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Best Electric Heated Blanket 2020

Best Electric (Heated) Blanket 2020

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For those who are new to this product, an electric blanket is a blanket that contains integrated heating wires. There are several types of this amazing product: under blankets, over blankets, throws, and duvets. It is usually placed above the mattress and below the bottom bed sheet.

Electrically heated blankets do usually have a control unit that regulates the amount of heat a blanket can produce. Blankets for two-person beds do normally have separate control pads for each person to customize his or her temperature settings.

An electric blanket can be used to preheat the bed before use or keep the user warm while in bed. Most modern low voltage models have thin undetected warming wires that work on 12 to 24 volts. An electric blanket use insulated wires.

The choice of the electric heated blanket is huge in today’s market and not everyone can make the best buying decision. Fear not we are here to help you with this particular problem.

4 Best Electric Heated Blanket 2020

1. Blue Electric Heated Blanket – Editor’s Choice – Best Overall Rating

Soft Heat Slate Blue Electric Heated Blanket

The Soft Heat Slate Blue Electric Heated Blanket is known as one of the most reliable and safest heated blanket on the market. It is a low voltage sleeping gear that is designed to offer you superior performance while keeping you safe.

This product is made from 100% polyester, which is the safest plush fabric on the market. It is combined with safe and easy to use technology that allows you to warm up and sleep soundly during cold weather.

It is incorporated with an outstanding pre-heat technology that makes it possible for you to warm up the bed before you jump in for the night. This amazing product works with zoned heating for effective warming.

The Cal King, King, and the Queen are installed with dual controllers. For a couple, the dual controllers allow each partner to personally customize temperature settings. This allows a couple to sleep soundly without sacrificing each other’s preference.

Safety of the blanket is guaranteed with the low voltage technology. The blanket operates on less than twenty-five volts. The low voltage tech comprises a 120 volts AC power supply box that charges into a danger-free low voltage DC current.

The low voltage DC current provides safety, protection, and warmth even when the blanket is wet. Unlike conventionally heated blankets, this model is incorporated with evenly spaced wires (3 inches apart), which provide even heating all over the body.

Traditional warming wires are usually bulky, thick and bumpy, but the Soft Heat Slate Blue wires are ultra-thin and very flexible. They are perfectly placed within the blanket. They are hard to notice, and they provide the much-needed warmth without bulkiness.

The temperature controller works wonders. It comes with a very easy to use a plug that can go in and out of the blanket. Once the controller is plugged in, all you have to do is the power button on. The display will illuminate then you can conveniently adjust the temperature.

Another great attribute of the Soft Heat Blanket is that it is machine washable. Please do follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care. With that said, this is our best overall blanket for the money. All the features are aimed at proving the best performance.


  • Low voltage heating keeps you safe from electrocution
  • Preheat technology provides even heat distribution, protecting you from hot spots
  • Come in a variety of colors and sizes for preference
  • Comes with an easy to use a controller that has temperature control settings
  • Features the thinnest undetectable wires for security and convenience


  • A faulty model may catch fire when turned on

2. Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket – Best Luxury High-End Choice

Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket – Luxury High End Choice

The Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket is a high performing electric blanket that is highly durable. It is available in four separate sizes, including: twin, full, queen, king, and the Cal king.  You have 9 different colors to choose from for preference.

It is undoubtedly our luxury high-end choice. It is a great electric heated blanket with very easy to read display. Not to mention that it is very easy to set controls. The blanket warms up fast and it is super warm on the highest setting.

The blanket features a very well-made polyester material along with well-constructed control pad with long-lasting cords. The control pad is also incorporated with five buttons for easy operation. The romance and the sage designs come with two control pads.

Unlike conventional models, this particular one is fitted with state-of-the-art seven layers of quilted micro-flannel comfort. The micro-flannel layers do not shrink or pill off with time, making the blanket machine washable and dryer friendly.

It has eight heat settings that are properly secured for safety. You do not have to wake up and switch the blanket manually, since it is integrated with a 10-hour auto shut off mechanism. This is convenient for you because you get to save energy and stay safe.

It has sixteen feet of electrical cords, which makes usage super easy. The electrical cords are ETL tested for safety. Some people may be concerned about the blanket crawling during use, but be rest assured that it does not crawl or slip when you are sleeping.

The controllers of this product have a cord that connects to the blanket at the very foot of your bed. The control runs through your mattress and the box spring to the headboard. You can use an outlet that is positioned directly behind the headboard of your bed.

The controllers illuminate when turned on. The lights will remain on as you set the desired temperature and operation time. However, the lights will go off the moment you are done with the settings.


  • The 100% polyester fabric is soft and durable
  • Offers seven layers of quilted micro-flannel comfort
  • The micro-flannel does not shrink or pull during use
  • Has eight secure heat settings for adjusting the temperature
  • 10-hour auto shut off mechanism for security and convenience


  • Heat distribution may be uneven
  • May fail to work after a few months of use

3. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Throw Blanket – Best Seller of Sunbeam

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Throw Blanket – Best Seller of Sunbeam

The Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Throw Blanket has all the best features you need for a good night sleep, allowing you to go to sleep immediately when you land in bed. It is available in different sizes allowing the user to select the best size that will be comfortable to them for the longest time possible.

The blanket is made of an ultra-soft high-quality polyester material, which is of a comfortable texture. It gently wraps up one in warmth.

The Sunbeam electric blanket uses thermofine technology that automatically adjusts the heat. It works by detecting and adjusting the temperature of the cold and hot spots, allowing a comfortable night sleep. The technology is easy to use as it does not require you to do any settings.

A preheat feature is included enabling one to warm and prepare the bed before you can slip into it. It also has a 3-hour automatic shut-off feature to provide you with peace of mind. There is no need of waking up later to switch it off, inconveniencing you or making you restless.

The blanket has 3 different temperature settings. One can easily set the temperature they feel is right mostly depending on the weather. The settings allow you to choose the level of warmth that best suits you, contributing to comfort.

It comes with adjustable sensors, providing consistent warmth. This ensures that you are warm from head to toe, preventing you from waking up due to cold limbs during the night. In addition to this, two controllers plus dual heating zones ensure each side is heated.

Washing an electric blanket is a critical task. The Sunbeam electric blanket is machine washable and is also dryer-safe. To add on this, there will be instruction attached on how you can effectively wash the blanket.


  • It has an optional preheat function giving the user full control
  • The material used is of high quality which is soft, fuzzy and comfortable
  • Large range of temperature options are provided
  • Cords are of perfect length hence no need for an extension


  • It is thin and light hence not durable
  • The blanket is stretchy therefore may easily pull

4. Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket – Best Seller of Biddeford

Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket – Best Seller of Biddeford

The Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket is the best seller of Biddeford. It provides the best experiences, ensuring you value for your money. It comes in different sizes, including:  twin, full, king and queen.

It is made of 100% polyester, which is the safest material. In case of any accidents such as fire, the blanket will melt instead of bursting into flames. This is a control measure that is meant to prevent the spreading of the fire.

It is extra soft fluffy and luxurious. Nature is quite soft to touch as compared to those that feel stiff, fuzzy and pull off. The softness offers the required warmth and comfort throughout the night. It is not slippery meaning it will not slide off your sheets at night.

The blankets have controllers. The twin and full-sized types come with a single controller, allowing you to set the preferred heat level for the blanket. The king and queen size come with two controllers, providing the option of heating the two sides with the controllers. This saves on the time taken.

The blanket comes with very thin wires that are unnoticeable. They cannot be felt at any time. They can definitely be seen through the thin material, but will not cause discomfort at any given time. This allows you to sleep without having to worry about being electrocuted.

Biddeford electric blanket comes with a heat settings function. The setting scale starts from 1 to H. 1 being the lowest heat setting while H is the highest. There are 10 levels setting offered to enable you to choose the preferred level.

The Biddeford blanket can be machine washed. It is safest when you select a blend of cold water and delicate setting. It can then be line dried to avoid damages to the connections. The blanket comes with guidelines that are really helpful when it comes to washing.


  • 100% polyester fabric is user-friendly and durable
  • The blanket is machine washable saving time
  • It comes with heat settings of up to ten levels for adjustment
  • Available in four different sizes for preference
  • Provides therapeutic warmth that is relaxing and comforting
  • You get a 5-year warranty


  • The blanket does not have a preheat function
  • Poor customer service that is not responsive

Is Electric Blanket Safe?

It may not be the electrocution that most people fear, but the effects of the electrical current that runs through the wires of the blanket to generate the required warmth. It is certainly a controversial concept, but we can afford you a bit of insight.

Although, most brands have manufactured low-emission electric heated blankets that reduce magnetic field exposure, the safety of electric blankets is still inconclusive. The few studies on these products suggest that if health problems occur, they may stem from the heat the blankets generate.

An electric blanket may not be the best choice for an expectant woman. Because it is unknown what temperature is too hot for your unborn child during pregnancy, you are advised to consider using a down comforter or wool blanket instead of a heated cover.

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The thing to Consider Before Buying an Electric Blanket

Electric blanket buying guide


You have more than one type to choose from. Therefore, choosing the best electric heated blanket should not be a problem. The various types that you can buy are: electric under the blanket, electric over blanket, heated mattress covers, heated mattress toppers, heated throw, and heated duvet.

  • Electric Under Blanket

This particular design covers your bed up to the pillow part and it attaches to your mattress with elasticated strands or ties. It is found in a variety of materials, such as cozy fleece and polyester. It does a great job of heating the surface of the bed. For protection, you may need a bottom sheet.

  • Electric Over Blanket

You can use it like a regular blanket under the duvet, and can be inserted into the duvet cover. They are available in sizes that match the different bed dimensions. This blanket provides you with a constant bed temperature all through the night.

  • Heated Mattress Cover

This unique cover fits your entire mattress. However, it does not have any wiring below the pillow. It is incorporated with an elasticated skirt. You do not need to switch it on all the time, and you can use it in the same as a regular mattress protector.

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  • Heated Mattress Topper

This particular electric blanket is made thicker for additional comfort and durability. It is installed with elasticated strips for warming. Basically, it sits on top of the mattress. It helps to warm the bed before you can jump in for good night sleep.

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  • Heated Throw

This is the most resourceful and versatile electric heated blanket on the market. It is highly portable, since you can use it to keep yourself warm on your sofa or on a bean bag chair or add extra coziness to your bed. It is a good choice for ladies.

There are many brands that make this type of blanket. It comes in a variety of colors, materials, and patterns. The fancy patterns and colors are a good addition to your home décor. Therefore, there is no reason for you to hide it in the summer.

  • Heated Duvet

This type resembles a regular duvet when not switched on. It is very easy to operate since you can easily switch it on by flicking the switch. It is an all season choice that will save you a lot of money.


Electric blankets come in different materials, such as polyester, Sherpa, micro plush and faux far. The cost of a specific choice can actually be affected by the quality of material used. Therefore, choose the material that best suits your needs and budget. But the most preferred option is polyester.


The size of an electric blanket matters a lot and it goes hand in hand with where you will be using the blanket. There are specific types of blankets that are suitable for bed use only because of their size, such as over and under blankets.

The most portable blanket is usually a heated throw. It is available in sizes and weights that can easily be moved from the bed to the sofa and vice versa. Most heated blankets are available in sizes that correspond to bed dimensions, such as twin, queen, king, or Cal King.

Pre Heat Technology

Temprature and time to warm up

The ideal choice of the blanket should come with an automatic pre-heat capability that ensures your mattress is cozy and warm before you jump in for the night. You just have to switch on the controller and set the maximum temperature, and the blanket will do the rest.

Virtually Unnoticeable Wires

If you have owned a traditional warming blanket, then you know what we are talking about. Unlike the conventional designs, the contemporary heated blankets are fitted with very thin wires that are virtually unnoticeable for convenience.

User-Friendly Design

The heated blanket that you will choose to buy should be easy to use. The controller must be easy to navigate when setting the ideal temperature. Also, make sure you settle for a blanket that is machine washable and dryer friendly.

How to Wash Electric Blanket

All electric blankets come with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash them. You are strongly urged to follow the guidelines in order to avoid damaging the blanket. The following are the major step by step instructions you can follow:

Step One: Unplug

You should start your cleaning process by unplugging and removing all the electrical cords from the blanket.

Step Two: Shake

You should take your blanket outdoor and shake it properly to remove pet hair among other things to help make the washing easy.

Step Three: Decide on Which Machine to Use

When using a top loading machine: Fill it with cold water and add a small amount of machine washing detergent. Use the gentle cycle and submerge your heated blanket in the washer. Let it wash for three minutes and skip the rinse cycle.

When using a front loading machine: With cold water setting, set your machine on the shortest cycle possible. Add a small amount of machine detergent and then add the blanket. Allow it to wash for three minutes, and jump to the rinse cycle.

Step Four: Drying

Put your blanket in the dryer for no more than five minutes on a low setting. Remove it from the dryer and stretch gently with your hands until it regains its original size. Then hang it to dry.

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The Wrap Up

There you have it, all the info that can help you buy the best electric heated blanket. Are you new to this product? Use our buying guide section to learn more about heated blankets before you engage the market. We have made shopping easy for you.

Our Editor’s Choice is the Soft Heat Slate Blue Electric Heated Blanket. This specific blanket is built with everything you might need. It will definitely meet your expectations with minimum complaints if any. It is our best overall choice.

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