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Awara mattress

AWARA Mattress Review

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AWARA hybrid latex mattress provides you the best of both worlds. The spring coils provide significant support that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. For comfort and pleasure, the natural latex between you and the coils provides an eco-friendly healthy mattress that you’ll look forward to at the end of each day.

A comfortable, supportive mattress is the key to a healthy good night’s sleep with less tossing and turning because you stay comfortable. AWARA delivers on this promise in a mattress that is better for your health and the environment.

You can sleep comfortably with a partner, you won’t fall toward your partner and you won’t feel them get up or move around on your AWARA mattress.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPsApIJtdzQ]

What is important when you buy a mattress?

A mattress is a major purchase for many families. The more you understand about what should be considered before you buy, the better the choice you make will be. Important considerations include:

  • The sleeping position you prefer
  • Expert recommendations regarding the healthiest firmness levels for your preferred sleeping positions
  • Is the mattress made using healthy materials?
  • Whether you sleep alone or with a partner or pets
  • If you want to be able to use an adjustable frame
  • Does the mattress sleep hot or cool?
  • How durable is the mattress?
  • Price
  • Delivery (do you have to take a day off work to wait for the delivery)
  • How does the mattress manufacturing process affect the environment?
  • The warranty (pro-rated or not, duration, and reputation of the company relative to warranty claims)

Overview of the AWARA mattress

Our review of the AWARA mattress will cover all these points.

There are hundreds of mattresses to choose from. A risk management lens is a good way to narrow the field. I rule out any mattress that doesn’t allow me to try it risk-free in my home because the company puts all the risk on the customer if they don’t provide an in-home sleep trial that allows returns without re-stocking fees. If they don’t offer a sleep trial, it tells me they aren’t confident about their product.

AWARA comes with the longest sleep trial in the industry. You can try it for up to 365-nights in your home before deciding whether to keep it. I wouldn’t wait that long. If a mattress isn’t allowing you to sleep well after a month or so, it’s not a good fit for you.

AWARA is lovingly hand-crafted from Dunlop Latex which is natural, eco-friendly, and very durable. Latex is a natural material made from the sap of rubber trees.

Safe and Sustainable Harvests

Harvesting sap is a sustainable process that encourages the planting of rubber trees. This type of latex does not include any petroleum products. Production of one king-sized mattress per day requires fifteen acres of rubber trees and support ten people who collect the sap from the trees.

AWARA has been certified to meet high industry standards by a variety of watchdog type organizations including GOLS, eco-Institute, and SGS.

The extraction process does not harm the trees which continue producing the sap used to make latex mattresses throughout their life. When the trees reach the end of their lifespan, they are harvested, and new trees are planted to replace them.  During their lifespan, in addition to providing natural latex, they cleanse carbon dioxide from the air, helping Earth maintain her atmosphere. The trees also provide homes to equatorial birds and animals.


100% Natural and Organic Latex

Certified Organic CottonVOC free Latex certification

Chemical Free Fire Retardant




AWARA doesn’t contain poly foams, toxic chemicals, lead, or water-based adhesives.


The physical and chemical properties of natural latex rubber cannot be matched with synthetic rubber.


Firmness RatingThicknessSupport Core Components

Comfort Layer Components





13 inches9” Steel Coils

2.0/2.2 gauge

4” Dunlop natural latex from Sri Lanka


Covered by a quilted top made from organic cotton knit fabric, natural wool, and Natural Hydrated Silica Flame Retardant Fabric

SizeCoil Count
Twin XL480
SizeCoil Count
California King952

sleepy babyWhen I saw Natural Hydrated Silica used as a flame retardant in the mattress, I didn’t know enough about it to know if it was safe or not, so I did what I do when I run into something I don’t know, I put my research hat on and got busy.

The FDA classifies Natural hydrated Silica as Generally Considered Safe (GRAS) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). That still wasn’t enough for me. Only one of my children seems inclined to have children; that child is going to be sleeping on this mattress and may have babies in the next few years. With the health of my child and future grandchildren at stake, I kept digging. I found several websites run by individuals who have spent years intensely focused on healthy living with organic and non-toxic materials. It was only after I read their opinions, which was that hydrated silica is not something to worry about, that I relaxed and felt good about this ingredient.

Natural latex has antimicrobial properties that prevent mold, bacteria growth, and mildew so your latex mattress begins with healthy natural ingredients that help it remain healthy over the years.

Sleep Positions

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FClvJwkGKD0] Cuddling sleepers

The AWARA supports sleepers who sleep in any position. The latex provides enough give to ease pressure points for side sleepers and provides plenty of support for back and stomach sleepers. This makes it perfect for combo sleepers who shift positions while they sleep. AWARA isn’t too firm for lightweight sleepers but it provides enough support for heavier bodies and is durable enough to provide lasting comfort.

I feel confident that my daughter and future grandchildren will be sleeping on a supportive mattress that is as healthy as possible. AWARA is made with natural, non-toxic materials that let us rest easy about our health and the environmental impact of making the mattress. AWARA mattress handles

The handles on the side make the mattress easy to position on the bed and to rotate. They’re sewn on to handle the weight of the bed as you rearrange it.

Dunlop latex is completely natural. AWARA does not have any unhealthy latex imageproducts added to the latex while it is manufactured. You won’t find chemicals, poisons, or other unhealthy additives in your latex AWARA mattress.

During the manufacturing process, the milk from rubber trees is poured into a mold where it forms around dowels that form holes in the latex. The size of the dowels determines the size of the holes in the finished mattress. The holes facilitate airflow and can be designed to create comfort zones where the mattress is firmer or softer.

During the energy efficient production process used to create your mattress, the molded latex is washed to remove any soaps and pollen. The purity and cleanliness of the latex helps to ensure a durable and healthy sleeping surface for years to come.

The mattress cover is soft to the touch. The pillowtop is made from cotton and 100% natural wool, it will wick away moisture and allow air circulation that allows you to sleep cool. You’ll want to sleep right on the cover. I recommend a mattress encasement to protect against spills and dust mites but get a breathable type, so you maintain the breathability of the mattress.


Hybrid mattresses can have zoned coils, zoned latex, or both. AWARA uses a 5-zone system in the pocket coils to provide the right support in the right place. The system is designed to cradle you to provide the best possible support for your body. Your weight will be evenly distributed so your spine will be properly supported while not causing pressure points in your hips or shoulders. Latex does an excellent job of conforming to the shape of your body. Side, back, and stomach sleepers will be comfortable on the AWARA mattress.








Coils plus latex equals bounce that will make your intimate moments more moving.


Transference is how much you can feel your sleeping partner move.  This water glass is tall and wobbly but it doesn’t tip over when she rolls around on the bed.

Good for sex

Latex and springs are both good for creating bounce that is lacking in memory foam mattresses.

Latex Allergies

Latex is extensively used in healthcare, for gloves, bandages, and other products that come in direct contact with the skin. Some individuals experience allergic reactions to these latex products because of the natural proteins in the material.

The risk of an allergic reaction to a latex mattress is much lower than the risk of a reaction to products that come in direct contact with the skin. Balloons, medical gloves, and condoms come in direct contact and are much more likely to cause an allergic reaction than a mattress because the latex in a mattress is encased inside the cover, and, if you follow my recommendation, it is also encased inside a protective mattress encasement.

Finally, latex mattresses are washed with potable water during the manufacturing process which helps remove any proteins that might lead to allergic reactions.

Overview: (The bottom line)

AWARA uses healthy, natural Dunlop latex combined with steel coils to create a durable mattress with a lifetime warranty and a price that beats the competition. A hybrid latex mattress is the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for supportive comfort for sleepers who want to sleep cool while they slumber in any position, AWARA will deliver. It’s also comfortable for co-sleeping with a partner who is heavier than you.

You can trust your future health to this mattress. It will help you get a healthy night’s sleep without exposing you to ingredients that are potentially harmful to you or the environment.

Whether you are a side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper, you’ll rest easy on the AWARA mattress.

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Numerical Ratings for AWARA

eco friendlyaffordablecooling evaluation





supportless shoulder painPressure relief mattress




Motion Isolationgood for sex


no odor




WarrantyReturn RateQuality of Materials and Durability




shippingcustomer serviceCompany reputation




No Risk

AWARA goes beyond choosing to make an eco-friendly mattress that is good for your health. They contribute to the well-being of our planet through a partnership with ClimatePartner. This partnership plants trees for every mattress they sell to reduce the carbon footprint. Their projects protect forests on Earth from deforestation and protect habitat for wildlife.

Additional Information

Climate Partner collageTell me where Latex comes from

Rubber trees grow in the “Rubber Belt” near the equator. The sap of the trees is harvested much like syrup is harvested from maple trees in Maine. Latex mattresses are good for the environment. They provide a living to people that depend on vast acreage planted in trees. The rubber needed to make one king size mattress requires all the sap gathered from more than 15 acres of rubber trees during a day. When the forest is used to produce sustainable products, deforestation isn’t a temptation. Fifteen acres of rubber trees only produces enough rubber to make 365 king size mattresses during the year.

A rubber tree can produce for about thirty years.

rubber tree harvest

There are two processes used to make latex mattresses. The Dunlop and the Talalay. The Dunlop process produces a more durable product. Talalay is infused with air before being baked into the shape of your mattress which makes it not quite as durable although both types are durable.

Does the AWARA mattress smell or off-gas?

The AWARA is delightfully free of off-gassing smells.

How safe are the materials you use? Are they non-toxic?

AWARA is one of the safest mattresses on the market. Natural Dunlop Latex doesn’t contain any petroleum products. The fire retardant used is safe for use in foods. Tom’s of Maine, a company known for their emphasis on healthy natural ingredients, uses hydrated Silica it in their toothpaste. Hydrated Silica is the fire retardant on the sides of the mattress and the top and bottom use wool which is naturally fire retardant and provides wicking to keep you comfortable. The cotton and wool used in the cover are also healthy.

AWARA is certified free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by eco-INSTITUT which also certifies AWARA free of persistent organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde, and phthalates. The mattress doesn’t contain any chemical adhesives, fire retardants, or memory foams.

I trust this mattress with the health of the mother of my future grandchildren. I can’t think of a higher standard than this.

Does the AWARA mattress work effectively if my spouse and I are very different sizes?

Yes, we looked at this issue. They didn’t notice any feeling that the person next to them was creating a depression they might roll into.

What is the AWARA sleep trial?

The sleep trial is the best in the industry with no risk to you. Free shipping both ways and 365-nights to decide if you like your mattress.

What setup do you recommend for the AWARA mattress?

I recommend a flat platform.

When can I expect to receive my AWARA mattress?

Currently, deliveries arrive within a week. If you order White Glove service, it may take a few more days to arrange delivery.

What is the AWARA’s Warranty?

AWARA’s Warranty is a lifetime warranty. During the first ten years, a mattress with material or workmanship defects will be replaced at no charge to you. After the first ten years, a mattress with material or workmanship defects will be repaired or you can keep the old mattress and buy a new AWARA mattress for 50% off. I have never seen a better warranty on a mattress.

I was also impressed that AWARA puts their telephone number right on the package insert with the warranty. Most companies discourage claims by only putting a physical address on the warranty card. AWARA provides their phone number and their website so it is convenient if you ever need it.

What exactly is an AWARA mattress?

The AWARA mattress is a medium-firm latex hybrid with 4” of 100% natural Dunlop Latex and 9” coils that provide a 5-zone system of comfort and support.

Do you offer financing?

Financing is available to qualified buyers through Affirm.

Don’t I need to try the mattress?

You can try the mattress in your home for 365-nights without risk. If you decide it is not for you, return it for a full refund and the return shipping is covered by AWARA mattress company.

Does the AWARA mattress Smell or Off-Gas?

I didn’t notice any smell at all when I opened my AWARA mattress. Then, to see if there was any smell at all, I put my nose right up against the mattress and inhaled deeply. I did notice a slight scent, I wouldn’t say it smelled because the scent was pleasant. I only smelled it with my nose pressed up against the mattress inhaling deeply.

I would call myself sensitive (not highly sensitive) to off-gassing. I am sometimes bothered by off-gassing when others who are with me don’t notice it at all.

After setting up the mattress, I left it in the room with the door closed for 24-hours. I wanted to see if there was an odor after it was in the room for a while. When I went back, I couldn’t smell any odor.

Do you have to position yourself a special way on the AWARA mattress?

You can sleep on your side, back, or stomach, AWARA will conform to your body’s shape and provide the support you need to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Can you/should you flip the mattress?

AWARA is not designed to be flipped. The bottom of the mattress contains steel coils, the top layer is latex. You can rotate the mattress, switching the head and foot portions. Many people routinely rotate their mattress every 3 – 6 months. Dunlop latex is durable and should not develop depressions the way some foam mattresses do.

Does it sleep hot?

No, latex provides a naturally cool sleeping surface. The added cotton and wool in the cover wick away moisture.


Set-up was easy.

The mattress was at full height right away.Awara is made for a healthy, loving lifestyle.

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