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BedJet is a technology brand that aims to re-imagine the sleeping conditions of your bedroom in order to improve your sleep experience. This state-of-the-art company uses computational fluid dynamic design, material science, and advanced technology.

Created by ex-NASA spacesuit designer called Mark Aramli, the BedJet V2 is an inventive combined cooling and heating system, which is designed to fit all beds. It delivers super-fast temperature control in a matter of minutes.

BedJet is the first of its kind as far as bed climate comfort systems are concerned. It is engineered to transform your bed into a lavish temperature-controlled sleeping surface without interfering with the feel and comfort of your mattress.

Who Should Buy the BedJet V2?

BedJet V2 is a suitable choice for people who sleep extremely cool or hot during the night. It is the simplest sleeping cool or warm solution, especially if you do not want to do away with your current bed. This technology is definitely a dream come true for those who want to have total control over their sleeping temperature.

Are you couples who cannot agree on the ideal sleep temperature? The BedJet is the perfect answer for couples with different preferences as far as sleep temperature is concerned. The dual zone air comforter provides heating or cooling on one side of the mattress without interfering with the other side.

Are you the type of sleepers who gets cooler and/or warmer during sleep? If you are, then you need the BedJet. This system allows you to regulate your sleeping temperature at specific times in your sleep cycle. This helps you to maintain better REM and rest cycles.

How it Works

You can use this unit in a few different ways. It comes with both cooling and heating options. For simple control and temperature regulation, the system comes with a wireless remote, which has simple instructions and a Bluetooth app.

The unit heats and cools your mattress and keeps all the electrical components away from you for ultimate safety.

First Impression

The BedJet is an easy to set up unit for most user. The installation procedure is remarkably simple for users who follow the step by step guidelines provided in the manual. It is a good choice for cold winter sheet shock, cold legs, cold feet, evening hot flashes, night sweats, and hot sleepers.

The brains behind BedJet have acknowledged a known Bluetooth bug that is associated with the latest iOS 11.4 update. The latest iOS update has seen about 3% to 5% of iOS BedJet App users experience intermittent instability as far as Bluetooth connection is concerned.

This may result to inability to establish a reconnection or cause random disconnections. According to BedJet engineers, the bug presents a good initial connection that may hold for several days, then followed by a reconnection failure without power cycling the unit.

Bluetooth connection is usually restored after a power cycling of the BedJet, but the bug problem may still occur. This is not a problem for Android users, but a common issue for iOS 11.4 updated users. This has not been a problem for Apple users for the last three years until the launch of iOS 11.4 updated in 2018.

It has taken BedJet experts a few months to isolate as well as detect the bug in order to develop a software patch that would get rid of the Bluetooth connection instability. The issue has been completely resolved as of 8/10/18.

At the moment, the software patch can only be carried out by BedJet experts. This is so, since it needs flashing of the Bluetooth module EEPROM, but not the BedJet CPU. The Bluetooth connection instability is no longer a problem that you should be worried about because there is a more effective and reliable fix.

If you experience this problem, you should not hesitate to contact BedJet. They will be happy and ready to replace your model with an upgraded one that features the software patch at no cost. The company will only confirm the correct shipping address for the delivery of the brand new and upgraded BedJet.

Cooling and Heating

Cooling and Heating

The bed is cooled through powered ventilation. The system uses fresh air at room temperature to dissipate excess body heat and moisture away from the body from underneath the linens. The cooling mode is usually suitable when the ambient room temperature is below 27 degrees Celsius.

You are advised by the manufacturer not to consider the BedJet unit to be a replacement for air conditioning of your room in excessively hot climates. The system may also not be very effective in the event that the ambient room temperatures are over 27 degrees Celsius.

Heating of the air in the system is achieved through a distinctive heating. The advanced heating technology has been particularly designed to mildly heat the air circulation while ensuring that internal surface temperatures are lower than the burning flashpoint of lint and dust. This ensures that there isn’t any visible electric heater stink from the BedJet unit.

The unit’s unique and high performing heating element represents the most advanced technological safety level for such a heating device. You should know that in case of misuse condition or malfunction, the heating element will never get too hot to cause ignition of combustible materials. The heated air outlets have safer temperatures.

Biorhythm Sleep Temperature Technology

Biorhythm Sleep Temperature Technology

BedJet experts have worked together with sleep doctors to utilize intuitions from sleep temperature studies so as to develop a more intelligent system, the BedJet V2. The system uses muscular bed climate controls to get through to the body’s circadian biorhythms. The system modifies what the body thinks it should be carrying out while you are asleep.

The biorhythm technology is way intelligent than regular sleep sensors, which only track your sleep as well as use your body type, sex, and age to develop a profile of your custom sleep temperature. The BedJet V2 will conduct climate control adjustments in every hour to make sure you fall asleep faster as well as stay asleep longer.

The system is configured to learn your sleep temperatures. Its sensors will conduct modifications to your sleep temperature on every night. The sensors do so by taking into consideration any uncommon changes in the temperature of the room in order to come up with the perfect sleep temperature profile.

Remote Control Operation

Remote Control Operation

There are two ways to command the BedJet system: wireless remote control as well as Bluetooth smart device app. The unit’s main power switch has to be on as is the LED light for Bluetooth or remote control functionalities to work.

The remote control comes already synced to the BedJet unit by the manufacturer. If the remote fails to operate, then you will have to re-pair it with the system. To re-pair, you will have to turn the system off for ten seconds.

Then again, switch it on as you press and hold the cool button on the remote at the same time until the unit’s power on indicator lights up. The BedJet will produce three quick beeps to signal successful pairing to the remote.

The main control buttons of the remote include:

  • Any button pressed LED indicator at the very top.
  • Turbo heat mode (ON/OFF) below the LED indicator.
  • Normal heat mode (ON/OFF) below the Turbo heat mode.
  • Cool mode (ON/OFF) below the Normal heat mode.
  • Airflow power decrease indicated by the (-) sign.
  • Airflow power increase indicated by the (+) sign.
  • Beeper mute (ON/OFF) on the left bottom side.
  • Auto shutoff timer advance on the right bottom side.

BedJet Dual Zone Switch

BedJet Dual Zone Switch

The dual zone switch determines the maximum operational air flow as well as the power used by the unit in any of the heat modes. The system is said to use a large amount of power when running on Turbo heat mode.

If you choose to use two BedJet units at the same time, you are advised to set the dual zone switch to low power so as not to go beyond the AC circuit amp capacity. This is still a lot of power that is enough to warm the bed faster.

Bluetooth Smart Remote App

Bluetooth Smart Remote App

The BedJet is integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity to iPhone and Android smart mobile devices. The Bluetooth controlled remote offers more intellectual remote control functionalities compared to the standard wireless remote.

The intelligent capabilities include:

  • Extra time of auto shutoff heat mode to a complete twelve hours.
  • Customizable heat temperatures.
  • A programmable turn-on time setting.
  • One touch memory functions.


The BedJet is equipped with a patented sound damping technology that is integrated into the base unit. This is one of the soundless sources of air. When compared to bedroom air conditioner or fan, the BedJet is quieter when set on low or medium settings (38 dB to 39 dB).

Basically, the noise produced by the BedJet is a very gentle background white noise. It is almost similar to the one produced by an HVAC register. The high and Turbo warming settings produce perceptible noise that can be disturbing to some users.

However, the Turbo setting runs for a short period of time of ten minutes. The heat produced by Turbo is very powerful. It can warm the bed in about five minutes. The following are the main noise levels you should expect, depending on the settings of the budget:

  • The measured ambient room noise when the BedJet is off is 37 dB
  • When you set the BedJet heat at 100%, you should expect a noise level of 43 dB
  • When you set the BedJet heat at 50%, you should expect a noise level of 39 dB
  • When you set the BedJet cool at 100%, you should expect a noise level of 42 dB
  • When you set the BedJet cool at 50%, you should expect a noise level of 37 dB


Unlike electric blankets and other heating systems, the BedJet properly secures all the electricity away from your sleeping surface . By design, the BedJet is an extension of the bed. Apart from the company’s testing, the BedJet has undergone thorough electric appliance safety standards test by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

This heating system has been engineered and tested to the same Underwriters Laboratories safety requirements that electrified hospitals beds are subjected to. The BedJet exterior housing is designed from a UL-listed plastic material, which is flameproof.

As far as EMF emissions are concerned, the BedJet has been cleared by ETL testing laboratories per the requirements of UL/CE. The remote control only transmits when you press a button. The base unit functions as a receiver, so it does not communicate with the remote control.

There is no Bluetooth connectivity when your mobile device is not paired/connected to the BedJet. The phone App only communicates via Bluetooth when it is awake or running.

Optional Accessory

The brand also provides you with the AirComforter Cloud Sheet, which is meant to improve your BedJet V2 experience. The AirComforter Cloud Sheet is a super-soft, high quality cotton linen for use with two or one base units.

This sheet is made up of two distinct hollow cavities that the air nozzles of the system plug into. The individual hollow cavities lightly dispenses the cooling or warming air into one side of the mattress.

The AirComforter Cloud Sheet substitutes your normal bed sheets. Not to mention that it works very well under regular comforters, quilts, or blankets. Unlike electric blankets, the AirComforter Cloud Sheet is made of cotton material that can be washed regularly.

How to Install the BedJet V2

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nplsBGonYgc]

The BedJet installs on any bed size and any mattress type in just a moment. Start by placing the attachment bracket under the mattress on the left or right side of the foot of the bed. Then place the BedJet unit under the bed, but a little bit exposed.

Then go ahead to install the hose and the nozzle assembly. Snap the nozzle and hose assembly on the side of the bed, making sure the nozzle is in contact with the top of the mattress. Attach the hose to the BedJet unit and enjoy a simple and easy carefree luxury.

Single Zone BedJet vs. Dual Zone BedJet System

Single Zone

The single zone system features a single BedJet unit that is installed on any bed size. The single zone involves cooling or heating of your entire sleeping surface as a single temperature zone. It comes with low or medium settings that allow you to cool or heat half sections of your bed if you so desire.

Dual Zone

The dual zone system is made up of two BedJet units along with a dual zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet. Each side of the bed is installed with its own BedJet unit for dual zone heating or cooling. Each side is independently cooled or heated by its own BedJet unit and remote control.

Unlike the single zone system, the dual zone is equipped with a dual zone switch that sets the maximum airflow as well as the power used by the system in any given heat mode. The BedJet uses a large amount of power when set in Turbo heat mode.

You are strongly urged to set the dual zone switch on the lower power so as not to go beyond the AC circuit amp capacity. Low power setting cuts the available heating and airflow by roughly 20% in normal heat mode and 50% when set in the Turbo heat mode. This ensures that the two BedJet units do not consume power beyond the AC circuit capacity.

Unlike the single zone BedJet, the dual zone comes with the dual zone AirComforter Cloud Sheet. This is a high quality cotton accessory that allows for effective dual zone temperature control. It is a remarkably soft and lightweight comforter, which is more comfortable compared to regular down filled comforters.

The AirComforter Cloud Sheet features two different hollow cavities, which attaches to the air nozzles of the individual BedJet units. Unlike conventional electric blankets, the AirComforter Cloud Sheet is pure cotton, and can be washed repeatedly.

BedJet vs. Electric Blankets

The very first impressive difference between the two is functionality. An electric blanket is not designed to cool you off, but only to heat. On the other hand, the BedJet system can either heat or cool your body.

According to the reviews of Good Housekeeping institute, electric blankets take a considerable amount of time to raise the bed temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, the BedJet takes just minutes to raise the temperature of a king size bed bedding by 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a superior alternative to electric blanket technology, the BedJet system is 10 to 15x faster than any electric mattress pad technology or electric blanket on the market. This allows for a quick pre-heat of the bed in a matter of minutes.

According to the Electric Blanket Institute, an average electric blanket produces less than 200 watts, and some of this heating power is lost into the atmosphere of the bedroom. In contrast, the BedJet delivers 1500 watts of dry heating power that is safe for warming the bed.

As far as cleaning is concerned, a greater number of electric blankets deteriorate after repeated washing. In fact, they have special washing as well as drying instructions that must be strictly followed. However, the BedJet works perfectly fine with your regular sheets and bedding, and you can wash them as many times as you want without interfering with the performance of the BedJet.

The BedJet is completely safe, since the electricity is kept under the bed away from your body. But electric blankets are fitted with electric wires that you can feel when sleeping. The wires are also susceptible to damage by children and pets, which is a serious safety concern.

Trial and Warranty Information

BedJet V2 comes with a 60-night trial. This trial period is available to consumers who purchase the V2 directly from BedJet. Other offers differ by the retailer. For instance, Amazon offers a 30-night trial.

If within the 60 night trial period you are not satisfied, you can return the V2. A full refund is issued as long as the product is returned in satisfactory condition. You may get your refund within a period of 3 to 5 work days.

BedJet offers the original buyer a two-year limited warranty. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and material under normal use. The warranty does not cover any problems caused by improper operation, misuse, or abuse.


Product Name Price ($)
V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System w/ Biorhythm Sleep Technology729
V2 Climate Comfort System w/ Biorhythm Sleep Technology299
Air Hose Extension19.99
AirComforter Cloud Sheet89
Vertical Mount Stand15.99

Final Verdict

There you have it, the BedJet V2. If you are someone that sleeps cold or hot, you sweat throughout the night, this is one of the only real solutions that is going to actually heat or cool your mattress.

A lot of mattresses these days have all sorts of cooling features. Most such feature does work during the first few hours in bed. However, a lot of these cooling features may not work as you want them to. So, the only ultimate solution is to buy the BedJet V2.

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