Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress is a new eco-friendly “green” addition in the market, offering a luxurious sleeping experience combining the support and durability of springs with natural Dunlop latex.

Official site: https://www.avocadogreenmattress.com/shop/avocado-mattress/

Key characteristics of Avocado mattress

  • Avocado Mattress uses latex that is actually 100% natural, as well as all natural materials for the cover as well.
  • It seems that at 13 inches thick, it is highly durable.
  • The mattress provides 2 firmness options with the option of adding the pillow top.
  • Avocado sleeps very coolly.
  • It is very bouncy/resilient.

The mattress is 13 inches thick if you add the 2-inch thick pillow top.  The thing that sets Avocado apart is definitely the use of eco-friendly materials that just add to the value of the mattress.

Aside from the hand tufting, this mattress also has stitched heavy-duty handles to the middle layer, giving it a beautiful look while also serve for practicality reasons, that makes it easy to rotate or transport.

Avocado Mattress Added Advantage

Avocado Gwen mattress is great if you

Want A Mattress That Will Last Longer – The materials used in this mattress are highly durable and guarantee your mattress will last far beyond normal standards.  Obviously, the value of getting this mattress gets much higher.

Like Bounce/Resilience – Avocado Gwen is very bouncy and resilient due to the latex top layer, as the mattress immediately moves back into its original place when you move around.  If plenty of bounce is what you are looking for, you will definitely find it with this mattress. The extra plush top is ideal for sleepers who want comfort.

Want a Foam Feel without Excess Sinking / Getting Stuck – This mattress has a great feel to it and is still definitely resilient. You never feel like you sink into the mattress too much (2-3 inches of sinking) and you never feel like you get stuck in the mattress for a more “on” the mattress feel than an “in” the mattress feel.

Want Materials That Are Actually Natural – The creators of Avocado have designed a truly “green mattress” which uses 100% natural latex, organic cotton, and wool.

Want a Breathable and Cool Mattress – This mattress offers enhanced air flow and circulation, meaning you shouldn’t have any concerns about sleeping hot here.

Avocado Gwen mattress is not ideal if you

Prefer a memory foam feel – Memory foam mattresses topper perform better on motion isolation and contouring. In addition, they offer more sinking, which is not what you get with Avocado, a hybrid mattress and you should probably look elsewhere.

Don’t Want Bounce – This mattress is very distinctive in how bouncy it is due to the latex together with the support of innerspring.  If you don’t want much bounce, you will not probably love Avocado Gwen.

Are A Lightweight Side Sleeper Avocado Gwen is not ideal if you are lighter in weight and sleep on their side as they will probably think the mattress is too firm even with the pillow top.

Are on a tight budget – If you want to go for a green mattress with organic latex, you must pay more, such as the case with Avocado Gwen. However, if you can’t afford it, look for other alternatives.

Avocado Mattress Construction

So, what is the Avocado mattress made of?

Avocado Mattress Construction

The mattress is 13 inches thick in total and consists of:

Cover: Avocado features a premium 100% organic cotton cover which is GOTS -certified. It is a handmade button tufted cover with no use of the adhesive chemical. No wicking was involved in the design process with moisture free surface providing a user the assurance of a comforting sleep all night long. Joma® wool rosettes stuffed underneath the cotton acts as a fire retardant.

Avocado Mattress Layers

First layer: This top layer comes with 2” latex Euro-Style pillow for balance, softness and firm feel. It is a high-density latex that guarantees optimum stability and no sinking.

Second layer: This second layer is a 2” softer latex aimed to act as gentler weight disperser. It aims to ensure the mattress stays stable without sinking while it supports the top layer to withstand pressure.

Third layer: This layer consists of denser latex 1” in scale which protects the core base elements of the upper layers, adding up to 5” of latex setup to give user maximum comfort and support while sleeping. The intention is to provide with an even distribution of weight across the bed without one side going down and the other rising that may result in user feeling uncomfortable.

Base layer: Avocado Gwen base is perfectly engineered for maximum support as it is packed with an 8” support layer of 681-1,303 individually pocketed comfort coils wrapped with same quality organic latex for protection and noiseless effect. The coils make the Avocado Gwen bed responsive and support the mattress when in use.

Avocado Mattress Base Layer

Firmness and support

Avocado Gwen features a nice medium firmness, with its pillow top. Our testing suggested that it is soft enough to sleep on your side, and yet firm enough to sleep on your back. Perhaps if you are lightweight and sleep on your side you will think it’s a touch too firm for you, yet this comes down to personal preference.

Avocado Mattress Firmness

Being made with Dunlop latex, this mattress will have a firmer feel to it. However, because it is tufted, you get more of a true pillow top feel. The tufting makes the difference here.

Avocado Mattress Support

To complement the natural comfort layers, Avocado features the pocketed comfort coils to ensure your proper spinal alignment and balance, superior ergonomic and joint support. The mattress is zoned in the hip and shoulder areas to enhance back and lumbar support, it contours to your body shape, distributes weight evenly and relieve pressure. Finally, as it is explained further below in this review, the pocketed coils offer better edge support, making this mattress extremely durable.


With natural latex, Joma® wool, 100% organic cotton and up to 1,330 support coils and these price tags, Avocado Mattress is a good buy that will not disappoint you.

  • Twin $1,199.00
  • Twin XL $1,299.00
  • Full $1,599.00
  • Queen $1,699.00
  • King $2,099.00
  • California King $2,099.00

Sleep experience

Avocado goes above and beyond with the 100% Natural Dunlop Latex. This is one of nature’s best and most resilient sleeping surfaces and works exceptionally well with airflow being breathable enough to help you sleep comfortably cool. In addition, it provides pressure relief, comfort, and support without the feeling of “sinking into” your mattress but rather it is like “floating”.

Motion Transfer

Avocado Gwen with their encased coils in their own fabric pockets in 3 distinct zones, floats independently to reduce motion transfer.

In this sense, although latex typically doesn’t perform as well as memory foam does for motion transfer, it still does a pretty good job.  Therefore, the Avocado does a decent job of isolating motion.  However, you will still feel it a little your partner’s movement.

Edge Support

A great thing with this mattress is how it does really well in terms of the edge support it provides.

Despite usually all latex mattresses sink a little at the edge, due to the fact that this mattress has a coil system as well, you get the benefit of added edge support and sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you will fall off.


With natural latex, Joma® wool, and 100% organic cotton, Avocado mattress is definitely a green mattress and complies with all environmental standards.

Instead, this handcrafted mattress made in the USA IS made of 100% Natural Dunlop Latex Rubber (pure rubber sap from Hevea Brasiliensis trees in Asia. No trees are harmed in the process). This latex is certified by the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne. In addition, the mattress consists of:

Avocado Mattress Eco-saving

  • 100% Pure Joma® New Zealand Wool
  • 100% Recycled Steel Support Coils in 3 Zones
  • Certified Organic Cotton


Avocado Mattress Eco-Friendliness

Shipping, Trial, Warranty, Return

Shipping is free of charge and comes at your doorstep. Setup will cost $99 more with their white glove service. Check out their site here.

Avocado mattress features a 100-night sleep trial, which allows plenty of time to try out and decide if it’s the perfect mattress for you, otherwise, you can return it for a full refund. It also offers a decent and above industry standard especially for natural mattresses 10-year warranty.

Avocado Mattress Return Policy

Final Verdict

Choose Avocado if you want a mattress with natural materials that can last for a long period. Provided that you enjoy this level of bounce, we think there are plenty of reasons to really like this mattress if you can afford it.

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