Top 5 Best Comforters

Top 5 Best Comforters

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Which comforters are best?

Are you fed up with the old-fashioned quilts? If you are, then you should settle for the down comforters. A down comforter has a filling of goose or duck down and/or feathers, with stitching holding the cover and filling in place.

They are normally white, and you can purchase separate decorative covers to match your décor. And to keep the comforter clean.

Often you will see what appear to be ordinary bedspreads advertised as comforters. These may or may not be warmer than blankets. They are probably better than blankets, but not as good as a down comforter.

The choice of the best down comforters is huge and not every buyer can make a profound buying decision. That is why we have presented you with the most useful buying tips and top five reviews of 2019.

Top 5 Best Comforters 2019

Short Reviews Type Design size Price
Egyptian Bedding Luxury Down Baffle Box King & Queen $$
KingLinen White down Alternative Down Alternative Box Stitching King, Queen, Twin XL, & Twin $
Silk Camel Down Long Strand Cal King, King, Queen, & Twin $$
Sagler Queen Duvet Insert Quilted Down Alternative Box Stitching Queen $
Lavish Comforts the Ultimate All Season Down Alternative Baffle Box Oversized Queen, Cal King, King, Queen, & Twin $

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Egyptian Bedding – Best Luxury Down Comforter

Egyptian Bedding – Best Luxury Down Comforter

The Egyptian Bedding Luxury down Comforter is the best of its kind. It delivers medium warmth that will keep you comfortable all year round. This amazing quilt is available in two separate sizes: the luxurious king / California king and the luxurious queen sizes.

The comforter is filled with 750+ fill power, which provides a remarkable insulating ability for seventy-ounce fill weight. With this feature, warmth is the very first advantage you will notice about this amazing down quilt.

Nevertheless, while a duvet like this one will be warm, you should also notice how extremely light and manageable it is. This is usually something that you would not expect with something warm, since they are normally very heavy.

It is woven to a well-appointed 1200 threads per square inch. It is designed from long staple Giza cotton, which is grown in the amazing lush Nile River Valley. The long staple cotton material is extraordinarily strong and fine. This provides it with dimensional durability and stability.

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The comforter’s premium baffle box structure offers maximum warmth and higher loft. Its loops are structured to anchor quilt cover as well as protect the comforter from shifting. On the other hand, double needle stitch inhibits down leakage.


  • It delivers medium warmth for all year round comfort.
  • It is a lightweight and easy to manage comforter.
  • 750+ down fill power offers astounding dimensional durability and stability.
  • 100% Egyptian cotton material is hypoallergenic and allergy free.
  • Premium baffle box design offers maximum warmth and higher loft.
  • Double-needle stitch helps to prevent down leakage.


  • It is too soft to the extent that it will cover your furniture with feathers.

KingLinen White down Alternative Comforter – Best Seller

KingLinen White down Alternative Comforter – Best SellerThe KingLinen White down Alternative Comforter is a high perfuming quilt and the best seller. This quilt is covered with down proof polyester fabric that is woven to stay on your bed. The polyester fabric mimics the manner in which down fluffs as well as keep the heat in.

An ounce for an ounce, a typical down quilt is warmer compared to any synthetic duvet. However, you can compensate for this particular inadequacy by buying the KingLinen White down Alternative Comforter.

As the alternative design, it is packed and heavier with more synthetic material. It is silky soft and offers medium warmth for all year round comfort.

It features a box stitch construction that is created by taking two large sheets of material, then the cubicle is filled with down material. This unique construction helps to avoid shifting in the quilt.

The down alternative fill is 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber. The fact that it is hypoallergenic means the quilt is ideal for sensitive skin. It is also the best choice for people who have a problem with fibers found in pure down comforters.

You will also notice that the quilt does not have loops that do usually secure duvet cover. However, you should not expect any problems with the duvet. Although, you will have to fluff it sometimes, but may be once every week.


  • High thread count makes the duvet softer and capable of withstanding repeated washing.
  • The hypoallergenic comforter that is suitable for sensitive skin and people with allergy problems.
  • It is a down alternative model; therefore, it is available at a low price tag for high quality.
  • Box stitching construction helps to avert any shifting.
  • It is machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dry low.
  • Available in four separate sizes for preference and convenience.


  • May not last as long as quilts with a much higher price tag.

Silk Camel – Best Comforter for Summer/Hot Sleepers

Silk Camel – Best Comforter for Summer/Hot Sleepers

The Silk Camel Comforter is the best choice for summer/hot sleepers. This specific model is made with a hundred percent natural materials. The fill is the amazing long strand mulberry silk, and the cover is three hundred thread count cotton.

When compared to other types of fabrics, the mulberry silk produces extremely comfortable comforters. Silk is regarded as one of the lightest natural fibers. However, it is a great insulator that will keep you warm in cold conditions and cool when it is hot.

And for those people who are vulnerable to night sweat, you should know that silk can absorb as well as dispel up to thirty percent of its weight in moisture. Therefore, helping you to keep the body cool and dry.

It is soft and hypoallergenic, making it a remarkable relief for asthma and allergy sufferers. It is also an amazing choice for sensitive skin.

Unlike some quilts that are made of short strand mulberry silk, the Silk Camel’s long strand mulberry silk is capable of holding for a long time. It gives your body excellent sleeping experience.

It is available in four different sizes for preference. The king size is 102 x 90 inches. The California king is 108 x 96 inches. The queen is 86 x 90 inches. The twin size is 68 x 90 inches. And you get four color options: summer season, spring season, fall season, and winter season.

The comforter comes with 8 side and corner clasps that help to avoid slipping. There is also at least one small zipper if you need to get to the inside of the quilt. It also comes with a well-designed, portable bag for transportation.


  • It is filled with a hundred percent natural long strand mulberry silk.
  • Natural silk fiber allows your body heat to escape naturally.
  • Hypoallergenic, providing relief for rheumatism and allergy suffers.
  • The silk fabric offers amazing inhospitality of mildew, mold, dust mites, and bed bugs.
  • You can do a quality check of the comforter thanks for the 43-inch long zipper.
  • Comes with a well-designed, portable bag for easy transportation.


  • Finding the ideal duvet cover may be problematic.

Sagler Queen Duvet Insert – Best Comforter for the Money

Sagler Queen Duvet Insert – Best Comforter for the Money

Light up your bedroom with the Sagler Queen Duvet Insert Quilted Comforter. A trusted brand that offers the best value for the money. The white color offers a clean and attractive look. And the plush silicon fiberfill is remarkably lightweight for use in fall or spring.

The unique 100% microfiber fabric construction means that the quilt is highly durable and comfortable for everyday use. It achieves this without compromising on quality and comfort.

Made of ultra-soft premium fabric with siliconized fiber filling, which offers superior comfort and cozy feeling through the night.

You will definitely like the box style stitching. This is a good-looking quilt that features piped edges integrated with well-designed box stitching pattern. The pattern does not only look stunning, but also prevents shifting of the fill during sleeping for a comfortable sleep.

Are you the kind of person with allergy and skin problems? If you are, then the Sagler Queen Duvet Insert Quilted Comforter is the ideal choice. This is so since it is hypoallergenic. Not to mention that it is inhospitable to mildew and dust mites.

This duvet insert will surely exceed your expectations. The insert may be cheap than you would have expected, but the quality is right. It is the kind of duvet that works wonders for people who sleep hot.


  • It consists of 350 GSM filling made of 100% microfiber fabric that is extra soft.
  • Box style stitching prevents the fill from shifting.
  • Hypoallergenic duvet insert is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Offers inhospitable environment for mildew and dust mites.
  • The quilt will not shrink or fade, making it suitable for daily use.


  • It is vulnerable to ripping along the seams.

Lavish Comforts – Best Down Alternative Comforter

The Lavish Comforts the Ultimate All Season Comforter is made of premium double brushed 1800 GSM series microfiber. This makes it softer when compared to Egyptian cotton. It definitely excels in comfort.

Basically, the microfiber shell is remarkably soft and noiseless. The duvet is made of baffle box construction that helps to prevent corner tabs and shifting.

It offers the perfect fit. The twin, queen, king, California king, or oversized queen comforter comes with generous measurements, making it ideal for all year round use. You can comfortably pair it with elegant duvet sets.

It offers you a classic style look. You can use this duvet to complete your boudoir set. This premium quality down alternative quilt will make your mattress cozy to the extent that you will never want to leave.

Easy care and maintenance, since it is machine washable. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for people with sensitive skin. This also makes it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.


  • Baffle box construction prevents corner tabs and shifting.
  • Made of premium double brushed 1800 GSM series microfiber that offers superior softness.
  • Available in five different sizes for preference and convenience.
  • The microfiber shell used is noiseless during use.
  • It is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin and asthma and allergy sufferers.


  • May get damaged after machine washing.

Things to Consider Before Buying Comforters

If you are new to down comforters, then you should know that the experience of sleeping under these lightweight yet cozy quilts is amazing.

The market has many varieties, whether you are looking for luxurious warmth or super lightweight loft or maybe you wish to find a comforter for a particular sleep solution.

Down vs. Down Alternative

There are two major types of comforters that you can buy: the down and down alternative. Each type comes with its unique features.

The Down Type

These are designed from light plumules and fluffy clusters that are obtained from underneath the feathers of geese or duck. The quality of the material can be established by the loft or fill power (the amount of down for every ounce).

The more fill power the quilt has the grander the fluff. This delivers superior insulating ability. The most recommended fill power should not be less than 600.

Down or feather quilt is definitely a luxury item because of the cost, but you are likely to find a better deal if you look hard enough. The higher the percentage of down, the lighter and warmer the comforter will be.

The Down Alternative Type

These quilts are usually made of rayon, cotton, or polyester. If you are allergic to feathers, then you should look comforters in a down alternative, which look and feel like the real thing. They are also suitable for a tight budget and people suffering from asthma.

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Construction Styles

Down comforters come in a variety of different construction styles. There are some that are popular and some are less popular.

Ring Stitch

This construction design features intermittent stitches on the surface of the comforter. This kind of stitching holds the top layer of the quilt shell to the bottom layer.

This structure is certainly better than having two sheets of fabric sewn around the edges and then filled with down, but not much.

What will happen over the course of the night or two is the down will start to migrate to the sides or outboard edges of the quilt, leaving you just two layers of cotton to sleep under. This will not provide much more.

This style of construction can be shaken to the sides to redistribute the down clusters back to the center. But who wants to go through this effort. The advantages of this style of construction are its low cost.

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Channel Stitch

This construction contains long channels quilted in the comforter to prevent the down from shifting from side to side. However, with this style, the down will work its way to the foot or end of the quilt as with the ring stitch construction.

The fill can be shaken back into place, but do you have the extra time to do this every few weeks. Cost is also a consideration with this particular design. It is a lower cost product.

Box Stitch

The box stitch is produced by taking two large sheets of fabric, usually cotton. Laying them out and sewing them along the peripheral of all ages.

Then a small tube is placed inside the compartment and air is blown in with down. The fill is then evenly distributed across the quilt. Then, it is sent through a quilting machine, effectively providing the compartment size.

What is good about this design is the fact that the down is not able to migrate from one cubicle to another. So, the fill is held in place.

One of the drawbacks of box stitching is the fact that the fill is not allowed to physically loft as much as the baffle box stitching.

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Baffle Box Stitch

This construction is a little bit different in that each one of the compartments contains a side wall. Therefore, there is a three-dimensional box.

This style allows down to loft more fully. The fill is more free-flowing, trapping more air. This provides additional warmth.

The drawback of baffle box stitching is the cost because each of the compartment needs to be filled individually. However, the quality is worth the money.

Down Fill Power

The best measure of quality is a comforter’s down-filled power rating. The higher the rating, the more heat retained. Top-of-the-line quilts have a fill power of 650 to 700 cubic inches per ounce.

Lightweight year round comforters are in the 300 to 500 fill power range. Fill power depends largely on the quality of the fill.

Normally, a high fill power rating is recommended for cold weather, and a lower fill power rating is suitable for warmer weather.

However, you should also consider the total fill weight. Take the following examples (50 ounces, 700 fill power) and (100 ounces, 350 fill power).

Both quilts are equally warm. But, the first one is half the weight since it has a greater fill power. The fill weight gives you an idea of whether or not the comforter you buy is good for colder or warmer weather.

Final Words

Nothing beats the warmth of a down comforter on a cold winter night. But not all down comforters are created equal. If you are new to down comforters, you should use our buying tips to learn the basics, and buy one of the five best down comforters we have reviewed.

When shopping for comforters, you should always be sure of the type: down or down alternative. Down comforters are filled with natural materials, and they are usually luxury products because of the cost. However, they may not be the best choice if you are allergic to feathers.

To deal with the problem, you should consider buying down alternative comforters (filled with synthetic materials). They are remarkably inexpensive and suitable for people who are allergic to natural down materials, such as feathers.

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