You must not forget that you spend a reasonable amount of time on your mattress every day. Therefore, buying a good quality mattress means that you are investing in your good physical and mental health. According to the data collected by the National Sleep Foundation over 25% of American adult population suffers from sleep disorders.

Now, there are many reasons why people don't get enough sleep at night. One of the significant reasons is the mattress on which they sleep. Polyurethane foam and Latex are two popular choices available. A comparison study between foam and latex reveals that latex mattress reduces body pressure on the buttocks and torso as compared to polyurethane foam.

Latex is not only good for people who sleep hot but are also highly hypoallergenic.  Furthermore, it is excellent in pressure point handling and keeping the spine of the sleeper aligned adequately.  Consider latex mattress if you:

  • Suffer from shoulder and back pain.
  • Tend to sleep hot on memory foam.
  • Is sharing a bed with a partner.
  • Are heavyweight sleepers.
  • Suffers from allergy.

Types of Latex

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic (also called SBR) latex is originated from many petrochemicals. The most latex mattresses today are a mixture of SBR and NR latex types. By using Talalay or Dunlop processes, SBR latex is produced. In general, the natural latex mattresses are more expensive than synthetic or blended latex mattresses.

Natural Latex

Natural latex or NR latex comes from the rubber trees. The sap of the rubber trees is used to produce the latex.  There are two different techniques that utilized for the creation of natural latex. Since 1930s, the Dunlop method has been popular. It involves molding, stem baking and stirring the sap from the rubber tree. The process involves an accumulation of natural sediment below in the bottom while heavy and dense foam stays on top.

On the other hand, the Talalay method is more recent and it needs the sap to be within the chamber that is vacuum-sealed. Talalay form of latex is lighter, more homogenous, and softer as compared to Dunlop form of latex. In mattresses, 100 percent organic or natural latex is not possible by any means. In the mattresses, the quantity of the natural latex comprises 95 percent latex.

Blended Latex

The mixture of natural and synthetic latex is known as Blended latex. There are plenty of combinations used in the development of blended latex.

Synthetic Vs. Natural  Vs. Blended  Latex

Properties Synthetic Natural Blended
Owner satisfaction Fair Excellent Good to Fair
Source Butadiene, Styrene, and other petrochemicals Rubber tree Styrene, rubber tree and butadiene and other petrochemicals
Off-gassing Moderate Little Little – Moderate
Responsiveness Fair-Good Good Fair-Good
Formation of body impressions Fair-Good Excellent Fair-Good
Consistent quality Good Fair Fair-Good
Hypoallergenic Least Highest Moderate

Pros and Cons of using a latex

Synthetic Latex
  • Natural ability to isolate motion transfer. It means you won’t get disturbed when you share a bed with your partner.
  • Helps in reducing chronic back and shoulder pain.
  • Natural latex mattresses have a natural life of more than a decade which is highest when compared with any of the other categories.
  • It has natural anti-allergy and antibacterial properties that fight against dust mites and microorganisms.


  • Due to the use of natural materials, it naturally becomes expensive.
  • The overall weight of the mattress can be too heavy to move it easily.

Latex Processing

Talalay and Dunlop are the most common types of latex processing. Both Talalay and Dunlop score very close to each other when it comes to user satisfaction. Talalay is new as compared to the Dunlop that has been around for many years now. Mattress manufacturing companies produce blended or natural latex by using both these methods.


 Talalay is best for those sleepers who prefer conformance and like a soft sleeping surface.  In Talalay latex processing technique, the sections of latex are produced that must be glued later on. A small amount of latex is taken and poured into a mold. The foam liquid is distributed evenly within the mold to produce a consistent open-cell structure from which air is entirely extracted. The core of this mattress is then flash frozen so that the cell structure stays intact.


 Dunlop is good for the people who prefer to sleep on firm surfaces with improved support . The Dunlop method produces one whole piece of latex. In the Dunlop method, air is not extracted from the molds, and they are filled with the fluid. Unlike Talalay method, it doesn’t involve any flash freezing process.

Talalay Vs. Dunlop

Properties Talalay Dunlop
Firmness level Soft Firm
Support Fair Good
Motion Transferability High Moderate
Responsiveness Moderate-High Low – Moderate
Price More Less
Conformance Good Fair
Sinkage Moderate Low – Moderate
For heavyweight sleeper Fair-Good Fair-Good
For lightweight sleeper Good Fair
Formation of body impressions Good Fair-Good
Firmness consistency Good Fair
Seam gluing Yes No

Latex (Impression load deflection) ILD & Density

There are two terms associated with latex mattresses; these are Latex Density and Latex ILD. Latex density deals with the weight of a piece of latex.


Density is calculated concerning the cubic foot (foam) and measuring its weight. If for instance, the piece weighs 3 pounds then the density will be 3 lbs./ft. The density will be 4 lbs./ft. if the piece weighs 4 pounds. Excellent durability and longevity are guaranteed with high density.


On the other hand, ILD deals with the firmness of a latex mattress, specifically it means how much pressure is needed to indent the mattress by 25%. This rating varies according to the type of the latex. Dunlop has a higher ILD than Talalay. Organic or natural latex has the lowest ILD as compared to the synthetic or blended latex.

ILD reading of 30 to 37 means the mattress is firm while 14 to 22 means the mattress is soft. A reading between 23 and 29 refer to the medium firmness of the latex. Anything over 38 is considered to be very firm, and for this reason, most users go for 25 to 35 ILD rating.

Type ILD Properties (Latex) Ideal for
Plush 16 & below Extremely low sinkage Side sleeper
Soft 19 to 21 Sinks beneath most of the sleepers Back/side sleeper
Medium-Soft 24 to 26 Balances out the firmness and softness Back/side sleeper
Medium-Firm 29 to 31 Minimal sinking and firm support All sleeping position
Firm 34 to 36 Almost no sinkage Back/stomach sleeper
Stiff 39 & up Without any sinking Back/stomach sleeper

The Feel of Latex

  • Conformance

Latex will conform to your body and helps to align the spine along with improves the pressure points throughout the body. Although, a memory foam mattress offers more conformance level to all sleeper’s figure as compared to latex mattresses. The natural latex shape recovery makes sure that you will not produce permanent indentations on the top layer or surface of mattresses.

  •  Adjusting

Just like memory foam, latex adjusts to all type of sleeper’s curves, rather than sink under their weight. Consequently, for the side and back sleepers latex is considered a good option especially for those who are suffering from shoulder and chronic back.

  • Point elasticity and motion isolation

The point elasticity is a unique trait of latex that means the latex is elastic as well as capable of isolating or dividing motion transfer without distracting other areas of the mattress. For getting higher point elasticity level, the mattress should be softer.

  • No noise

A latex mattress does not produce any sound when bearing weight.

5 Best Latex Mattress 2019

Products Type Best For Firmness Thickness
Zenhaven Natural latex Sleeping cool 4 (Medium Soft) (Side 1) & 7 (Firm) (Side 2) 10-inch
Avocado Natural latex Most hypoallergenic option 6.5 (Medium Firm) (no pillow Top) & 5.5 (Medium) (with pillow top) 11-inch (no pillow top & 13-inch (with pillow top)
PlushBeds Natural latex Durability with 25 years of warranty 3.5 (Soft) to 7.5 (Firm) ) Multiple firmness options 6-inch to 12-inch (Multiple thickness options)
Spindle Natural latex Ideal for couples 4 (Medium Soft) to 8 (Extra Firm) 10-inch
GhostBed Synthetic latex Best overall value 5 (Medium) to 6 (Medium Firm) 11-inch to 13-inch

Zenhaven – Best for Sleeping cool

ZenhavenThis natural latex mattress covered by organic cotton that is the one of world’s most comfortable and healthiest mattress. Both sides of the mattress are covered with 100% organic New Zealand wool that works as a flame retardant fence.

The Zenhaven mattress has a unique designed of latex 5-Zone comfort layer that offers you more firm support option for your last and comfortable sleep. This comfort layer also provides you a proper alignment to your shoulder and neck as well as perfect spinal alignment.

The open cell structure of the mattress allows the free flow of air, countering body heat and provides a cool sleep experience. This phenomenon gives this mattress 7 times more breathable feature than any other latex mattress.

The base layer of this Zenhaven mattress gives you latex core support that is made of 100% pure Talalay latex; not petroleum-based or synthetic foam and for healthy and resilient supportive sleep.

Moreover, The Zenhaven mattress is best for top quality latex because it used advanced 2-in-1 comfort technology where you can flip this mattress over. You can enjoy two different comfort level of firmness such as luxury plush and gentle firm into a single mattress. The Zenhaven mattress is made by using natural latex that is eco-friendly and helps to improve breathability. Its hypoallergenic properties resist microbes and mold along with dust mites.

Above all, it provides you to benefit from 120-night trials along with a warranty of 20 years.

  • This mattress comes with outstanding durability and pure comfort.
  •  It enables you to flip the mattress firmness as your needs.
  • The 5-zone latex layer gives your body a pressure-free support.
  • This mattress is more breathable and wrapped in organic cotton.
  • It allows you to enjoy heat-free, blissful and cool sleep.

  • This mattress is not easily movable and no highly supported to edge system.

 The Zenhaven’s Talalay latex mattress is an excellent option for you due to its 2-in-1 comfort technology that offers you to enjoy luxurious, comfortable and restorative night’s sleep. You can enjoy its hypoallergenic properties that have active anti-microbial and anti-allergy powers to destroy microbes and dust mites. The mattress encompasses 100% organic New Zealand wool that not only works as a flame retardant fence but also serves you through its moisture wicking properties and breathability. 

Avocado – Most hypoallergenic option


The Avocado mattress is constructed with natural latex 100% rubber foam that offers you resilience, durability, balance to your body’s natural curves and control body temperature.

The top layer of the Avocado is coved with certified and premium cotton organic that is one of the most breathable, softest, more comfortable fabric as well as it sucks the extra moisture and offers you a refreshing and better sleep.

The use of highly innovative Quantum Edge® and Elite Combi-Zone® technology makes the mattress to relieve pressure points of the body. The upcycle steel coils make the edge support firm throughout the entire life of the mattress and help those who need a firm support for back pain.

The Dunlop latex used in the making of the mattress is eco-INSTITUT certified. Because of the purity of the latex, the bedding is hypoallergenic that prevents you from unwanted allergies. For the people suffering from fibromyalgia, this feature provides lasting-pressure relief to deal with the widespread pain.

However, Avocado mattress is best latex mattress due to its functionality, affordability, and durability. It is made from 100 percent latex which is all-natural and pure. This mattress is made with eco-friendly high-performance materials, which makes it the best choice for you if you care about your environment.

  • This mattress is made of a natural and organic material without toxic chemicals and polyurethane foam.
  • It offers you an outstanding edge support system.
  • The pressure relief and motion isolation make it popular.
  • It provides proper alignments to your hip, shoulder, and back.
  • This mattress equipped with 100% natural latex with an organic cotton layer.

  • Due to the heavy-weight mattress, it is not easily movable.

 Sleeping on a natural surface like Avocado helps you getting the restful sleep at night. The support unit is equipped with 1414 pocketed support coils to ensure the perfect alignment to your spinal. The organic cotton fabric-encased innerspring, which are nested in 3 zones give a balance to your body’s natural curve and minimize the motion transfer. The upcycle steel coils help you to relieve pressure and alleviate back pain. 

PlushBeds – Most durable


The PlushBeds offers luxury latex mattress made by using 100 percent natural and organic latex. The cover of this mattress is a combination of the organic cotton because of it softer and 4-Way Stretch Blend Fabric because it is lightweight and flexible.

The Company constructs all PlushBeds’ latex mattresses as an aid to relieve pressure points related to shoulder and hips pain along with providing ergonomic alignment and support. The customizable PlushBeds mattress is the excellent option for sensitive sleepers that allowing you to alter the firmness as your requirements at home.

The use of 6-inches of 100% Natural Dunlop Latex with ARPICO premium botanical resilience serves as a denser feel and avoid sagging or body impressions. The orthopedic foundation of the mattress is made from natural spruce woods to bring true pressure absorbing support for your spine alignment.

These mattresses are equipped with an abundance of coils that respond according to your body and give you superior comfortable deep sleep. These mattresses also regulate the temperature and keep the bacteria away from your mattress.

  • The cover of this mattress is a mixture of cotton organic and 4-way stretch blend fabric.
  • It is made from 100 percent natural latex.
  •  100% natural fire retardant material made from eco-friendly material instead of using animal wool.
  • Unbelievable 25 years warranty.
  • This mattress provides perfect support to your hip, shoulder, and back.
  • There is no harmful chemical material is used in its construction.
  • You can enjoy deep sleep due to its high breathability trait.

  • This mattress doesn’t provide edge support system

 The combination of the top cover layer as organic cotton and inner material as pure natural latex, presents the one of the most comfortable, ergonomic support, conforming and temperature regulating mattress. Made of natural organic materials and the innovative technology also ensure that your mattress does not make any sound in any circumstance. The PlushBeds mattresses are the ideal combination of support and comfort. 

Spindle – Ideal for couples


Spindle Natural Latex Mattress is made with pure latex that is a suitable choice for those people who prefer to sleep on a surface made from natural materials. There are no harmful chemicals used to construct this mattress. It is free from pesticides and other active substances that are bad for your health. The pure latex helps you to soothe your pain from the pressure points.

The top layer of this mattress is coved with cotton that is natural and organic fabric as well as batting that is natural wool. It also allows you to choose the firmness level such as a firm, medium firm, and extra firm according to your requirements and preferences.

The use of 3-inch layers of natural latex made through continuous pour Dunlop process makes it 3 times durable and 4 times breathable as compared with traditional foams.

The natural elasticity of the latex absorbs the impacts and offers minimal motion transfer. If you are sharing your mattress, your partner’s movement on the bed will not disturb you.

  • This quality of this mattress is excellent along with an affordable price.
  •  You can customize the firmness of the mattresses.
  • The ideal mattress for the couples because of minimal motion transfer capability.
  •  You can enjoy the ultimate comfortable deep sleep.
  • It comes with bouncy surface.
  • The Spindle is available in different sizes on the market.

  • Comparatively heavy to move from one location to another.
  • The edge support system is weak.
  •  For some people, it can be a hot mattress.

 If you have planned to share your mattress with your loved one, then the spindle natural latex mattress is the excellent choice for you. The natural elasticity of the latex reduces motion transfer and don’t wake you up from your partner’s movement on the bed. The outstanding trait of this mattress is conforming that this latex mattress closely contours your body and helps to improve pressure points, pains, and aches from your body. 

GhostBed – Best overall


The GhostBed mattress is equipped with three layers 1.5-inch latex foam, 2-inch gel memory foam, and a 7.5-inch high-density base. The top luxurious plush cover is a mixture of polyester and viscose that gives plush feel along with stretch-ability.

The latex foam is more responsive against our body gesture, plush, and no heat retains. The layer of Gel Memory foam uses the larger cells that make the mattress more reactive for keeping your body cool and dry because this proprietary formula absorbs the extra heat from your body.

The use of high-density base enhanced the durability, longevity of comfort, and provides the perfect balance according to your body type.

The GhostBed mattress comes into the market with six different sizes. The Company enables you to select the foundation, adjust the mattress base, add mattress protector, different color of the additional sheet along with GhostPillow.

This mattress is also considered as the best cooling mattress because it is the combination of latex and gel memory foam, which helps your body to keep cool. This latex mattress gives you 101-night sleep trial as well as 20-year warranty.

  • It contours your body perfectly.
  • This mattress offers you a good motion isolation trait.
  • It is available in different sizes on the market.
  • The plush cover make it luxurious mattress.
  • You can customize your mattresses by using additional add-ons.

  • It doesn’t support your lower back perfectly.
  • This mattress isn’t suitable for all types of sleepers.

 The GhostBed offers a unique blend of natural latex and gel memory foam that offers motion transfer, highly-breathability and refreshing sleep along with the high-density base. The pressure-relieving properties give you proper conforming and the use of gel beads embodied throughout offers temperature neutrality. 

Pointes You Need to Consider Before Buying Latex Mattress

Latex is among the best materials for construction of mattresses due to its resilience, breathability and hypoallergenic properties. Let’s find out what other factors you should consider before purchasing a latex mattress.

  • Support Core

In a latex mattress, it is a very elastic and resilient section. This inner layer retains bounciness and offers pressure relief to your body with no permanent alignment in accordance with the curves of the body. All latex mattresses come with support cores, while the cores in synthetic latex and hybrid models comprise of other materials including pocketed coils or Polyfoam. A natural latex mattress is the best choice when it comes to durability of the support core. It improves the longevity by five times as compared to polyfoam support core.

  • Cooling elements

Latex is the best material in terms of breathability when we talk about construction and development of mattresses. Mattresses with latex in them give you refreshing cool sleep as compared to other materials. Talalay layers like Celsion Talalay is highly breathable and cool.

  • Comfort Layer

Manufacturers use Talalay more frequently in comfort layers as compared to Dunlop due to its softness. However, Dunlop and blended latex are more durable. The comfort layers of a hybrid made of Blended Talalay is a cheaper option if the price is a crucial concern, which is also quite resilient.

  • Off-gassing

Off-gassing is a critical issue since you don’t want to expose your body to harmful chemicals. It is caused due to the use of petrochemicals in the manufacturing process of the mattress. You should opt a mattress made with 100% natural latex for good night’s sleep free of all odors.

  • Hypoallergenic properties

Latex mattresses are made from materials which have the natural tendency to fight against dust mites, bacteria, fungus and other allergy-causing organisms. However, you should be aware of the fact that synthetic or hybrid latex mattresses are not hypoallergenic. If you’re one of those guys who is suffering from allergy, you should go for a natural latex mattress.

  • Overall thickness

There are plenty of thicknesses available on the market related to all-latex and blended latex mattress. All-latex mattress usually comes between six-inches and twelve-inches in widths.

Blended-latex mattress generally ranges between eight-inches and twelve-inch thickness. The all-latex bedding is the best option for the heavyweight sleepers who are finding the optimal support, which should be at least 10-inch thick.

  •  Lifespan

The lifespan or durability of latex mattress will primarily be based on the materials used in the construction. Natural and organic latex mattresses tend to last for approximately eight to ten years. On the other hand, synthetic and blended latex mattresses can only last up to 6 years. By replacing the individual layers, you can improve the lifespan of a latex mattress but not for all models.

Mattress type Years
Natural latex 10
Airbed 8
Memory foam 7
Synthetic and blended latex 6
Hybrid 6
Innerspring 5

  • Warranty

When looking for a latex mattress, you must consider its warranty very seriously. As mentioned above, latex beddings last approximately six to nine years but their warranties can go up to twenty or even twenty-five years. The manufacturers fragment these warranties into two sections including prorated and non-prorated coverage.

During the prorated phase, being the owner, you will pay out more from your pocket. For this reason, it is the most extended phase. Therefore, you must know and understand what the warranty of your mattress covers. You need to go through the brand’s warranty claims handling procedures. You must also have a close look on the turnaround period for any repairs, replacements or ay shipping costs.

  • Price

When it comes to price, the material used in the construction is the most significant factor of all that influences the cost. Natural and organic latex come with high prices. Blended and synthetic latex will also cost a lot but not as much as organic and natural latex.

Mattress type $
Airbed $$$$
Hybrid $$$$
Natural latex $$$$
Synthetic and blended latex $$$
Memory foam $$$
Innerspring $$


Latex mattresses are the latest edition and have taken the sleep industry by storm. They sleep cooler than memory foam and are more durable than innersprings. Latex prevents the sleeper from developing any allergies from dust and mites, and it also provides excellent conformance and support to the entire body.

The winner of this roundup is Zenhaven mattress because it comes with plenty of features. The natural latex used in its construction keeps the mattress hypoallergenic and prevents you from developing any allergies.

The highly breathable mattress handles off-gassing very well, and you tend to sleep very coolly on it without experiencing any sweaty experiences. It offers an excellent sleep trial and warranty for your peace of mind.

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