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Best Intex Air Mattress

Intex air mattress stands in a class of their own. The Intex brand comes highly recommended as far as air mattresses are concerned. They offer a cheap and quick solution for people who need a good night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

Our in-depth research includes user ratings, user satisfaction, and comparisons which show that Intex beds are among the most popular air mattress options on the market. They stand tall against some revered airbed brands in the industry.

Intex Recreation Corp History

The company has been in the industry for over 40 years. Intex was launched in 1966. The company is currently situated in Long Beach, California. Beforehand, Intex Recreation Corp was called “The Wet Set”. The first inflatable product that they produced was a beach ball.

The company is well-known for distributing a variety of products and they use a host of retail partners to distribute their airbeds, toys, spas, and above ground pools among other things. They take pride in providing high-quality products.

In 1997, the company entered the above-ground swimming pool industry where they flourished. They also sell their products in over a hundred countries across the globe.

Intex Recreation Corp is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint. According to the company, they have worked for over 10 years with their supplier to decrease the number of fossil fuels used, hence providing safe and fun products.

Intex Highlights

Offers the Best Innovation and Quality

The innovation of Intex airbeds is centered on quality and value. Their affordable products are designed to last. They are part of a global family of companies with over forty years of innovative history.

The company is focused on delivering the best quality air mattresses at a remarkably cheap price. These affordable products are aimed at providing unmatched safety, comfort, and fun. Not to mention that they test their beds to make sure they meet their elevated standards.

More Than One Collection

What sets Intex aside from other air mattress brands is their unique collection of airbeds. They have four amazing collections that will definitely suit your needs. They include the following:

  • In-Home

Intex in-home air mattress provides you a luxurious sleeping experience that you have always been looking for. Models in this collection are tested for comfortable sleep that outshines traditional mattresses.

Intex in-home airbeds feature high-quality premium materials, such as interconnected air pocketed systems, pillow rests, lavish foam, and plush flocking to guarantee you ultimate comfort during sleep.

  • Outdoor

As far as camping goes, Intex knows exactly what you need. The outdoor camping models are designed to virtually handle any terrain that you may expose them to. This collection guarantees you superior comfort and durability.

  • Dura-Beam

Intex takes your air mattress experience to a whole new level with their new patented Dura-Beam designs, which feature fiber-tech interior construction. The high strength polyester fibers guarantee lasting comfort and amazing durability.

  • Premaire

This collection presents a new level of innovation and luxury. Like the Dura-Beam models, the Premaire collection also features fiber-tech technology. These mattresses provide outstanding structural stability as well as support.

Fiber-Tech Technology

An incredible night’s sleep begins with a single thread. An amazingly smart, durable, and flexible thread. Introducing revolutionary fiber-tech technology by Intex. High strength durable fibers do not stretch over time.

Thousands of these fibers allow the bed to comfortably contour to your body, resulting in an airbed providing unmatched support for luxurious and restful sleep. The fiber-tech technology by Intex is designed for comfort and engineered for durability.

Intex Drawbacks

Undedicated Warranty

It is quite unfortunate that Intex Corp does not provide their own warranty for the majority of their products. Instead, you have a 30-day return from the delivery date based on a number of conditions.

Unsatisfactory Customer Support

According to our findings based on customer satisfaction, some users claim that Intex customer support is unsatisfactory.

Top 5 Best Seller of Intex Air Mattress

Short Reviews Size Height Weight Capacity (pounds) Price
Intex 9-Inch Pillow Rest Classic Airbed Full 9-inch 300 Check Price
Intex Raised Downy Airbed Queen 22-inch 600 Check Price
Intex Supreme Airflow Air Mattress Twin 20-inch 300 Check Price
Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed Queen 22-inch 600 Check Price
Intex Premaire Elevated Airbed Twin 18-inch 300 Check Price

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Intex 9-Inch Full Pillow Rest Classic Airbed – Full

Intex 9-Inch Full Pillow Rest Classic Airbed - Full

The Intex Full Pillow Rest Classic offers a perfect combination of convenience and luxury quality. This bed is very easy to use bed because it comes with a built-in electric pump. So, you do not have to manually fill the air, just plug it into your power source and switch on.

This is a suitable choice for people who need the comfort of an airbed, but the expediency of a blow-up bed.

This may not be a suitable choice for those who want a more permanent indoor sleeping solution and those who carry a lot of weight.

This bed is made of waterproof flocked top that features vinyl beams as well as sturdy construction. It is highly water and puncture resistant. Even though this product is recommended for in-home use, you can still use it outdoors.

It is equipped with a built-in electric pump. All you have to do is turn the dial to the right and hit the power button. The pump will effectively inflate the bed within a few minutes. You can deflate to adjust the firmness by turning the dial towards the left and hit the power button.

There is also a store away spot for the cord. You just have to open it to pull the cord out when you want to inflate the bed. You can always hide away the cord into the spot when it is not in use, such as during the night when you are sleeping.

The most amazing feature of this bed is the inbuilt pillow that adds comfort. You can choose to use the built-in pillow or add a separate pillow. The built-in pillow acts as a pillow stop that ensures your additional pillow stays in place as you sleep.

What most users like about this bed is the ease of adjusting firmness. It only takes a turn of a knob to achieve your desired firmness.

One of the major issues of this bed is sleeping hot. This is particularly the case when used in hot environments. Therefore, we recommend that you use standard twin sheets or fitted sheets to improve comfort.


  • No need of a pillow, thanks to the pillow rest design
  • Built-in electric pump will inflate or deflate the bed in a matter of minutes
  • You can adjust firmness with a touch of a single button
  • Folds neatly for packaging, storage, and travel
  • Flocked top keeps sheets from sliding off


  • May sleep hot in warmer climates
  • May not support people weighing more than 300 pounds

Intex Raised Downy Airbed – Queen

intex Raised Downy Airbed - Queen

The Intex Raised Downy Airbed is the ideal solution for your out-of-doors adventures, especially camping. This amazing product will undoubtedly transform your holiday escapades, and it is remarkably cheap.

This is a great choice for rugged outdoors expeditions, including camping. This is a suitable choice for couples, since it can support up to 600 pounds.

This may not be a suitable option for people with a small tent. You may want to get a twin size, especially for solo tents.

It has a dual chamber construction that is highly durable. Its lower chamber works as a box spring on a traditional bed, providing additional support and firmness. On the other hand, the upper chamber works as a mattress, providing feel and comfort.

It is raised twenty-two inches off the floor, allowing you to get in and out of the bed easily. The height also keeps you away from the cold ground when camping in extreme conditions.

Unlike conventional models that come with manual pumps, the Intex Raised Downy Airbed comes with a built-in electric pump that allows for stress-free inflation and deflation. The pump will inflate the bed in not more than five minutes.

The top of the mattress is flocked, waterproof, and features vinyl beams for sturdy support. The flocked top ensures that your standard queen size sheets or fitted sheets do not slip off while you are sleeping.

The performance of this model may not outshine its pricier counterparts, but it offers exceptional comfort for the money. This mattress has been designed to withstand both in-home and out-of-doors use.


  • Inexpensive queen size Intex Air Mattress
  • High performing built-in electric pump
  • Valve hatch closed automatically when not in use to avoid leakages
  • Remarkably fast inflation as well as deflation
  • Flocked top is effective at securing fitted sheets


  • Pump may be a bit noisy
  • May bulge or form split seams

Intex Supreme Airflow Air Mattress – Twin

Intex Supreme Airflow Air Mattress

This Supreme Airflow Twin Airbed by Intex is a great choice for overnight guests or as a comfortable alternative to your traditional bed.

This is a suitable choice for a single sleeper who wants to experience the comfort of an airbed and the convenience of a traditional bed. This is a supreme solution for college students.

This twin size Intex Air Mattress is definitely not a suitable choice for couples. You may want to go for something a little bit bigger.

The sides and top of the airbed are built with a special system of connected air cells. This causes air to flow gradually and smoothly across the sleeping surface, making the bed extremely soft and stable.

The sleeping surface is made of extra plush velvetaire, which is amazingly soft when touched and offers unbelievable comfort. The surface is also extra-thick and highly durable, making it puncture resistant when exposed to harsh environments.

The bed has elevated height and raised edges that offer additional stability and support. There is a gap between the upper and lower sections that allows you to tuck in your traditional linens into the mattress.

The bed is equipped with a built-in electric pump that easily inflates and deflates in a matter of minutes. The built-in pump is convenient since it prevents the bed from leaking.


  • Offers the highest quality of comfort and support
  • Built-in electric pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate
  • Raises high above the floor for maximum support
  • Flocked top surface and gap between the sections allows you to use traditional linens
  • Twin size is suitable for college students


  • It loses firmness after some time
  • No warranty information available

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed – Queen

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed - Queen

The Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam is one of a kind airbed by Intex. This is exactly what you should look for if you want to own a queen size bed without digging too deep into your pockets. This is an excellent choice for home use.

The Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Intex Air Mattress is a suitable choice for couple who want a plush firmness without spending too much money. Its fiber-tech construction makes it a suitable choice for home use.

The Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed may not be a suitable choice for outdoor use. The material may not be rugged enough to withstand rugged outdoors.

The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed is made of fiber-tech beam construction that is composed of thousands of strong polyester fibers. These fibers provide superior support, stability, and comfort.

The mattress is shielded in plush flocking, which is soft when touched. Underneath the flocking are horizontal air chambers that offer added support and stability around the entire mattress. Also, the bed has a distinctive edge construction that provides more sleeping space.

It comes with a high powered built-in electric pump that allows for stress-free inflation as well as deflation. The pump will inflate the mattress in about four and a half minutes.

You should expect superior comfort with this bed. The flocked top and curved beams provide superior support as well as comfort. The bed is designed to support up to 600 pounds. Therefore, the bed can support two adults comfortably.


  • Affordable luxury queen Intex Air Mattress
  • Flocked top is soft, comfortable, and waterproof
  • Built-in pump can quickly inflate or deflate the bed
  • Can support up to 600 pounds, making it ideal for couples
  • Very little odor during unboxing and set-up


  • May loose air after a night of use

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed – Queen

Intex Premaire Elevated Airbed - Twin

The Premaire Elevated Airbed is the new and high performing model by Intex. It is constructed using Intex original fiber tech technology to provide superb support and structural stability.

This twin size Premaire Elevated Airbed is a suitable choice for solo sleepers who want an extra plush firmness feel and long-lasting support and comfort.

The twin size is not the ideal size for couples, you may want to consider the queen size.

The Intex Premaire Elevated Air Mattress provides you with the sleep you have always been dreaming about with its fiber tech construction.

Unlike traditional PVC beam construction, the Premaire has high strength fiber tech beams that do not stretch over time. Therefore, providing unmatched durability. Revolutionary, fiber tech construction provides the ideal combination of excellent support and structural stability.

With this model, you can experience rest and comfort like never before. It features over one hundred air pockets that allow air to flow smoothly across the surface. This provides a soft and extra plush sleeping surface.

The Premaire mattress elevated height is easy to get in and out of much like a traditional mattress. Also, a powerful built-in pump makes inflating and deflating this Intex Air Mattress quick and convenient.

It also has two-ply laminated side walls and bottom that effectively retain air and offer exceptional puncture resistant sleeping surface. Not to mention that the twin size can support up to 300 pounds.


  • Provides the ideal firmness as well as support for a remarkable night’s sleep
  • Revolutionary fiber tech design offers enhanced support, stability, and comfort
  • Built-in pump allows for quick inflation as well as deflation
  • Elevated height allows you to easily get in and out of bed
  • Backed by one year limited warranty


  • May experience leakage during use

Top Competitors

Giantex Air Mattress

Giantex air mattresses are solid choices for the money compared to Intex. For a very practical price range, you get an air mattress that offers many quality features, such as a built-in electric pump. However, we opted for the Intex brand, because they offer superior collections that meet the needs of many users.

Insta-Bed Air Mattress

Insta-bed offers some of the best airbeds in the industry. They have the best never flat pump technology that guarantees no leakage. When compared to Intex, both airbeds have been very popular and have received good reviews. However, the Insta-bed features stronger and more durable materials. We picked the Intex series because it is pocket-friendly.

Coleman Air Mattress

The Coleman brand are revered for their out-of-doors products. You can expect good quality airbeds from this brand. They have some of the best and most affordable air mattresses for tough terrain. The Intex brand; on the other hand, seem to be more versatile. Unlike Coleman, Intex have specific in-home beds that offer superior performance.

Our Final Words

After much consideration, the overall winner of the best Intex airbed is going to be Intex 9-Inch Pillow Rest Classic Airbed. This bed provides good support and it is comfortable to sleep on, whether alone or as a couple during a camping expedition.

As far as high/raised beds are concerned, the Intex Raised Downy Airbed and Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed are your best options. They can both support up to 600 pounds, and they are remarkably cheap for their size. However, the Intex Raised Downy is a better choice for rugged outdoor terrain.

If you are in need of a traditional bed feel, you should consider the Intex Supreme Airflow Air Mattress. It can inflate as well as deflate within a few minutes. It is very neat and lightweight, you will feel as if you are sleeping on the cloud.

If you want an airbed that can offer extra plush firmness feel and long-lasting support and comfort at a pocket friendly price, that bed is the Intex Premaire Elevated Airbed. The only challenge with this option is that it has a tendency of losing air.

The Intex airbeds have proven to be the most effective and inexpensive blown-up mattresses for most users. Unlike most brands that are concentrated on outdoors, Intex has you covered both indoors and outdoors with their superb product series.

Intex airbeds are great options for guest, in case you have a small home and need more sleeping space. They are also great for outdoors, especially camping. Not to mention that they are good for travelling. You can always use them to create additional sleeping space in motel and hotel rooms.

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