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Best Luxury Mattresses 2020

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One-third of a man’s life is spent sleeping. The quality of sleep you get affects the remaining two-thirds of life immensely. In order to fully utilize your skills and progress in today’s competitive world, you have to ensure you have the best health, a fresh mind, and an energetic body. All of this can be yours if you have the best luxury mattress to provide you with a pleasant sleep every night. Wake wake-up bubbly and enthusiastic when you sleep on a high-quality luxurious mattress.

What is a Luxury Mattress?

The definition of a luxury mattress may not be the same answer for every person. It is somewhat a subjective phenomenon. However, there are a few stipulations that all luxury mattresses possess. These are the requisites that you must look for when choosing your luxury mattress.

A precise buying guide that provides customers of all types with a comprehensive understanding of what to consider when you buy a mattress has been designed for you below.

Best Luxury Mattress 2020 (Quick Summary)

This brief comparison table is a quick review of these five luxury mattresses. Comprehensive details of the technologies used, features and specifications, firmness, trial and warranty time periods, pros and cons, and suitability for individual needs of each of these best five luxury mattresses.

Best Luxury Mattress 2020 (Detail Review)

1. IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid – Best Double-sided luxury hybrid

latex hybrid mattress of idle sleep

IDLE sleep has three factories  in the USA where their mattresses are manufactured. They are made in just one day after the order is placed and shipped on time.

  • Why choose this product?

A high-quality eco-friendly luxury mattress with great firmness for spinal alignment and relief from backaches. This luxury mattress is temperature sensitive to help you wake up fresh and sweat-free every morning.

  • Construction:

The 14-inch mattress is made of five layers of premium materials. The latex foam is cool and firm. An inch of foam is quilted into the cover for softness. Each side has 3” of Talalay latex surrounding the coils.   Natural Latex and Organic Cotton are healthy products that are eco-friendly. The Quantum Edge to Edge Coil Unit is built to prevent bending of the edges, provide better motion isolation, and make the mattress last longer.

  • Firmness:

Two firmness levels are offered. One is 6.5 to 7.5, medium-firmness and the other one is 8 to 8.5, luxury firmness.

  • Technology used:

Talalay latex is expanded with air pockets during the production process to provide air flow that helps it sleep cool.   It helps to give shock absorbing feature to the latex and release pressure. There is minimized push back against your body. Thermocool fabric maintains the perfect temperature by keeping you warm when you are cold and keeping you cool when you feel hot. It is made without viscoelastic chemicals.

  • Warranty and Trial Period:

It offers a lifetime warranty and 120 nights’ sleep trials which is plenty of time to know if it is the right mattress for you.


  • Firm feel for those who want spine support to reduce  chronic backaches
  • Breathable and temperature sensitive Thermocool and latex keep you warm when you are cold and cool when you are hot
  • Quantum edge-to-edge coil unit supports edges, slightly reduces motion transfer, and increases the durability of the mattress.
  • Two-sided model allows you to flip it and enjoy the same mattress as if it were new along which increases its durability
  • Reduced pressure points and provides a comfortable sleep


  • If you don’t like latex foam
  • If you don’t like the hybrid

2. Dream Cloud – Best OverallDreamcloud sleep mattress

Pampering customers with a soft Eurotop, DreamCloud has been a popular luxury mattress manufacturer for quite some time.

  • Why choose this product

DreamCloud is a high-end luxury mattress that works well for all sleeping positions. It offers plush 6.5 firmness level with a good amount of firmness for side, stomach and back sleepers at a very attractive price.

  • Construction:

It is made up of 6 layers of foam and pocketed innerspring coils for bounciness. The first two layers are quilted together to create a 1.5″ Eurotop for softness and breathability. The third layer is the Gel Infused Memory Foam for coolness and support. The fourth layer is 2.5″ of transition foam which provides a cloud-like feel that keeps you on top of the mattress without sinking. The fifth layer is an individually pocketed system of innerspring coils that provide bounce, support, and edge support.

The last layer is the High-Density Super Soft Foam to give additional support for reduced backaches and more comfort.

  • Firmness:

It has a luxury firmness of up to 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very firm.

  • Technology used

DreamCloud uses cutting edge technology. It has encased coils and built-in cooling systems in their coil and foam layers. The mattress is designed for high performance and long lasting value.

  • Warranty and Trial Period

Everlong warranty will replace the mattress if materials or workmanship are found to be defective during the first ten years. After the first ten years, they will clean, re-condition, and recover the mattress if there are defects in materials or workmanship.   It gives sleepers a 365 nights’ risk-free trial period.


  • Good spine alignment and posture support
  • 365 nights free trial
  • Temperature controlled features offer cool sleep without sweat and heat
  • Supporting coils and high-density foams offer good support
  • Even pressure distribution for comfort
  • Durable material and 6 layers of construction ensure the long-lasting durability of DreamCloud


  • It is quite heavy to move to another bed
  • It may be too thick for some adjustable beds

3. Avocado – Best Natural Latex OptionAvocado Mattress Review

A luxury option for heavy bodies. It is firm for back support and yet gives a soft feel. Not only will you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll also be contributing to the planet because this mattress is eco-friendly since it is made with all natural latex.

  • Why choose this product

This model is a good option for heavier sleepers. It is firm for back support and yet gives a soft feel. This is the best combination of luxury and eco-friendly natural latex for environmentally conscious people.

  • Construction:

It comprises of five layers. The top-most layer is 1 oz. Wool pillow top. Then it is the Natural Dunlop Latex which is two inches thick. The third layer is two inches thick Natural Dunlop Latex medium. Next is the 8 inches 3 zone pocketed coil system. The last layer is the one-inch thick Natural Dunlop Latex medium firm.

  • Firmness:

Three sections offer three levels of firmness soft, medium soft and medium firm respectively.

  • Technology used

These are non-toxic 100% natural latex with an inner, zoned pressure-point support system. Natural materials are used to create eco-friendly products that are recyclable and biodegradable. It is button tufted by hand.

Heavy-duty handles are added to make it easy to pick up the mattress. Fire barrier protectant is provided by Natural Hydrated Silica, which is safe for human use.

  • Warranty and Trial Period

The company gives a 25 years warranty and a100-night of sleep trial.


  • A reinforced steel perimeter provides edge support.
  • Minimized motion transfer when sleeping with a partner
  • It has an efficient temperature control system for maintaining a cool calm sleep
  • Avocado green comes smelling fresh unlike other mattresses since Eco-friendly products are used to make the mattress.
  • Affordable luxury latex with long lasting life and three firmness levels offered for various needs
  • Heavy-duty handles make it easy to pick up the mattress


  • Hand-tufted buttons on the mattress can press into shoulders or elsewhere and cause discomfort while changing position during course of sleep

4. Simmons Beautyrest Black – Best Traditional Brand Option

Simmons Beautyrest Black


Beautyrest Black is a brand where technology and luxury merge to give you extreme comfort and a whole new experience of a peaceful sleep.

  • Why choose this product

If you go for this option, you’ll get a touch of elegance and beauty with comfort. An ultimate luxury mattress for your luxury sleep. Simmons will not only make your sleep comfortable, but its presence will also increase the appearance of your room as well.

  • Construction:

This model offers three layers: comfort, contour and support layer. The comfort layer consists of SURFACE COOL Plus 2.25-inch Fibre Comfort Foam. The contour layer contains 3-inch Dynamic Response Memory foam, 1-inch BLACKICE Memory Foam, 0.5-inch Latex and Micro Coil.

The Support Layer includes 1.4-inch Energy Foam, Advanced Pocketed Coils, and Ventilated AIRCOOL BEAUTYEDGE.

  • Firmness:

It is designed to offer a Luxury Firm to the sleeper.

  • Technology used

Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology is used in the manufacturing. Micro Diamonds are to maintain cooling effect and support. BlackICE Foam applies gel technology for peaceful sleep. SurfaceCool technology removes heat from the mattress and makes it breathable.

  • Warranty and Trial Period

Limited Warranty of 10 years is given by the company.


  • Maintains cool and calm temperatures by removing heat and temperature
  • Durable material in the foam makes it last longer and offers a pressure relieving comfort.
  • Smart Motion Technology minimizes motion transfer. Furthermore, you’ll get stability and support throughout across the surface of the mattress
  • Individualized support for back with anatomical contouring for unique shapes


  • The sagging and sinking with less firmness is not good for people with a backache
  • There is no sleep night guarantee. You cannot get your money back if the mattress doesn’t suit you.
  • Price is very high

5. Essentia Dormeuse  – Best Canada BrandEssentia

Essentia Dormeuse models are popular for their comfort and support. They are made up of rubber tree sap and are highly recommended by health gurus.

  • Why choose this product

The luxurious and plush feel with the supportive heavy bottom layer is the epitome of soft bedding to sink into while you sleep. Choose this model if you need a cool sleep with luxury contouring.

  • Construction:

The first layer is a removable, breathable and luxurious organic cotton cover.  The next   is 2” of Natural Memory Foam with 5.25 pounds density. The next layer is 4” of Hevea quality Natural Latex.. The durability layer is 2” of foam.

  • Firmness:

This exquisitely soft plush model offers a low firmness of around 3 to on a 1 – 10 scale.

  • Technology used

The natural latex is made of Hevea milk from rubber tree sap. The top layer is memory foam that makes the mattress contour to your body. Latex is baked and cured and sliced into various thicknesses. Then it uses Essentia Patented Mould Technology to stack natural Hevea latex and natural memory foam into a mold. All layers are added and then baked and cured to complete the manufacturing process of the product.

  • Warranty and Trial Period

Essentia foam comes with a 20-year warranty and a 60-day trial period.


  • The durable material can bear heavyweights
  • It alleviates pressure points
  • Contouring support with a soft surface to sink into
  • There is no pillow top to hide depressions
  • The mattress material is more eco-friendly than straight memory foam for environmentally conscious people


  • Reduced motion isolation
  • Bottom heavy mattresses that can be difficult to move
  • Low firmness for users with a backache
  • Price is very high
  • Short trial

What Things make a mattress luxury?

Luxury mattresses are much better in numerous aspects compared to regular ones. The level of comfort and pleasure it offers can never be matched by an ordinary model. The depth, materials used in the making, comfort level, health-friendly features, durability, and appearance of luxury models are far more superior to general mattresses.

But which luxury option is actually going to be favorable for you is subject to the following features that you should consider?

Premium materials used in luxury mattress

Manufacturers design luxury mattresses using higher quality materials. Like, synthetic latex material is used in the manufacturing of normal mattress whereas organic natural latex material is used in the manufacturing of luxury mattresses, like in Avocado mattress.

These materials are ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or suffer from chronic backaches as it provides great alignment for the spine and stability to prevent sinking into the mattress.

Awesome design

Some luxury mattresses are 2-sided, allowing you to flip the mattress for longer durability, like Idle Sleep. This helps to avoid making a body impression on the mattress. Dual sided mattresses provide a new feel and a longer life for your mattress. It also helps you to save money by eradicating the need to replace the mattress during the next five years at least.

Ultimate Comfort with extra layers

With luxury mattress, you’ll get extra layers that ordinary mattresses do not provide. Normally you’ll get 2-3 layers and a depth of 8”-10”. Whereas in luxury mattresses, the company strives to give you a luxury feel by adding 5-6 layers, some mattresses have up to 8 layers with 15” height, as we have in DreamCloud.

Super cool sleep

Hot sleeping is a frequent concern for mattress users. Luxury models maintain a cool temperature throughout the night. They take good care of its temperature control by constructing the mattress with gel foams or performance fabric covers to ensure the heat is removed to give comfort to the user. Like if we explore Simmons Beautyrest Black, we’ll find a SurfaceCool built-in mechanism embedded beneath the luxurious surface fabric.

Additional embellishments

A luxury product is supposed to have bells and whistles that ordinary products do not. In this case, for instance, luxury mattresses must have special fabrics, multiple firmness levels offered in a single mattress, new technologies embedded, or even decorative details on the covers. You’ll find the luxurious nature in Essentia, both insides out.

Do luxury mattresses smell?

Not really. Luxury options are meant to be pleasant smelling and better than ordinary mattresses in maximum possible ways. Where some models might smell, it can be removed quicker than general foams by airing them out before dressing the mattress in your bedding.

Which firmness levels are available in luxury mattresses?

Luxury foams generally offer multiple firmness levels in a single mattress. Still, you may choose the firmness level as per your needs. If you are looking for spine alignment and solving backache issues, purchase a firm mattress, if you are looking for a sink-in mattress choose a soft mattress with a low firmness number.

What is the difference between the general and luxury mattress?

The luxury option differs from general mattresses in a lot of ways. They offer more comfort, multiple firmness levels in a single one, a luxuriously soft touch, decorated appearance, extravagant fabrics, remarkable technologies, and temperature maintenance that responds to the body’s needs.

They do not smell bad from off-gassing like some less expensive general mattresses do when they are new. Luxury mattresses are long-lasting and, yes, with all these added features, more expensive.

What if I buy an expensive luxury mattress and it does not suit me?

Most luxury models come with a trial period. Double check this before you buy. Trials allow you to sleep for 60 to 365 days on the mattress, depending on company policies before you decide if you want to keep the mattress. That is ample time for you to know if the mattress allows you to sleep well.

After you have gone through the buying guide, you can now have a look at customers’ top picks and what is available in the high-end mattress market. Each product contains some common and some unique features that make them suitable for a wide range of customers.

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