10 Best Four Poster Beds

Four Poster Beds add interest, elegance, and mystery to your bedroom. The bedroom is one of the few rooms that we choose not to compromise on. Bedsheets, duvets, a cozy pillow and a comfortable mattress; we want it all. But have you ever consider a four poster bed to give a classic touch to your room? We know, making changes to your bedroom can be tough. But you’ll find that replacing that old squeaky bed with a brand new four poster will alleviate all boring looks, and might even create a bit of positive aura for you to indulge in.

What Is A Four Poster Bed?

We’ve all read the Harry Potter series, but have you ever wondered what four poster beds actually are? It is no different from a regular bed, except for one drastic change. Four poster beds have four “posters”, or vertical columns, jutting out from each of the four corners. These columns usually connect at the top and create a tester or canopy.

Four poster beds are fun as the ceiling can be decorated in all sorts of ways. Drape a curtain, hang a veil, afix a few light bulbsm or even a small chandelier. The choices are literally endless.

Why Four Poster Beds Belong in Your Room?

Why? Or rather, why not? Four-poster beds have been around since as early as the 16th century, and maybe even earlier. This style of bed is definitely classic and traditional, and will give your bedroom a vintage, medieval, Renaissance-era look that will definitely leave the room looking beautiful and consistent.

Don’t like the classic look? Don’t worry. Four poster beds come in modern variants as well, and they’re just as stunning. The modern twist on four poster beds has rendered the style useful for almost any setting and theme. It’s all up to you.

Top 10 best poster beds

Short reviews Style Recommend Price
Wellhead Traditional + Modern Best affordable $
Kingstown Traditional Best overall rated $$$$
Marblewood Modern Best contemporary style for a spacious room $$
Beckett Traditional + Modern Best for low ceiling height $$
Granite Range Modern Best value for money $
Hazeltine Traditional Best regal appeal $$$
Helena Traditional Best adjustable bed $$$
Lafferty Modern Best lightweight bed $$
Grace Collection Traditional Best wrought iron bed $
Soveriegn Traditional Best luxury bed $$$$

Wellhead Queen – Best affordable model
Wellhead Queen – Best affordable model

Wellhead not only adds to the value of your bedroom, but it also provides you the comfort of sleeping better at night. A fantastic piece of furniture built with solid metal and durable material to last for years.

It is easy for you to clean the headboard and the footboard with a damp cloth. Moreover, the bed comes with 4 center support legs that give it the balance it needs to stay stable. The maximum weight the bed can take is 700 pounds.

  • The metallic brown frame of the bed enhances the overall look of your bedroom.
  • The bed is durable and long-lasting.
  • Wellhead provides you the comfort you desire to sleep better.

  • It is heavy and difficult to move from one place to another.
Wellhead looks elegant and stylish, for those who are looking for an affordable bed while staying in comfort, this is the best choice.

Kingstown – Best rated overall

Kingstown – Best rated overall

Kingstown complements the furniture in your bedroom. It adds a sense of style and elegance wherever you place it. Their four poster beds blend comfort and style. It is a wonderful choice for people who want to enhance the décor of their bedroom.

With the removable canopy frame, you are able to maintain the royal look in your bedroom. This classy bed comes with a black solid frame made from solid wood. The style is inspired by British Colonial and Campaign Styling.

  • An elegant four-poster bed that decorates adorns your bedroom.
  • Made from solid wood that makes it sturdy and durable.
  • You can revive the bed with the removable canopy frame.
  • You’ll need a good amount of space to place it in your bedroom.
  • The height of the bed is too big.
It has a pleasing presence in your bedroom. It is made from high-quality wood that makes the bed look grand and luxurious.

Marblewood – Best contemporary style for spacious room

Marblewood – Best contemporary style for spacious room

Marblewood four poster beds come with flared legs. If you want to create a modern look in your bedroom, this is the best selection for you. Their high-end four poster beds enhance the overall look wherever you place it.

It comes with solid wood construction. The wood is high-quality that gives the bed a classy look. The footboard and headboard are finely designed with high-standard wood. You can lean comfortably on the headboard to read a book or watch TV.

The wooden posts of the bed give it a sophisticated finish. They add to the beauty of the bed. You can even remove them if you want a simpler look.

  • The bed is made from solid and durable wood.
  • It is an elegant and stylish bed that gives your bedroom a modern look.
  • The headboard and footboard of the bed are very comfortable.
  • You are able to sleep well at night.
  • The wooden posts are very unstable.
  • Not easy to assemble.
If you are looking to give a contemporary look to your bedroom, this bed would be able to match your style. It’s a massive bed that will fit well in your spacious bedroom.

Beckett – Best for low ceiling height

Beckett – Best for low ceiling height

Beckett Four Poster beds are a perfect snooze spot for your bedroom. They will give your room a sense of style and elegance that allows you to sleep with comfort and ease.

It is a nice looking bed made from high-quality wood. The chocolate brown frame complements the furniture in your bedroom.

Moreover, the stylish and well-made posts that are innovatively designed give the bed a royal look. They are removable and can be taken off easily.

The bed comes with a weight capacity of 800 pounds and won’t lose its balance if you share it with your partner. You can have a good night of sleep without any worry.

  • It gives you the ease and style you want to enhance the comfort of your bedroom.
  • The posts are stable and removable.
  • The wood is solid and durable.
  • Assembling the bed might take time.
  • The construction of the bed is not very strong.
If the ceiling height of your room is low but you still want to add four poster elegance then, this is the perfect choice for you. It enhances the overall look in your bedroom and allows you to sleep well.

Granite Range – Best value for money

Granite Range – Best value for money

Granite Range four poster beds are constructed with a blend of foam, metal, and fabric. It is elegantly upholstered and gives your bedroom a classic look. The metal frame is upholstered with sophisticated fabric that gives the bed a nice touch.

Moreover, the headboard of the bed is stylish and unique. It is slightly arched that adds a sense of style to the bed. You can lean with comfort on the headboard to check your emails or read a book.

Furthermore, the metal frame construction is durable and long-lasting. You can use it for years. The bed won’t get damaged and lose its classiness. It is also easy for you to clean. You can use a dry or damp cloth to clean the metal frame.

  • The bed frame is shiny metal that is classy and elegant.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The metal construction is durable and high-class.
  • The metal footboard or headboard might dent easily.
Who doesn’t want to have a good value for the money? It’s a splendid addition to your bedroom with not only a strong and durable metal frame but it is also stylish.

Hazeltine U- Best regal appeal

Hazeltine U- Best regal appeal

Hazeltine four poster beds are stylish and have an eye-catching design. You can either put it in your master bedroom or your guest room. It complements the furniture of the room wherever you place it.

The bed frame is made from solid wood that gives it a classy and sophisticated look. Moreover, it comes with a nickel nail heads finish. The posters of the bed are removable and give the bed a nice appeal.

The headboard of the bed is upholstered with fine fabric that is 100% polyester and 100% linen. It gives your bedroom a modern look and matches your style.

  • The frame is crafted from durable wood construction.
  • You’ll love the removable posts that enhance the look of the bedroom.
  • The upholstered headboard is eye-catching and alluring.
  • The bed is not made from high-quality material.
You’ll be amazed by the design and style of the bed. If your bedroom is spacious and roomy, this bed is perfect to give your room an antique regal appeal.

Helena – Best adjustable bed

Helena – Best adjustable bed

The last thing you want in your room is an uncomfortable bed to sleep on after a long tiring day. Helena four poster bed is a modern and contemporary bed that gives you the convenience to sleep well. It also allows you to maintain a strong fashion statement.

When it comes to quality, Helena makes no compromise. The frame of the bed is made from premium-quality wood. The bed comes with four wooden posts that are easy for you to assemble.

  • High-quality wood makes the bed solid and sturdy.
  • It is easy for you to assemble.
  • The headboard, footboard, and posts are versatile. You can adjust them according to your requirement.
  • The posts are easy to put together. They don’t lose their stability and balance.
  • You might find it difficult to assemble.
This bed comes with a solid and wooden headboard. The posts of the bed are attractive, flexible and give your bedroom an antique feel. You can adjust the posters of this bed according to the size of the room.

Lafferty – Best lightweight bed

Lafferty – Best lightweight bed

Lafferty comes with slightly flared legs that add to the sense of style and functionality of the bed. It is made using a solid wood construction with curved lines. The wood gives the bed a traditional look. It is well-crafted and durable. The headboard and the footboard come with curved and straight lines.

The bright white color of the bed enhances the classic appeal of your bedroom. You can create a calm and smooth setting in your bedroom by matching your curtains and furniture with this elegant bed.

  • The white color of the bed adds to the beauty of the bed.
  • The wooden construction is solid and sturdy.
  • You can clean the bed easily.
  • You might find it difficult to assemble.
For an elegant and sophisticated look of your bedroom, this model is the best choice. The bright white color is soothing for your eyes. It creates a calm environment in your bedroom and its lightweight feature allows you to adjust it to any room easily.

Upham – Best wrought iron bed

Upham – Best wrought iron bed

Upham adds a sense of style to your bedroom and encourages a peaceful environment to sleep. The headboard is upholstered with faux leather fabric. The box stitching and crystal buttons add a sense of delicacy to your room.

The bed comes with solid headboard and footboard that are constructed from high-quality wood. You’ll love the comfort the wooden construction provides. Unlike metal, it stays warm and puts you to sleep better.

  • A stylish and elegant bed that enhances the classiness of your bedroom.
  • Uniquely designed with an upholstered headboard.
  • You don’t need to assemble the bed.
  • It does not come with center support legs.
This gorgeous bed comes with wrought iron frame and faux leather upholstered headboard that will last for many years even after regular use.

Sovereign – Best luxury bed

Sovereign – Best luxury bed

Sovereign is an outstanding bed that is upholstered with pure leather. It gives your bedroom a royal and luxurious touch. The leather upholstery is versatile and works well with the décor of your bedroom.

The bed frame is well-made with ornate carving. The veneers, birch solids, and cherry give the bed a classy and traditional look.

Furthermore, the soft mink finishing of the bed complements the furniture in your bedroom. It makes your bedroom more peaceful and calm. You are able to sleep better.

  • It is made from solid wood with ornate carving.
  • The headboard is stylish and unique. The leather upholstery gives it a classic appeal.
  • You’ll be able to treasure it for years to come.
  • Too heavy.
Sovereign looks royal and majestic wherever you place it. It’s a perfect addition to your luxury bedroom.

What to Look For in a Four Poster: Buyer’s Guide

When out buying a four poster or looking for models online, the following aspects should be kept in mind and studied thoroughly:


The frame of the bed is the main base on which the entire mattress stands. This could include the headboards as well, but usually doesn’t. The frame is the main supporting structure and is extremely necessary to consider when buying a four poster.

Four posters come in two different bed frames: wood and metal.

The wooden ones are a bit more durable, but can break easily. However, the wooden ones usually ensure a more traditional feel, and the wooden headboards will definitely look better than any metal bed.

Metal frames are more durable, and last longer. They are usually resistant to breaking and extreme stress. However, it’s all about the looks. A metal bed with metal frames and metal headboards and bases rarely look as decent and captivating as its wooden counterpart. But as always, the decision is entirely in your hand.


The headboard is the main decorative board which is attached to the back of the bed, and in a four-poster, this will consist of two of the four vertical columns.

Upholstered headboards are the craze nowadays. The fabric used is mostly canvas or leather. An upholstered headboard will definitely add a divine new look to your otherwise bland and tasteless bedroom.

Extended headboards have recently entered the market, and while they’re not as popular, they can certainly be worth the price. These headboards are exactly what they sound like: extended. They extend well beyond the width of the bed, and take up more space than regular headboards. However, they become extremely useful, as many have built-in or addable dressers, shelves, drawers, mirrors, and much more.

Headboard Shapes

The shape of the headboard is a definite requirement when considering to buy a four poster. Headboards can be found in multiple shapes, and the right one is the one which suits your requirements.

Square/rectangular headboards are a bit outdated and mostly cliché, but a traditional old school headboard can still be a great experience. The added beauty yet simplicity of a simple quadrilateral will certainly uplift the grace of all the other elements in the room.

Camelback beds are as simple as square ones, but slightly more fashionable. Nonetheless, we believe that a good four-poster is a simple one, and as camelback just makes that even better.

Scalloped beds are like Camelback Deluxe; bigger, better, and slightly fancier. Instead of just one hump, there is usually a whole pattern cut out into the headboard, maintaining the simplicity but also adding a bit of fanciness.

Cut out headboards usually have a net-like modern or traditional design, but our favorite ones are the French headboards, which are as ornate and classic as can be.


Bases are the next thing to look out for. A good strong base means a good strong and sturdy bed. Platform divans are a great option as they are cheaper and will usually do the trick for most users. These are non-sprung, and are relatively sturdier, and can provide great spinal support for users.

A sprung edge divan has springs inside it that support the spine while also providing cushioned support. They are great for body contouring, but are less sturdy and provide lesser firmness and support than a platform divan.

Slatted bases lack style, but can provide a medium amount of firmness and comfort. These are made of bars of firm wood with an additional flat layer of wood to support the mattress.

What Is The Best Style Of Four Poster?

For us, the style which stands out the most is definitely the traditional four-poster bed. This design is a definite plus point for anyone who installs it in their bedrooms or guest rooms.

Half testers are also a great choice. They add that canopy feeling without actually taking up much space. Plus, these are great to fixate any lighting on, as the tester is right above the sleeper’s head.

Pencil post beds usually lack a canopy or a tester, and are as simple as can be. Many might find this design ugly, while others may find it intriguing. The pencil-thin posts may just be a bit too much (or too little), but overall the concept is dramatic and minimalistic.

Canopy beds usually have a curtain or veil draped around the tester to create a luxurious royal look. The ceiling is also sometimes made of stretched canvas, or can be entirely made of wood. You can even find quilts designed to fit four poster beds. Overall, this style is deluxe and fashionable, and we would definitely recommend it.

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