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Shilucheng Mattress Pad Cover

Best Cooling Mattress Pad

Normally, mattress pads are considered as a source of keeping your mattress clean or protecting your mattress from wears and tears. But the reality is different. They can serve you much more rather than just maintaining your mattress.

For those who are unfamiliar with these pads, mattress pads are a thick cover that is placed on the top of your mattress. The purpose of putting the pads might be different depending on the preference of the buyer.

Usually, you may find changing your mattress on a regular basis as a difficult task. But, in case you are feeling uncomfortable with your mattress, or you want your mattress to be more comfortable. Then, the mattress pad is your assistant. You can convert your ordinary mattress into some super-duper luxury sleeping area merely by getting appropriate mattress pads.

In the market, you can get a massive variety of mattress pads that can offer you different features and benefits. Availability of huge variety might make purchasing a right pad a difficult task for you. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to ease your difficulty. Here you will get to read major points that should be considered while purchasing mattress pads and a list of few best mattress pads.

Top 7 Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews 2019

Product NameMaterialBest forWeightDimensions
Bamboo Mattress PadBambooStiff Back12.6 lbs.24×20.8×9.5”
Balichun Mattress Pad CoverCottonAllergy sufferers6.2 lbs.16.5 x 12.4 x 6.2”
Leisure town Fitted Mattress Pad CoverCottonBack and Joint pain6.4 lbs.11.8×7.9×3.9”
 Hanna Kay Quilted Mattress Pad Poly-CottonAllergy sufferers and Breathability issue3.2 lbs.14x11x 6”
Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress PadPolyester fiberfillAllergy sufferers3.7 lbs.17x13x5”
Beckham Luxury Linens Mattress PadMicro plushBack Pain7.3 lbs.17.8×13.4×7.4”
Shilucheng  Mattress Pad CoverCottonBack Pain6.8 lbs.16.1×12.2×9”

Bamboo Mattress Pad

#1 Bamboo Mattress Pad

This mattress pad contains bamboo as its filling material. It is a USA product and comes with hassle-free one year warranty. The filling weight of this pad is 25 oz per square yard, and the bottom layer is made up of polyester or cotton blend. It comes with extra plush and fitted skirt.


This mattress pad is a product of USA. Therefore, its quality meets all the standards that are a specialty of their product. It comes in twin size with the dimensions of 39” x 76”. It can easily adjust on mattresses with the depth of 18” to offer a proper setting and perfect sleep.

Its manufacturing involves cover filling of plush rayon from bamboo along with hypoallergenic down RevoLoft Cluster Fibre. Its backing is made from 70% polyester, and 30% cotton and Skirt is manufactured from 76% polyester, 8% spandex, and 16% nylon. Its removable pillow top also offers great comfort. The combination all these fabrics give immense comfort along with high-quality breathable mattress pad.

Presence of RevoLoft fiber fill in this mattress makes it able to give real fillings of softness while preventing you from feathers and allergies. It can go well with any type of mattress including latex, memory, or innerspring foam.

It comes with 160 thread count cover with a twice needle baffle box stitch that helps in preventing the filling shift from moving around inside pad. This special fabric technology not only gives you feel of down but also, protects you from allergies and irritants as well. It also comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • You might feel super comfortable on this pad, because of its exclusive fabric collection.
  • With the help of its revolt fiberfill, you can stay protected from allergies.
  • It might be good mattress pad option for you, because of its 160 threads and double needle baffle box stitching.
  • You might use this pad for various mattresses, because of its ability to get fit on a variety of mattresses.


  • As it does not come with elastic, you would need to tuck it on your own.
  • You would need to give it at the laundry for every wash, as washing at home can make it shredded.

Balichun Mattress Pad Cover
Balichun Mattress Pad Cover

This mattress pad comes in queen size with pillowtop. With 300TC Down Alternative, this mattress pad can give you immense comfort and relaxation. You can purchase this mattress pad with a money back guarantee.


This mattress pad is made up of cotton material. It offers great comfort and support through its breathable material. This material can also assist in decreasing mold and mildew. It also ensures sound sleep through its silent and soft feature.

The most eminent features of this mattress pads include 300TC pure 100% cotton along with square jacquard at the top. 49 oz Storm Goose filling makes it super comfortable. It also contains 83GSM and 130GSM fabric. All these compositions combine together to extend the lifespan of your mattress while offering you perfect sleep.

After using it for getting huge comfort, you can also keep this mattress pad clean easily. It is machine washable, and can also be dried in the machine as well. Its additional feature includes its 18 inches deep pocket; it comes in queen size that adjusts the size of 60” x 80”.


  • It might be convenient to use this mattress pad because of its machine washable feature.
  • With its 49 oz storm Goose, you might feel this pad super comfortable.
  • Besides being cozy, its top cotton material makes it hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Even sleeping with a restless person, you might stay comfortable because of its silent protection.
  • Its filling might stay evenly distributed for a long time because of its mitered border and end-to-end box stitching.


  • You might feel it slightly thinner as compared to other mattress pads.

Leisure town Fitted Mattress Pad Cover

Leisure town Fitted Mattress Pad Cover

This product comes in queen size with elegant white color. This pad is overfilled fitted cover to make your mattress more comfortable and soft for you. With its cooling feature and Snow down Alternative, it is one of the perfect mattress pads during hot weather. You can purchase this product with a money-back guarantee.


This mattress pad is manufactured from the cotton top material. Its most significant feature is its HNN Cooling Technology. Additionally, it offers cloud-like softness and fabric of 300TC 100% cotton. With all these features, it gives you comfy feelings without making you sweat more. As it comes in new shape as compared to other common diamond quilting seam, it gives more support and softness.

It comes filled with snow down alternative fill and state-of-the-art fiberfill. Both these things combined make it as genuinely soft as a real goose and duck down, and feathers-free like other synthetic material. This feature also makes this pad able to keep your mattress not only clean but also free from allergens and dust mites free.

Another worth mentioning feature is it’s waterproof to some extent. Any liquid less than 200 ml can be easily wiped-off from this pad without getting its soak in your mattress. Therefore, it offers real protection to your mattress. This pad can fit on queen size mattress with size 60” x 80”. With its stretchable material, it can easily be adjusted to the size of up to 21 inches.


  • With the help of its HNN Cooling Technology, it might keep you comfortable without reflecting body heat back to you.
  • With the help of its cotton cover and thickness, it might also serve as a waterproof pad to some extent.
  • With its machine washable feature, it might be convenient for you to keep it clean.
  • As it contains state-of-the-art fiberfill, it keeps you protected from allergies.


  • It is pricey as compared to features it offers.

Hanna Kay Quilted Mattress Pad
Hanna Kay Quilted Mattress Pad

This product is stretch-to-fit mattress pad that comes with a long warranty of 10 years. With its breathable attributes, well-fitted structure, and allergen barriers, it ensures to provide you a complete peaceful sleep. It doesn’t only protect your bed but keeps you healthy and relaxed with its easy maintenance.


The most distinguished feature of this mattress pad is its outstanding allergen barriers. It not only provides hurdle between you and dust mites, but its advanced features give protection from all types of allergies. Even people with sensitive sinuses and heads can sleep peacefully using this mattress pads.

Another eminent feature of this pad is its breathability. As the material used in this pad is a poly-cotton blend, it keeps temperature normal and doesn’t reflect your body temperature towards you. Contrary to polyester and plastic material, the cotton material can serve you better during hot weather.

With the help of its stretch-to-fit technology, it offers perfect fitting on your mattress. It’s knitted polyester sides slides over your mattress with the depth of 16 inches and no fuss. In this way, you can conveniently keep your pad in its right place.

Besides its advanced features, it is easy to keep this mattress clean. You can wash it in your machine along with another laundry. As it comes with a 10-year guarantee, it can protect your mattress for the whole decade while offering your comfy sleep.


  • It might be good mattress pad option for those having sensitive sinuses because of its advanced allergen barriers.
  • It might be easy for you to use this mattress pad because of its stretch-to-fit technology.
  • With its poly-cotton fabric, it might be super breathable for you.
  • It might make your bed look tidier because of its special diamond style stitching.


  • It comes with middle-level Therefore it is not a good choice for those looking for extra thickness.

Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad
Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad


This quilted fitted mattress pad comes in king size. It is manufactured from a durable material that helps in keeping your mattress safe for a long period of time. It comes with long enough knitted skirt, a super soft stuff with fiberfill, diamond stitching, allergenic barrier, and machine washable properties. Combination of all these features helps in giving your comfy sleep and easy maintenance.


This mattress pad comes in king size with the size dimensions of 78 x 80 inches. This pad comes with smooth grip skirt system that fits your mattress up to the depth of 16 inches. Additionally, it contains elastic rows at the base that offers smooth appearance. It is very convenient to put on this pad on your mattress with its elastic. Also, once fitted, it stays fixed on the mattress no matter how much movement is performed on the bed.

With the help of its durable manufacturing, it can protect your mattress significantly from spots, and other possible allergens including dust mites.It comes with extra loft in extremely soft Plush Siliconized fiberfill that gives extra comfort and smoothness. The top surface of this pad is made up of brushed microfibre that gives a comfortable feel to your skin.

It also comes with diamond stitch quilting design that helps to prevent shifting of filling through its pattern. These pads are synthetically filled with hypoallergenic brushed microfibre that protects you from allergens. This synthetic material is processed and appropriately sanitized to eliminate any possible presence of dirt or dust. These mattress pads are easy-to-maintain. You can wash and dry them in the machine.


  • Because of its fitted structure and elastic, it might be effortless to adjust this mattress pad on your mattress.
  • With the help of its siliconized fiberfill, it might give you super comfy sleep.
  • With the help of its diamond pattern stitching, it keeps pad safe from filling the shift.
  • Its synthetic microfibre can keep you protected from allergens.


  • It doesn’t offer any waterproof feature.

Beckham Luxury Linens Mattress Pad
Beckham Luxury Linens Mattress Pad

This product is premium micro plush mattress pad. It comes with an extra soft overfilled topper with proper fitting. It comes in a queen size. With its easy maintenance and immense comfort, this pad comes with 30-days money back guarantee.


This pad comes in queen size with the size dimensions of 60 ‘x 80”x 17”. It has been filled to its maximum capacity in order to provide additional comfort and soft feel. It also comes with box style stitching to ensure natural movement while sleeping without feeling any pad shift.

It can protect your mattress entirely from all types of stains and offers protection from dust mites and other possible allergens. This mattress pad is made up of premium quality fabric that will protect your mattress for a long time period. It also comes with machine washable feature.


  • It is easy to keep this mattress pad clean through its machine washable feature.
  • With its extra added filling, you might feel comfortable while sleeping.
  • With the help of its good-quality material, it can keep your mattress protected.
  • It might offer sound sleep through its advanced box style stitching, as it prevents shifting.


  • Because of its material, it can not give breathability.

Shilucheng  Mattress Pad Cover
Shilucheng Mattress Pad Cover

This mattress pad comes in queen size. It is down alternative quilted fitted mattress topper that offers comfort and protection from allergens as well. With its deep pocket, well-fitted design, and hypoallergenic features, it provides comfortable sleep.  


This mattress pad comes with queen size and size dimensions of 60” x 80”. These pads are filled evenly throughout the bed to offer comfort and soft feel. It comes with 18 inches deep pockets that keeps the pad in its place above the mattress.

Though it is super soft, it won’t irritate you as its breathable soft material keeps dust mites and molds away from your mattress. It also contains machine washable feature. It comes with 100% money back guarantee.


  • Its deep pockets can keep it well-fitted.
  • With its machine washable feature, it might be easy for you to keep it clean.
  • With the help of its soft and hypoallergenic material, it keeps different irritants away from you.


  • It is slightly pricey as compared to other mattress pads.

Cooling Mattress Pad Buying Guide

It is essential to have basic knowledge of a thing before purchasing it. Only then, you become able to get the most appropriate one for you. So, here is a brief guideline about mattress pads that includes their basic types and few other details.

There are various types of mattress pads; each offer different features and benefits.

Latex: These types of mattress pads are slightly expensive, but they offer great comfort and support. In the market, you can get both synthetic and natural latex mattress pads. If you purchase this pad, you can get softness, comfort, firmness, durability, and protection from allergens.

Memory foam: this is one of the most popular materials for the manufacturing of mattresses and their toppers as well. They can give you support, relaxed feelings, durability, and relief from back pain. They are quite expensive, so it’s better to get the benefit of memory foam from getting a mattress pad only.

Wool: it is a natural material, and because of being natural it can be super expensive. It is quite durable. It can work properly for years and provides protection for allergic people too. It is a good choice for both hot and cool weather as it stays cool in summer while hot in winters.

Goose and duck down or feathers: this one is kind of super soft material for mattress pads. It can give immense softness. But, at the same time, it is not suitable for people having allergies. It also lacks firmness.

Cotton and Polyester: in the market, a wide variety of mattresses pads is available in cotton material or polyester. They can even be a combination of both. Depending on the type of material, their price can vary. They are easy to clean and affordable for almost everyone.

Egg Crate: as their name depicts, their shape resembles those of egg crates. They contain small bumps on it. It is the best choice for those having low budgets. You can also get these mattresses pads in the memory foam material. But usually, they are not as luxurious as other pads are. They are quite light in weight and can be ideally used for camping purposes.

How Can I Purchase Perfect Mattress Pads?

You can purchase well-suited mattress pads only after thorough research on different types and brands of pads available. It is also imperative to look at your priorities and preferences. There are many options available for those having low budgets, and for those as well having heavy budgets. After deciding your priorities, you should perform the following steps.

Search online: visit different online websites of mattresses pads. Check for their pros, cons, and other features. As you can’t go to each shop individually, so it’s better to search them online and see what options can match your choices.

Discuss with your doctor: if you are having any chronic pain, or going through some other health problem, then it’s best to take advice from your doctor first. As your mattress can put a huge impact on your well being, asking your doctor can give you right direction about it.

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Read reviews: after deciding any specific brand, check for other people’s review about it. There may be recommended reviews too, but you will also find honest reviews as well. Checking all reviews will ease your work to almost 70%.

Test before purchasing: before making a final purchase of any mattress pad, it is preferable to check it properly. For this, you should know what factors are important to consider while purchasing mattress or mattress pads. Ask about warranty or guarantees. Make sure you have enough time to check it properly.

What Points Should Be Considered While Purchasing A Mattress Pad?

There are a few important factors for each product that decides their worth. Before purchasing a mattress pad, you should consider the following points.

Support and firmness: you should check for support and firmness that your mattress pad offers. It is a crucial factor especially for those having back problems. Firm mattresses retain their shape, and they give good posture to your body.

Comfort: how much comfort your mattress pad would offer? Here, one important point also needs your consideration. You will get plenty of pads offering huge comfort or softness. But, you should go for the middle path. They should offer comfort, but they should at least sustain their original position.

Thickness: the thickness of mattress pads depends on your personal choice. Usually, they range from 2-8 inches. For a bulkier person, or for an old mattress, the thickness should be more than the leaner person or for a new mattress.

Noise reduction: in this factor, you check how much noise mattress pad makes when other person moves around.

Heat reflection: few mattresses are very comfortable, but they reflect a lot of body heat to the person. This thing makes mattress pads uncomfortable to sleep on it.

Cost: another vital factor is the cost of your mattress pad. It should be according to your budget range.


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