Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

Bed bugs are an increasing problem because of the change in temperature in many areas around the world. The best of mattresses seem to fail to protect users from bed bugs making their home in beds. A bed bug mattress encasement can help you fight those bugs and nasty bites by protecting you.

With a variety in the market, it is important that you go for the best bed bug mattress encasement that will do its job. Our buying guide will help you find the focal points and for further clarifications read our answered questions. Take a look at the product reviews to have a better idea of the market.

5 Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement (Comparison and Reviews)

Product NameMaterial Machine Washable DepthWarrantyPrice
SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement
(Editor choice)
CottonYes9 to 12 inches10 yearsAmazon
Sure Guard Mattress Encasement

(Editor choice)

CottonYes13 to 16 inches10 yearsAmazon
The Original Sleep Defense SystemPolyesterNo12 to 18 inches5 yearsAmazon
Linenspa EncasementPolyesterYes12 inchesNoneAmazon
Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement CoverPolyesterYes15 inchesNoneAmazon

SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement

SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement

SafeRest is a brand that is known to make great products for healthy sleeping. The company has been reliable to many people for a very long time.

Why choose this product?

The best part is probably the cotton material which keeps blocking the dust mites. It is an ideal choice for people with asthma and allergies.

  • Construction/ Material used for bed bugs

Natural cotton is used for this encasement along with many other layers which are hypoallergenic are used that help in ensuring that bed bugs do not attack you. The zipper works all around so that there is no way the bugs can get to the sleeper.

  • Firmness

With the cotton surface, the cover for this encasement becomes very soft and comfortable. The natural material of the mattress can be prevented if it is too uncomfortable with the softness of this cover.  The membrane of the cover which works as the barrier between bed bugs is also made soft for comfort

  • Technology used

A micro zipper technology is used that prevents small allergens to pass through the teeth of the zipper. A Velcro flap is also placed for additional security.


  • The unique micro zipper technology helps in entrance of allergens
  • The cover is protected from all six ends and is washable in the machine very easily
  • Cotton makes it breathable along with being hypoallergenic
  • Velcro flap ensures full safety at all times


  • The overall fitting is loose and it seems to collect air easily inside it.

Sure Guard Mattress Encasement

Sure Guard

Sure Guard is responsible for producing one of the best bed bug mattress encasement which helps in fighting those nasty bites.

Why choose this product?

This product is easy with maintenance, you can machine wash and dry it. Blocks almost all bacteria and dust mites. The breathable feature gives you a cool sleep.

  • Construction/ Material used for bed bugs

A high-quality cotton material is the foundation of this encasement. The construction ensures that all six sides of the cover encase the mattress entirely so that there is no room for the entrance of the bugs. The sheet is fitted and works perfectly for all sizes of mattresses.

  • Firmness

Cotton gives this encasement an advantage since it makes is very smooth and comfortable. The softness of the cover helps in making hard mattresses more neutral. The product also helps in retaining the feel of the mattress and its specialty. Lack of Vinyl and PVC also play a part in making it comfortable.

  • Technology used

The invisi-Zip technology used in this product reduces any chance of bugs getting onto the surface. A SureSeal technology is also used which ensures that additional protection is given to the user by sealing all the edges of the encasement.


  • Very small zips and SureSeal make sure that the mattress is protected from all ends
  • The material is hypoallergenic which is perfect for people with respiratory and allergic problems
  • Noiseless cover ensures no disturbance
  • Can be easily machine washed and dried


  • It tends to trap odor to the mattress
  • It is not ideal for frequent bed wettings

The Original Sleep Defense SystemThe Original Sleep Defense System

Hospitology is the brand that has produced the original sleep defense system. The brand is known for its high-quality products that are approved by many medical centers.

Why choose this cover?

With all the features company has to offer, you can rely on 100% lab tested results to keep the bed bugs away and enjoy the peaceful sleep.

  • Construction/Material used for bed bugs

The product is breathable at the same time to ensure that heat and other forms of germs do not make it their house. The polyester knit fabric is hypoallergenic ensuring that bed bugs do not survive on them.

  • Firmness

The firmness of this encasement is extra soft. The polyester knit fabric will help in making your base more soft and smooth without causing lack of comfort. The encasement is perfect for people that have a hard mattress since it can neutralize the extra firmness with additional comfort.

  • Technology used

A waterproof membrane is used on this cover which ensures that spilled water does not seep through and cause bacteria to make their house on your membrane. The cover is additionally stretchable and zipped.


  • The encasement is waterproof and it can be stretched to up to 6 inches to fit on your mattress.
  • It is hypoallergenic which helps people with sensitivity sleep on it with confidence
  • It is well breathable as well which makes it very cool for hot places


  • A small amount of liquid can be fought only with this cover
  • The odor sticks to the cover

Linenspa EncasementLinenspa Encasement

Linenspa is a brand that produces the finest mattress encasement in the market. They have a huge variety is sizes to offer.

Why choose this product?

With this product, you will get a vinyl-free material encasement which is safe for kids and no crinkling sound.

  • Construction/ Material used for bed bugs

Polyester is a synthetic material which is perfect to reduce bed bugs making their home. For further maintenance, the cover is easy to wash in the machine and has a lightweight fabric that keeps the bugs away. The fabric is also hypoallergenic for all kinds of irritants.

  • Firmness

The firmness of this encasement is soft yet it is made with a thin fabric that keeps the feel of your original mattress alive too. This type of cover with firmness is best for people that want an encasement but not hurt the feelings of their mattress.

  • Technology used

The encasement is zippered from all sides and used fabric technology which is quite so no matter how much you toss and turn, you will not hear from it.


  • Quiet fabric which does not squeak and the cover is easily washable in the machine
  • Lightweight fabric makes it perfect to stop bed bugs
  • The breathability of the mattress keeps it cool in the summers as well
  • Hypoallergenic features makes it perfect for sensitive people


  • The cover is not odor free and it takes a lot of time to dry

Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement CoverUtopia Bedding Mattress Encasement Cover

Utopia is a company that is known to produce extraordinary items at a very reasonable price. Their products always get thumbs up from the customers.

Why choose this product?

Utopia competes in price and in quality. It brings out features that are highly competitive and are at cheap prices. These features make them perfect for everybody.

  • Construction/ Material used for bed bugs

Polyester is used for this encasement cover since it is one of the best materials to reduce the bed bugs. Zippers and Velcro guards are used so that there is no entrance that remains open for bugs to enter. It is also vinyl and PVC free which not only stops the bed bugs but also makes it safe for the children.

  • Firmness

The knitted polyester used is stretchable and fits well. It is also smooth and very comfortable for any mattress top. The absence of vinyl and PVC make the mattress much softer and easy to lie on. The natural feel of the mattress is additionally maintained for balance.

  • Technology used

TPU on the backs is used instead of rubber which harms the children; this factor makes it waterproof. Velcro guards help in making the mattress completely protected at all times.


  • Velcro guards are there with additional zippers that keep the bugs out
  • TPU is used for waterproofing the cover and stop leakage
  • Stretchable knitted polyester makes for a better and more comfortable fit
  • Product can be washed and tumble dried without inconvenience


  • The cover is not waterproof but leakage proof
  • It has the ability to make noise while moving

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Buying guide

The following buying guide is written to help costumers understand the points that they need to look into to buy the best bed bug mattress encasement.


A mattress encasement and a mattress cover have a very fine line. A cover is usually referred to a top coat on the mattress that is used to keep the mattress from wetting and stains.

An encasement is an enclosed cover that is tightly around the mattress to help bed bugs and other allergens attack the sleeper. Your ideal option is the enclosed type.


A waterproof case for a mattress is an ideal selection for your encasement. It gives the mattress a longer life and is ideal for parents that have bedwetting children too.

A waterproof case also means that you will be able to wash it easily in the machine without worrying about the material going bad. Waterproof also helps in reducing bacterial accumulation in the product.


As abrupt as it may sound, you need to pick the right zipper type for the encasement as well. Zippers with large teeth tend to allow small bugs to easily escape and enter which defeats the purpose of the case. Hence, a small teeth zipper along with additional straps works the best.


No matter what material you opt for, make sure it is thick enough to be bite-proof. Bed bugs are very heavy biters which allow them to go through many fabrics. Make sure that the material you take is not easily bitten through and they actually keep the bed bugs out.

Most cases have additional membranes which help for this purpose. These membranes help in achieving the overall purpose of the encasement.

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Frequently asked questions before buying

If your questions persist after taking a look at the buying guide, you can look into the following questions that customers have raised. All the answers are made to the best of our knowledge and for guidance purposes.

  • Are all encasements hypoallergenic?

No, all encasements are not necessarily hypoallergenic. The reason is that they usually use materials that can fight bed bugs but can still gather up other allergens which may be harmful to people with respiratory issues or other allergic sensitivities. Hence, if you are looking for a hypoallergenic one, you have to check if your desired item offers it or not.

  • Will all cases make a squeaking sound?

Not at all, some brands offer materials that are specially made soundproof so that every time you move around it does not make noise. Most materials that do not have PVC or vinyl properties will give you this feature since rubber makes most sounds.

  • Which material is the most affordable?

Vinyl is the most affordable option for you encasement purchase. It is ideally used in rugged environments and it has a silk finish in most instances. These covers are electronically sealed along with having additional bug stopping closures.

The zippers that they have to offer are perfect to fight immature bugs and this theory is tested. However, they can be dangerous for children that sleep on their stomach since they can suffocate.

  • Are tight fittings better than loose fitting of the case?

Of course, tight fittings are better than loose fitting since they tend to keep the whole bed together and disallow the free movement of the bed bugs inside. Loose fitting gives the bugs a better chance to roam around inside and break the case with their heavy bites. Hence, it is important that you take the dimensions of your bed while shopping even if they are in standard sizes.

Stretchable ones are also a great option since they provide a new level of tightness, but make sure that you thoroughly look into how much the product can stretch. A bad fitting can ruin the whole purpose of the encasement.

  • What feature will help fight odor?

The odor is a common problem in mattresses and mattress encasements. It is produced because of the sweat and the heat that the body produces while sleeping. Once you have caged your mattress with an encasement, you will need to look into things like this.

Some cases are breathable which allow you to get rid of odor while other use chemicals and other forms of technology that help in fighting the odor. However, washing it regularly or as directed can help get rid of the odor so make sure your case is easy to wash.


After reading this guide, you may have had a better idea on how to buy the best bed bug mattress encasement. It is not a very tricky job but it is important to look into small details since they will make the biggest difference.

For additional protection, you can use sprays to kill the bugs completely. Bed bugs are a serious problem that can be health hazardous as well so make sure that you take full measures if you find the nasty little creatures crawling in your bed.

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