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Bed in a box mattress review

Bed in a Box Mattress Company

Bed In A Box Mattress Company is the USA based brand that is founded by Bill Bradley. With the aim of offering a peaceful sleeping experience, this company is manufacturing mattresses for more than 10 years.

So what’s significant about Bed In A Box Mattress Company? It is the attributes of all its foams to offer a restful night. This thing is made possible by combining multiple layers of different foam types that serve different purposes. The company also aims particularly to manufacture such products that can give a real liberation for the people suffering from backaches or other problems.

You can get a magical combination of different layers like the comfort layer, support layer, and others all within a single product. This company offers seven different mattresses. The basic quality material, technology, and construction are similar. The only difference lies in their preference of being manufactured for specific types of sleepers. Sleep health is important to your overall health.

Key Characteristics of Bed In A Box Mattress Company

  • Because of having a perfect combination of support, comfort, and stiffness, BedInABox Mattresses possess an ability to accommodate all requirements of a sleeper.
  • Versatility is another major characteristic of this product. You can get your required product in the desired size, as they are available in the wide variety of sizes. Also, they are manufactured technically to offer great comfort and support to the sleeper regardless of their resting position. You can sleep comfortably on them with side, back, and other sleeping positions.
  • Giving a relief for those having sleeping problems due to their back or joints pain is the major thing these mattresses aim at. Through pressure relieving features along with the ability to contour your body, it can make you forget your pain within a matter of days.
  • Its top cover is made up of high-quality material with great absorbing abilities. In this way, it helps you in sleeping considerably drier by absorbing excess moisture emitting out of your body.
  • These foams come with an amazing support system that keeps your body well-aligned and properly in shape. In this way, it maintains your body posture without letting you sink inside the foam layers.
  • Another important characteristic of this product is temperature maintaining the feature. With its temperature regulating abilities, it can make you sleep cool and dry throughout the night.

Why is this mattress best for you?

Bed In A Box Mattress Company is the best mattress option for you if:

  • You want to get relief from backaches.
  • You love memory foam better than other materials.
  • You want to have a lot of choices. For firmness scale and price range for the same brand.
  • You want to buy from a reputable company but not a young company.
  • You are sensitive to minor motion effect while sleeping.
  • You want to sleep cool.

Why is this mattress not best for you?

BedInABox is not the best mattress option for you if:

  • You want a more good looking mattress, you can check our top 10 list.
  • You still prefer the innerspring feel and don’t want memory foam to be a part of your bedroom.
  • You want a cheaper model, most collections are above $800 for queen size mattress, so you may need to reference other high quality but more affordable ones here.
  • You are looking for mattresses that offer maximum level firmness.

What Is The Bed In A Box Mattress Made Of?

structure of bedinabox mattress

What is different about Bed In A Box Mattress? It is their special construction that is made by combining different layers technically. All layers are combined together in the most appropriate way to give sleeper all elements of having a perfect sleep. This company offers seven different models. The basic formula of adding high-quality material and comfort is the same in all. The difference lies in their thickness and other basic details. Below given are the layers of its different models:

  • The PACEBED LITE is a 9” memory foam model that comprises three layers. The lowermost Support Foam layer is a six inches thick and 1.8 lbs. dense layer that offers great support while aligning your spine and dividing your weight consistently all over the surface. Above this is three inches thick Comfort Layer made up of CoolRest advanced gel-infused memory foam. It relieves pressure while contouring your body and reducing motion transfer effects. The top-most layer is Soft Knit Cover made up of polyester and offers great strength, breathability, and accommodations for different types of sleepers.
  • The second model PACEBED ORIGINAL depicts almost similar features to its LITE model. The few differences exist in their thickness and density. It is 11” thick memory foam mattress comprises of three layers. Lower-most is 8” thick Superalign Foam Layer comes with the density of 2.4 lbs. Middle one is 3” thick COOLEST Gel Foam Layer that comes with the density of 3 lbs. Its top-most layer is Soft Knit Cover Layer that is made specifically for memory foam.
  • AZUL model is basically constructed by combining Serenity and PacBed Original model. With the top cover, it comprises of four layers. Its Comfort Layer is manufactured by memory foam infused with liquid gel and CoolRest finishing. Its thickness is 3”, and density is 3.25 lbs. It contours your body while reducing motion effect and allowing adequate air flow. The next one is Transitional Layer that comes with 3” thickness and 1.8 lbs density. It assists in relieving pressure while providing cushioning effect along with support to all parts of your body. The lower-most is Support Layer that comes with the 5” thickness and 2.2 lbs density. It offers support while aligning your spine and distributing whole body weight evenly on the surface. Top-most is Soft Knit Cover Layer that is made up of Polyester along with CoolRest Adaptive material to balance temperature and offer breathability.
  • TRANQUILITY Model comprises of three layers and comes with the overall thickness of almost 11”. The lower-most Superalign Foam Layer comes with the thickness of 8”, and density of 2.4 lbs. It gives great support and alignment to your body. Distributing your weight equally all over the bed along with accommodating different sleepers types are it’s another function. The middle one is three inches COOLEST Gel Foam Layer relieves pressure and contours your body. It comes with 4 lbs density and possesses the great ability to regain its shape. On the top is Smooth Top Cover Layer that is made up of TENCEL fabric that besides comfort greatly absorbs moisture and reduces bacterial growth.
  • ADAGIO Model combines the support of metal innerspring with the layered wrapping of comfort foam. The lower-most Zoned Pocketed Coils Layer is made up of 8 turns of steel. These coils offer greater support and push back along with restricting motion effects. The middle one Comfort Layer comprises of three further layers, one-inch thick response foam that possesses the quality of both latex and memory foam along with CoolRest Adaptive finish, one-inch thick AirRest Adaptive foam that uses trapped air for support, and two-inch-thick Align Support Foam offers comfort and support. The top-most is Smooth-Top Cover Layer.
  • SILK SYMPHONY Model as its name suggests gives the plush feel of silk material. The lower-most is 8” thick Superalign Foam Layer with 2.4 lbs density. Middle one is 3” CoolRest Gel Foam Layer with 3 lbs density. The top-most is 2” Silk Blended Cover Layer that with the blend of silk fiber offers great absorbance, comfort, and durability. Another side of the top cover is flat-stitched with breathable silk blend.
  • SERENITY Model is a super luxurious model, and comprise three layers. Lower-most 8” thick and 2.2 lbs dense Support Foam Layer contains good-quality soy-based transitional foam. Middle Comfort Foam Layer is 3” thick with one-inch soft CoolRest Gel Memory Foam and two-inch AirRest Adaptive foam. Top-most is two-inch Quilted-Top Cover Layer that is made of CoolRest Adaptive material for regulating temperature and absorbs moisture while giving contours and cradle feels to your body.

Each model of Bed In A Box Mattress offers a remarkable mixture of comfort, firmness, support, moisture absorbance, and temperature regulation features.


You can get few types of foam available in the market with the top-class firmness level. What’s bad about them is their disproportionate stiffness that makes a person uncomfortable. Therefore, all models of Bed In A Box Mattress offer a mid-level stiffness. If we are asked generally to mark its firmness on a rough scale of 1-10, then we would place it somewhere between 5 or 6.

If any layer of a Bed In A Box Mattress gives great firmness, then other layers are also present to balance it through their comfort and plush feel. Also, these foams offer the same level of firmness regardless of the sleeping position of the sleeper. Because of this feature, we can entitle them as one of the best choices for everyone.

As the basic foam involves in the construction of all models are Memory Foam, therefore, there are few aspects to consider regarding their firmness level. Normally, these foams react to the body weight of the sleeper. A too heavy person might make it less firm over the time as compared to the lightweight sleeper. But, for Bed In A Box Mattress Company, firmness level is maintained because of their heavy support system present at the bottom.

Technology Used

Bed In A Box Mattress Company combines attributes of different foam and fabric material along with few latest technologies to give a person a peaceful sleeping experience.

CoolRest Adaptive technology used in these mattresses is a technology that was previously made particularly for Astronauts’ space suit. It helps in maintaining your body heat through phase-changing material.  Phase-changing technology contains small capsules in it, and it makes mattresses regulate your body temperature properly. This draws heat out of the body for those sleepers who sleep hot. On the other hand, the smart thermocules give heat back to the body of those sleepers who sleep cool.

AirRest Technology traps the air inside the foam and utilizes them to offer extensive plush and comfort to your body. It also helps in relieving pressure while offering support.


Durability is another feature that can be trusted completely while making a purchase from BedInABox. The lowermost layers of all models are highly supportive and made up of thick dense foams. This attribute makes them greatly sturdy. Even this support layer is able to accommodate a person with excessive high weight. It maintains its shape and longevity even after a use of many years. Besides its support layer, the topmost knit cover also adds a lot to the durability. They are made through the durable sturdy material to increase the life of the mattresses.


Breathability is another major boon of Bed In A Box Mattress foams. The top-most cover of all models is made up of such materials along with thin foams that offer great breathability and absorb moisture. Through this feature, it makes you sleep dry and cooler regardless of your body weight and outside temperature.

Comfort and Support

BedInABox is a great choice for all sleepers who are looking for a comfort. They not only provide comfort through their plush and comfort layers, but they particularly give a huge comfort to those suffering from back and shoulder aches. Additionally, their top cover through its luxurious material gives cloud-like feelings to a sleeper.

These mattresses also give extensive support through not only its comfort layer but also from their heavy-duty bottom layer support foams. These foams won’t let you sink into them regardless of your body weight.

Value for money

Bed In A Box Mattress Company offers various models of mattresses that are constructed methodologically through combining different layers. In this way, it offers a perfect combination of stiffness, support, comfort, and durability. Providing heat regulating and few other features are another boon. The fact of getting all features in one product is enough to ensure you with this product being worthy of your money.

It gives great value to your money, as mostly mattresses available in the market normally lack in one or more major features for providing restful sleep. But here, you will get all in one. Above all, they won’t feel heavy in your pocket because of their affordable price ranges. The price of all models varies according to their sizes.

Free Shipping

Considering the convenience of their customers, Bed In A Box Mattress Company gives free Shipping to its customers. You will get your ordered product within 2-5 days of ordering. The shipping will be done through FedEx.

In order to know the exact time at which you will get your parcel, you can check the FedEx map. In this way, you will figure out your distance and the time delivery team will take to reach from the company’s warehouse. Delivery time would also depend on the package you will order.

Warranty Period

After delivering quality mattresses that fulfills the requirements of healthy and peaceful sleeping, BedInABox Company stands behind their all products. They give a warranty period of twenty years for any type of material, workmanship, or manufacturing defects. On having any type of deformation in cell structure, you can contact the company. They would either replace your product or repair it.

However, they don’t give this warranty for the usual softening of the mattress over the time, as it is pretty natural. Also, the company’s warranty offer doesn’t entertain those products that are mishandled by customers or becomes faulty because of using the improper frame.

Trial Period

Every person has different sleeping concerns. No two person sleep in the same way. Similarly, choices and needs may also vary between two sleepers. Understanding this fact, Bed In A Box Mattress offers a free trial period of 120 nights to their customer.  Moreover, testing periods becomes more important if you are purchasing anything from the online store. This mattress company is fully aware of your requirements.

Therefore, you can simply purchase these mattresses. Try them for the whole 120 nights. Although, these mattresses have a high-quality material and comfortable construction, still if you find anything inconvenient about these mattresses, simply return them to the company. They will not charge you anything and will return your full payment.

Final Verdict

Unlike other companies, Bed In A Box Mattress Company believes in offering a product that is suitable for all aspects. Therefore, these mattresses come with the attributes of offering every good feature that a person could ask from bedroom foam.  From firmness to comfort, temperature regulating feature to breathability, you will get all. The perfect blend of these different features makes your sleeping experience the most peaceful one.