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best adjustable beds 2020

8 Best Adjustable Beds 2020

Sleep Better, Snore Less, Save your Marriage

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The best adjustable beds are life-changing. If you think adjustable beds are merely meant for hospital rooms, think again! Of course, you will find the vast majority in hospitals or healthcare institutions, but their popularity for home use is growing.

Given the present day innovations in the technology of adjustable beds, the best adjustable beds are constructed from high quality and are quite attractive both with regards to appearance and comfort.

In this sense, especially if you are a couple with different sleeping preferences, you should consider getting an adjustable bed if you can afford it. You may be surprised at how affordable they are, some of the best adjustable beds are highly affordable.

In this guide, you will also get insights into all you need to know about the best adjustable beds, their pros, cons, and types before you decide which adjustable bed you will buy. We compared Amazon’s best-selling adjustable beds to the criteria we determined should be considered to provide our recommendations.  Our review of the best adjustable beds includes options for nearly every budget are included.

Best Adjustable Beds 2020(Quick Summary)

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8 Best Adjustable Beds 2020

1. Leggett and Platt New Split S-Cape + 2.0 – Best Luxury

Best Luxury adjustable beds 2020 - Leggett and Platt New Split S-Cape + 2.0

The Leggett and Platt New Split S-Cape is an improvement over their earlier model. Featuring a trendy platform with Wallhugger Engineering and Dual massage option that allows for individual positioning options.

Here are the features of the Leggett and Platt New Split S-Cape which set it apart from the rest.

  • Solid Base:

If you choose this model, then you have chosen a really solid frame thanks to its Twin Base design. This is a quality adjustable bed frame made with a strong base that provides firm support to your mattress while helping you relax to easily snooze. In addition, the mattress comes with an exclusive MicroHook™ retention system which means there is no need for a mattress retainer bar at the foot of your bed.

  • Two Wireless Remotes:

The popular Leggett and Platt adjustable bed base definitely deserves a spot on our list of the best adjustable beds. As far as the S-Cape model, it comes with two wireless remote controls. These can be used to control each side of the split king bed independently. In this sense, you can position each bed on the base accordingly (including the Zero Gravity positioning), which is convenient but also eliminates the risks of damaging either of the beds.  In addition, there are two 4-port USB hubs that allow you to charge up to eight USB devices from your bed base.

  • Under-Bed Lighting:

A really cool feature that comes with Legget & Platt adjustable beds, is the under-bed LED lighting. Clients who bought these beds state that they found this feature is a great attribute which adds to the experience overall. Indeed, it is definitely an added advantage, especially for senior citizens who dread the ordeal of spring cleaning and are aided by this feature.

  • Comfort and body support

Quiet Motor Performance:

You would imagine that using a motorized adjustable bed would cause considerable noise. Think again! One of the best features of the Legget & Platt New Split S-Cape is that it literally makes no sound when you reposition. This feature means neither partner’s sleep is disrupted when the bed is repositioned. If you need to raise your head because you’re experiencing acid reflux, you won’t wake your partner when you lift the head of your side of the bed.

  • Dual Massage:

This model has become particularly favorable due to its dual massage function, which allows different massage functions simultaneously on each of the split beds. The manufacturers provide Wallhugger technology and the dual massage feature and pre-installed custom memory positions.

Each side can enjoy a massage that suits their personal preferences on the Legget & Platt New Split S-Cape including therapeutic massage which resolves chiropractic tensions accumulated during a busy day.

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  • Capacity:

The bed base has a great capacity of up to 850 lbs. total maximum weight.

  • Manufacturing:

The Leggett and Platt S-Cape is made in the USA. You will be happy to hear it is CSA-certified to both UL and CSA-applicable electric motor standards and comes with a 1-2-3 25-year warranty which works as follows:

  • 1st year – full warranty
  • 2nd and 3rd years – limited warranty
  • 4th through the end of the 25th year – limited warranty

They also provided another version: Try the combo deal featuring the Leggett and Platt S-Cape with DynastyMattress, including two 12’’ thick mattresses included with the bed made of visco elastic memory foam and polyurethane foam base. Overall, a unique combination which makes the Leggett and Platt S-Cape rather unbeatable.


  • Chiropractic Health: You get a solid base for flawless chiropractic health
  • Freedom to control individually:  Each side of the adjustable bed can be controlled independently.
  • Easy and Spacious set up: Don’t worry about setting up this bed frame. It can be arranged free-of-cost by a professional. The bed is also fitted with wall hugger engineering, which allows for more space in your room.
  • Therapeutic: You will definitely benefit from the dual massage function and hopefully, many sleeping disorders can be dealt with effectively this way!
  • Extremely quiet when active: This is not your typical electrical appliance which causes unbearable noise, as you will hardly sense the motors when active. Set up the remotes properly and they will work silently.
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  • Heavy bases: The bases of the Legget & Platt New Split S-Cape are super heavy, so you will need help lifting.
  • This option isn’t for someone with a tight budget.

2. Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Gold Package – Best overall

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Gold Package

This Amerisleep Adjustable Bed and Mattress package has it all – multiple mattresses to choose from and a base with a 20-year guarantee, zero gravity, and massage all controlled by an App or remote. Customers sleep great on these sets and report less snoring, reduced or eliminated pain, and an easier time getting out of bed.


Amerisleep offers five different firmness levels. The firmest, AS1 is not part of this deal and the softest, AS5, which is best for individuals who are bedridden, is also not included but both are available. The mattresses included in this deal include one that is perfect for most people.

  • AS2 is medium-firm and best for stomach and back sleepers
  • AS3 is medium and best for combo sleepers but can work well for any type of sleeper
  • AS4 is medium-soft and best for side sleepers but can work for combo sleepers who sleep on their side more than other positions

The softer the mattress, the higher the price because of the materials used in the design. All the mattresses include a 100-night sleep trial. The adjustable bed doesn’t include a trial because you can use it with any mattress that works on an adjustable bed.

Although the base is adjustable 4 inches up or down, the standard set-up makes the bed 21.75 inches high. A MicroHook™ keeps the mattress in place when you adjust the bed.

Wireless Remotes

The split King comes with two remotes because each side of the mattress is individually controlled. The other sizes come with one remote. The remote includes an emergency setting to flatten the bed as well as the following features:

  • Raise the head
  • Raise the feet
  • Pillow tilt
  • Massage for the head
  • Massage for the feet
  • Snore button (raises the head temporarily)
  • Zero gravity setting
  • Underbed light


The speed of the massager at the head and the foot are different. The split king mattress has the ability to raise and lower and use the massage on one side of the mattress without activating it on the other side of the bed. The intensity of the massage can be varied. The split king allows each person to control the height and massage speed individually.


An App can be downloaded to your Apple or Android smartphone and used in place of the remote to do everything the remote controller can do.


The Amerisleep bed is made in the USA and includes a DC motor that will power the bed with up to 700 pounds of people using it. The motor is CSA-certified and UL Listed.


The mattress has a 20-year warranty and the bed is backed by a 10-year warranty from Amerisleep and a 20-year warranty from its manufacturer, Leggett and Platt.

Wallhugger® Engineering

The wall hugger feature allows you to continue using your night table and bedside lamp by keeping them in reach when you lift the head of the bed.

Under-Bed Lighting

This handy feature provides plenty of light to see if you need to get up in a dark room without disturbing your sleeping partner or creating too much light.

USB Plugs

Each side of the bed includes two USB plugs.


  • Strong warranty
  • Manufacturer’s reputation is good
  • White Glove delivery is included
  • USB plugs for handy power
  • Zero gravity setting
  • Includes quality mattresses
  • Made in the USA
  • Massage (yummy)
  • Holds 700 pounds
  • Wallhugger® feature
  • Under the bed lighting


  • It’s not for those where price is more important than quality
  • The bed is heavy if you have to move it

3. Nectar Adjustable Bed – Runner Up Overal

Best Overall adjustable beds 2020 - Nectar adjustabled bed frame together with dreamcloud mattress

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame provides you with a way of elevating your sleep to a new level. Combine the Nectar mattress with the adjustable bed to create a complete sleep system for the ultimate experience.

This alternative normally works because you can raise the top of the bed a sufficient amount to achieve the desired angle and you can raise the foot section of the adjustable bed high enough so you will not slip during the night.

  • Easy setup
  • It includes the option to raise the head, feet, or both.
  • Three-zone massage
  • Wireless remote
  • USB plugs for easy charging
  • Three programmable memory setting
  • Zero gravity setting
  • TV recline setting

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is highly durable. It is engineered to provide strong support for your Nectar or compatible mattress. The base has a metallic construction that offers a strong solid feeling.

The ability to transfer into and out of bed is very important. The Nectar Adjustable Bed is designed to be lowered so that the top of the mattress is a mere 15 inches from the floor. For most users, this height can facilitate unaided transfer to and from a wheelchair.

Nectar offers the adjustable bed frame in the usual range of sizes, including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Split King. As you can see, the manufacturer has customized frame sizes that fit specific users’ specification, including Twin XL and Split King.

The adjustable frame offers customized sleep. You just have to adjust the setup with a single push of a button. The remote control function allows you to elevate your upper body and head to watch TV or read a novel. You can also raise your legs for additional comfort.

Both the head and the legs can be raised independently or together. You can raise the head up when reading or the foot up when relaxing. You can raise both sides to their appropriate angles for leisure. You can also conveniently raise both sides to the zero-gravity sleep position.

In zero gravity, when you go to sleep, you just close your eyes, and your head does not go anywhere. It just sort of stays there. There are benefits to sleeping in zero gravity. On a flatbed, you have to turn over regularly to relieve the pressure points.

In zero gravity, there are none of these problems. You simply stretch out your legs, close your eyes, fold your arms, and go to sleep. The head does not nod, limbs do not go to sleep, and you wake up feeling perfectly refreshed.

This bed frame has 6 sizes (from twin xl to split king) to choose from but you may need to buy a Nectar or Dreamcloud mattress.


  • You can program your desired position
  • Fastest and easiest set up in the entire industry
  • Wireless remote for superior operation
  • Zero gravity setting offers numerous therapeutic benefits
  • USB plugs available for easy charging of tablet and phone
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Does not have under bed light
  • You may need to buy a compatible mattress

4. Reverie 7S™  – Best for Bluetooth

Best for Bluetooth 2020- Reverie 7S™ Adjustable Foundation

The Reverie 7S™ Adjustable Bed is a favorite option in this category featuring a Bluetooth-enabled adjustable bed with highly advanced properties that will allow your body to rest, sit or meditate in any position you enjoy. Plus, it relieves lumbar muscle pain and claims to correct sleep posture and minimize sleep apnea symptoms.

  • Bluetooth Controls:

The Reverie 7S™ has set a high standard when it comes to innovation. It features an optional Bluetooth® Mobile Module which can be controlled by a device which has Bluetooth or via a free app provided during the purchase of the adjustable bed. This allows you to control the bed, independent of the remotes.

  • Customizable massage options:

The Reverie 7S™ is specially built with an ingenious massage system which incorporates 10 customizable intensity options which can be controlled using your Bluetooth device. You can choose to use the massage simultaneously for the head and foot or separately for each.

  • Wireless Remotes:

This model includes two Wireless remotes featuring two memory preset programs called Anti Snore and Zero Gravity which allow you to save your favorite relaxing/sleeping postures. Of course, you can also use the remotes for choosing among the 10 intensity levels of the massage feature as well as other positions.

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  • Solid Advanced Base:

The Reverie 7S™ includes a mattress which is of medium firmness and relieves pressure points. This model is designed to work well in all sorts of positions and contours to the human body exceptionally well. If you choose to buy this combo deal, you will benefit from the ‘101 nights risk-free trial’ for the complete sleep system!

  • Extremely quiet Motor:

The Reverie 7S™ is one of the absolute best adjustable beds. Its uniquely designed to facilitate sleep, featuring a motor that is flawlessly quiet during any function. Rest assured that noise from the Reverie’s motor will not disturb your sleeping partner.

  • Capacity:

The extremely strong motor in the Reverie 7S™ can quietly and effortlessly lift up to 850 lbs.

  • Manufacturing:

The Reverie 7S™ is made in the USA and comes with white glove delivery service if you choose and has a 20-year hassle-free warranty.


  • Compatible with mattresses: You can choose to use the exclusive Dreams and Dream Supreme mattresses.
  • Durability and reliability: The Reverie consists of durable steel and comes with an ironclad 20-Year Warranty, making it a highly reliable product.
  • Therapeutic: This product deals exceptionally well with spinal adjustment, rest and contour.
  • Independence: With the wireless remote controls and the Bluetooth functionality in the bed base you can choose your preferred position and relax without having to move from your bed!
  • Conforms to your needs and adds a layer of comfort: All Reverie beds, the 7S comes with 4-corner container bars which prevent sliding of the mattress while contouring to the natural curves of the body.


  • Hefty: This high-end product is rather heavy, and therefore you will need assistance lifting it and moving it around.
  • One Remote: Customers state that having two remotes for this adjustable bed would be great, which for the time being only offers two in a King size!

5. Classic Brands  – Best for the Money

 Best for the Money 2020 - Classic Brands Full Adjustable Comfort Bed

The Adjustable Comfort Bed Base by Classic Brands is one of the most popular choices incorporating lots of cool features which make it excellent for your master bedroom.

  • Wireless remote:

The Classic Brands Bed Base includes a wireless remote with preset positions that automatically change to meet your needs. Apart from the wireless remote, the bed base comes with 2 USB charging ports for your portable devices.

  • Sleek and supportive design:

The bed base created by Classic Brands has a sleek design with a contemporary feel and makes for a perfect support system with its mattress bar and overall construction so that the mattress does not slip. Also, the Classic Brands Bed Base comes with 6 legs exceeding the usual industry standards of 4. The bed frameworks with memory foam and latex mattresses, or if you have a spring mattress that is adjustable bed friendly.

  • Zero gravity position:

The Zero Gravity Preset position is pre-programmed in the Classic Brands Bed Base. It means that when in this position, your body feels the least amount of pressure, similar to when being in space. Sleeping in bed to a position where there is less gravity, means less pressure and ultimately hopefully undisturbed and more restful sleep.

  • Therapeutic effect:

The best feature of this adjustable bed is how you can adjust the upper and lower parts of the base according to your needs with the wireless remote control. Using the massage feature adds a layer of luxury and comfort.

If you suffer from any sleep-related condition, you will highly benefit from this model. In particular, it reduces back pain and enhances blood pressure.

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  • Relaxation benefits:

The Classic Brands Bed Base is specially designed to help you relax after a long day by watching TV, reading or surfing the internet while lying on your bed.

This model can lift up to 1000lbs of maximum distributed weight for Full and Queen.

  • Warranty/Manufacturing:

The Classic Brands is manufactured in the US and comes with a 3-year warranty. It ships to your door via FED-EX or UPS at your expense.


  • Functional design: The Classic Brands Bed Base has a platform design but is suitable for use with most traditional bed frames.
  • Health benefits: Reduces back pain and enhances blood pressure. The model also helps with sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD.
  • Relaxation – lifestyle benefits: This model performs well for relaxation purposes.
  • Easily assembled: The Classic Brands Bed Base requires a minimal amount of assembly, so it is easy to handle and will not trouble you much.


  • Does not come with a mattress: You must buy your own mattress and add it to the bed, which means an extra cost.

6. Serta Motion Essentials II – Best for simple install

Best for simple install 2020 - Serta Motion Essentials II

Serta is well known for its affordable luxury mattresses being in the industry for over 80 years. Nevertheless, they also make good bed frames, as the Serta Motion Essentials II model demonstrates. The multi-featured adjustable bed is popular thanks to its effective therapeutic effects and relaxation benefits.

  • Smooth Multi-Adjustable Power Lifting Frame:

The Serta allows the user to control the elevation of the hydraulic head and foot concurrently with its Smooth Power™ Lifting System. The high-quality system increases the powerlifting speed while it puts you to sleep and also permits remote function without much effort.

The base has an anti-movement bar for mattresses to stay in place, and also offers casters or headboard brackets at an extra cost.

  • Strong Metal Sidebar:

The sturdiness of the frame is key in an adjustable bed. The Serta Motion is equipped with an additional metal sidebar, which supports the mattress and prevents it from slipping down.

  • No Assembly required for Setup:

The Serta Motion ships in one-piece, so you don’t need to worry about assembly and set-up. The product is assembled at the factory and thus you can install it in an hour.

  • Capacity:

The Motion Essentials II comes with an ability to lift up to 650 lbs at once.

  • Warranty/Manufacturing:

This model is made in the USA and costs less (see cheap mattresses here) to buy compared to its competitors due to its basic 4 button wired remote and a decision to exclude fancy extras like Bluetooth and massage modules. The product comes with the standard Manufacturer’s 1-3-20 Limited Warranty.


  • Works just as described: Based on the customer reviews and feedback, it seems that every bit of what the creators promise as far as specifications and packaging work.
  • Efficient installation: Since the product is assembled in the factory and shipped as the one-piece, the setup installation will take no more than an hour!
  • Comfortable and peaceful: There are no loud noises of the motor, active or inactive, unlike other bed frames for this amount of money.
  • Therapeutic sleep at an affordable price: The bed features sturdy elevations and enhanced sleeping posture at a great price.
  • Compatible with most Queen Size mattresses: The Serta Motion can fit any queen size mattress on its frame, unlike other beds which do not adhere to universal mattress size standards.


  • Heavy for a single person: The frame appears heavy for one to lift so you must have assistance shifting it.
  • High Legs Low Sidebar: Some customers complain that the product had a very low sidebar. If so, you can consider affordable accessories and adjustments Serta offers, by calling their customer care to help you resolve this issue immediately!

7. Legget & Platt ShipShape base – Best Durable

Best Durable adjustable bed 2020- Legget & Platt ShipShape base

This Legget & Platt product looks like a standard adjustable bed yet it is installed with high-end features. As its name reveals, the Legget & Pratt ShipShape features a revolutionizing ShipShape design, however, it also has whisper quiet motors and a customizable base to allow different levels of comfort.

  • ShipShape Base:

The ShipShape base is renowned for its excellent angular support which is perfect for spine alignment, while it can relieve joint stiffness and sleep posture problems.

The base is customizable, so you can adjust it to your needs, however, it is programmed in general to provide the best for the user, whether it is flexible, flat, leveled, zero gravity, or a reclining position.

The base comes in Multi-Range Head and Foot Elevations. This means the ShipShape base is a sought-after portable choice bed as well!

  • Wired Remote Control:

This model features a wired remote control (it is expected that it will be upgraded in the near future to suit wireless preferences) with pushback buttons and ability to individually control the multiple positioning functions of the bed from a distance.

  • Whisper-Quiet Motor

The motors in this model by L&P are specially designed to function in whisper quiet decibels, regardless if it’s day or night. This sound-free attribute means you will never disturb your partner in case you want to change position in the middle of the night.

There is even an emergency backup implemented in these motors to flat position in 30 minutes when there is sudden power off for instance.

  • Free Shipping & Easy Assembly:

The ShipShape model is delivered to your doorstep free of charge unlike other companies do. The delivery does not include installation, yet the product is completely assembled in the factory and comes with tutorial DVDs so you won’t have trouble setting it up.

  • Capacity:

The Legget & Platt ShipShape can lift an adequate 425 lbs through its dual motor whisper quiet mechanism controlled by a basic wired remote.

  • Manufacturing:

The Legget & Platt ShipShape is the USA made and features an amazing 20 years warranty.


  • Durable: The ultra-flexible base in the ShipShape is strong and sturdy so it can handle a long use day and night, and it is considered to be durable, which shows in its 20-Year Warranty.
  • Conforming: The ShipShape base is thought to be one of the best bases that naturally contour to the body’s curves and lines. It can even facilitate the right posture of the users.
  • Therapeutic: Besides sleep posture corrections, the ShipShape base is also perfect for therapeutic benefits to sleep disorders and backaches, through its elevation of head and foot at even levels.
  • Peaceful: One thing you certainly shouldn’t worry about this product is noise. The whisper quiet motor works in silence and you can hardly hear it, whether its day or night.
  • Effortless assembly: Assembling the ShipShape is a piece of cake since the product is factory assembled and can easily be handled by a single person.
  • Portable: The ShipShape base is built to be easily transferred from one place to another so this makes highly portable.


  • Hefty: Although assembly is easy, you should consider asking for an extra set of hands or two to lift and shift the product, since it is quite heavy.
  • Height: Several customers complain that castors in the ShipShape are of improper heights, although there is the option of choosing one of those castors (4”-7”) to fix the height just right for you.

8. PragmaBed  – Best for Simple Design

Best for Simple Design 2020- PragmaBed Simple Adjust Head and Foot Adjustable Foundation

Although being a standard adjustable base, the PragmaBed Simple Adjust Head and Foot Adjustable Foundation is a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers. It doesn’t include a motor. Adjustments are made when you are out of the bed by pulling up on straps designed to make adjusting the settings easy. There are multiple positions available for both the head and feet areas.

  • Solid Construction:

The Pragma Adjustable Bed base is made of Heavy-duty steel, which is literally ironclad. This sturdy construction provides the support you need for your mattress and also contours well to the body’s natural curves. In addition, the solid foundation minimizes the risk of accidents and makes the product durable.

The gauge of the frame is standard metal and enhances the good foundation overall. Due to its construction, the PragmaBed base is lightweight and therefore portable too.

  • Easy and Negligible Assembly:

The Pragma Adjustable Bed base requires negligible work to assemble as it is assembled at the factory and only takes a few minutes once unpacked to have it all set up. The frame unfolds to full size when opened.

In addition, the product is quite compact so you can fit it pretty much everywhere.

  • Safety Coat/ Resistance against Mites and Bugs:

The Pragma Adjustable Bed base comes with a unique coating which is hypoallergenic and hence will keep bugs miles away. The coating also guarantees resistance to corrosion, which enhances the product’s durability.

The powder coating can be adjusted accordingly when you set up the bed. This safety feature is unique to Pragma Adjustable Bed and serves for hygiene purposes!

  • Carefully engineered elevations:

It may seem like the Pragma Adjustable Bed has a basic structure, yet it has been engineered carefully to allow for therapeutic elevations to relieve different aches.

The bed provides 800 angles for the head and 300 angles for the foot. These elevations and multi-functions result from scientifically proven theories on accelerated deep sleep mechanisms and sleep posture corrections.

  • Under-bed Storage Space:

The Pragma Adjustable Bed provides ample under-bed storage space by not compromising to under-bed lights, which take away space.

  • Capacity:

The Pragma Adjustable Bed supports up to 1200 lbs. of distributed weight in TWIN and TWIN XL sizes and an amazing 2400 lbs. distributed weight in its FULL, QUEEN, KING, or CAL KING sizes!

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  • Manufacturing:

Pragma Adjustable Bed is manufactured in China. It offers excellent US-based customer support though. The product comes with 3-Year Plus warranty and is quite reliable, so no need to worry that it might break down or disappoint you.


  • Works Just as Described: Everything advertised about the Pragma Adjustable bed is precise and accurate.
  • Therapeutic: The Pragma Adjustable Bed has therapeutic benefits with their multi-function angles and elevations.
  • Portable: The Pragma Adjustable bed frame is extremely light and foldable, which is a great advantage as it makes it easy to lift and shift for cleaning or re-positioning.
  • Affordable: This model targets everyday people who seek luxury and relaxation at an affordable price.
  • It will work during a power outage.


  • Basic Model: Adjustments are manual. There is no motor or remote control.
  • Accident Prone: The arms and locks of this adjustable bed should fall exactly into place which means that the confirmation click is heard, otherwise you risk falling off the bed!

What is an adjustable bed?

You may have heard people talking about a zero -gravity bed or electric bed. This refers to an electric adjustable bed which in simple terms means a bed whose base can be elevated and fixed by means of powered controls so that you reach the preferred position.

Normally, you can choose to elevate either the upper or lower areas of the platform, or even lift both concurrently, which creates a zero-gravity effect. These all are usually controlled by an electric-powered hydraulic motor which helps control these moves and adjust the bed to your needs.

functions of adjustable beds

The above are some of the functions the best adjustable beds can provide. Of course, you should look for the specifications of each product for more details on what they have to offer.

Benefits & downsides of adjustable beds

There are both benefits and negatives that come with using an adjustable bed base rather than the common traditional mattress. The figure below lists some of these good and bad “side-effects” which we explain further in the following paragraphs.

Benefits and downsides of adjustable beds


There are both benefits and negatives that come with using an adjustable bed base rather than the common traditional bed. The figure below lists some of these good and bad “side-effects” which we explain further in the following paragraphs.


  • Time to chill out

Do not assume that adjustable beds are simply good company if you are elderly. Of course, they are ideal if you belong among this portion of the population, but there are other consumers who could benefit from the multifunction features of an adjustable bed.

For instance, adjustable beds are ideal for relaxation when you come home from a busy day at work and want to watch TV or read a book while laying on your bed.

  • Reduce or eliminate snoring

Adjustable beds can help you reduce or eliminate snoring by keeping your head elevated while you dream. Individuals who snore don’t sleep as well, which can lead to sleep deprivation.

  • Improve your Relationship

Snoring often causes discord in relationships. Snorers don’t sleep well, which can make them suffer from sleep deprivation. The snorers’ partners sleep is often disturbed by the noise, which can cause sleep deprivation. Another outcome is that one partner begins sleeping in a different room so they can sleep without being disturbed. Sleep deprivation makes it difficult to maintain a loving relationship because it makes people focus on things they don’t like in their partner. Sleeping apart is often the first step toward ending the relationship. An adjustable bed can reduce or eliminate the snoring which will allow you to sleep together and not be sleep deprived.

Adjustable beds also make cuddling while watching TV or reading easy.

  • Additional comfort

As you may presume, adjustable beds provide great comfort and enhanced support, which is ideal if you suffer from any chronic pain. You will find that an adjustable bed helps improve your condition and helps relieve these symptoms.

In addition, if you have certain mobility issues, the personalized features of an adjustable bed will be of benefit and increase your comfort.

  • Change positions easily

If you suffer from different mobility difficulties, putting your adjustable bed in an upright position can make it easier to get in and out of your bed safely and raising or lowering your torso or legs can ease pain from spending time in bed.

At the same time, if you offer care assistance for a person in need, it is easier to tend to someone who’s in an upright position, unlike if you look after someone who is lying in a traditional bed.

  • Zero gravity

Despite the term zero-gravity, the bed is not free from the effects of gravity since, in reality, there cannot be such a thing. Having an adjustable bed can do the next best thing which is to minimize the amount of pressure from gravitational laws by elevating the bed base accordingly.

This will create a minimum amount of pressure for your body which is great if you are dealing with chronic conditions like back, neck or hip pain. Such a resting position is ideal if you suffer from body pain such as the neck, back, and hip, as it will relieve pressure on the joints and other sensitive areas from excessive pressure.

  • No need to rent

If you care for an elderly person or have some need for a hospital bed due to a medical condition, there is no need to rent it, which is expensive.  You can buy a high-quality adjustable bed and save substantial costs while you get a decent bed that will last longer.


  • Price

An adjustable bed with or without a mattress has a relatively high price compared to other traditional options such as platforms, four posters, and bunk beds.

We would recommend searching for a combo deal, which can significantly cut down the cost of an adjustable bed.

  • Aesthetics

It is likely that if you have a rather high sense of aesthetics, you will not particularly fancy the simple metal bed frame which is common and quite visible in adjustable beds.

Still, if you decide to buy one of the best adjustable beds we recommend, consider covering the sides with large sheets or another cool quilt cover to distract the eye.

  • Mechanics

Keep in mind that like other devices, even the best adjustable electric beds are more sensitive to breakdowns or malfunctions. Of course, advanced technology nowadays has made adjustable beds built with quality mechanisms that prevent such issues, however, you should still remember that it is a possibility.

This is one reason you should pay attention to the warranty that comes with the product you buy, to easily replace your bed in case of such issues.

Types of adjustable beds

mattresses that work best with adjustable beds

If you are wondering which type of material fits best on an adjustable bed, we have the answer. A great adjustable bed is one who can elevate the head and foot sections of the bed of up to 70 degrees on average, which means that you are most concerned with flexibility and durability. Therefore, you need a mattress that will last longer and also is flexible to bend and turn.

Most adjustable beds come with four kinds of mattresses: memory foam, latex foam, traditional innerspring, or air beds. We have delved deeper into each material to see which one performs best when it comes to adjustable beds and why. Here’s what we have come up with.

Memory Foam Mattresses

memory foam work with ajustable beds sleep positions

Memory foam mattresses are great when you are dealing with pressure and pain. This material can absorb pressure extremely well by evenly spreading the weight across its surface and easily contours to the body of the sleeper.

Having this type of mattress on an adjustable bed means it flexes easily and the user can experience a pain-free comforting feel no matter which position the bed is in.

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latex mattress work with adjustable beds

This type of mattress is ideal since it can effectively prevent pain and pressure points. Latex feels different than memory foam, often referred to as buoyant. You can find it in natural and synthetic forms. Natural ones are considered better for your health, while it is best to opt for thinner latex mattresses as these can easily flex to adapt to your preferred position.

Also important is that high-quality latex foam is quite durable, which means your mattress will last longer.

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innerspring mattress work with adjustable bed sleeping position

Most people are familiar with innerspring mattresses, consisting of spring or coils topped with padding and foam. Beware that standard spring mattresses will not be compatible with adjustable bases, although there have been attempts to manufacture them specifically for this sort of use.

Still, spring mattresses are not the best option since they create pressure points, are not as flexible and need to be replaced on a more regular basis than other types of mattresses.

Air Bed Mattresses

air mattress pros work with adjustable beds

Air bed mattresses can be used on adjustable bases especially if they are enhanced with adjustable pressure systems. This type of bed will have inner air chambers incorporated with an encasement, usually topped by padding or foams.

Nevertheless, the need to flex and bend that comes with an adjustable bed means that the flow of air is impeded. Also, single-chamber systems are potentially really stiff on adjustable bases.

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Final verdict

In this post, we researched among the best adjustable beds that have high ratings on Amazon and concluded chose the best adjustable beds that are set apart from the bunch. Our verdict is based on some general rules and criteria which we summarize here:

Key requirements for a quality adjustable bed

  • To allow adjustment of up to 60 degrees in head angle and 45 degrees in foot angle.
  • To hold sufficient weight ranging from 250 to 600 lbs depending on the bed size.
  • To have noise-free high-quality motors so that your sleep is not disrupted during repositioning.
  • To guarantee deep sleep through its enhanced elevations and multi-position

Overall, the best adjustable beds are the ones that satisfy all of your needs. Whether you are looking for the most extravagant features, or you are more modest with your demands and can settle for simple lifts and drops, you can’t go wrong with the choices reviewed here.

  1. Is the Leggat & Platt Ship Shape the only one that comes with wheels? How do you hang its control so that it can be easily reached by the bed-user?

    How do you clean under these beds if you can’t move them? 25 years is a lot of dust to accumulate!

    Are rails available for any of these frames? Are there holders for the remotes that make it easy to grab them at night?

    1. Hi,
      Both the Leggett & Platt designs have wheels. For the others, solutions will depend on whether the adjustable bed is set on carpet or hardwood floors. There are inexpensive sliders that can be placed under the legs.

      For keeping track of the remote and other items you might want, we recommend a bedside organizer.

      As far as bed rails, it does not come with rails. There are add on rails available. We like this bed rail because the part under the mattress isn’t too wide to work on an adjustable bed. If you prefer something even narrower, this rail is one of the narrowest rails we’ve seen.
      I hope that helps answer your concerns.

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      This is what we wrote in the review:

      Sleep Number beds have technology that allows you to increase or decrease the firmness and both sides of the mattress can be increased or decreased separately so sleep partners who prefer different types of beds can adjust their firmness levels independently. This is a great idea, but a high-tech bed can come with high-tech problems with remotes not working and air chambers that deflate for no reason. Service calls can be expensive ($200).
      It used to be that Sleep Number was the only option other than two twin mattresses used to form a King bed that would allow sleepers to enjoy different firmness levels. That’s no longer true. Several of the mattress manufacturers who sell online have options that allow you to customize each side of the bed without going high-tech.

      The 25-year warranty is pro-rated after the first two years.

      A 100-night in-home trial period is offered for most of the Sleep Number beds. The it™ bed has a 30 night in-home trial. If you decide to return the bed, the delivery cost will not be refunded and there is a cost to return the mattress. Returns must be authorized before they are returned. All gifts with purchase must also be returned or their full retail value will be deducted from the refund.

      If you chose to purchase a Sleep Number® bed that is a final sale it will not have a sleep trial and the sale is final.

      Sleep Number requires the customer to sign an Alternative Dispute Resolution agreement in which they give up their rights to a jury trial, bench trial, or class action trial to settle disputes.

      While most of their beds have a 25-year limited warranty, some have a 2-year limited warranty so make sure you understand the warranty for your specific bed.

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      I think you could get a mattress that would serve you as well for a lot less money. Sleep Number is a chambered air mattress. In order to advise you about which other mattresses would serve you well, I’d need to know what is important to you, why you think the sleep number will serve your needs, and which sleep position(s) you sleep in.
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      I’d be happy to help you find other alternatives if you provide additional information. Our reviews will cover these factors if you’d prefer to read up on them yourself. The Sleep Number does come with an in-home trial but the trial is not without risks. They charge you for delivery and, if you return the mattress, you’ll have to pay delivery for that as well. When we read Yelp, Consumer Affairs, and Better Business Bureau reviews about Sleep Number beds, one of the unique things we noticed was the potential to incur expensive repairs if some of the electronics failed.

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  15. I have picked out a bedroom set with a new king bedframe, including head and foot boards. Are there any adjustable beds that would work with the existing bedframe.


    1. Hello,

      Yes. Many of the adjustable beds work if they are set inside a regular bed (with a headboard and footboard). The automatic ones in our article should all work in that situation. The Pragma wouldn’t work because you wouldn’t be able to access the areas you need to manually move it but the automated ones should work. There is one exception and that is based on the design of the bed frame. The headboard and footboard on my own bed curves inward. It’s a sleigh bed. As a result, there is less space above the bed than there is where the mattress is. It creates a problem with having enough room for the adjustable bed to move.

      As long as your headboard and footboard don’t curve in toward the mattress, you should be fine. You’ll want to measure the inside area and compare them to the exact measurements between your headboard/footboard. If I were looking for an adjustable bed to fit an existing bedframe, I would contact the adjustable bed company (most of them have text chat) and double check with them and then keep a written copy of the text chat. Adjustable beds are generally not returnable so you want assurance from the actual seller that it will work.
      I hope that helps.
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  18. How long is a memory foam mattress good for? I must have had ours for a good 20 years, but started using an adjustable bed frame about 6-8 months ago mainly for my wife who suffered mini-strokes and has limited ability to walk and stand. My only regret is not getting a split adjustable bed. I’m feeling the foam mattress is feeling a bid tired – its a 10 inch King size, and am thinking it needs to be replaced.

    1. Depends on the product you choose, we suggest you replace with 8-10 years. 20 years is too long for most family.

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