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Top 5 Best Earplugs for Sleeping

Top 5 Best Earplugs for Sleeping

What do you need to know about earplugs for sleeping?

Are you sleeping healthy? Do you manage to sleep 8 hours per night? If not, then you need to find out what the problem is and fix it. Most people fail to sleep properly because they are disturbed by external noises, including: a snoring partner, loud neighbors, and traffic.

There is no better way of protecting your ears from external noises during sleep than using the best earplugs for sleeping. Earplugs are not only the simplest solutions but the most effective ones.

Researchers found that using earplugs for sleeping leads to increased REM sleep, reaching REM sleep faster, and less frequently sleep disruptions.

The choice of sleeping earplugs is huge, which makes coming to the best buying decision difficult. Therefore, we have created this guide to help you choose the most ideal products. Our top five choices offer you an immediate and effective solution.

5 Best Earplugs for Sleeping 2019

Short ReviewsNRR / SNR in dBMaterial No. of PairsPrice
Ear Joy20Silicone1$
3 Pack of Ohropax23Wax/Cotton6$
Howard Leight30Foam200$
Mack’s Ultra Soft32Foam50$

Ear Joy Noise Cancelling Earplugs – Best Overall

Ear Joy Noise Cancelling Earplugs – Best Overall

Are you fed up with the short lifespan of foam plugs? If yes, then you need to buy the Ear Joy Noise Cancelling Earplugs. They are uniquely made to provide you with the best performance.

With a flexible silicone base, they fit perfectly into the ear canal. They are low pressure. Therefore, they do not cause irritation or pain, even during long-term use.

With a sound reduction rating of 20 decibels, this Ear Joy stopples are carefully engineered to safeguard your ears from harmful noise levels during sleeping and at loud events.

Unlike ordinary earplugs for sleeping that come with a single hearing protection, the Ear Joy pieces are fitted with triple hearing protection. This makes them suitable for sleeping, ambient noise, and swimming.


  • Silicone plugs designed to adapt to the shape of your ear canal
  • The threefold structure offers triple hearing protection during sleeping and other events
  • Low pressure does not cause irritation or pain during long-term use
  • The sound reduction ratio of 20 decibels blocks medium and high-level noise
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with lifetime money back guarantee


  • The universal size may not be suitable for everyone

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3Pack of Ohropax Wax Cotton Ear Plugs – Best Value for Money

3Pack of Ohropax Wax Cotton Ear Plugs – Best Value for Money

The 3Pack of Ohropax Wax Cotton Ear Plugs are among the best fitting wax stopples in the market. The wax cotton is easily supple. You just have to work them in the palm of your hand for a few minutes.

These plugs are very economical. You get three boxes for less than $20. Each box contains 6 pairs, meaning that you have more than enough for sleeping and other events.

The soft wax of the stopples creates a tight attachment over the ear canal. This helps to effectively block sound and water. The plugs use low pressure when attaching to your ear. Therefore, low pressure on your ear provides more comfort.

They come with a noise reduction rating value of 23 decibels. This NRR value reduces a sufficient amount of noise, allowing you to sleep deeply.

Unlike foam plugs, these wax stopples can be worn more than once. All you have to do is wash them with soapy warm water. Also, make sure your fingers are clean before you insert the stopples.


  • The NRR reduces the noise level by 23 decibels
  • Wax/cotton stopples are of highest quality and reusable
  • Comes with three packages containing 6 pairs each for diversified use
  • Suitable for reducing noise during sleeping and at concerts


  • If not properly cleaned may cause infection during reuse

Howard Leight Low Pressure Disposable Foam Earplugs – Luxury High End Plugs

Howard Leight Low Pressure Disposable Foam Earplugs – Luxury High End Plugs

The alternatives to sleeping pills are the Howard Leight Low-Pressure Disposable Foam Earplugs. You will have a special liking of these stopples because of the amazing design they come with.

They are made of low-pressure polyurethane foam, which is easy to compress and insert. The foam then expands softly to cover the entire ear canal. This makes them very useful for different applications.

The plugs have a contoured T-shape design that will fit expediently in smaller ear canals. They are easy to insert and remove when compared to traditional plugs. The fit is snug and comfortable, providing superb noise reduction.

They have a noise reduction rating of 30 decibels. This NRR value is suitable for different applications, including: sleeping, welding, utilities, transportation, steel and metals, manufacturing, forestry, and construction.


  • Made of low-pressure foam that expands softly for comfy long-term wear
  • Contoured T-shape design offers easy insertion, removal, secure fit, and excellent noise reduction
  • Engineered to fit snugly in small ear canals and offer excellent noise reduction
  • Noise reduction rating of 30 decibels is convenient for sleeping and other loud noise activities
  • Soil resistant, smooth structure prevents dirt buildup in the ear


  • The plugs may fail to expand fully after insertion

Mpow Foam Earplugs –Best Plugs with High NRR

Mpow Foam Earplugs –Best Plugs with High NRR

The Mpow Foam Earplugs are among the best earplugs for sleeping, noise blocking, and hearing protection. They are made of premium PU foam material, which is easy to compress and expand.

With a remarkably high noise reduction rating value of 34 decibels, the stoppers will effectually protect your hearing from a snoring partner and in loud noise events and environments.

They are very portable and hygienic. The plugs are contained in a clean aluminum casing that keeps them safe from damage and super clean. In fact, you have to wash your hands before you hold them.

When compared to competing products, the Mpow Foam Earplugs are tender and gentler. They provide you with at least forty-five seconds before they rebound. This is more than enough time for you to properly insert the stopples into the ears.

They are affordable and economical. For less than $20, you get 60 pairs of stopples for use. This provides you with enough pieces for regular replacement in every five days of use.

The Mpow Foam Earplugs are multipurpose. They can be used for different loud noise applications apart from setting up a quiet sleeping environment. These applications include: motorcycling, relaxation, concerts, travel, target shooting, work, and studying.


  • Premium PU foam is ultra-soft and low pressure, causing no pain during insert
  • High noise reduction rating value of 34 decibels is very effective at hearing protection
  • Very tender and gentle, has a slow rebound of 45 seconds that provides enough time for insertion
  • Comes  with an aluminum casing that keeps the plugs portable and clean
  • Affordable and economical, you have 60 pairs of regular replacements


  • They may keep popping out regardless of how you insert them

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs –Best for a Tight Budget

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs –Best for a Tight Budget

The Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs are ultra-comfortable and designed with slow release, low pressure, and comfort foam. They come with an amazing color that is attractive to the eye as they are effective in your ears.

These plugs come with a remarkable noise reduction rating value of 32 decibels. This is a very resourceful value against loud noises that may disrupt your sleep or even cause hearing loss.

This Mack’s stopples feature an ergonomic shape that is easy to install into your ear canal. This makes them ideal for different applications apart from sleeping, including: loud music concerts, noise from power tools, and outside traffic during traveling.

Unlike conventional designs, these plugs offer reliable performance in a train or in a plane. They are designed for all round use. There is no limit to where you can use them. And you have fifty pairs at your disposal.

They have an ultra-soft by design. Therefore, they are easy to compress and insert. You will not feel them forcefully pushing against your ear canal the moment they expand. This makes them very effective at dampening noise, especially from a snoring partner.

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  • Ultra-soft design compresses and inserts easily, you will not feel them pushing your ear canal
  • You get 50 pairs at a very reasonable price
  • NRR of 32 dB is suitable for sleeping, work, studying, loud events, relaxation, and concerts
  • It is a top of the line product used and recommended by doctors
  • Plastic jar is well-secured and comes with a flip-open cover for effortless dispensing


  • The NRR value of 32 dB may be insufficient for some users

Before Buying Earplugs for Sleeping Consider the Following Factors

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

An important property of earplugs for sleeping is the noise reduction rating (NRR). This value rates the effectiveness of earplugs at decreasing the amount of sound that enters the ear. Most typical values range from 12 to 33 decibels.

The noise reduction rating represents the amount of decrease in the intensity level of sound reaching the eardrum. It is actually an average value obtained at specific frequencies of the audible spectrum.

For examples, if the noise reduction rating of the stoppers you choose is 33 dB, then wearing the plugs in a 90 dB noise environment would reduce the exposure to 57 dB, assuming that the earplugs fit properly.

The US EPA needs manufacturers to print a noise reduction rating on all non-custom plugs. The required formula used to determine NRR should include an adjustment for personal variability and for those people who do not wear ear protection as instructed.

Active and Passive Earplugs

Active Earplugs

Earplugs for sleeping work in a similar way to the headset ANR and provide similar active acoustic attenuation. An active plug allows a communication signal to be fed to the ear through the noise canceling transducer.

Basically, they use a tiny built-in microphone to recollect sound quality. It achieves this by evaluating the environment so as to reduce specific frequencies. They operate in a similar manner as noise canceling headphones.

Passive Earplugs

They depend on special structures to absorb as well as filter sound by applying noise reduction at particular frequencies. They achieve this in any environment. Passive plugs provide uniform attenuation of external sounds.

They usually have a noise reduction rating averaging about 25 decibels. They are inexpensive and lightweight. You can find them in a limited range of sizes or one size fits all. They can be reusable, such as silicon triple flange or disposable, such as expanding foam.

Single Use or Molded Earplugs

Single Use

Single-use earplugs for sleeping are normally made of fiberglass wool, silicone, foam, or waxed cotton. They are compressed before insertion into the ear canal and expand to their maximum volume once inserted.

Obtaining the advertised NRR values of single-use plugs depends heavily on correct insertion into the ear canal. This usually requires training, since incorrect installation is likely to reduce the overall noise reduction rating of the stoppers.


Earplugs for sleeping are normally made of acrylic or flexible silicon materials molded to the ear canal of an individual by a professional. These types of earplugs provide increased effectiveness over single-use plugs.

They conform to the unique features of a person, providing increased resistance to sound propagation through the ear canal. Also, achieving the advertised noise reduction rating values is more reliable since installation is much easier.

Type of Material

Foam Earplugs

These types of stoppers are made from foam material. The used foam is usually lightweight, soft memory foam. Once popped into the ear, the compressed foam expands until it completely plugs the ear canal.

When inserting a foam earplug, you are advised to start the insertion by rolling the plug into a tightly compressed rod. Then pull back in your ear and hold the stopper with your finger in the ear canal. Give the foam plug a few seconds to expand for superior sound isolation.

You should also know that disposable foam earplugs reduce noise by 15 decibels, conform to the ear, and are washable.

Silicone Earplugs

Another prevalent materials used in the production of sleeping earpieces is silicone. These plugs tend to have lower noise reduction rating values compared to foam plugs. However, they are more practical and available in two types: flanged and custom molded.

The custom molded plugs are made of hypoallergenic, soft, molded silicone material which is rolled into a sizeable ball and positioned into the outer section of the ear canal. This way, they develop an airtight seal. They are also waterproof.

The flanged plugs are usually used for hearing protection in loud noise environments. They help to safeguard your ears from high volume levels for prolonged durations. They consist of triple or double flange design, and they are remarkably comfortable to use.

Waxed Cotton Earplugs

Some of the best earplugs for sleeping are engineered from moldable, soft wax as well as cotton. These stopples are normally hypoallergenic and suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

The main advantage of using this type of stopples is that they are user-friendly and comfy. The wax is softened by the skin, then it gently molds into the shape of the ear canal. If you are looking for versatile plugs, then wax stoppers are the best.

You should use wax earplugs because they are cheap to replace if lost or dirty. However, you should learn in advance how to warm and mold the wax in your fingers before inserting it into your ear.

Is Sleeping with Ear Plugs Dangerous?

According to research, external decibels can actually affect your sleeping pattern. This may include outside traffic, barking dogs, and a snoring partner to mention a few. The most appropriate solution is wearing earplugs. But, are they safe.

According to research and user satisfaction, sleeping stopples are safe, but there are a few risk factors that may emerge with prolonged usage. Here are the most significant ones that you need to know:

  • Muffled Hearing

While they will help dampen the noise and allow you to sleep soundly, you must still be able to hear the carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms. Therefore, you must test your hearing while the plugs are on to ensure that you can hear the emergency alarms.

  • Impacted Ear Wax

Wearing stopples for prolonged durations can lead to impacted earwax (the inability of the ear to drain wax naturally). This can cause discomfort and decreased hearing. The earwax may become dense and drier.

  • Ear Infections

Poor drainage of earwax may lead to impacted earwax, which may increase the risk of ear infection. The dirty sleeping earpiece can accumulate bacteria with continued use and lead to ear infection. So, practice proper hygiene and usage to avoid problems.

  • Improper Installation

Pushing the stopples too far into your ear canal without care can be dangerous. You might unwillingly damage your eardrum. Removing the plugs too fast can also affect the eardrum. Therefore, learn how to properly use earplugs before you start using them.

The Wrap Up

Are you suffering from annoying neighbor syndrome? Do you have problems going to sleep? Is the late night traffic too noisy? If yes, then you should buy one of the best earplugs for sleeping.

If you are new to these devices, you have nothing to worry about. Just go through our buying information, and you will learn the basics.

However, if you want to buy some urgently for sleeping or attending loud noise events, then you should consider one of the reviewed products.

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