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11 Best Firm Mattress We Recommend

Firm mattress
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The best firm mattress is the one that boasts a nice balance of firmness and support. In addition to providing great support to your core (neck, hips, and spine), it should address issues related to airflow, edge support, and sagging. Rather than recommending rock hard mattresses, we have recommended firm mattresses that call attention to the natural support of your core muscles and pressure points.

Whether your current bed is sagging or you just can’t stand sleeping on a plush bed, it is high time you buy a premium firm mattress.

Before looking at the best firm mattresses in the market, let us first have a good understanding of the important details you should know before making your purchase.

Firm mattresses are better (and bad) for?

Good For …

Arthritis Sufferers

As long as a firm mattress features a soft upper comfort layer, it can be highly beneficial to arthritis sufferers. This is according to The Cleveland Clinic. By keeping the spine aligned properly, folks suffering from arthritis can be able to ease the pain. Compared to soft mattresses, firm mattresses enable sleepers to shift positions more effortlessly in such a way that joints will not stiffen as one sleeps.


The sleeping patterns of children change drastically as they age. Firmer mattresses are safer for kids based on reports from Healthy Children. Additionally, growing children tend to be less able to regulate body temperatures as they sleep. Consequently, firmer mattresses are a good option since they are cooler than soft ones hence making children sleep better through the night.

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Back Pain Sufferers

According to studies by Harvard Medical School, medium-firm to firm mattresses are ideal for low back pain sufferers. Another Canadian study opined that medium-firm beds are the best for back pain sufferers. What is clear from both studies is that firm mattresses are preferable for folks suffering from back pain compared to soft beds.

Hot Sleepers

Hot sleeping is common in women than in men according to a report by the Society for Women’s Health Research. This is mostly because of hormonal surges at mid-life. Sleep Medicine Reviews conducted a study that established a link between insomnia and higher body temperatures at night. Because you do not sink on a firm mattress, it means there is no insulation and increase in body temperature.

High BMI People

Heavier people (those with a higher BMI – Body Mass Index) can benefit excessively from a firm mattress. In this scenario, a higher BMI means 30 and above. Firmer mattresses prevent excess ‘’hammocking’’ effects or sinking in. Compared to folks with lower BMI, heavier ones automatically dig deeper into any mattress. Therefore, a firmer mattress would be ideal in offsetting that natural sink.

Back Sleepers

A firm mattress better supports the ‘’S’’ curve of a back sleeper’s spine as he or she sleeps. To help with alignment, back sleepers need to place a small pillow beneath their knees, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. Rather than an outright firm bed, it is prudent for back sleepers to settle for a mattress within the medium-firm range. These facilitate some sink within the pelvic/hip region which is handy in maintaining the lumbar area’s natural curve while at the same time being stiff enough to offer support to the upper back.

Stomach Sleepers

If a stomach sleeper sinks in too deeply, his or her spine’s curvature will misalign. For this reason, firm mattresses are a great option for these types of sleepers because they facilitate proper spinal alignment.

Bad For …

Sleep Apnea Sufferers

The best sleeping position for sleep apnea sufferers is by the side. Soft mattresses are better for side sleeping compared to the firm ones. The most recent CPAP masks are flexible and soft enough to enable side sleeping while at the same time utilizing the life-saving gear.

Older People

Softer mattresses, unlike their firm counterparts, have materials that retain heat as well as relieve pressure better all thanks to the ‘’sinking in’’ feature of comfort layers. Senior citizens with medical conditions such as arthritis might be better with a firm surface. However, in general, older muscles, bones, and joints benefit more from more cushion.

Thinner People

Thinner people or anyone with a BMI of less than 18.5 needs a cushier sleeping surface. Firm mattresses need heavier people because they sink into them.

Side Sleepers

A sleep-based study in the United Kingdom established that side sleepers constitute roughly 70%. A firm bed may be uncomfortable with a side sleeper because of the discomfort in the pressure areas of the hips, neck, and shoulders. Side sleepers are better off with soft mattresses.

Top Features of a Top-Rated Firm Mattress

Air Flow

Does your potential firm mattress breathe well? Airflow is an essential feature of a firm mattress because these mattresses are much denser compared to the softer ones. Although the density is perfect when giving your body the support it needs, it is less ideal when you are trying your level best not to overheat yourself at night.

Generally, inexpensive foam mattresses lack the necessary airflow to keep you cool at night. Because of their construction, hybrid and innerspring mattress not only retain less heat but also naturally boast better airflow. As much as they score highly in terms of airflow, they may lack in body support. Therefore, settle for the mattresses we have highlighted here that feature core support in their construction.

Core Support

Firmer mattresses provide the necessary support people struggling with hip pain, neck pain, and back pain often need to their core muscles. If irritated, your core muscles can start to affect how your entire body feels. Great support of the neck, hips, and spine while you sleep leaves you feeling more energized, relaxed, well-rested, and ready for the day. Inconsistent support of these areas over time might activate particular pressure points and start to cause pain or discomfort. Proper support not only prevents excess strain and pressure on those muscles, but also maintains that core alignment.

Edge Support

Edge support is one of the most important features of a firm mattress, especially for the overweight sleepers. At certain times of the day, some sleepers find themselves sitting on their bed edge. If you happen to be one of the people that are into sitting on the edge of your bed from time to time, then you need to consider this factor when in the market for a firm mattress. Poor edge support results in mattress sagging.

Do you share a bed with your child, pet or spouse? If yes, chances are high that you might often find yourself sleeping on the bed’s edge. For this reason, the edge must be consistently firm and not a weak point. Your amorous preferences and weight should guide you on the level of push back and edge support that you require.


Although foam indentation and mattress sagging occur gradually over time, a top-rated firm mattress should be able to handle such issues because of its material and structural integrity. Most mattresses can maintain a good level of support within 8-10 years. However, firmness, body type, usage, and weight requirements might decrease or increase the total performing lifespan of a mattress.

Why You Need To Buy A Firm Mattress

For Better Air Flow

Do you live in a warm climate? Are you a hot sleeper naturally? A firm mattress might be a better choice for you. The fact that you are not sinking to the structure of your mattress, it means you will be able to enjoy better airflow thus keeping you cooler. According to studies, sleep temperature is crucial to the quality of your sleep. Running too hot may result in insomnia.

For Optimal Edge Support

Firmer mattresses boast better edges compared to the softer ones. You can easily tumble to the floor with soft edges. When you sit on your bed’s edge to fold laundry, relax, read, stretch, or put on socks/shoes, a firm mattress gives you the utmost support you need.

For Better Sex

Mattresses are not for sleeping only. Medium-firm mattresses are not only more reactive during sex; they also have a better bounce. Due to the soft nature of soft mattresses, one sinks in too deeply, which can inhibit amorous activities. The fact that firm mattresses have excellent edge support means that they can support your sexual activity on any part of the mattress.

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For Improved Alignment

As aforementioned, a firm bed offers improved spinal alignment. Regardless of your sleeping position, it is very important to ensure your hips, shoulders and ears are properly aligned. Attaining alignment is easier on a firm mattress especially if you are a back or stomach sleeper. This is particularly true if you supplement your mattress with a high-quality pillow.

11 Best Firm Mattress We Recommend

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

Are you a sleeper that is concerned about the environment and desires to enjoy the buoyant support of an all-natural latex in a mattress? If yes, then you need to consider buying this firm mattress from PlushBeds. It is built with three 3-inch layers of high-quality organic Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex unlike Talalay latex, which often has an airy and light feel, is not only dense but also makes for a firm structure. Its cover is made with organic wool and cotton to provide the sleeper with a satisfying level of comfort.

The latex contained in this mattress unlike memory foam does not feature much contouring. Therefore, chances are high that you’ll not feel stuck on your mattress. Another great highlight of latex is the fact that it sleeps cool which makes an incredible option for hot sleepers.

Regarding its feel, there’s a soft layer on top of this firm mattress that allows for initial deep sinking into the bed. A medium latex section buffers the soft top layer as you transition into the firm base section below. When it comes to edge support, you will notice some deep compression via the top layers. While you will not feel as though you would roll out of bed, it is worth mentioning that this mattress does not have solid edge support.


  • Excellent motion transfer
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Great ventilated design for breathability


  • Poor edge support

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

This dual-sided bed has copper-infused memory foam that provides pressure relief even to the most sensitive areas of your body. It does a great job of gently cradling the typical pressure points in the hips and shoulders. Its support system is more than adequate. It utilizes a high-density polyfoam so you can expect the mattress to not only be durable but also offer lasting support.


  • Close conforming for pressure and pain relief
  • Great cover design that makes it easy to flip
  • Flippable design with 2 firmness options
  • Excellent motion isolation


  • Potential for off-gassing

Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

The moment you lay down on this mattress from Avocado, it is quite clear that this isn’t your typical mattress. There is more to its handcrafted tufts than what is visible. The mattress brings with it an organic cotton cover that is 100% GOTS certified. The cover perfectly secures the layers of the mattress in place all thanks to its wool yarn rosettes.

In terms of construction and materials, you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. You have an opportunity to request for a pillow-top but an additional cost. The cost will depend on the size. One striking feature of this mattress is the fact that it is free from heavy metals, chlorinated phenols, formaldehyde, pesticides, allergenic dyes, and chloro-organic carriers. It features a natural fiber that is not only breathable but also transfers heat thus ensuring you enjoy proper sleeping temperatures. The material prevents moisture and keeps your mattress smelling fresh throughout.

This mattress has three firmness comfort zones. They are all set up in three strategically-positioned areas to offer superior support to your shoulders, back and hips. The main reason for zoning is to accommodate all the three main areas of your body – shoulders, back, and hips.


  • Excellent motion transfer
  • Great bounce
  • Breathes well
  • Easy to transport courtesy of side handles
  • Durable cover


  • Can be a little firm for individuals with lower BMI

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress

Saatva’s story of expansion is reflective of the high-quality products they provide to their clients. This innerspring mattress is unquestionably one of the top-rated firm mattresses in the market today. On its top panel, it has an organic cotton circular knit and encloses a Euro pillow top. An amazing attribute of the top cover is that it includes more cushioning and padding compare to the standard pillow tops. Because the materials are inserted beneath the outer covering, the result is a neater and cleaner look. Are you a fan of organic cotton? If yes, then you will certainly rejoice in the softness and comfort found in this product’s cover.

The other highlight that makes this mattress stand out has to do with its different layers. There is a fine combination between individually wrapped coils, memory foam, and organic cotton to offer you that desired nice bouncy feeling. One of the benefits of the innerspring coils is that they allow air to pass through hence freshening your mattress each step of the way. On top of that, there is the motion isolation factor. Since the coils do not create any ripple effect whenever they are under pressure, you can enjoy little to minimal motion transfer. If you share your bed with your significant other, then this mattress from Saatva makes an excellent option.


  • Good bounce for stress-free movement
  • Great durability expectations
  • Minimum motion transfer
  • No harsh chemicals


  • Some complaints of hot sleeping

Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you have been looking for a luxury mattress at an affordable price, then you need to try out this one from Lucid. This memory foam mattress perfectly conforms to the curves, position, and weight of your body. When you sleep on it, your weight gets distributes evenly to diminish pressure points and align the spine. Its open-cell structure improves breathability to make sure that there is no overheating that could result in bumpy body temperature when sleeping. Combine curve-conforming support with breathability that ensures your spine in a neutral position. To help reduce pressure, this mattress sinks beneath your weight-bearing curves thus helping reduce pressure while at the same time isolating movement.

The mattress is infused with gel beads, which help to capture and then distribute excess heat. Its unique ventilated design raises airflow via the special sleep layer to regulate body temperature. On top of that, it also helps to align the spine correctly, which makes it perfect for those that suffer from chronic back pain.

Are you allergic? Of great importance to note is that this mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens.


  • Great edge support
  • No off-gassing
  • Excellent temperature regulation and breathability


  • Heavy

Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

Let’ start at the top. The Zenhaven mattress has an organic cotton cover. In addition to being soft, the cover also features a flame-retardant barrier underneath that is made of 100% organic New Zealand wool that is great at helping increase breathability as well as promoting moisture-wicking properties. Combined, the wool and cover barrier make up one inch of the overall 10-inch thickness. The other noticeable feature of the top layer is the nice sewn-on tailor-made label.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, this natural mattress is repellant to mold, mites, and dust. The bottom and top layers are one and a half inches in terms of thickness while the middle layers are three inches thick. Its latex comfort layers feature a high-quality proprietary 5-zone design that is built to offer firmer support to align the spine efficiently.

Because the base layers are not made of synthetic materials such as petroleum-based foam, you can rest assured that it will be long-lasting.

The fact that this mattress has an open-cell structure simply means that it can breathe well and regulate temperature perfectly. Combined with its cotton cover, you will not have any trouble with sleeping hot.


  • All-natural product
  • Cool sleep
  • Excellent motion transfer
  • Great value for high-quality


  • Difficult to move

Helix Mattress


Provided you are a patient person, you might end up falling in love with this amazing mattress from Helix. Similar to most foam mattress in the market today, there is a breaking period whereby the mattress will soften to some extent. Therefore, if yours feels firmer than usual during the first month after purchase, give it some more time. After one or two months, the mattress should be more than comfortable.

If you are not into mattresses with a hugging feeling, then it is prudent to skip this one. While it utilizes a proprietary blend of latex and memory foam to create some new kind of foam to offer more bounce, you will still enjoy a sink-in feeling.

As a company, Helix can take a while to deliver your mattress. Consequently, if you need a mattress right now, it might be a good idea to skip this one. On average, it might take roughly 10 days for the order to arrive.


  • Excellent for back pain
  • Light
  • Hassle-free customer support
  • Strong base layer for the utmost support


  • Off-gassing

Amerisleep AS5

Amerisleep Liberty Bed

Amerisleep is popular for top-notch memory foam mattresses that not only sleep cool but also incorporate leading mattress tech such as SMT (Surface Modification Technology), Bio-Pur foams, and Celliant covers.

This is one of the most versatile mattresses the market has to offer. The company has five mattresses, AS1-AS5. AS1 is the firmest. It comes packed with all the greatness you can expect from Amerisleep. Although it utilizes memory foam in its comfort layer, it has a quick transition to the high-density poly foam below thus giving the mattress a firm feeling.

The fact that it evenly blends support and firmness means that it is ideal for the sleepers that change their positions constantly. It boasts a firm feel that targets stomach and back sleepers. The mattress also features great support coupled with a stylish cover that efficiently promotes cooling rounds. The cover of this mattress, just like the rest of from the company is made of a soft blend of spandex, Celliant, and polyester. It has a stretchy material that snaps back into place real-time. Therefore, the last thing you will have to be worried about is bunching up when you are changing positions on the mattress.

The comfort layer features 2-inches of memory foam. The layer offers some contouring to your body thus enabling you to sink in slightly for pressure relief. As much as traditional memory foam has a reputation for trapping body heat, Amerisleep utilizes a foam with an open-cell structure that dissipates heat, helping you sleep a bit cooler.


  • Great motion isolation
  • Great edge support
  • Durable
  • Non-prorated lifetime warranty


  • Heavy

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Spend each night floating on this hybrid mattress’ 15-inch, scientifically optimized, and meticulously chosen premium materials. DreamCloud’s hand-tufted cover offers nothing short of premium softness and maximum breathability to guarantee a luxurious sleeping experience. Its gel-infused memory foam that is supportive and cooling offers contouring support that perfectly conforms to your body. This mattress has a super dense foam that offers a strong support system to cradle your body regardless of your sleeping position.

You can look forward to a five-zoned foam encased compression system that offers unmatched support from head to toe. Although this mattress utilizes several memory foam layers, there is no significant contouring or hug to the bed.


  • Luxurious construction
  • Fairly easy to move
  • Lightweight
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Available financing through Affirm


  • Weak edge support

GhostBed Luxe Mattress

GhostBed Luxe Mattress

This is one of the coolest beds in the world. Enjoy sweat-free sleep courtesy of this bed. It is the only mattress with surface and core cooling tech to ensure you and your mattress are comfy and cool all night long. GhostBed Luxe’s plush and quilted surface is made with three advanced technologies that are engineered specially to ensure you sleep sweat-free. Primarily, there is a half-inch of cooling fiber that’s woven into the topper. After that layer, there is 1-inch of the company’s proprietary gel memory foam that is infused to the topper to efficiently transfer heat away from your body. Finally, the company covers the entire shebang in their cool-to-touch ghost ice fabric.

There is more to comfort than just cooling with this mattress. Its memory foam layer excellently relieves pressure points, eliminates the need to toss/turn, and stops motion transfer. On top of that, a bounce layer provides your body with the utmost support you require for deeper, improved sleep.


  • Blazingly fast and free shipping
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • 25-year warranty
  • No ozone depleters and flame retardants
  • Low volatile organic compound


  • Heavy

Plank Mattress

Plank Mattress

Plank is one of the fairly new entrants within the bed in a box space. Brooklyn Bedding, a popular online mattress company, owns this brand. Considering its versatility and high-quality construction, there is no doubt that this mattress offers great value for money. This mattress is double-sided which means that it is possible to sleep on either side of your mattress. One side is firmer compared to the other. You have the opportunity to evaluate or test both sides of the mattress and settle for the side that suits your sleeping habits better. You can also utilize both sides to extend your mattress’ life.

As a flappable mattress, it is more durable when compared to the conventional bed as it offers more rotation options. The more you rotate it, the less likely sagging and body impression will form on the mattress.


  • Highly durable
  • Firm, neutral-foam feel
  • Double-sided with 2 firmness levels
  • Solid edge support


  • Costly

Final Words

One of the most important factors to consider when in the market for a mattress is firmness. Even in this regard, everyone has his or her preference. For instance, those that sleep on their backs or sides or weigh less are typically better off with softer mattresses. Stomach sleepers or those who weigh more prefer a firmer bed since it offers the necessary accommodation and support.

Are you searching for the best firm mattress? Numerous firm mattresses exist in the market today. To land the best one, you need to have all the information we have highlighted above at your fingertips.

All the mattresses we have featured on this primer have several factors in common. For instance, they boast a material construction that allows for even pressure point distribution, and efficient core support. Secondly, over time, these mattresses have minimal foam indentation. Most of them have good-very good edge support.