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Best Floor Mattresses 2020

Floor mattress
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Sleeping on the floor – it’s either crazy, a necessity, or an ancient tradition, right? Actually, sleeping on the floor or using a floor mattress is becoming quite the trend. Whether it’s to ease back pain when sleeping or to create a minimalist way of living, floor mattresses are the best way to catch some zzzs on the hardwood.

It’s time to raise the… floor? Discover the top 10 best floor mattresses, ranked for 2020.

Is Sleeping on The Floor Good for You?

According to Men’s Health (this applies to women too, just FYI) sleeping on the floor has numerous benefits:

  • It allows you to move freely while you sleep, so you don’t wake up feeling achy.
  • Correct your spines’ alignment and defeat back pain.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Save space (a clean and tidy home often makes for a clean and tidy mind).

To help lower you down to the floor without literally sleeping on the carpet, use a floor mattress for a little support, comfort and even warmth.

How to Find the Best Floor Mattress?

Simple kid's bedroom interior with star wallpaper and blue mattress on the floor next to a telescope

If it’s new territory for you, don’t panic. Just follow this brief guide and start getting excited. We’re going to count down the top 10 floor mattresses in a moment.

What to Look for When Buying a Floor Mattress

  • Thickness – along with the padding material, the thickness gives you a good idea of how cushioning the mattress is. If you want to realign your back and really feel the health benefits of sleeping on the floor, a thin mattress is perfect. Thicker mattresses are more suited to side sleepers and those opting for a floor mattress to save space/money.
  • Outer material – an especially important thing to consider if you’re going to sleep without covers or are taking it hiking/camping. Some have removable covers and others aren’t washable at all. The outer material should be suitable for how you’ll use the mattress.
  • Price – you might want to give floor sleeping a try before investing several hundred dollars into a floor mattress! It’s not for everyone and you might find yourself craving your plush mattress again.
  • Type – there’s futon-style, which is quite firm and typically has a thick cover. The thin Japanese style that often goes with a mat underneath and is easy to store. And then there are the folding or rolling type mattresses that are half-way in-between, offering some padding.

How to Style Your Bedroom Decor with a Floor Mattress?

First of all, solid floors whether they’re hardwood or carpet tend to work best with floor mattresses. A bold or contrasting color to your bedding keeps the floor mattress from looking like just a messy pile of blankets.

Plenty of light, low-hanging lamps and floor-based furniture is a good idea too. It stops the mattress sticking out in your décor theme and is also practical – beside tables made from crates that are at eye level when you’re on the floor is a great way to make the floor mattress seem like it blends in.

Top 10 Best Floor Mattresses for 2020

1. Leesa Floor Mattress – Best Permanent Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: multi-layer foam
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Portable: no
  • Warranty: 10 years

The Leesa is a real mattress. Wait, what?!

Yes, you read that right. Sleeping on the floor, without a bedframe of any kind, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with a thin mat anymore. Nowadays you can find large, comfortable, traditional Western-style mattresses that are happy to bunk on the floor with you.

The Leesa is the best of these. It can be placed on any solid, stable surface including the floor. Technically, you could even put it in a tent but it’s not a good idea. It’s designed as a permanent house mattress.

The multi-layered foam offers great contour support and breathability with a cool-sleeping top layer. It’s awesome for side sleepers who don’t get the flexibility and bounce they need from a solid floor mattress.

It’s our top choice for a permanent floor mattress.

Pros: super comfy, many sizes, good warranty and can be used on a bed frame if you change your mind about sleeping on the floor.

Cons: expensive and can’t be transported or stored away to save space.


2. Better Habitat -Best Portable Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: memory foam roll-out
  • Sizes: Kids, Single, Twin
  • Firmness: soft
  • Portable: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Our favorite portable floor mattress is also foam! That’s pretty awesome. Forget the blow-up air bed or lumpy blankets. You can now snooze on cushioning foam even when you’re out camping.

It’s not perfect – for side sleepers, it might be a bit too shallow (3 inches) to provide enough support – but it’s the best for travel. It rolls up neatly into a bag that doubles as a backpack (included with your purchase) and can be stored in the trunk of your car or a cupboard at home.

The waterproof base keeps dampness out while the hypoallergenic cover has a soft cotton feel. We just wish it came in larger sizes. It’s good for kids and single-sleepers, but not couples. The twin size dimensions are 75 by 36 inches, so pushing 2 Better Habitat floor mattresses together makes a short queen size mattress.

If we had to pick a mattress for traveling, this lightweight one from Better Habitat is our first choice.

Pros: waterproof base, portable, soft and comfortable.

Cons: short warranty, limited sizes

3. LYCKSELE  – Best Floor Mattress for Guests

  • Mattress Type: foam roll-out
  • Size: Full
  • Firmness: firm
  • Portable: yes
  • Warranty: 25 years

This is a futon-style pull-out mattress that can double as a sofa to sit on (sort of) or be stored in the loft until guests visit. It only comes in one size, which is roughly the same as a full-size mattress and has a washable cover – a real lifesaver when messy kids are spending sleepovers on it.

It’s a firm mattress which is best for back and stomach sleepers – you can always pad it up with blanket layers to make it more suitable for side sleepers. At 4 inches thick, it’s a bit too heavy for camping so we recommend it for the guest room instead.

We’ve no idea how to pronounce the name, but we do know that it’s great for a good nights sleep. It’s not so great for impromptu visits though as it takes 72 hours to unfurl properly – the first time you open it the foam can whiff a bit too, so it will need airing out.

Pros: easy to store, washable cover, firm feeling and a good size for couples.

Cons: takes 72 hours to unfurl, quite firm.


4. FULI – Best Japanese-Style Sleeping Mat

  • Mattress Type: traditional shiki futon
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Twin XL Super Grade, Full, Full XL, Full XL Super Grade
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Portable: no
  • Warranty: Amazon 30-day return policy

The FULI is great if you want that authentic sleeping-on-the-floor feeling with extra added comfort. This high-quality Japanese-made bedding set is traditional, simple and quite comfortable. Best for back and side sleepers who don’t need much contour support, this is pretty epic. It folds up neatly to store during the day.

We recommend selecting the set with tatami mat too, for that authentic Japanese floor sleeping experience – it’s essential if you have hardwood floors. The futon mattress only option is fine for carpeted floors. If you think you’ll need a little extra padding to get acclimatized, select the super grade size options for more comfort.

Yes, this is a pricey floor mattress. It’s the top-of-the-range option with 3-layer padding to wick away sweat. Is it worth the price? We think so. It’s our top choice for those that want the authentic Japanese floor-sleeping experience.

Pros: traditional design, floor sleeping health benefits, soft and comfortable cover

Cons: no warranty so you rely on Amazon’s return policy, polyester filling

5. Milliard Folding Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: foldable foam mattress
  • Size: Queen
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Portable: yes
  • Warranty: 30-day return policy

The Milliard folding floor mattress is another good portable option. It’s soft, foamy and comfortable with a medium-firm 4-inch layer to keep you off the ground. Without a waterproof material base, it’s not quite good enough to be the best of the best (that award goes to the Better Habitat Roll-Out Mattress) but it’s still worthy of consideration.

If you’ve faith in your tent staying dry, there’s no reason this queen size foldable mattress can’t go camping with you. It folds into 3 sections that fits snuggly in the carrying case (you have to buy that separately) and has a removable bamboo cover.

Overall, it’s practical and comfortable. A no-fuss mattress made with a medium-firm foam. It provides a good nights sleep but it’s not winning any awards for protective layers, breathable materials and other features you find on premium portable floor mattresses. An excellent choice for the spare bedroom, for guests who stay over, and for camping trips. It fits snuggly in the trunk of your car.

Pros: removable and washable cover, foldable, easy to store, good thickness

Cons: expensive price tag, short return policy on official site and Amazon

6. D&D Futon or Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: futon roll-out
  • Size: Queen
  • Firmness: extra firm
  • Portable: yes
  • Warranty: Amazon 30-day return policy

The D&D futon floor mattress is both. Or either. You can use this to replace your futon bed or place it directly on the floor. It’s soft and roll-able but be warned, it’s extremely firm when all laid out! It’s 3 inches of compressed cotton, polyester, and just 5% foam.

This is a great option if you need a floor mattress for you and a baby, as the firmness keeps them in place and there’s not a big drop onto the floor below. It’s also epic if you’re looking for a floor mattress because of back pain.

That being said, it doesn’t have the comfiest cover so you might want to buy sheets to go on top of it. It also has a dimple-like fixture to keep the layers together. With such firm padding, you can really feel those dips.

Side sleepers will hate this one. D&D is a respectable brand that only sells on Amazon. They have a ton of great reviews and generally, you can’t go wrong their floor mattresses. It’s not for everyone but we love it!

Pros: made in the USA, reasonable price, quite comfortable

Cons: spot clean only, 30-day Amazon return policy instead of warranty

7. Tuft & Needle Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: multi-layer foam
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Portable: no
  • Warranty: 10 years

The classic Tuft & Needle mattress can be used on the floor too! We checked with T&N about using their mattresses on the floor and solid, flat surfaces – their advice was to lift it against a wall once a week to make sure air gets underneath it.

To be honest, if you’re using a floor mattress because you’re short on space you’ll probably be lifting it every day to make more room.

This is a multi-layered foam mattress with a cooling gel layer to keep you cool. They advertise it as being suitable for all sleeping positions but you might find it a bit on the firm side and unsuitable for side sleepers. It’s great for back pain though and buying from Tuft & Needle gets you free returns, a 10-year warranty, and a 100-night trial.

The Cal King is excellent value for money currently, at the same price as the standard King size. Worth checking out!

Pros: great for back pain, good warranty, free returns, good range of sizes

Cons: needs to be aired once a week if on a flat solid surface

8. EMOOR Classe Series Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: foldable Japanese-style futon
  • Sizes: Twin, Queen Long
  • Firmness: firm
  • Portable: yes
  • Warranty: Amazon 30-day return policy

This is a luxury Japanese-style futon with the highest customer reviews… and the highest price. Whether it’s worth the steep cost is up to you. Maybe this will sway you.

It’s extra-long, so no more cold feet or curled up positions (doesn’t this always happen on guest/roll-out beds?) and it is stuffed full of the thickest, warmest, fluffiest padding. Sure, it’s 100% polyester, but the feeling is quite incredible. The sandwich design and square pattern stitching ensure it all stays in the right place instead of shifting around. It’s topped with a 100% cotton cover.

You can fold it up neatly to be stored when not in use, so it’s great as a temporary mattress for guests.

We also like that it can be used as a mattress topper, so if you get tired of your spongey foam mattress this can add a firm top layer. This is great – it means if you don’t get on with floor sleeping, this mattress hasn’t been a total waste of money.

Pros: super comfy, high quality, easy to store

Cons: very expensive, cannot be washed, no warranty

9. Leewadee Thai Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: roll-up Thai mattress
  • Size: Narrow Twin
  • Firmness: very firm
  • Portable: yes
  • Warranty: Amazon 30-day return policy

This is the oddball of the floor mattresses we tried that we kind of love but kind of feel wary of. We enjoyed testing it out and sleeping on it… but sleeping on it for the long term? Well, that might not be for everyone. The Thai-style roll-up mattress from Leewadee is made of thin, long pillow rolls sewn securely together. It wraps up very tightly and is by far the easiest to carry with you.

It makes a good mattress, a great floor pad for lounging on, and an excellent yoga mat. It’s very firm and only 2-inches thick.

The production process is what sets it apart. It’s made with sustainably sourced plant fibers for firm, comfortable padding and is decorated with traditional Thai fabric designs. It looks beautiful!

If sleeping on the floor and feeling that rock hard surface below you is what you’re after, this is a good option. Unfortunately, it’s only available in a very narrow version of a Twin bed size.

Pros: natural materials and chemical-free manufacturing process, long-lasting, lightweight

Cons: not very comfortable, quite thin, very narrow

10. Best Choice Foldable Floor Mattress

  • Mattress Type: foldable foam
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen
  • Firmness: firm
  • Portable: no
  • Warranty: Amazon 30-day return policy

The Best Choice mattress . . . well, it wasn’t actually the best choice. It still achieved a place on our list though. It’s a very firm foam mattress in a few different sizes that folds up into a couch. It’s the most practical in this sense, as you can simply store it in the same room during the day and it will fit right in rather than standing out.

It does have some draw-backs though. First, it’s not that comfortable. You wouldn’t want this as your permanent mattress. It will suffice for guests staying a night or two though. There are also creases in the mattress that don’t quite lay flat and start to open during the night. Simply press the mattress against a wall with something heavy (like your overnight bag) at the end to keep it together. An easy fix, but it’s not something you should have to think about.

Pros: machine washable and dryable cover, CertiPUR-US certified materials, good price

Cons: too firm for side sleepers, creases are a design flaw, no warranty


And finally, we get to the conclusion! Time to rest your fingers so they don’t cramp from all that scrolling and make a decision about which floor mattress is best for you.

Best PermanentLeesa, for comfort and price.

Best Portable Better Habitat, for foam and waterproof materials.

Best for Guests – IKEA, for the large size and easy storage.

Best Japanese-Style FULI, for comfort, storage, and authentic design.

And remember, if you have older guests, they may struggle to get up from a floor bed so consider who might use it before choosing a floor mattress as a guest bed.