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Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are developed by Simmons Bedding Company, the company with a history dating back to late 19th Century which means they have plenty of experience at what they do. Interesting fact: some of their mattresses found the way on the one way trip on the Titanic. With over 140 years in the mattress industry, the company has introduced numerous technologies for bedding. They were the pioneers of the early mattress industry. BEAUTYREST MATTRESS REVIEW

Being among the oldest companies in the industry, Simmons is still going strong because they believe in innovation. Their products are focused on the needs and requirements of the customers. Their Beautyrest mattresses are the trailblazers of support and comfort. They manufacture their mattresses just like the way their customers prefer to sleep on them.

Simmons was the first company to invent Pocketed Coil beds way back in 1925. The Beautyrest mattresses from Simmons enable people from all over the globe to enjoy a more comfortable sleep. All the products are trialed and tested in the US so, if you think that you toss and turn a lot during sleep then Beautyrest ensures that you sleep like a baby.

Technology they used

Have you ever thought about who brought the king and queen sized beds into the market? Well, Simmons did so along with the electric blankets as well as the no-flip beds and the hybrid mattresses too. We are not bragging about their achievements but customers must know what they should expect from a brand when they opt to buy the products it has to offer. All these innovations come from the mind when you think outside the box and there is no one better at it than Simmons.

Technology they used

  • Beautyrest SmartMotion

Beautyrest is the first of its kind hybrid mattress that hit the markets back in 2008. It combines the best of both worlds because you get the conventional innerspring coils backed up by an incredible support system and for this reason, you get to sleep as comfortable as ever on your Beautyrest. These beds are also equipped with smart adjustable powerbases, again the first of their kinds in the world.

The Beautyrest SmartMotion base adjusts itself with everything from sleep tracking to pressure relief positioning and collects all the record integrated with its very own smartphone app. Now you can sleep with a relaxed mind from raising your head or feet for better blood circulation across your body. With the help of the app, you will also be able to gather personal feedback along with sleep tips.

  • Pocketed Coil technology

Since the first Pocketed Coil bed in 1925, the company has consistently improved and refined the technology until today. The coils used in the beds are all made in-house from high carbon steel with custom gauged shapes that are bonded and pre-loaded with excellent responsiveness to motion and outstanding stability. With this technology, Beautyrest beds are one of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses on the market.

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  • Micro Diamond technology

Now, don’t expect that you will be sleeping on a bed full of diamonds because they are very tiny and are infused within Beautyrest’s Aircool Max memory foam. These micro diamonds dissipate heat away from your body and allow you to sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night. In the queen-sized beds, there are 500 carats which makes them the most exclusive range from Beautyrest.

  • Sleeptracker

The Sleeptracker from Beautyrest uses high-quality sensors that are very accurate in their readings along with a powerful processor to monitor and assess your sleep and enable you to achieve your optimal performance the next day. You will also get various sleep tips from your personalized sleep coach too.

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Beautyrest Collections (Structure and layers)

Beautyrest have three different collections including Silver, Platinum, and Black and all of them have slightly different features that cater the specific needs of the customers.

  • Beautyrest Sliver

Beautyrest Sliver

  • Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology
  • Aircool Gel Memory Foam
  • Geltouch Foam
  • Backcare Support
  • Dualcool Technology Fiber
  • Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology
  • Dynamic Response Memory Foam
  • Aircool Gel Memory Foam
  • Dualcool Technology Fiber

We all have very hectic schedules and for this reason, our bodies need complete rest so that we can get up the next morning all fresh up, ready to take on the day. The beds in this collection have a sophisticated design coupled with the iconic and intuitive technologies so that you can embrace the day ahead.

There are different types of mattresses that are available in this collection including Harbour Beach Luxury Firm, Harbour Beach Ultra Plush, Cascade Mist Firm, Austin Reef Push, Beachwood Luxury firm, Charcoal Coast Luxury Firm with pillow top, Charcoal Coast Plush with pillow top, Charcoal Coast Firm with Pillowtop, Charcoal Coast Plush, Charcoal Coast Extra Firm, Charcoal Coast Luxury Firm, Open Seas Luxury Firm with pillow top, Open Seas Plush with pillow top, Open Seas Plush, Open Seas Extra Firm, Open seas Extra Firm and Tidewater Plush.

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  • Beautyrest Platinum

Beautyrest Platinum

  • Confirming Back Support
  • Redefined Comfort
  • Temperature Management
  • Confirming Back Support
  • Redefined Comfort
  • Temperature Management

The Beautyrest Platinum collection is all about elegance because each of its facets works together. The innovative design and astounding craftsmanship for the superior comfort of this collection provide you the finely tuned sleep experience that you crave. This collection includes Quinn Ultra Plush, Maddie Luxury Firm, Bryson Plush, Austin Luxury Firm, Katherine Plush with pillow top, Katherine Luxury Firm with pillow top, Gabriella Plush with pillow top, Gabriella Luxury Firm with pillow top, Brittany Plush, Brittany Luxury Firm, Brittany Firm and Amberlyn Extra Firm.

  • Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black  Beautyrest Black  

Beautyrest Black Beautyrest Black Beautyrest Black

  • Temperature Management
  • Conforming Back Support
  • Comfort And Pressure Relief
  • Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology
  • Dynamic Response Memory Foam
  • Aircool Gel Memory Foam
  • Micro Diamond Memory Foam
  • Evenloft Fabric Cover
  • Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology
  • Contour Support Micro Coil
  • Aircool Memory Foam
  • Black HybridICE HD Memory Foam
  • Evenloft Fabric Cover

The Beautyrest Black collection has three different ranges: Beautyrest Black Memory Foam, Beautyrest Black Hybrid, and Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus. This curated collection redefines the concept associated with luxurious sleep as it takes you beyond comfort. The collection combines all the technologies for conforming back support along with cool and relaxing comfort as well as the uniqueness of stretch knit fabric cover. This collection includes Scarlet Plush, Nadia Luxury Firm, Aubrie Firm, Phoebe Plush, Kelsie Luxury Firm, Wellington Plush with pillow top, Tolliver Firm, Jennings Plush, Clermont Ultra Plush with pillow top, Gladney Luxury Firm and Alcove Plush.

Reviews And Compare

ProductQueen PriceFirmnessThicknessLayers
Charcoal Coast Starting at $1,099Plush13.5-inch6
Austin Starting at $2,499Luxury Firm14.5-inch4
Brittany Starting at $1,599Firm13.5-inch3
Desiree Starting at $2,299Plush13.5-inch4
Tatiana Starting at $4,999Ultra Plush18.5-inch7
Mattress is good, but frankly speaking, the price is too high, personally, I’d recommend you the best mattress we recommend.

Charcoal Coast Plush

Charcoal Coast Plush


The Charcoal Coast Plush belongs to Beautyrest Silver collection and it is one of the best sellers from the company. The mattress is equipped with multiple layers and technologies to provide the comfortable sleep that your body needs.

  • Key Features

The 6-layered Charcoal coast comes in Plush firmness most suitable for side sleepers and its profile height is thirteen and a half inch. The comfort layer of this mattress features Dualcool Technology Fiber along with Airfeel foam and Geltouch foam.

The contouring layer is equipped with Aircool Gel Memory foam along with Backcare support as well while the base layer is plush Beautyrest pocketed coil with 815 density level. All the layers work together to provide you with superior comfort and the strong base layer makes the mattress good for front or back sleepers too.

The Airfeel foam layer is soft open cell foam that ensures proper airflow and it enables you to enjoy a sound sleep at night. The Geltouch foam layer has a uniform distribution of gel across the foam and it provides your body with an appropriate support system so you can get up fresh the next morning.

Dualcool Technology Fiber works well when it comes to temperature management with fiber that is enhanced with silver to move both moisture and heat away from the top of the bed and maintain a proper temperature for you to sleep. For elevated comfort, the fiber enhanced silver layer also prevents the development of any odors or stains that can result in bacteria or mold and makes sure that your mattress remains fresh and healthy for an extended period of time.

The Aircool Gel memory foam ensures freedom of movement if you sleep with your partner and one of you guys tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep. The gel memory combination lowers motion transfer plus it also works well for pressure point relief too. This layer also ensures a very efficient airflow to provide you the right kind of environment for sleeping.

Charcoal Coast Plush is excellent when it comes keeping the back aligned all night long with its Backcare Support layer. There are additional 490 coils that are positioned strategically in the center of the bed that contour your back and allowing you to sleep like a baby.

Moreover, the Beautyrest’s signature Pocketed Coil technology also delivers conforming motion separation and support to keep you undisturbed throughout the night. All these layers work together to keep your body relaxed and back aligned and sleep cool during your rest time.


  • It is equipped with six different layers to provide you with the comfort that you deserve.
  • The mattress has open cell foam that delivers proper airflow and keeps you fresh during sleep.
  • It has gel distributed across the mattress for superior support.
  • You can enjoy elevated comfort with the fiber enhanced silver temperature management in its Dualcool technology layer.
  • The memory foam is also infused with gel and is effective in motion isolation.
  • The pocketed coils system works well for your back alignment.


  • Motion isolation might not be that effective for heavyweight people.
  • It is not the ideal type of mattress for back or stomach sleepers.

Austin Luxury Firm

Austin Luxury Firm



The 4-layered Austin Luxury Firm mattress is available in an array of sizes ranging from twin XL to California king excluding twin and full XL size. Just like other Beautyrest beds, it is also enriched with state of the art technology to provide with a relaxing comfort throughout the night.

  • Key Features

The Luxury Firm Austin has a profile height of fourteen and a half inches and its comfort layer features PlatinumICE memory foam, Dynamic Response memory foam, ContourFit Gel memory foam and Comfort Response latex. The Support layer of Austin has Energy foam with Ventilated Aircool BeautyEdge technology and the firm Beautyrest Pocketed Coil technology enriched base layer with 1000 density.

The topmost layer of this bed is the PlatinumICE memory foam which maintains a cool and soft touch of the surface of the bed and you will feel relaxed when you lay on it. This layer doesn’t allow you to sleep hot and it also ensures that the mattress doesn’t have to deal with the moisture.

The second layer in this mattress is of Dynamic Response memory foam that provides your bed with the contouring feature. Your mattress will envelop your body without giving you a feeling that you are sleeping in it. This layer also gets the job done when it comes to pressure point relief and it also maximizes the freedom of movement.

If you sleep with your partner and one of you tend to move a lot at night during sleep then this layer will start working and even with aggressive tossing and turning the other person won’t feel much and will enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

The pocketed coil system of Beautyrest features in most of their beds and it makes an appearance here too. The coil system is integrated into the base layer and it provides the sleeper with a conforming back support. Furthermore, it also works together with the dynamic Response memory foam layer to further reduce any motion transfer. Together both these layers ensure that you can enjoy your sleep without much disturbance.

The base layer is equipped with the Aircool BeautyEdge foam which is crafted to improve the airflow throughout the mattress and it also provides excellent support system as well as stability right up to the edges. Due to proper airflow across the mattress, you won’t experience any gas offing or odors from the mattress.

The base layer is equipped with the Aircool BeautyEdge foam which is crafted to improve the airflow throughout the mattress and it also provides excellent support system as well as stability right up to the edges. Due to proper airflow across the mattress, you won’t experience any gas offing or odors from the mattress.


  • It is compatible with the SmartMotion phone app.
  • The mattress ensures soft and cool top surface for relaxing feel when you lay on it.
  • The Dynamic Response memory foam promotes pressure relief and motion isolation.
  • The base layer functions to provide further motion separation and conforms back support and alignment.
  • Improved airflow is ensured via Aircool BeautyEdge foam layer and it also boosts the stability of the bed right up to the edges.


  • If you are a regular side sleeper then this options might not be the best one for you.
  • It is not the ideal choice for the people who do not prefer memory foams.

Brittany Firm

Brittany FirmThe 3-layered Brittany Firm mattress is the best option for those people who prefer to sleep on the back or stomach. The bed also supports SmartMotion app and it can track your sleep during the night and provide feedback on it.

  • Key Features

Brittany Firm provides you with the high firmness level and it has a profile height of thirteen and a half inch. The comfort layer section of this mattress has SurfaceCool Plus fiber with Geltouch foam. The contouring layer section of this bed is equipped with energy foam and Aircool Max technology while the support layer also has Energy foam integrated with Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge.

The base layer has Beautyrest Pocketed Coil technology with 1000 density. It is available in all sizes ranging from twin to California king with the exception of full XL.

The top layer has SurfaceCool Plus Fiber and it has the capability of dissipating heat from your body away from the surface and it also keeps the temperature of your body steady throughout the night. With this layer, you won’t sleep hot and wake up in the morning as fresh as ever.

The Beautyrest Pocketed Coil technology also features in Brittany Firm mattress from Beautyrest and it has the same function, to ensure motion separation across the bed so that you can enjoy a sound sleep and providing a contouring support to your lower back to avoid any aches or pains.

This bed also features the Aircool BeautyEdge foam layer to enhance and improve the airflow through the mattress, ensuring proper support and back alignment with stability all the way through your bed. This layer also plays a significant role to prevent any off-gassing from the mattress, keeping the environment clean and fresh for you and your family.

The mattress comes with 10 years limited warranty and all of it is made in the US. It is also compatible with a SmartMotion application that allows you to monitor your sleep habits and get feedback and tips to improve your sleep.


  • You can trace and monitor your sleep through SmartMotion app and get tips and feedback from your personalized sleep coach.
  • The bed is capable to dissipate heat from your body and enables you to sleep cool at night.
  • The base layer with pocketed coils technology provides proper back support and improves motion separation feature of the bed.
  • It also boasts the Aircool BeautyEdge foam layer that maximizes the airflow and improves the stability of the mattress right to the edge.


  • It won’t work for the people who prefer side sleeping position.
  • You should not choose this mattress if you like your mattress to cuddle your body.

Desiree Plush

Desiree Plush


The 4-layered Desiree Plush mattress is designed for the people who want to enjoy a comfort beyond comfort. The company claims that once you try this diamond infused bed you won’t go back to any ordinary mattress ever again.

  • Key Features

Desiree Plush emphasizes luxury with a profile height of thirteen and a half inch. The comfort layer section of Desiree Plush is equipped with SurfaceCool Plus Fiber and comfort foam.

The contour layer section features a Geltouch foam layer with the Beautyrest’s signature Micro Diamond memory foam. The support layer section has energy foam layer integrated with Ventilated Aircool BeautyEdge technology and Advanced Pocketed Coil system.

The top layer of your bed will be the SurfaceCool Plus Fiber that has the ability to dissipate the heat of your body and keep it calm through the night. You can forget about sleeping hot and waking up sweaty because the top layer does not accumulate heat. It can dissipate it and you will be able to enjoy a cool and relaxing feel during your sleep.

The second layer is the new technology used by Beautyrest and yet another example of innovation that the company has shown since the time of its inception. The Micro Diamond memory foam uses the conductive properties of the diamond particles. The primary objective of using diamond particles is to move the heat away from your body and further maintain the temperature of your body at night.

The advanced pocketed coil layer works on each section of your body and provides individualized support along with ease of movement. Whether you like to sleep on your sides or on your back the pressures point relief system contours according to the shape of your body to avoid any pains or aches in the morning.

The Desiree Plush bed is also equipped with Ventilated Aircool BeautyEdge technology that not only enhances the airflow within the mattress but also provides stability and support throughout all the edges of your bed. With this feature, you won’t get the feeling of sinking into your mattress and you will be able to sleep on your mattress rather than sleeping in it.


  • The bed has the capability to improve the airflow and provide proper support to avoid the sinking feeling.
  • Its advanced pocketed coils system ensures proper back alignment and support.
  • The diamond infused memory foam in the middle also uses the heat conductive capabilities of diamond and provide you with relaxing comfort at night.
  • The top layer is equipped with SurfaceCool Fiber that dissipated the heat from your body and enables you to sleep cool.


  • Desiree Plush is not for the sleepers who prefer to sleep on firm mattresses.
  • Motion isolation is not the best features of this bed.

Tatiana Ultra Plush with Pillow Top

Tatiana Ultra Plush with Pillow Top


The 7-layered Tatiana Ultra Plush with pillow top is one of the expensive options that you can look for from Beautyrest but it also delivers what you look for in a mattress and takes it to the next level. For some people, the height of the mattress can be a bit issue because it has a very high profile.

  • Key Features

The Ultra Plush Tatiana with pillow top has a profile height of eighteen and a half inch and it features multiple layers that work together and deliver a superior comfort and support. The comfort layer section of this mattress has SurfaceCool Plus Fiber integrated with comfort foam.

The contour layer section features Aircool gel memory foam with the innovative BlackICE memory foam as well as micro coils and Comfort Response latex. The support layer section has energy foam layer on the top integrated with Ventilated Aircool BeautyEdge technology and the base layer enriched with advanced pocketed coil system.

The SurfaceCool Plus Fiber layer works to distribute heat from your body and keep it cool at night while the Aircool gel memory foam works on the pressure points and also provides freedom of motion on the mattress. The unique BlackICE memory foam layer has breathable gel technology that is paired with the diamond-infused memory foam and it does well to maintain the best-suited sleep climate for you.

The Tatiana Ultra Plush mattress also features Comfort response latex that contours your body and maximizes the pressure relief capabilities of your bed. This mattress is equipped with micro coils that provide you with individualized back support and it allows you to sleep in whatever position you like. At the bottom of the base layer, the mattress features the traditional pocketed coil system from Beautyrest along with the Ventilated Aircool BeautyEdge stability and support.


  • Tatiana Ultra Plush works really well for the people who don’t want to sleep hot due to its SurfaceCool Plus fiber and BlackICE memory foam.
  • The Aircool gel memory foam operated on pressure point relief and it also gives you the freedom of motion.
  • The responsiveness of the mattress is great due to the Comfort Response latex.
  • The unique micro coils system integrated with the advanced pocketed coils system makes the bed the best option for people who prefer to sleep in different positions.


  • The people who like to sleep on firm mattresses won’t enjoy Tatiana.
  • At eighteen and a half inch, the height of the mattress is immense and it might not suit higher bed frames.


Beautyrest mattresses have a long history behind them and with decades of experience under the belt, they have been leading the industry for a long time. Innovation has enabled the company to produce many trendsetting products and they continue to do so. With so many achievements and accolades, Beautyrest is one of the top brands that have delivered top quality products and services to the customers all around the globe.

Hope this post has contributed enough for you to make the right decisions based on your preferences and needs. Please leave any comments or feedback below.

  1. I was hoping that you reveiwed the Aubrie bed….as I’m thinking about purchasing one.
    My concern is that it might be too firm for me……plus I keep the temperature in my bedroom at about 60 degrees in the winter and am wondering if this will make the memory foam too hard.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Janis,
      We haven’t reviewed the Aubrie bed.
      You are right to be concerned about memory foam when you keep your bedroom at 60° at night as it will affect the firmness of the mattress. I just took a peek and I didn’t see a way to buy an Aubrie with a no-risk sleep trial. I also noted the price and at that price point you have so many options. Personally, I’d go for a latex mattress that would last longer and not be affected by the temperature the way memory foam is.

      After spending over 100 hours researching mattress stores, a journey that began with the intention of finding stores we could endorse, I struggle to recommend any mattress that has to be purchased at a store. To help consumers avoid problems, we created a Mattress Buyer’s Checklist that you can download for FREE. We also have a lengthy review of mattress stores for those who want to learn about what we discovered.

      I strongly recommend buying a mattress that offers a no-risk sleep trial because the best way to know if a mattress works well for you is to try it in your own home. You don’t want re-stocking fees or return delivery charges or any of the games mattress stores play to discourage returns marring your mattress buying experience.

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