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The 5 Best Rated Innersprings Mattresses

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Innerspring mattresses have been around for many years now. Most people do have a basic idea about what they are. Memory foams and latex mattresses joined the party later, but innersprings are like their early ancestors in the mattress field. Innerspring cushioning first came to the scene back in 1870 when Berliner Heinrich Westphal brought this concept to bedding. His design was a revolution as it featured a sleep surface that was firm and its rows were insulated with coils made of metal. These coils were able to provide support and withstand the compression. 60 years after that, the design was patented in the US and has dominated the mattress industry for quite some time.

Top 4 Best Innerspring Mattress 2020

ReviewsFirmness ThicknessWarranty/TrialHighlight
Big Fig Mattress6.5 (Medium Firm)13-inch20 years/101 nightsDesigned for Heavy People
Avocado Green5.5 (Medium) to 6.5 (Medium Firm)11-inch to 13-inch 25 years/100 nightsHealthy Option (Organic Latex)
Saatva Mattress
  • 4 (Medium Soft) to 7.5 (Firm)
  • 3 Comfort Level
11.5-inch to 14.5-inch15 years/120 nightsFor Euro Pillow Top Lovers
Voila Mattress 
  • 4 (Medium Soft) to 7 (Firm)
  • 3 Comfort Level
10-inch to 12-inch10 years/100 nightsThree Different Firmness Levels

Big Fig Mattress – For Heavyweight People

Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig mattress is a hybrid model that features gel-infused latex as its top layer and offers actively cool sleeping experience. The second layer has polyfoam with 1.8 PCF density level that doesn’t sag over time. The support core also features polyfoam with 2.5 PCF density level. The high strength 80 ILD edge foam provides a strong edge support. The BigFig foundation can lift up to 5 times more weight as compared to any traditional base.

Furthermore, the support core features pocketed coils with 15 gauging and the 1600 coil count for a King-sized mattress that is averagely 50% more as compared to any traditional innerspring mattress. The cover material features Lycra Spandex, polyurethane and viscose.

Big Fig Mattress comes with a 101-Night trial period, and your mattress will be covered under a 20-year warranty. As it is equipped with thin gauged coils, the support core offers an excellent support system for the people who weigh over 230lbs. Furthermore, the support system also features high-density memory foam which means that it will be able to provide your body with proper contouring.

The overall firmness level of Big Fig is 6.5, and it falls in the medium-firm category. Though, the mattress hasn’t received a rating from the Better Business Bureau because the company is relatively new and it started its operation back in 2016. Most customers complain that there is only one firmness level available with this brand and if you prefer high or low firmness that you don’t have many options from which you can make your choice.


  • This mattress is specially designed for bigger figures. It is designed to lift up to 1000 lbs. of the weight of 2 persons or up to 500 lbs. of a single person.
  • The Big Fig mattress is equipped with ThermoGel technology that enables the mattress to regulate temperature while you sleep on it.
  • All sizes available with Big Fig come with 13-inch.
  • Support core can lift 5 times more weight as compared to any traditional base.
  • Another advantage that you have with Big Fig is that its price is below than the average-price of different other hybrid models.


  • Relatively new mattress not tested for durability.
  • Only one level of firmness.
 If you’re an overweight couple then without a doubt Big Fig mattress is for you. Its 1600 coil count offers even support throughout the mattress and the foundation lifts up to 5 times more weight than any other standard foundation. 

Avocado Mattress – Healthy Option (Organic Latex)

Avocado Mattress

The mattresses offered by Avocado are latex hybrid, and you can buy these models either with pillow-top or without it. The model with pillow top features Joma wool and natural Dunlop latex in the comfort layer along with an extra layer of Dunlop latex while the non-pillow top model doesn’t function that additional layer.

Both models also come with the same support core that is comprised of pocketed coils and an inch thick layer of Dunlop latex. The coils of the mattress have 16 gauging perimeter coils, 17 gauging along with 14 gauging center coils. Based on the chosen size, the coil counts range between 756 and 1414. The comfort layers and support core features Dunlop latex that is extracted from the plants. The cover material of this mattress is made of 100-percent organic cotton that keeps the dust and mite away.

The overall firmness level ranges from 6 to 7. The firmness level of the mattress varies from soft to medium and is best suited for side sleepers.  Furthermore, the company offers 100-night sleep trials along with 25-year warranty to its customers.

It means that there are no harmful substances used in the making of this mattress. The mattress is Green-Guard Gold certified which means that your mattress has gone through the stringiest of quality tests and its construction doesn’t involve any pollutants or volatile organic compounds.

In addition to that, your Avocado mattress also features a pressure point system equipped with zoning. It means that your mattress can handle your lumbar, hips and shoulders separately to provide you with a quality sleep during the night. Furthermore, the coil system keeps your body cool at night, and you don’t have to worry about waking in the middle of the night due to that sweaty feeling.


  • It keeps your spine alignment in the right position and handles your lumbar, hips and shoulders separately to provide you with a quality sleep.
  • The use of 100% natural materials that are naturally antimicrobial makes it hypoallergenic.
  • The heavy-duty handles on both sides of the mattress give you the convenience to move it easily.
  • 25 years of warranty with


  • Shipping will cost you $199.
  • Doesn’t offer a wide range of firmness to choose.
 If you want to get a mattress that is 100% environment-friendly and its construction doesn’t involve any hazardous chemicals and harmful substances then Avocado Green is perfect for you. You’ll get a mattress prepared from natural New Zealand Joma wool, naturally hydrated silica, quantum edge fabric-encased innersprings and 100% natural latex. 

Saatva Mattress – For Euro Pillow Top Lovers

Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses are innersprings with comfort layer that features memory foam, polyfoam and innerspring with pocketed coils. The coils have 14.5 gaugings and offer excellent support for a long time to come.

Saatva mattress’s support core is made with hourglass coils that are connected with helical. These coils come with foam encasement. The configuration is termed as a coil-on-coil design that is coupled with the comfort layer of the mattress. It also features a Euro-top for additional cushioning while the cover is made of organic cotton.

The natural bounce that comes with the coil systems makes this mattress suitable for sharing those intimate moments with your loved one. Furthermore, the coil system also allows the mattress to support temperature regulation throughout the night.

The support system of this mattress integrated pressure point relief that makes the mattress firm in the lumbar region and soft in the shoulder and hip region. It makes the mattress one of the best options for back sleepers. The mattress comes with a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty. It is available in different sizes, and each one of them comes with thickness level that ranges from 11.5-inch to 14.5-inch.

The mattress is also made of high quality environmentally friendly materials and doesn’t involve any hazardous substances. Therefore, it is a better option for health-conscious people too. As it is available in different thickness levels, the support core slightly varies in construction across the models. The 11.5-inch model features a four-inch thick Bonnell coil innerspring layer with 13 gaugings while the 14.5-inch version has a seven-inch innerspring layer.

The comfort layer of these models also features a 14-gauged pocketed coil layer along with a layer of polyfoam and memory foam as well. The Euro-top cover materials include organic cotton, fiber, and polyfoam. If you like Euro-top then you will love Saatva mattress.


  • A range of firmness levels to choose.
  • You’ll get a natural bounce that adds to the pleasure of sex.
  • The ideal mattress for back sleepers, although equally good for all sleeping position.
  • Affordable luxury spring mattress.


  • Some customer reported its inefficiency to give you cool sleeping experience.
 The 14.5 gauging coils offer excellent support to your body. The natural bounce of this mattress makes it suitable for sharing those intimate moments with your partner. The Euro-top cover adds to the luxury feeling of the sleeper. 

Voila Mattress – Three Different Firmness Levels

Voila Mattress – Three Different Firmness Levels

The best part of Voila mattress is that you can choose from three distinctive firmness levels when selecting a mattress for your bedroom. You can opt for Plush, Medium and Firm. The design and construction of each of these models slightly vary from one another thus, offering different firmness level.

The Plush model is 12-inch in thickness. The top layer is constructed with gel-infused memory foam with 3 PCF density level. The second layer in the comfort system is formed of gel-infused latex. The support core features a layer made of polyfoam with pocketed coils that adapt to your body and keep your body aligned while sleeping.

The Medium model is 11-inch in thickness. The comfort system of this model involves a top layer of gel-infused memory foam with 3 PCF density level. The second layer is made of gel-infused memory foam with 4 PCF density level. There is a third layer that is formed of gel-infused latex and then comes the base layer of polyfoam integrated with pocketed coils.

The Firm model has a 10-inch thickness and features a comfort system where the top layer has a density of 4 PCF and is made of gel-infused memory foam. The second layer features gel-infused latex while the base layer is made of polyfoam that is integrated with pocketed coils. All these models have similar covers that have side panels made of mesh and tops made of stretch polyester.

Voila offers above average pressure relief system and conformance. The mattress provides excellent edge support and doesn’t cost much as compared to the other hybrids. As the company is new in the mattress industry, we cannot judge its product lifespan adequately. However, it does tend to sleep hot as compared to its rivals in this review.


  • Three different firmness levels to choose.
  • Five zone of pocket coils gives you the comfort where it matters, from the middle till the edges.
  • It is easy to get out of the bed and move around on it.
  • The mattress comes with 100-night sleep trial and 10-year limited warranty.


  • The mattress is relatively heavy, and you would have to make considerable effort to move it around in your room.
  • You will experience a slight off-gassing.
  • Some complaints of sleeping hot.
 If you’re heavyweight or a side sleeper this mattress is for you because it offers great edge support and a bit more pressure relief then traditional models. Plus you can choose the firmness level according to your need. 

Innerspring Alternatives

There are various alternatives to an innerspring mattress available on the market. These listed as follows:

Memory Foam (Polyfoam)

It is also known as a visco-elastic mattress and is comprised of polyurethane foam with high density and offers an excellent support system. It contours well to the shape of your body very closely.

Memory Foam (Polyfoam)

Gel-Infused memory foam

This polyurethane foam is infused with gel and offers excellent heat dispersion for the user. Gel-infused memory foams are useful when it comes to comfort and support.

Gel-Infused memory foam


This mattress has a layer in the support core that is made of latex derived from plant-based extracts or different petroleum-based substances.



The hybrid mattress has a combination of different types of mattresses. One layer has a steel coil system while the other layer might feature latex or polyurethane foam. Other hybrids might feature gel combined with layers of different materials.




In the support core of airbeds, there are separate air chambers that you can adjust according to your needs and requirements. The chamber is covered with padding, and it might include different fibers and foams.



Waterbeds function similar to airbeds only instead of the air chambers; these beds have water chambers. You can adjust the support core according to your requirements.


Innerspring Mattress Buying Guide

Recently, some other models have joined the mattress market including latex, memory foam, airbeds, and hybrids. Nevertheless, innerspring still comprise two-thirds of the overall sales of the industry according to recent research. Most people still prefer innersprings over other types of mattresses because innersprings are relatively cheap and are readily available at different sales points both in-store and online.

Innersprings are also best suited for stomach sleepers. Moreover, people who weigh more than 230lbs. and those who have some backache issues also prefer coiled mattresses. These mattresses even sleep cool as compared to polyfoam and latex. On the other hand, there are some criticisms associated with coiled mattresses too. Innersprings are prone to premature sagging, don’t have much lifespan and they don’t offer motion isolation.

Innerspring Mattress types

There are different kinds of innersprings that you can find on the market. Some of them have traditional design and construction while others are hybrid. The primary design and structure remain the same across all models. The support core comprises four different types of coils which are listed as follows:

  • Bonnell coils

These innerspring mattress coils have an hourglass shape, and the middle of the coil is thinner as compared to edges. These coils compress with soft pressure and are the cheapest regarding price.

For this reason, they also offer low durability. There are different firmness levels that you can pick because they come in different wire gauges. Nevertheless, the firm versions are better than soft ones.

 The mattresses with Bonnell coils are best for dorms, guest rooms, and kids’ room. You don’t need to spend much on these beds. 
  • Continuous Coils

The innerspring mattress with continuous coils is another simple option which is inexpensive as well. A continuous wire is used in the development of these coils, and they are aligned in rows. The rows are linked with the help of helical.

This coil system also offers an excellent support system which is firm. Continuous coiled innersprings work well with thick comfort layers while the helical can prevent motion transfer. The only disadvantage here is the interlinked neighboring coils don’t provide much body contouring.

 If you want to get an inexpensive mattress and need improved support in the middle due to lower backaches, then continuous coil innerspring is the best option for you. 
  •  Offset Coils

Offset coils are better than their Bonnell and continuous counterparts. These coils work with the help of a shaped wire that creates a hinged effect while joining the next coil. If you increase the pressure, then the base layer comes into action.

Offset coils come in different versions including top & bottom hinged, double and single-sided extension, double offset and free-arm. It is the second-costliest coil type and is suitable for a differential mattress construction.

 If you are on a budget, then offset coils might not be a good option for you. If you sleep with your partner, then it shares the load better as compared to the pocketed innersprings. Offset coil innersprings offer low firmness for support as well. 
  • Pocketed Coils

Innersprings with pocketed coils provide the best response rate if you are looking for this attribute specifically. These coils produce a plusher firmness on the first compression, and it increases with a deep compression. In most cases, the pocketed coil innersprings are imported versions. Furthermore, North American manufacturers offer better quality than their Asian counterparts as well.

Pocketed coils score very high when it comes to motion isolation. This mattress is an ideal option for you if you share your bed with your significant other. As they come with individual wrapping, the pocketed coil innersprings also offer better body contouring as compared to other coiled mattresses.

 If you need to make good use of your investment and expect high durability from your innerspring mattress, then you should go for pocketed coils. If you weigh over 230lbs. then this mattress is a good option for you. The pocketed coil innersprings are also a good option for couples because it reduces motion transferability. 
  • Summary
Coil TypePriceShapeJoinerCoil GaugeCoil Count
Bonnell$$Hourglass (rounded)Low-gauge wire & helicalLow – High300 – 600
Offset$$$Hourglass (straightened ends)HelicalLow – Medium600 – 2,000
Continuous$$Straight lineHelicalMedium-High400 – 800
Pocketed$$$$Spiral (encased with cloth)Glue (hot-melt)High800 – 1,200

Coil count

A common question that appears is what the ideal coil count of a good quality innerspring is?  It is a noteworthy point since the number of coils can influence the overall support and comfort that innerspring offer. For more than five decades the standard coil count has been 800 in a queen mattress.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers claim and offer significantly higher coil count than 800 too. But,  a higher number of coil counts don’t guarantee quality either . Therefore, you have to check the facts behind the claims yourself practically. In most cases, a full-size mattress comes with 300, a queen comes with 400, and a king comes with 480 coil count on average.

Coil Gauge

In addition to coil count, coil gauge also makes plenty of difference. Coil gauge refers to the thickness level of the coils used in an innerspring mattress. The coils that have a higher gauge provide a softer feel. On the other hand, the low gauged coils have a much longer lifespan as compared to high-gauged coils.

 People who weigh over 230lbs. should look for low-gauged coils  because it will provide improved support and pushback. It is better to see for coil gauge that ranges between 12 and 15. If you like a soft feel, then go for a range that is close to 15. For more firmness, you should aim for a gauge close to 12.

The comfort layer of innersprings

The layer above the spring support core is the comfort layer of the mattress. Usually, there are one or two layers involved in this segment of an innerspring mattress. The comfort layer has a low density as compared to the support core. This layer might be made of memory foam or latex.


Zoning means that a single innerspring mattress has different firmness levels in different regions. It enables the mattress to contour according to your body type. There are three different regions of your body type, including your lumbar, shoulder and hip area. The innerspring that comes with zoning offers a softer firmness in the shoulder and hip area while it provides an increased stiffness in the lumbar region for additional support.

The Feel

Some of you might feel the innersprings a little firmer as compared to the latex or polyfoam. Therefore, you might experience less pressure relief and contouring in this case. The innersprings off excellent edge support where you mostly sit due to the coils system right up to the edges.

These innersprings offer much better bounce as compared to latex and memory foam as well but they are not good regarding noise and motion isolation. However, the high bounce of innersprings makes them better for sex. Furthermore, innersprings don’t retain as much hear as compared to memory foam or latex and sleep cool.


The lifespan of an innerspring can vary and based on different factors. Coil count, gauge, and composition are the most significant ones. The low gauges coils are durable as compared to high-gauges coils. The tempered steel coils are far more long-lasting than a non-tempered variant.

Therefore, the pocketed coils that are made of non-tempered steel and high gauging are least durable of all innerspring mattresses. The continuous coils are made for high compression but they medium gauging.

Offset and Bonnell coils are usually made of tempered steel and have low to medium gauging which means that they offer the best durability. However, innersprings steel has the least lifespan among all the options when compared with other types of mattresses.

Innerspring Average Lifespan

The Cost

The innersprings are the cheapest options among the mattresses. The prices of premium quality models range from $1400 to over $2400. On the other hand, an inferior quality innerspring will only cost you around $200 as well.

Average Cost of Queen Mattress by Material Type

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