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Best Bunk Beds 2020
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Bunk beds have been around for a long time. If you are planning to build a family, especially then bunk beds are important since in the initial phases of life most couples live in a condo or small houses. In cases like these bunks provide a good substitute for separated beds. Even teenagers who have to share their room prefer bunks to have more space in the room for their study table and other accessories.

Initially, bunk beds were just two beds stacked above each other’s with a stair for access but that is not the case nowadays. Bunk beds come in a variety of designs, sizes, and features. The market is also flooded with triple bunk beds along with storage space as well but at the same time buying bunk beds is not as easy as it seems. You have to consider a few points before buying the bunk beds you need. For your ease, the best bunks on the market are reviewed here and a buying guide is also explained.

Top 5 Best Bunk Beds 2020

Comparisons of some of the best bunk beds on the market are:

DHP Bunk Bed with Metal Frame

  • Overview

This metal bunk by DHP is a sleek and functional design with no extra complicated features. It has the exact functionality that is needed by children. Its premium quality, low price, and space-saving design make it worth the buy.

It has a traditional design and is made of sturdy and safe material for kids. It has a full bed at the bottom and a twin bed at the top which makes it perfect for a kid’s room.

  • Mattress:

This product is very feasible as it can accommodate a full mattress in the bottom portion that can be up to 8 inches thick and a twin mattress at the top which can be up to 6 inches thick. The reason for top mattress being less thick is that if you put in a thick mattress the rails will provide no safety to the child.

  • Material:

It is made up of silver metal which is extra sturdy and provides safety to the child as it is strong. The metal also gives it a beautiful sleek look. Thus, the aesthetics and quality are both taken care of by using this material.

  • Ladder:

It comes with two ladders, the front ladder, and the back ladder. The back ladder stays fixed and is vertical but the front ladder can be slanted for more safety and easy access.

  • Guardrails:

Guardrails are extremely important in bunks even if you are buying it for children in their teens. This product comes with sturdy and durable guardrails that make sure to prevent your child from falling.

  • Weight limit:

Due to the use of a strong material the weight limit of this product is also high. The bottom part can accommodate up to 450 pounds of weight while the top part can take up to 200 pounds of weight.


  • The material used in manufacturing is very sturdy and durable.
  • Comes with two ladders for improved accessibility.
  • You can choose your favorite color since it comes in a range of five colors to go with your kid’s room theme.
  • A slanted ladder at the front for easy climbing to the bed.
  • No wastage of time during assembling process because it can be easily assembled.


  • Overall good product except for one thing it is very heavy and therefore not easy to move.
  • Final verdict

This product comes at a very affordable price and provides the same quality and aesthetics as expensive bunk beds. It is one of the most durable products on the market.

DHP Bunk Bed Twin-Over-Twin

  • Overview

This elegant and highly functional product by DHP comes in a price range that can be afforded by anyone. It twin over twin design increases its space-saving efficiency. It is ideal for kid’s room as well as for a dorms room due to its safe design and ideal size.

  • Mattress:

This product can accommodate a twin mattress on the top as well as at the bottom. This helps in its space-saving design as DHP is known for making bunks that save space but are still highly functional and safe. The top portion can take up to 6 inches thick mattress while the bottom can accommodate an 8 inches mattress.

  • Material:

It is made up of high-quality metal that makes it heavy but at the same time very safe and durable. It has no pointed edges and is designed in a way to maximize kid’s safety.

  • Guardrails:

Guardrails are very important when it comes to the safety of the product. This product by DHP comes with strong metal guardrails to prevent the sleeper from falling down during the night.

  • Weight limit:

The weight limit of this product is ideal for kids and adults alike. The top can take up to 200 pounds of weight while the bottom can accommodate 225 pounds of weight.

  • Colors:

It comes in a wide range of colors that can be chosen according to your kid’s room or dorm room’s theme. The colors that it comes in are black, grey, navy blue, pink and white.

  • Ladders:

This product comes with one ladder that can be placed vertically or in a slanted position. It is advised to put it in slanted position as it improves accessibility.

  • Warranty:

Buying products without warranty can cause inconvenience in the future as breakages and malfunctions do happen in most cases. DHP has taken care of that and provides a one-year limited warranty for its users.


  • If you want to give a gift to your kids then it would be an ideal choice since it comes at a very reasonable price.
  • Your child will have ease of access to their bed because the ladder can be placed in two positions.
  • The guard rails are placed firmly so that your child doesn’t fall away during sleep.


  • The assembling instructions are not very clear which makes assembling the product difficult.

  • Final verdict

This bunk bed is ideal for kids as they will not outgrow them because of its feasible design and style. There is no rocking or sloppiness. The product is very stable and sturdy. Due to its high quality, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Walker Edison Bunk Bed

Walker Edison Bunk Bed

  • Overview

This is an all-rounder bunk by Edison is something that will last a lifetime and you will not get bored of it. It is made of wood and comes in several finishes due to which you can also customize the finish you need for your kid’s room. It is not very heavy either which makes it’s moving around easy.

  • Material

It is made of high-quality pine wood that gives it the same sturdiness of metal bunks. The wood gives it a traditional chunky bunk bed look which can go with any theme. Due to the wood used you can get this product in different finishes.

  • Mattress

You don’t have to go for spring mattresses it easily supports slats. Both the upper and bottom parts accommodate twin mattresses. But using slats there is enough guardrail space on the top portion for preventing your child from falling down.

  • Two beds

This bunk comes with a feature of separating the top and bottom part into two separate beds. This is very feasible and once your children grow up and require a separate room you can detach both parts and put them separately.

  • Guardrails

This product features guardrails that are full length which have a ladder at the end. These guardrails are thick and chunky which is why they can easily provide the safety needed.

  • Space saving

It is specifically designed to fulfill your space saving needs. Once assembled its dimensions are 79 inches W x 42 inches D x 65 inch H and weigh only 112 pounds, which is why you can easily move it around.

  • Finishes

Since wood can be polished according to any finish you want, this product comes in seven different finishes including grey and white.

  • Warranty

It comes with a 30 days warranty from the manufacturer. In between this time if you witness any malfunction or defect in the product it will be replaced.


  • You will come across different products but in terms of beauty, this bunk bed comes in an aesthetically designed shape.
  • It comes in seven different finishes.
  • The design is chunky and gives your child a lot of space for sleeping comfortably if he moves too much during sleep.
  • You can assemble it easily despite it having a lot of small pieces.


  • The only downside of this product is limited warranty which is for only 30 days.

  • Final verdict

This traditionally designed bunk is one of the best on the market with high functionality and maximum comfort.

Bunk Bed Full over Full

  • Overview

This full over full bunk with a trundle comes with high safety. It is made according to ASTM and CPSC safety standards. It comes with study and strong headboard and side rails. The design is traditional yet beautiful and can go with any theme.

  • Material:

It is made of solid wood which gives it the traditional design and durability. The wood makes it stable which is why no rocking is seen in it.

  • Mattress:

The bunk bed comes in a mattress ready form so you don’t have to get bunk boards. The top and bottom part both can accommodate full mattresses that increase the sleeping space as well as the safety.

  • Trundle:

Trundle is a sliding bed underneath the bunk bed. This bunk comes with a trundle that improves slumber party experiences and gives you an extra bed for when guests are over and during holidays.

  • Sleeping space:

The sleeping space in this product is way more than that seen in other bunks. It can accommodate five sleepers at one time two on the top, two at the bottom and one on the trundle.

  • Dimensions:

The bunk, even though it can accommodate five sleepers, is a space saving product with dimensions 62″ high x 78.5″ long x 59″ wide.


  • The design is versatile as it goes with almost all themes. Furthermore, it can accommodate five sleepers at a time despite his space-saving dimensions.
  • It has been constructed according to ASTM and CPSC safety measures.


  • It comes only in one color.
  • The bottom bed’s height is not enough for an adult to sit in.

  • Final verdict

This bunk is ideal for you if you have a large family or often have guests over. It is expensive as compared to other products but the feasibility and features it provides make it worth it.

Zinus Easy Assembly Bunk Bed

  • Overview

This bunk is a well-made yet inexpensive product with a strong steel frame. It has a savvy look to it which the kids love. The space-saving design and affordable price are what makes it popular in the market.

  • Easy assembly:

It comes with clear instructions and large parts that can be easily assembled in a bunk in under an hour. It does not have similar aesthetics to other products but it is very efficient and functional.

  • Material:

This product is made up of high-quality durable steel and does not need any kind of spring box. Due to the material used this product has its savvy looks and high durability.

  • Ladders:

It comes with two ladders that are already integrated. Both ladders are attached horizontally.

  • Weight and dimensions:

The product is not very chunky and heavy. The assemble bunk weighs only 93 pounds and has dimensions 60.6 inches by 41.3 inches by 76.3 inches. These dimensions can be easily fit in any small room.

  • Warranty:

It comes with a five years warranty from the manufacturer which is way more than other companies that also deal in bunk beds.


  • The overall design and dimensions of the product are low which means it will save a lot of space in your room.
  • A five-year warranty gives us a fair estimate of the material used in its construction.
  • Despite having so many pieces for assembling it is fairly quick and easy.


  • The unsafe design makes it a secondary option for many parents.

  • Final verdict

This product is very reasonable and durable but at the same time does not meet the safety standard. If you have kids older than 10 years it might be feasible for you to buy younger kids might end up getting injured.

Bunk Beds Buying guide

The features that will be a deciding factor for you while buying bunk beds are:

  • Safety

While choosing furniture or toys for your kids, always keep their safety first. Same should be the case while buying bunks for your children. Make sure you go for bunks that are not very high if your kids are not very old and are reckless. The rails included in the bed should be strong with round edges because straight edges can hurt your child.

If you don’t find the kind of safe bunk bed you aspire to, you can always go for custom made bunks or get one made for your house by hiring a carpenter.

  • Material

Material plays a very important role in the quality, safety, and aesthetics of the bunk bed. The first thing that comes to our mind about any product we buy is its quality and material. Bunks are usually made of wood or metal mostly because these both can be converted into a variety of colors which are preferred by parents for their kid’s room.

Wood is mostly preferred over metal and it is advised to get wood beds for children as metal beds are slippery and metal tends to get cold which is inconvenient for children. Apart from this, wood beds are not pricey either, so once your children outgrow them, throwing them in the garage sale won’t hurt.

  • Space

Since most people buy bunk beds because they are low on space, the size of bunk beds is extremely important. Buying an aesthetically beautiful and full of modern features bunk bed won’t suffice if you don’t have enough space for it. Measuring the room beforehand and getting an idea of the size of a bunk bed that will fight might limit your options but will also make buying and setting it more convenient for you.

Another thing that also matters is the height. If you have a low ceiling getting low heightened bunks will be necessary or the child sleeping on the upper portion won’t be able to sleep comfortably.

  • Accessibility

The type of stairs present is extremely important. Some of these bunks come with ropes or fancy accessibility features but stairs and ladders are more convenient for children and it is advised if you go for these.

To select the most convenient bunk bed efficiently, make sure you compare a few models from the entire high-end brand. If you don’t want to go for high-end brands than make sure you compare their products with the local brands you are buying from for more clarity and convenience.

  • Features

Most wanted features in the bunk bed are storage and trundle. Of course, these two will increase the size of the bunk but will also increase the convenience. Storage capacity in the product will help you store your children’s clothes and other essentials easily while a trundle will give you extra living space as well as a small storage place if you don’t put in the mattress.

Also, make sure to take your kid’s advice on the kind of furniture he or she wants for their room.

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There are many stylish and aesthetically pleasing options present in the market but you should always go for safety in cases where you are dealing with kids. Keeping in mind all the reviews and features provided by different products the Walker Edison Bunk Bed is considered as the overall best choice.

The reason for this selection is many. It has a reasonable price, meets the safety standards as well as his beautiful and stylish aesthetics. It comes in a number of finishes that can give your child’s room the oomph that is needed.

The Walker Edison Bunk Bed also saves space and comes with a warranty. Its durability gives it an extra edge. It can also be separated into two separate beds which are not seen in other beds reviewed here.

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