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Do you agree that the best hybrid mattress offers the most sensational sleep experience? What a great sleep gear this is for heavy sleepers and people with back pain.

Hybrid mattresses are among the most preferred beds, and for good reasons. They are usually made of a combination of pocketed coils/spring system and premium materials.

This amazing combination provides you with the best of both worlds as far bed designs are concerned. You get a cross between two structures for ultimate performance.

In this guide, we will review the top five hybrid models the market has to offer. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Choose Hybrid Mattresses


Unlike other designs, a hybrid bed combines a spring system with either latex or memory foam to provide you with the merits of both technologies. Basically, this structure allows you to experience the perfect mix of contouring, comfort and sturdy edge support.

This design provides a complete sleeping solution for diverse people. You no longer have to choose or compromise support and comfort for a good night sleep. The best of both worlds can be obtained with the best hybrid mattress.

Design Materials

The finest models, which we will review shortly, feature top-of-the-line latex, memory foam, and coil/spring system. These are the mattresses you need if you are after superior support, contouring, bounce, and comfort.

With these mattresses, you get advanced edge support. The integrated coil system offers outstanding edge support. This ensures you do not roll off your bed when sleeping or sink when sitting on the edge.

This advanced design comes with amazing motion reduction ability. Unlike traditional coil systems, the contemporary coil/spring systems react independently to deliver much better motion isolation, allowing you to sleep soundly with your partner.

Medium and Luxury Feel

The major benefit of a hybrid mattress is the combination of foam/latex and spring/coil system. This combination provides a distinctive feel, which mostly includes medium soft or medium firm/luxury feel.

The medium soft feel is exactly what you need if you are used to changing positions more frequently during sleep. This is, in fact, a good choice for side sleepers. On the other hand, the luxury feel is a good choice for stomach and back sleepers.


The other factor that should inspire you to buy a hybrid mattress is durability. The best models use high durable coil systems to deliver, not only support, but also endurance. In other words, the coils or springs will hold up for years, providing bounce and support.

Top 5 best hybrid mattresses(Reviews and guide)

 Features DreamCloud Tomorrow S&F Sapira Tuck
Thickness (inches) 15 10 15 11 11
  • Cashmere fabric
  • Hi core 9.2 grade foam
  • Super core support foam
  • Pocketed spring coils


NASA memory foam and individually wrapped coils
  • PrimaCool performance fabric
  • advanced adapt foam, PrimaCool elite gel memory foam
  • IntelliCoil advanced coils


  • Cooling Avena foam
  • contouring memory foam
  • core support foam
  • quantum core pocket coils
  • Base foam
  • transition foam
  • continuous process latex
  • copper infused gel memory foam
  • pocketed coil support core
  • micro coils


Structure 8-layer hybrid design 5-layer hybrid design 6-layer hybrid design 5-layer hybrid design 7-layer hybrid design
Firmness Feel Luxury firm Medium soft & medium firm Luxury plush firm Medium firm Medium firm
Trial Period 365 night no-risk 365 night no-risk 120 night no-risk 100 night no-risk 145+ night no-risk
Warranty Everlong 10-year 10-year non-prorated 10-year limited 11+-year
Price of the Queen ($) 1,199(With code BMR200) 890 2,564 1,275 990
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DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Dreamcloud sleep mattress

DreamCloud provides you with the finest solution for excellent sleep. It is a 15-inch high, eight-layer bed that guarantees plush comfort. Each layer provides the finest performance that you could have ever wished for starting with the top.

  • 8-layer structure
  • Cashmere fabric cover
  • Viscoelastic memory foam (medical grade)
  • High core 9.2-grade foam
  • Super core 5-pound support foam
  • Patented coil system
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • 365-night no-risk trial
  • Everlong warranty

The first impressive technology used is the cashmere Truetufted top, which delivers amazing softness, breathability, and resistance to bedbugs. Then there is the gel infused foam, which provides reliable contouring support and cooling for your body.

For super softness, the manufacturer included the quilted memory foam. The structure features supreme natural latex, which is hypoallergenic and offers superb cushioning bounce for improved body contouring and comfort.

The patent pending coil system is encased with five zones of pocketed micro coils for superior body support. The base is made of high density foundation foam that helps to keep your back properly aligned. Not to mention the cradling it offers all night long.

This model comes with a luxury firmness of 6.5, which is ideal for stomach, back or side sleepers. The patent pending coil system does a great job of evenly distributing pressure to avoid pressure points, allowing you to sleep comfortably through the night.

The mattress has a brilliant amount of bounce, but not too much. When you push down the bed, it will quickly respond. This makes it really easy for you to adjust positions during sleep. You can get in and out of the mattress without problems.

Another impressive quality of the DreamCloud is the edge support. The great coil system along with dense foam railing on the outside allows you to sit on the edges without sinking too much. In fact, all you will feel is the remarkable support your body gets.

  • Cashmere top provides premium softness and improved breathability
  • Contouring support conforms to your body for cooling and support
  • Hypoallergenic natural latex offers cushioning bounce and contouring
  • Patent pending coils deliver the finest body support
  • Super soft base foam allows for proper alignment during sleep
  • Superior edge support prevents you from rolling off the bed
  • Luxury firmness is suitable for people with back pain
  • It may be too high for some users
  • Only 1 firmness scale
  • Not the choice if you are over 300lbs

Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress


This is the ultimate sleep solution for people who are not sure about the firmness. Unlike other hybrids that come with a single feel, the Tomorrow bed comes in a medium soft version and a medium firm version for preference and convenience.

  • 10-inch high
  • 5-layer structure
  • Medium soft and medium firm feel
  • NASA memory foam
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • 365-night no-risk trial
  • 10-year warranty

It features a nicely made, removable cover that is made up of a phase change material, which does a good job of drawing heat away from your body. This allows you to sleep cool, especially in warmer weather, which is convenient for most sleepers.

The next part after the cover is a one-inch layer consisting of a 4.8-pound foam with phase change technology. Along with the cover, this layer helps to dissipate heat. As a result, you are able to sleep cooler and more comfortable.

The third portion is made of two-inch gel-infused foam, which is the comfort foam layer. This portion improves the pressure relieving ability of the mattress. It does also offer superior comfort, especially when sleeping with a partner.

The next level of the mattress comprises of six-inch pocketed coils. Therefore, you have a high performing independent coil system. The well-positioned coils flex individually to offer minimum motion transfer, allowing you to get in and out of the bed at ease.

The coil system is surrounded by dense foam encasement that offers remarkable edge support, especially when sitting on the edges. The outside foam is also incorporated with aerated edge support for circulating air out of the mattress during sleep.

The base layer is one-inch thick made of poly foam, which helps to provide extra stability for proper body alignment. As earlier mentioned, the Tomorrow bed comes in two medium feel versions: medium soft and medium firm.

The medium firm feel is a suitable choice for back and stomach sleepers. However, you may have to consider the medium soft option if you are the kind of person who sleeps in all positions, especially for side sleepers.

The pocketed coil system and memory foam provides you with a good combination of support, bounce, and comfort. Reposition is easy, but not exemplary because it takes a little bit of time for the foam to pop up once you reposition.

  • It is one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses on the market
  • Available in medium soft and medium firm versions for preference
  • Top layers feature phase change technology for improved cooling
  • Pocketed coil system offers bounce, comfort, and support
  • The medium soft version is suitable for combinational sleepers
  • Has adequate edge support
  • Less perfect motion transfer
  • Not the choice if you love the thick mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Mattress

If you are searching for a top-tier hybrid bed with unique design features and performance, then you should search no further than the Stearns and Foster Lux Hybrid. This mattress is engineered from premium materials and coil system to provide ultimate sleep experience.

  • 15-inch high
  • 6-layer design
  • PrimaCool performance fabric
  • Advanced adapt foam material
  • PrimaCool elite gel foam
  • IntelliCoil advanced system
  • PrecisionEdge system
  • S and F air vents
  • 120-night no-risk trial
  • 10-year warranty

On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, the Stearns and Foster Lux Hybrid, has a luxury plush firmness of 6.5. This firmness is ideal for people who want a softer feel, but without compromising support and comfort. You get to enjoy every moment.

The first resourceful technology used in the construction is the PrimaCool performance fabric. The fabric is super soft, highly breathable, and moisture wicking. As the top cover, it ensures that all the moisture is drawn away from your body for better cooling.

Then there is the advanced adapt foam, which does an amazing job of combining conforming comfort and ease of movement. This section reduces pressure points and allows you to reposition yourself without experiencing any problems.

Additional contouring is provided by the PrimaCool elite gel foam, which conforms to your body to improve cooling and sleep. This foam material is very supportive. The special coil technology used is the IntelliCoil advanced system.

This coil system features shorter and thicker inner coils for support and longer outer coils for effective contouring. The IntelliCoil offers remarkable motion transfer, making the mattress ideal and convenient for light sleepers.

When compared to traditional beds, this model has one of the best precision edge systems. The edge provides resourceful sleeping surface and seating support. You will hardly roll off the bed as you comfortably change positions.

  • PrimaCool performance fabric is highly breathable and moisture wicking
  • Gel memory foam offers advanced contouring and cooling
  • IntelliCoil system delivers the perfect body support
  • Precision edge support provides more usable sleeping area and seating support
  • Outer foam encasement features S&F air vents for increased breathability
  • Superior motion transfer makes the model suitable for light sleepers
  • Comes with only a single firmness feel
  • Price is very high

Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Sapira is made by Leesa, is a little bit firm mattress that can be categorized as a straight up medium. Therefore, its firmness falls somewhere between 5 and 7 on the scale of 1 to 10. This is a suitable feel for combinational sleepers since it allows for easy repositioning.

  • 5-layer structure
  • Cooling Avena foam cover
  • Contouring memory foam
  • Core support foam base
  • Pocketed coil system
  • Superior edge to edge support
  • Supreme contouring and almost zero motion transfer
  • 100 night no-risk trial
  • 10-year limited warranty

The mattress exceptional performance is attributed to its five-layer construction. The very first portion of the bed is a 1.5-inch cooling Avena foam, which has approximately 3.65-pound density and 20 IFD.

The top layer is incorporated with holes for improved breathability and cooling. The same portion has very quick responses and superb bounce, allowing you to switch position without increasing pressure points. This is a great quality for side sleepers.

The next level is made of 1.5-inch viscoelastic memory foam, which has a density of 4 pounds and an IFD of 9. This level offers more bounce for better contouring. Just below the viscoelastic layer is a 1-inch core foam for support.

Then there is the 6-inch quantum core pocketed coil system with a 14.5 gauge. This is a very important part of this hybrid mattress. The interior coils are a little bit bigger in diameter to give the bed supreme support, but the ones on the edge are longer for better edge support.

Like most coil systems, the pocketed coils in this model move independently of one another for quality motion isolation. The cover is simply amazing with a sleek smoothness and a remarkable amount of stretch for contouring, cooling and comfort.

The edge to edge support of the design is just remarkable. It prevents you from rolling of the edge during a deep slumber. Basically, you will be floating on individually wrapped coils engineered to support the weight of your body.

  • Cooling Avena top foam offers cooling, bounce and movement
  • First layer is fully aerated for better breathability and cooling
  • Memory foam contours to your body for superior pressure relief
  • Premium grade steel springs offer optimum support and alignment
  • Edge to edge support prevents you from falling off the edge and allows you to sit comfortably
  • Bottom layers offer unmatched contouring and near-perfect motion transfer
  • Mattress may be too firm for some sleepers
  • Warranty and trial is just so so
  • Not the best choice for the money

Tuck Hybrid Mattress


Tuck is probably the only brand that finds out more about you in order to build a mattress that fits your specifications. The company works with the finest manufacturers to come up with high-quality components found in the Tuck Hybrid Mattress.

  • 7-layer construction
  • 11-inch high
  • Medium firm feel
  • Uses continuous process latex
  • Copper infused gel foam offers more contouring
  • Pocketed coil system provides good edge support
  • 145+ night no-risk trial
  • 11+ year warranty

The company guarantees near-perfect sleep experience with their incredibly designed coil system and high-density foams. On Tuck’s website, you will come across a photo of five people relaxing on the queen size of this model. This tells you of the mattress’ strong support.

Tuck experts believe that the key to quality sleeping is proper spinal alignment. Therefore, they have taken their time to do extensive field research so as to find out what customers want. Basically, they have spent adequate time collecting data from different sleep experts.

The top quality cover is engineered from a combination of polyester and rayon along with an in-built cooling agent. A significant percentage of the fabric is REPREVE. This cover is soft, moisture wicking and very comfortable.

Just below the cover is copper infused gel foam that offers a conforming feel and helps with temperature regulation. The next layer features continuous pour process latex, which offers superb performance in terms of support and bounce.

Then there is a high performing layer of individually encased micro coils, which help alleviate all pressure points on your body. The queen is integrated with a pocketed coil support core system, which is encased with high-gauge coils for superior edge support.

The second last layer is transition poly foam that improves the comfort provided by the top layers. Then there is the base foam, which has a density of 1.8 pounds and an IFD of 41 to 62 for maximum support.

Unlike most brands, Tuck provides you with additional hours, as far as the trial period is concerned to help you decide. The return policy is hassle-free; the company will coordinate with you to donate the mattress and give your money back.

  • Mattress is made-to-order to customer’s specifications
  • REPREVE cover offers sufficient cooling and comfort
  • Gel foam and latex conforms to your body for support and cooling
  • Micro coils/pocketed coil system deliver quality bounce and edge support
  • Luxury firm of 6 to 7 is suitable for back and stomach sleepers
  • Dual comfort customization is only available for queen size and larger
  • Not the choice for side sleepers

The Wrap Up

The Tuck bed brings us to the end of our best hybrid mattress reviews. We have covered the top five high-quality models the market has to offer. Our selections are based on pricing, user rating, top-of-the-line features, and unparalleled performance.

Our Editor’s Choice for this guide is the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress. Unlike the other four, this bed comes with the most popular features. Not to mention that it is competitively priced and comes with an Everlong warranty and hassle free return policy.

Still not find what you need, take a look at our top 10 best mattresses 2018. Enjoy!

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