A highly supportive mattress can significantly lower back pain issues and reduce the aches experienced by sleepers during the night. Millions of people are affected by this problem of chronic back pain. More than 80% of the individuals face this issue at some time in their lives. In a survey, over 25% of the participants reported that they have suffered from the issue of sub-acute back pain in the past three months.  Sub-acute back pain is considered to be one that lasts between 28 to 84 days.

We have developed this article to provide you our recommendations of top 5 best mattresses for back pain. Purposefully manufactured and supportive mattress can enable you to have a restful sleep all night. On the other hand, if you buy a terrible mattress that is not supportive and doesn't offer proper spinal alignment, you’ll end up with an increased back pain and its various repercussions.

5 Best Mattress for Back Pain 2019

Reviews Firmness Rating Thickness Warranty/trial Summary
Nectar Mattress 6.5 (Medium Firm) 11-inch Lifetime/365 nights Medium firm, for medium weight people with unfixed sleeping position
Bear Mattress 6.5 (Medium Firm) 10-inch 10 years/100 nights Designed For athletes
My Morphiis Customizable (Soft, Medium & Firm) 10-inch 25 years/100 nights Can adjust the comfort level based on your behavior
Saatva Mattress 4 (Medium Soft) to 7.5 (Firm) 11.5 – 14.5-inch 15 years/120 nights Best for lower back pain
Beautyrest Silver Hybrid 7+ (Firm) 13.5-inch Depends on Reseller For the one prefer a very firm feeling


Nectar Mattress – Medium firm, for medium weight people with unfixed sleeping position

The Nectar mattress is more comfortable, bouncier, and restful memory foam because it is comprised of the combination of five layers. Each of its layers can give you a calm and supportive sleep. This mattress is equipped with a cover component that is a mixture of cotton and Tencel Lyocell. These materials help to circulate the air across the body, which absorbs the unwanted heat of your body while sleeping.

The quilted gel memory foam is the ideal solution for the back pain because of it contours around the shape of your body entirely. The primary purpose of this gel memory foam is that it evenly distributes your weight and enables you to enjoy your sleep cool and sweat-free.

The 11-inch durable Nectar mattress is liable to give you to enjoy the best supportive sleep with the adaptive hi-core memory foam. It provides the best alignment to your spine that is the best solution for back pain as well as provides the pressure relief, which relieves the pressure of your body’s joints like wrist, knee, ankle, etc.

The base layer of this mattress improves breathability and provides a stable foundation along with emphasizing the body contouring. It also offers deep and outstanding support to all type of sleepers including stomach, back, and side sleeper.

  • The gel memory foam regulates the temperature while sleeping.
  • This mattress gives you to enjoy 365-night’s sleep trial period.
  • It bearing weight without generating any noise.
  • It provides proper conforming and correctly aligns the spine.
  • The company provides you with a lifetime warranty.
  • Memory foam mattresses are lighter that makes them easy to move.
  • You can’t get a better mattress at the same price level.
  • Use code BMR125 to enjoy $125 OFF+ 2 free pillows limited time

  • Only 1 firmness scale to choose (medium firm)

 The outstanding Tencel cooling cover provides you with a comfortable and cool sleep. The base layer of this mattress provides the proper spinal alignment, contours your body, and pressure points release features that makes it one of the best mattress for those people having a chronic backache while sleep using different positions. 

Bear Mattress – For athletes

Bear Mattress

The Bear mattress is constructed with some unique material that improves the blood circulation and prevents overheating. The company used Celliant fabric and polyester as a cover component, which is very soft and is best to improve your daily performance where you can start your new day with a fresh boost.

The Cellient technology is clinically proven in helping to disperse your body heat and to provide you with restful sleep. This mattress is the ideal mattress for those people suffering from the back pain because of it perfectly contours your body along with aligning the lumbar region of your body.

The Graphite-Gel memory foam significantly featured with the temperature regulation that gives you an ultimate cooling sleep environment because it helps to remove the unwanted heat from your body. The bear mattress is equipped with comfort foam that is a more responsive layer that gives you a perfect natural bounce, or it reacts according to your body.

This 10-inch mattress offers you to get pleasure from unparalleled pressure relief for all type of sleeper like stomach, back, and side. The combination of therapeutic support and contouring comfort gives you tremendous feel that hugs your body presents proper spinal alignment. The supportive layer of this Bear mattress comes with high-density foam that provides you long-lasting durability.

  • It provides outstanding spinal alignment.
  • The top cover of this mattress sucks the access heat from your body.
  • All athletes can enjoy fresh and boost morning because of it contours your body perfectly.
  • This mattress is an eco-friendly mattress with no smell.
  • It is considered as a highly durable mattress.
  • The Bear mattress is available in six sizes on the market.

  • Price is a little high
  • Warranty & Trial is just so so
  • Only 1 firmness scale to choose from

 If you are an athlete and facing back pain issues then you need a high-density and supportive layers of the Bear mattress. The responsive layer offers perfect firmness and therapeutic support gives you tremendous feel that hugs your body and keeps the spine aligned. 

Level Sleep – Science-Backed Pain Relief

Level Sleep Mattress Review


Level Sleep is scientifically designed to reduce back pain. In testing, the TriSupport mattress reduced back pain by 57% in clinical trials.  The TriSupport system keeps the sleeper’s spine in alignment while allowing the shoulders and hips of a side sleeper to nestle into the mattress without creating pressure points.

TriSupport provides support where you need it and relief that eases shoulder pain side sleepers often experience on a firm mattress.

More than fifteen years of sleep research at the Human Performance Center at UCSF led to a mattress that is recommended by physicians and chiropractor. With less pain, you’ll sleep better, go to sleep sooner, and feel better during the day. You have a full year to decide if you’re satisfied with the benefits of the research that goes into the Level Sleep mattress.

  • To ensure consistent quality, every mattress is tested before it is delivered to a customer.
  • The back pain saving features are scientifically tested and patented.
  • The lifetime warranty and 365-night sleep trial demonstrate they believe in the quality of their product.
  • It’s wonderful when a side sleeper and a back sleeper sleep together because it works well for both of them, and, for combo sleepers, of course.
  • CertiPUR-US® performs random testing that ensures consistent quality and environmental stewardship as well as the absence of many heavy metals and toxic chemicals.
  • If you want to protect your back during delivery and set-up, the White Glove Service is provided at a nominal cost. This is especially thoughtful for a mattress designed to help individuals with back problems.


  • The price is more than mattresses backed by less research
  • The mattress may sleep warm. A cooling gel mattress pad would help if this is an issue.
  • It would be better if it was a good fit for stomach sleepers.

 If you need relief from back pain and want the assurance of a mattress that is scientifically tested and physician recommended, Level Sleep is a good choice. 

Morphiis Mattress – Can adjust the comfort level based on your behavior

Morphiis Mattress

If you are getting confused for choosing the customize firmness level of your mattress, then the Morphiis mattress is an excellent option for you because it provides approximately 64 firmness options for all kind of sleepers like side, back and stomach sleepers.

You can customize your mattress according to your sleep type; you can change the firmness level as your medical conditions and requirements like back pain, insomnia, hip pain, arthritis, and neck pain, etc. There is no need for someone else to choose firmness for you because it is straightforward to modify and interchangeable.

The outer cover of this mattress has the trait of breathability where air circulates helps you to stay cool and comfortable sleep all night long and protect the mattress as well. The layer of Ultra-foam gives you comfort surface, which becomes accustomed to your body gesture and gives you supportive sleep. It enhances the airflow, which absorbs the heat from your body and provides you sweat-free rest.

The base of this 10-inch mattress has high-density foam that is supportive according to your selected firmness level, rebound, and bounce or more responsive. There are 36-comforts inserted in this ideal mattress according to your specific medical condition and as you wish. There are three complete sets of firmness are soft, medium, and firm.  The Ultra-foam allows you to move freely without disturbing the others who are sharing your mattress.

  • This mattress comes with adjustable firmness as your needs.
  • The breathable cover makes it more durable.
  • It gives you trouble-free warranty about  25-year.
  • You will always enjoy a cool and fresh sleep.
  • This mattress gives your body an ultimate support.
  • There is 100-nights free refundable trial is available.

  • The price of this mattress is high as compared to others.
  • There can be slight confusion for perfect firmness level.
  • Young company

 The Morphiis mattress is best for those who want a customized firmness of the mattress according to their conditions and requirements. It comes with high-density foam, which provides your body a perfect alignment and gets rid of your back pain throughout the night. 

Saatva Mattress – Lower back pain

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress gives perfect support to those sleepers who are suffering from the lower back pain. The too soft mattress is not good for the sleeper, especially who have lower back pain and hip pain. The top layer of this Saatva mattress is cotton organic fabric and Polyfoam, which is antimicrobial that protect the top surface of the mattress from the bacteria.

The top part of this mattress is equipped with the most advanced coil system that gives you luxury sleep. These coil system mattresses are best for responding and contour the every body shape. The dual perimeter edge support system increases the durability of the Saatva mattress where your body also feels comfortable at the edge of the mattress.

The high-quality memory foam supports the lumbar region of your body along with provides pressure relief that helps to decrease tension and stress from the lower back. The Saatva mattresses offer you a steel-coil support core system, increases the durability, and the unique design, prevent sagging.

  • It is constructed with eco-friendly material.
  • The high-quality memory foam offers a pressure relief system.
  • The steel coil base system makes it popular.
  • It provides a 15-year warranty.
  • It gives you dual perimeter edge supportive system.
  • This mattress is more durable and comfortable.
  • The trial period of this mattress is 120-nights.
  • The lumbar support is best for lower back pain.

  • It is one of the expensive option available on the market.
  • This is an innerspring mattress, if you’re not a fan don’t choose this.

 If you are suffering from the lower back pain, then the Saatva mattress is an excellent choice for you. This mattress offers you to enjoy luxurious and comfortable sleep because it provides the best lumbar support, edge support, and pressure relief. The top cover also protects your mattresses from the bacteria. 

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid – For the one prefer a very firm feeling

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid

The memory foam with dual-cool technology has natural silver, and the design of this mattress helps to keep the heat away from the top surface and stay you cool and comfortable while you sleep. The Silver antimicrobial characteristic makes the top cover of this mattress resistant to mites, dust and keeps your Beautyrest mattress fresh.

The Silver Hybrid mattress is equipped with Gel memory foam that works like Air-cool. The Air-cool foam helps to release the pressure from your body. This ventilated memory foam that comes with the dynamic response has a unique feel and provides the best support to your back or aligned adequately to your spine.

The pocket coil technology in the Cascade Mist mattress provides you perfect and complete conforming support and you can enjoy ultimate cool sleep. You can easily enjoy the movement or any motion without creating any disturbance for those who are sharing your mattress.

  • The natural silver makes it antimicrobial that is resistant to dust.
  • The best mattress for pressure relief.
  • It provides you limited 10-year warranty.
  • The unique design contour your body.
  • This mattress is available in six sizes in the market.
  • It is a highly smart-motion compatible mattress.

  • It is too firm for light-weight (or some medium weight) people.
  • This mattress is not suitable for all sleepers.
  • Warranty & Trial is not so good.

 The Cascade Mist Firm is best for you because it is equipped with multiple layers such as Air-cool, dynamic response, dual-cool technology, as well as pocket coil technology. All traits give you a proper spine alignment along with great pressure relief to alleviate your back pain. 

Things You Need to Know Before Buying

According to a study, the back pain issue was ranked 6th in 1990 as the most challenging condition in the US regarding poor health or mortality caused by a disease. Therefore, buying the right mattresses becomes an odd issue and needs plenty of your attention.

How can back pain affect your body?

How can back pain affect your body

A spine in healthy condition performs three different functions:

  • It supports the adequate tactile movement.
  • Spine provides structural facilitation for maintaining an upright posture.
  • It safeguards the spinal cord that performs as the primary communication system, and it also provides support to the internal organs and nerve roots.

If you don’t have a healthy back, then your spine won’t be able to perform all the above functions. Due to this reason, back pain will occur. There are two categories of this pain:

  • A sub-acute backache

A back pain that only lasts from 4 weeks to 12 weeks or up to three months is a sub-acute backache. This pain may happen in conjunction with an accident or injury. The pain dies if proper treatments are administered.

  • A chronic backache

Chronic backaches can last more than 12 weeks or three months. These aches can either be caused by an accident or injury or due to a psychological condition such as scoliosis. The pain continues even after the cause has been treated successfully.

Causes of back pain

As per the information shared by Mayo Clinic and WebMD, the common causes of back pains are:

  • Ruptured discs and bulging

There are intervertebral discs that are present in the spinal column of your vertebrate. These discs make the fibrocartilaginous joints that cushions and provide support to the structure of the spine and act as a shock absorber. Rupture discs or bulging is a painful sensation during their connection with the nerves. However, there are some cases where people don’t experience much back pain even with ruptured discs.

  • Strains on ligaments and muscles

Lifting specific objects that are very heavy or lifting those in an awkward position can cause plenty of stress in your back ligaments and muscles.

  • Arthritis

It is an inflammation in one joint across the body that might lead to stiffness or joint pain. Various forms of arthritis are listed as follows:

  • Gout:

It refers to the inflammation of a joint in ankles, knees, or feet.

  • Osteoarthritis

It is also called degenerative arthritis and is the reason behind the premature deterioration in bone cartilage.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis

It refers to the inflammation of the joint that is resulted by a profoundly painful condition of skin called psoriasis.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

It refers to the adverse effects associated with the synovium material that is present to line the joints.

  • Osteoporosis

It is a disease that you can characterize the degeneration of skeleton. It can cause bones to become brittle and porous. The fractures in this condition mostly occur in spine, wrists, and hips. If any part of the vertebrate collapses or ruptures, the result is a severe back pain.

Risk factors associated with back pain

Medical experts and doctors have identified different risk elements apart from the above mentioned, in the case of back pain:

No or less exercise: People who have unconditioned and weak muscles are considered to be at risk concerning symptoms of back pain.

Age: Back pain influences people of all ages, but this issue is far more common in people who are over 30.

Obesity: Being overweight can also cause back pains.  Significant fat on the midsection of the body can put plenty of pressure and strains on the back muscles and cause aches.

Mental health concerns: People who suffer from anxiety or depression are more prone to backaches along with other symptoms and manifestations of the condition.

Diseases: There are different medical conditions like cancer can cause back pains as well.

Incorrect or excessive lifting: It is arguably the best cause that is linked with back pain issues. It occurs when a person lifts too much weight straining their backs instead of using their legs.

Smoking: Smoking cigarettes habitually can deprive the body of various nutrients that are necessary for the strength of discs and various other joints and bones.

Irregularities in the skeleton

Most of the people with these irregularities prefer to sleep on their backs. Some people also prefer to sleep on their sides by having pillows and towels underneath their ribs and knees. These people face consistent sleep disruption due to irregularities in their skeleton due to back pain. The abnormalities in the skeleton associated with spine or back can result in pressure and pain such as,

Irregularities in the skeleton

Scoliosis: It is the sideways curving of your spine that is medically pronounced as abnormal and usually forms an S or C shape.

Lordosis: It is the curvature of your lower spine that is medically considered to be abnormal.

Kyphosis: It is the medically abnormal curving of the upper portion of your spine.

How to select a mattress accosting to your bodyweight?

The experiences of your sleeping positions are directly associated with your bodyweight as well. People who  weigh less than 130lbs need to sleep on a soft mattress  to experience improved pressure relief and conformance. On the other hand, people who have  weight more than 220lbs need a firm mattress  so that their body doesn’t sink too much in the mattress. The firmness level of a mattress is determined by its firmness rating on the scale of 1 to 10. Here, 1 is the least firm, and 10 is the most firm. Most of the mattresses that are used these days fall in the category of 3 to 8 firmness score while the most common is 6 and 6.5 which is medium firm.

Sleeping Positions/Weight Category Below-Average (less than 130lbs.) Average (130 to 220lbs) Above-Average (more than 220lbs)
Side Sleeping 3 (Soft) – 4.5 (Medium Soft) 5 (Medium) to 6.5 (Medium Firm) 6.5 (Medium Firm) to 8 (Firm)
Back Sleeping 4 (Medium Soft) – 5.5 (Medium) 5 (Medium) to 6.5 (Medium Firm) 6 (Medium Firm) to 8 (Firm)
Stomach Sleeping 3 (Soft) – 4.5 (Medium Soft) 4 (Medium Soft) to 5.5 (Medium) 6 (Medium Firm) to 7.5 (Firm)

Different mattress types suitable for back pain

The types of mattress are another critical consideration for the people who suffer from backaches. There are five most common types of mattress types. The mattress types along with their firmness level and sleeper’s body weight are all critical for finding the best mattress to cure back pain. The following table provides you with brief details on different mattress types and their merits and demerits for people with backache issues.

Type Innerspring Foam Latex Hybrid
Construction Foamed comfort layer and coiled support core Memory foamed/polyfoam comfort layer and Polyfoam support core Latexed comfort layer and Latexed/polyfoam support core Latexed/memory foamed comfort layer and pocketed coiled support core
Availability Readily Readily Partially common Partially common
Support Fair-Good Fair-Good Good – Very Good Good – Very Good
Conforming Fair-Good Good – Very Good Good – Very Good Good – Very Good
Firmness Options Poor – Fair Good to Very Good Fair-Good Fair-Good
Durability Poor – Fair Fair-Good Good – Very Good Fair-Good
Light Sleepers (<130lbs) Fair-Good Fair-Good Good – Very Good Poor-Fair
Average Sleepers (130 – 220lbs) Fair-Good Good – Very Good Good – Very Good Fair-Good
Heavy Sleepers (> 220 lbs.) Poor – Fair Good – Very Good Good – Very Good Good – Very Good
Sleepers with Back Pain (All Weights) Poor – Fair Good – Very Good Good – Very Good Fair-Good

How to select a mattress according to your sleeping position?

Concerning your sleeping position, sleepers are distinguished in three different categories: side, stomach, and back. Each of these positions is briefly explained below along with their pros and cons, natural spinal alignment and best-suited sleeping surface:

Side Sleeping

  • Pros & Cons

Side sleeping enables excellent air and blood circulation. It also prevents heartburn by releasing pressure from your heart. Side sleeping is also released pressure in certain issues as scoliosis and hip pain. However, side sleeping might reduce blood flow in arms and shoulders. These positions also cause pressure on the lungs and stomach. During side sleeping, the face is directly placed on the pillow which can cause wrinkles in the long run.

  • Spinal Alignment

Side sleeping does support the natural alignment of your spine. However, an uneven sleeping surface will build up the pressure and will cause your spine to curve unnaturally.

  • Best suited sleeping surface

The best-suited sleeping surface for the side sleepers must have enough firmness to provide a proper support to the body. It will enable the body to sink appropriately especially in pressure point areas like shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleeping

  • Pros & Cons

Sleeping on your back prevents snoring as well as sleep apnea. This sleep positions also prevents facial wrinkles. Nevertheless, doctors do not recommend stomach sleeping because it causes high discomfort and pressure on the organs. Furthermore, the sleeper will be prone to turning and tossing that can disrupt sleep.

  • Spinal alignment

Stomach sleeping doesn’t support natural alignment of your spine because a significant portion of your weight is on your stomach and you might end up sinking too much in your mattress.

  • Best suited sleeping surface

You mattress or sleeping surface has to be enough firm for prevention of over-sinking. Stomach sleeping is the least healthy position recommended for sleeping.

Back sleeping

  • Pros & Cons

Back sleeping can prevent acid reflux, and you don’t need any extra cushions for additional support and comfort. This sleeping position also prevents facial wrinkles. However, people do suffer from sleep apnea because the circulation of air is partially halted and there is considerable potential for snoring.

  • Spinal alignment

Back sleeping does support the natural alignment of your spine, but the sleepers have to maintain his/her back sleeping position.

  • Best suited sleeping surface

The mattress must provide support from tailbone to neck and must also have even firmness. Too much firm mattress will create some gap between the lumbar and the surface while too soft surface will cause misalignment of the spine.


A good quality mattress can provide excellent support to the spine, and it can eradicate the problem in various sensitive parts of your body such as lumbar region, neck, hips, and shoulders. On the other hand, a bad quality mattress can develop pressure in various muscles of your body.

In our roundup of top 5 best mattresses for back pain, the winner turns out to be Nectar mattress. The mattress offers high conformance and best suited for people with back pain or those who prefer to sleep on their sides. [$125 OFF + 2 free pillows on their official site using code BMR125]

The best part is this mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365-night free trial. Nectar mattress is certified under CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX. Furthermore, it is highly breathable with temperature regulating properties. The combination of memory for and gel-foam works well to keep this mattress highly supportive towards the back particularly lumbar areas and therefore, is highly recommended.

People who suffer from back pain must understand that they need to look at the mattress types, its firmness, and their body weight if they want to purchase a mattress that cures their back pain. People who are less than 130lbs. should go for soft sleeping surface while the people over 220lbs. should opt for a firm sleeping surface. Gel and memory foams are best for conformance and support, and they eradicate back pain for good.

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