maximum responsiveness.
  • Aviya sleeps very coolly
  • Aviya offers strong edge support especially promised to reinforce lumbar
  • With its high-density polyurethane foam cushioning, a true‘upholstery grade foam,’it is certain that this mattress will provide a unique feel unlike any conventional foam on the market.

Aviya Mattress Construction

So, what is the Aviya mattress made of?

Aviya Mattress construction

Aviya features 12 inches conforming mattress offering a great deal of support and comfort, designed with 5 layers:

Aviya Mattress Layers

The cover: Aviya mattress comes with a luxurious quilted layer with a stretch-knit cover.

Top layer: The top layer is 1-inch high-density no-sag comfort foam engineered for cooling and combined with the top layer, the quilted cover.

Second layer: This layer is 1-inch high-density foam helping the top layer maintain stability and prevent sag or sinking feel when on top of the mattress.

Third layer: A supportive layer of 1-inch high-density foam. With this structure, each layer of foam provides carefully designed support and response system to give the sleeper total comfort without having the bed tilting to cause imbalance weight distribution or undue motion transfer when sleeping in the bed.

Fourth layer: This layer is 8 inches tall and comprises of 800 individually wrapped innerspring coil system (Marshall system) designed to give Aviya mattress its extra strength and comfort.

Fifth layer: This is the base layer, and it’s a 1-inch stability base platform to provide the foundation for the mattress.


Aviya features a unique hybrid design built for superior comfort and support. It is a plush mattress with a premium construction with its combination of wrapped innerspring coils and luxury foams. Our review and research suggested that Aviya has a rating of 86% owner satisfaction.


This mattress is a luxury innerspring/foam mattress developed to provide dynamic support, comfort and a high quality wrapped steel innerspring coil system. These are combined with 3 layers of high-density polyurethane foam cushioning, a true ‘upholstery grade foam’ to enrich the support provided for your body.

Aviya Mattress Support


You will notice the Aviya mattress comes in three different firmness options and levels, which allows consumers the one that suits their individual sleep needs.

You can choose between a plush/soft, firm and luxury firm. This affords with the opportunity to choose the sleep surface that is both responsive and comfortable depending on your sleeping style and preferences.

Aviya Mattress Firmness

Indicatively, the firm mattress is best if you prefer mid-range softness, and is great if you have a back pain problem.

The luxury firm brings a medium level hardness, and the emphasis is on luxury and a bouncy feel. Overall it is best recommended for the average sleeper.

The plush/soft firmness is best if you enjoy feeling plush with a sinking feeling. This option is recommended for pure side sleepers.

The high-density foams used to make the distinct firmness levels, maintain their overall height much better than typical conventional foams. In addition, they minimize any sagging issues, uneven surface issues, and even body impression issues.

Value for money

The Aviya mattress like most mattresses comes in different sizes and their prices vary, however in general, it appears to have rather a reasonable cost for the kind of quality you get.

  • Twin mattress $699
  • Twin XL $799
  • Full $849
  • Queen $899
  • King $1199
  • California King $1199

Based on consumer ratings as we reviewed them, the Aviya mattress falls on the upper end of the spectrum in terms of satisfaction, compared to other memory foam and/or latex mattresses which come at a higher cost. In this sense, it seems that Aviya is a very good buy for the money.

Doesn’t Sleep Hot

Although featuring a memory foam layer, our research and testing show that the Aviya mattress (in any of the three firmness levels) tends to sleep cool. This is due to the premium quilted top layer combined with its 1” Cooling Comfort Foam. The creators of Aviya suggest that the unique blend of foam and innerspring core make for a mattress that allows airflow and sleeps cool all night long.

Aviya Mattress Air Flow

Motion Transfer

It appears that the structure of the Aviya mattress is such that beyond its innerspring coil system and high-density foams which are state of the art, it’s premium hybrid construction absorbs motion easily which leaves little to no room for disruption by your partner’s tossing and turning.

This same premium hybrid design does exceptionally well in the motion transfer test to offer a perfect balance of comfort and support and effectively minimizes any sagging or sinking.


Once unpacked, Aviya presents a slight “new mattress” smell, much like most other memory and latex foam mattresses. However, the odor dissipates in just a matter of a few days.

The good news is Aviya is eco-friendly and Certi-PUR certified, therefore the smell is non-toxic and not harmful.


Aviya Mattress Eco-Friendliness

As already stated, Aviya mattress is consistent with eco-friendly standards. The polyurethane foams in Aviya mattress are blended with soy to reduce the number of petrochemicals used in the production process.

In addition, the company uses premium CertiPUR-US® certified memory foams for superior support, a healthier lifestyle and a better environmental impact. This certification ensures the materials are free of chemicals, gasses, ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for indoor air quality.


The Aviya mattress is manufactured in the USA. It seems that Aviya features a longer lifespan that in comparison to its competitors. It is no doubt that this mattress with its combined innerspring coils and top of the line foam structure definitely offers high levels of durability and endurance. 

Company Reputation

The company is a family business with well over 75 years in the industry, making them a recognized leader across the country consistent with quality mattresses sharing innovative, leading-edge sleep systems.

The company’s reputation has gained therefore popularity in the marketplace for its quality and excellent customer service, while it continues to offer high quality, superior products at affordable prices.


Regular shipping is free of charge, however, with Aviya you will have to pay extra if you choose to order the specialized sturdy foundation along with it or elect to order their “white glove delivery service.”

Threshold DeliveryYour mattress will be delivered and placed just inside the first available door or entrance of your home.FREE
White Glove DeliveryDelivery to your home plus complete setup and assembly of your new mattress (and foundation, if ordered). This includes transportation up one flight of stairs and removal of all packing materials.$99
White Glove Delivery + RemovalIncludes complete White Glove Delivery service above plus the removal and disposal of one mattress or mattress/foundation set.$159
Aviya Mattress Shipping

Return Policy/Warranty

The Aviya mattress purchase is protected by the company’s 100-night, 100% money back guarantee. This means that, if, within the first 100 days, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the mattress for a full refund with free return shipping.

In addition, the company provides a 10-year warranty which is non-prorated warranty and protects consumers from any mechanical defects and body impressions of 1” or greater, and covers both the mattress and the foundation (stability base).

This is industry standard as well, if you want a better warranty&trial mattress, reference Nectar or Layla. They are the only two mattresses support forever warranty, and Nectar provided 365 nights free trial as a bonus. Nectar is a gel memory foam mattress, Layla is made of copper-infused memory foam

Aviya Mattress Return Policy


The combination of innerspring and foam in the Aviya Mattress near perfection. A plus for sure if you are a bit on the heavier side of the scale, while it is great that Aviya comes with a premium stability base that greatly tributes to its overall unique hybrid design.

Added advantage

The supreme comfort and edge support with the 3” wide foam edging for a larger mattress feel and overall great reinforced lumbar support.

Aviya Mattress Added Advantage

Aviya mattress is a great choice if you:
  • Want great value – Aviya offers a great innerspring product which is not common to find nowadays at such an affordable price.
  • Like the innerspring feel – Although Aviya features a layer of foam on top, it feels more like a spring mattress so you will definitely like it if you are into innerspring mattresses.
  • Have a firmness preference – If you prefer a specific firmness level, Aviya gives you three options to choose from: plush, luxury firm, and firm models.
  • Prefer eco-friendly solutions —  The Aviya is constructed with care towards the environmental impact it leaves and also your health. It uses thus ECO-friendly materials and processes and is CertiPUR-US® certified.
  • Are on a lower budget – Aviya is priced pretty significantly below competitors manufacturing innerspring mattresses and provides overall a better product at this lower price!
Aviya mattress is probably not the right choice if you:
  • Prefer a foam feel – Aviya, even at its plush model which gives a bit more of a foam feel, feels more like an innerspring mattress in general although it has foam on its top layer.
  • Want a true luxury mattress – Aviya does have a sense of luxury and is overall a great mattress at a great price, but if you’re willing to raise your budget, more expensive mattresses will have more luxury specs.

Final Verdict

Aviya offers a premium product at a very affordable and attractive price that could satisfy any consumer. With its high quality wrapped steel innerspring coil system, its three firmness levels, and the innovative hybrid design, the Aviya mattress delivers quality, luxury and overall comfort of such standards and in such great price that it sets it well apart from its industry competitors.

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