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Best Down Comforter

It’s time to get down with the down… in your new comforter. Welcome to the best down comforter 2019 list, compiled of up-to-date comforters that we’ve selected for performance and snuggle-ness. As the world moves forward with more interest in vegan-friendly down alternatives and responsibly sourced down, we’ve kept this list forward-thinking with some alternative options for you too.

In A Rush? Here’s the Conclusion

To save you a very enjoyable but lengthy (we won’t deny it) read, here’s what you need to know:

  • Choose high fill powers for cold weather, low for hot weather.
  • High thread counts lock in the heat more and feel softer. You can buy a comforter cover for extra comfort if your desired comforter is a bit rough feeling.
  • Check for additional features, like moisture-wicking properties and comforter ties to stop it scrunching down inside your comforter cover.

Our top picks are:

Best Overall Egyptian Bedding, for supreme softness and thick downy comfort at an affordable price.

Best for SummerTopsleepy 50/50, for a lightweight yet silent and un-crinkly soft cover fabric.

Best for WinterSNOWMAN comforter, for luxuriously thick down and heat-locking high thread count.

Best Hypoallergenic OptionBrooklinen Alternative Comforter, for down-like synthetic material that’s both vegan and hypoallergenic.

Duvet, Down Comforter, Snuggle Blanket… What Exactly Are They?

It’s a bit of a letdown. They’re all the same! Material, usually down, feathers, wool or synthetic material, sewn inside a soft outer shell. It’s that simple.

Even if you agree with Tyler Durden’s sentiment on duvets and essential survival (if you didn’t get that reference you need to see Fight Club, preferably while snuggled under one of these comfy duvets on movie night), you can’t deny that it sure makes life a little bit better.

Your duvet, comforter or snuggle blanket as we like to call it, goes on top of your bed above the sheets. You can stuff it into a comforter cover (duvet) to suit your home décor or leave it without.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Down Comforter

Three funny white geese

A down comforter is typically considered a superior type of comforter, as it offers a snuggly warmth while still being breathable and light. There are a few different downs you should know about, which is especially important to know because many comforters will mix them up!

Goose down – geese have large feathers and soft down. The down (those little fluffy bits on the front and underside of the bird that aren’t quite feathers) offer the most warmth while being light and super soft.

Duck down – the same as goose down but from ducks! The down from ducks is smaller and therefore less warm and less expensive for you to buy.

Down clusters – clusters of down are tight bundles of down. These offer even more warmth, whether they’re from ducks or geese, and tend to be the most expensive type of down.

If you’re vegan or simply don’t want a down comforter, there are plenty of alternatives available in a range of prices. Just don’t expect a small price tag for a top of the line synthetic down comforter!

Most of us are concerned about animal welfare but aren’t always ready to take drastic action. No worries. Just make sure that your down comforter is made with materials from the USA or EU, where there are strict regulations in place. That way you can ensure that the birds lived a relatively happy life and were plucked for their down after being killed for food. It’s estimated that 50% of down from China is taken from live birds – a cruel and painful process.

How Much Down Do I Need?

How Much Down Do I Need

This is where fill power comes into play. Fill power isn’t as exciting as it sounds, it simply refers to how much down there is in the comforter. The bigger the fill power, the more down they’ve managed to stuff into the comforter.

400 to 600 – this fill power is best for warm weather or warm houses. If you don’t struggle to stay warm at night and just need a comforting blanket, this is a good option. It will ward off any chills without making you too hot and sweaty.

600 to 800 – getting hotter! These comforters are good for year-round warmth and can keep you cozy in the winter. 600 will be good for cool nights in spring, fall and winter, while 800 is only really good when it’s seriously cold!

Does Outer Material Really Matter?

Quilt pillow

Luckily, this is the last thing you need to consider besides the price (only you can know your budget, so that’s up to you). The beauty of comforters is they’re so simple! The outer material of your comforter does matter, but not as much as the fill power and down type. If you find the outer material of your comforter to be uncomfortable, a little sweaty or rough, you can find duvet covers fairly cheaply.

Cotton is simple and simply the best. It’s soft on your skin and comes in a range of thread counts that aren’t too expensive. The higher the thread count, the softer it will feel and the better this material will be at insulating.

Cotton sateen mixes are also popular, affordable, and soft to the touch. They’re usually preferable to silk materials as they’re far easier to wash.

Thread count and wash-ability are the most important factors to consider. If you don’t like the texture or color, stop fussing and buy a duvet cover. Simple.

Final Considerations

The last thing we’d like to mention is always checking the warranty or trial before you buy! Chances are, you’ve completely forgotten the fill power or down type in your old favorite comforter. Buying a new one is often taking a risk. Reviews are useful but people like sleeping in different temperatures – what’s too hot for one person is too cool for another. Double-check the return policy and contact customer service if you have to. Some of the best down comforters are expensive. Don’t get stuck with one you don’t like!

10 Best Down Comforters 2019

Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count Down Comforter

Best Overall Comforter

  • Filling: 100% goose down with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 750+
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton

In terms of material cover, sizes, fill power, and filling, this mattress is only a little better than the others on our list… so let’s jump straight to why it’s number 1.

It’s exceptional value for money.

The mattress is incredibly soft with Egyptian cotton of 1200 thread count. That’s so soft you’ll be tempted to leave the covers off! The 750+ fill power is thick and comforting, providing excellent warmth through the cold months. We found it to be very breathable, so you’ll still be able to use it on cool summer nights too. Washing can be done at the laundromat instead of dry cleaning. The only con is that it doesn’t seem to be made in the USA.

Summary: softest, most versatile, high-quality comforter at the best price we’ve seen.

Topsleepy 50/50 Feather and Down Comforter

Best Summer Comforter

  • Filling: 50% goose down, 50% feather with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 500+
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 600 thread count cotton

With just 500 fill power and a low thread count (to let heat pass out rather than stay insulated), this is our best down comforter for the summer months. It’s soft, comfortable, quiet, and lightweight. It’s an ideal comforter for summer months when you don’t want to feel sweaty.

The filling is light but thanks to the baffle box design it stays evenly spread, so both you and your partner stay cozy. The biggest problem is that it’s not entirely goose down, using a combination of feathers and down to create a lighter mix. Fortunately, you can still wash this at home using the washing machine and dryer.

The price is as you’d expect – light, just like the comforter!

Summary: lightweight, cool, quiet, and easy to clean.

SNOWMAN White Goose Down Comforter

Best Winter Comforter

  • Filling: down and feather mix with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 750+
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Queen, King
  • Material Cover: 600 thread count cotton in white, blue, khaki, coffee, and purple colors

The SNOWMAN down comforter is so heavy and warm! If you like to feel buried under a mountain of soft, warming down to keep out the cold winter air, this is perfect. It has a decent thread count, but nothing special and a super heavy, comforting fill power. The baffle box design keeps it evenly spread.

Having a comforter that’s this thick and heavy does come with a few disadvantages, however. It can have a bit of an odor when you first get it out of the packaging, so it needs to air out for a few days. It’s also dry clean only, which is awkward. We suggest buying a super thick mattress cover to put the comforter in, so spills and stains won’t dirty it too much.

Nonetheless, it’s the most suitable for desperately cold winters.

Summary: luxuriously thick, heavy and oversized to keep you warm.

Brooklinen All-Seasons Alternative Down Comforter

Best Hypoallergenic Comforter

  • Filling: hypoallergenic polyfill with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 700
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 400 thread count cotton sateen

Goose down is not hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t mean every person who thinks they are allergic to goose down has correctly identified their allergies. They could be allergic to dust and mites that may have taken up residence in a down pillow. Our top choice for a truly hypoallergenic alternative comforter is this one from Brooklinen. It’s also available in a 600 fill power version for hotter weather.

It’s hypoallergenic and entirely vegan, made in the USA and expertly mimics the fluffy, light feeling of a down duvet. Just in case that wasn’t enough, you also have the lifetime warranty from Brooklinen in case it just isn’t right for you even after testing it out for a few months.

The cost of these epic features is a moderate price that isn’t expensive . . . but it certainly isn’t cheap either. It’s also dry clean only, which is a drag. Our opinion? It’s still worth it.

Summary: Fantastic for vegans and those with allergies, but a little bit pricey and dry-clean only.

Alberta Euro Down Comforter

  • Filling: sustainably sourced down and feathers with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 600+
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Material Cover: 300 thread count cotton sateen

The Alberta Euro Down Comforter is a great choice for quality. The down and feathers are sustainably sourced and put through a rigorous process to ensure they’re hypoallergenic. It also comes in a variety of thicknesses, so every fussy sleeper can be catered for. In the unlikely event of you not liking this comforter, there’s a lifetime warranty in place.

We liked the color options too, as they mean you can forgo a comforter cover if desired. The only things we weren’t so keen on were the manufacturing process – although it’s put together in the USA (La Crosse, WI to be exact) it is made entirely from imported materials.

And, even though it’s also machine washable, we thought it was a bit overpriced. At the time of reviewing, it’s easily twice the cost of our top choice.

Summary: high price but good all-season warmth, machine washable and good color options.

Tuft & Needle Down Comforter

  • Filling: humanely sourced down with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: medium
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 100% cambric cotton

The Tuft & Needle Down Comforter is, at first glance, a little vague. With no fill power listed or thread count, you really have to test this duvet out for yourself to compare it to others on the market.

Don’t worry. We did that for you.

This is a good down comforter for most weathers, although it would struggle in the depths of winter. The cover is soft but not the softest – you can always buy a duvet cover if you want softer. What made it stand out was the moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool and dry (sweat-free) during the night. The fill power leaves it quite soft and light. This comforter won’t smother you in your sleep, that’s for sure.

You have a 100-night trial period, so it’s worth giving it a go!

Summary: a light, soft, humanely sourced down comforter in a good range of sizes.

L.L.Bean Sateen White Goose Down Comforter

  • Filling: white goose down with window box design
  • Fill Power: 700
  • Sizes Available: Queen, King
  • Material Cover: 400 thread count cotton sateen

This is certainly a luxurious down comforter! But is it as luxurious as the high price tag? We weren’t entirely convinced it was, hence the slightly lower placement on our list. Nonetheless, it has some impressive features that are worth noting.

The cotton sateen is luxuriously silky with a windowpane type pattern embossed on the surface. The texture contrast under your fingertips just screams luxury. It’s also made in the USA (of entirely imported materials), has enough warmth to take you through cool winter nights, and is hypoallergenic. The down itself is responsibly sourced too.

The question you need to ask is, are you willing to pay a large amount for this down comforter when others on the market are almost equally as good?

Summary: luxurious feeling, high fill power and responsibly sourced down. At a high price.

Royal Hotel Goose Down Comforter

  • Filling: 90% goose down, 10% small goose feathers with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 750+
  • Sizes Available: Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 500 thread count cotton

The Royal Hotel Goose Down Comforter is exactly the kind you’d expect to find in a luxury hotel. The ultra-fluffy comforter drapes elegantly over your bed, hanging far down the sides and ensuring you never end up in a midnight tug-of-war contest with your partner.

It has a high fill power for cold winters – you wouldn’t want to keep this on the bed in the heights of summer though.

Despite being one of the highest customer-rated comforters, it’s not perfect. The filling isn’t 100% down and the cover isn’t quite as silky as you’d want. While the warmth is spot-on, the feel of it could be improved. The price was just right however, we thought.

Summary: hotel quality comforter that’s oversized and ultra-fluffy. Very heavy warmth.

Brooklinen Summer Lightweight Down Comforter

  • Filling: 100% white down with baffle box design
  • Fill Power: 600
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 400 thread count cotton sateen

The sister comforter of the Brooklinen hypoallergenic comforter is this summer lightweight version. It’s made in Canada with only ethically sourced down clusters from Hutterite farms.

It’s soft, oh so soft! Another great one for the summer months with a gentle 400 thread count and light 600 fill power. Brooklinen prices are affordable for what you get and offer free exchanges and replacements if you don’t like the duvet. The features are good but not amazing. It’s missing fixtures to keep it in your covers securely and the thread count isn’t as high as it could be.

Despite being dry clean only, it’s still one of the best down comforters.

Summary: down clusters for extra warmth, sourced responsibly… however, it’s not as soft as you might like.

Parachute Down Comforter

  • Filling: 85% down, 15% feathers
  • Fill Power: 750
  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material Cover: 100% cotton sateen

This Ohio-made down comforter is last place on our list, but make no mistake, only the best down comforters made it here and this is part of the crowd. It has that lovely sateen feel with decent thickness. It’s quite heavy but the filling is well distributed – a good comforter for the winter months.

It’s not entirely down, with 15% feather content. It’s not enough to drastically change the weight and feel of the duvet so if you’re desperate for that downy feeling, you can still get it with this comforter.

No need for dry cleaning, it can be washed and tumble dried at home… although commercial size machines would make the task a lot easier. The price is towards the higher end of the market, depending on the size you buy. It’s still worth it though!

Summary: good but expensive winter comforter with sateen soft feeling.


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