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Mattresses play a vital role in your overall posture and well-being. They can either make you feel great each day, by providing the perfect support, or they can make you suffer from severe back pain. That’s why it is essential to thoroughly explore your choices before buying one.

There are numerous attributes each mattress, but the feature that impacts your back is its firmness. However, the rule doesn’t state that the firmer the mattress, the better it will be for eliminating pain. In fact, there are many important factors when selecting.

If you are looking to purchase a mattress, with the health of your back in mind, this list will be of great assistance. We have compiled a list and have added reviews for some of the top choices for your bad back. A brief guideline is also provided to assist you regarding the most important points for selection.

How to pick the right mattress for your bad back

What does mattress selection have to do with back pain?

Before discussing the best mattress selection for back pain, it is important to be aware of the relationship between where you sleep and your back pain. Knowing this can help you to make the appropriate selection.

The pain may occur due to injury, stress, or other health problems. It may also be due to poor sleeping positions(Know more details). The reason behind this is that when you sleep at night, your body starts relieving pain from your vertebrae because your upper body is not putting any burden on your spine or back.

So basically, adequate sleep is essential for helping your back relax. If you have poor sleeping habits or a poor bed, the unnecessary burden could result in severe back pain.  On the contrary, if you have a high-quality mattress and sleep in a good position, your back will relax, and pain will be eradicated.

What features should be considered when buying a mattress for back pain?

There are a few features of mattresses that are linked to either reducing or alleviating back pain. The most important of these features is the firmness.

The firmness is a crucial factor in deciding the mattress that is best for your back. It should not be so soft that you sink into it, leaving you laying in an uneven posture. And it should not be too stiff as well, as a stiff mattress can make you feel uncomfortable because it won’t contour your body’s curve. Therefore, mild firmness is perfect for people experiencing back pain.

Some people told you to select a very firm one, forget about it!

Some variation may be possible for stomach and side sleepers. Side sleepers would most likely prefer a soft surface to contour to their hip bone and shoulders, while back sleepers will probably prefer a firmer mattress.

and shoulders, while back sleepers will probably prefer a firmer mattress.

How to relieve lower back pain with the right mattress?

The type of mattress that is considered the most appropriate for back pain is a memory/latex foam. There are reasons behind this.

Traditional models are like a straight thick board. Their stiffness might make a person sleep in an uneven position. Flat models also leave the person’s knees unsupported, and put the spine in an arching position, which can result in poor sleep and back pain.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses fulfill both requirements of the body. They contour to the body and allow the person to sink into the mattress, wherever it is required.  And it also offers adequate firmness and support. It provides cushioning to the hips and shoulders, while providing full support to the back. Therefore, memory foam or latex foam with mild firmness is generally considered perfect for people experiencing back pain.

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Can mattress topper help in serving the same purpose as memory/latex mattresses?

Some people may think they can simply put memory foam padding on the top of their traditional mattress to reduce their back pain. But, one should not forget the fact that the whole mattress offers so much more than simple padding.

Its thickness, length, and strength allow a person to sink into a required level, while still giving full support and firmness. Additionally, memory and latex foams protect the sleeper form dust mites, allergens, and other bacteria. These functions cannot be performed by a simple pad only. For this reason, consider purchasing the right mattress for your back pain, rather than trying to take shortcuts.

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7 Best Mattress For (Lower) Back Pain 2018

Short Review Material Functions  Weight Dimensions
Tuft and Needle

(Editor choice)

 Polyurethane Foam Neck + Spine Problem Sufferers 61 lbs. 54”x75”x 10”
Zinus Green Tea  Memory Foam + Air-Flow High-Density Foam Back Pain 64 lbs. 80”x60”x12”
Signature Sleep 


Memory Foam +Encased Coil Additional Back Support & Comfort 42.9 lbs. 39”x75”x8”
Signature Sleep

 (Another model)

Memory Foam Adequate Support and Balancing 43 lbs. 60”x80”x8”
Classic Brands Ultimate Gel 


Gel Memory Foam Breathability & Back Support 82 lbs. 62”x15”x15”
Live and Sleep

(Editor choice)

Gel Memory Foam Allergy + Back Pain Sufferers 90 lbs. 80”x76”x 12”
Perfect Cloud Gel-Pro Gel-Pro + Air-infused Memory Foam


Back Pain + Support 85 lbs. 80”x60”x12”

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

The Tuft and Needle is manufactured with T&N adaptive foam, offering great support and comfortable sleep when compared to other memory foam choices. It comes with a 100-night trial, as well as a 10-year warranty. It is Certi-PUR USA, Oeko-Tex, and Green Guard certified.

  • Features

The most distinguished feature of T&N is its construction, which involves T&N adaptive foam. With the help of this type of foam, it offers effective pressure relief and back support. Additionally, this memory foam offers localized bounce.

This feature involves restricting movement to yourself, preventing your partner from being disturbed by your movement. It also comes with advanced technology that prevents you from sinking into the mattress and getting hot during sleep Its T&N adaptive technique not only keeps you cool, but also provides great comfort and support at the same time.

This bed is manufactured in the USA by a trustworthy brand. Its quality meets standards that are usually associated with products made in the USA, and is certified by Cert-PUR USA, Oeko-Tex and Green Guard.

  • It might be a great option for you because it doesn’t make you feel hot during sleep.
  • It might be super convenient for you to use this mattress because of its adjustable firmness on different frames.
  • With the help of its T&N adaptive foam, it offers great bounce along with amazing back support.
  • Because of its localized bounce feature, it might prevent you from being disturbed by your partner’s movements.
  • The edge of this product might not offer great support if you sit at its corners with your full weight.
  • Not friendly for side sleepers
If budget is not a problem, of course we’d recommend you some luxury model, like Dreamcloud, it’s thicker(15″) and better. But T&N is the best at the same price level. Maybe it costs more money than others on this list, but it deserves the money

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea
Zinus 10 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress

This is a queen-sized mattress that is 12 inches thick made by Zinus. It is manufactured by combining foams including memory foam, comfort foam, Airflow High-density foam, and base support foam. It’s CertiPUR USA certified, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Features

This product is manufactured with the intention of giving great comfort and pressure relief for a peaceful and amazing sleeping experience. This 12-inch thick product has many distinguishing features.

It is constructed by combining different types of foam. In particular, it contains a three-inch layer of Memory foam and a two-inch layer of Comfort Foam. There are an additional 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam, and at the bottom, a 3.5-inch thick layer of Airflow High-Density Base Support Foam.

Moreover, it comes with the certification from Certi-PUR USA, ensuring its durability, great performance, and possession of human-friendly materials. This product also comes with a reliable anti-oxidant feature through the infusion of green tea extracts into the memory foam to keep it fresh.

For best results, it is advisable to leave it open for at least 48-72 hours before using it for the first time. This will allow it to decompress it completely.

  • With its amazing combination of foam layers, this product might offer great pressure relief and back support.
  • It might be a highly comfortable option for you, as it contours to the various curves of your body to maintain your natural body posture.
  • It might be highly durable and stable option for you, because of its Airflow high-density foam layer.
  • It might be great natural and fresh mattress option for you because of its infusion with green tree extracts.



A well-known brand Signature sleep is famous for its high-quality mattress. Among its various kinds of beds, the signature sleep contour 8 inches consist of twin coil. It is the best mattress for back pain and stomach sleepers.

The Signature sleep contour twin-coil mattress can absorb the movement. It in turns helps you to sleep well by eliminating the motion transfer. The cushion of Signature Sleep Company has made to fulfill the needs of your growing kid.

  • Features

The contour 8 inches mattress is made of coils that are encased independently along with the 48 tempered steel. These twin coils are packed into insulation pad which is of non-woven fabric. There is also a layer of high-grade foam constructed from polyester to make you comfortable during the night.

This foam features 7 inches of the broad section that holds the progressive twin coils spring. Whereas, on the top of it, is a 1.25 inches high-density foam. These layers work collectively to add extra comfort.

The mattress from Signature brand has got another layer of (ILD) which is indentation load deflection. Another segment in this bed is of fire retardant barrier, following federal standards.

  • The mattress has the capability to reduce the motion transfer with the provision of undisturbed slumber.
  • Against such features of this twin coil foam, the price is reasonable and will not destroy your budget.
  • It has built up with body contour technology so that it can relieve your body aches naturally.
  • The contour 8 inches mattress may not support weight exceeds 110 lbs.
  • The brand does not give an extended


Signature Sleep Memoir 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Low VOC

This is another product of the brand Signature Sleep. It has built in a way to provide you firmness and quality sleeping experience. Within a couple of minutes, the memoir 8 inches mattress helps in creating the balance around the body.

  • Features

It is chemical free because it does not have PBDEs, TDCPP and (Tris) TCEP. The Signature sleep company has made sure the entire product does not promote ozone depletion.

Unlike other foams, the signature sleep memoir mattress is exceptionally soft made of knit fabric. You cannot just use it on spring beds. However; it can fit comfortably on sofa beds, trundle beds and so forth.

The foam has several layers one is memory foam measures 3.5 inches. Next is 8.5 inches sheet of thick density foam that takes the shape of your body. The best mattress for back pain shows up with the phthalates standard which means it is secure for indoor air.

Moreover, this certified CetriPUR-US foam lower down the motion disturbance around the hips and feet area. Other than this feature, the 8 inches memoir product is eco-friendly and offers multiple sizes. The product dimensions are 60 inches x 80 inches x 8 inches and weigh 43 pounds.

  • The Signature sleep gives one year warranty. In case your mattress will tear or fail to retain its shape you can replace it for free.
  • It has super quality foam that will ensure durability for several years.
  • The foam does not lose its flexibility and softness even after years of use.
  • It is worth the money and reasonable
  • Sometimes the memoir 8 inches mattress become hot which might disturb you.
  • You may find odor coming from it, but it vanishes within a couple of days.


Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

 The classic brand’s products have designed and assembled in Maryland. The goal of the entire company is to provide top-notch quality by using latex foam. Like other brands, this mattress manufacturing brand does not compromise on the quality. In this product, you can find latest cool gel technology.

  • Features

This product s is the combination of two foams that includes polyfoam and memory foam. The top layer is 2 inches which contain gel memory foam. On the other hand, the second and third layers are 2 inches and 6.5 inches respectively. Both the layers consist of polyurethane foam.

The cover of this bed appears with a combination of 10 % spandex, 36% rayon and 54% polyester. Such blend of materials is for improving the airflow of the mattress along with its thin design.

When it comes to cooling, it’s an ideal choice as it has infused cooling gel inside it. As a result of which there will be no worry about the surface getting hot while you sleep on it.

It has inbuilt memory foam that tries to support each part of your body and prevent backaches.  Moreover, it provides you outrageous contour which follows the low level of sinkage. The product weighs 82 pounds and has 62 x 15 x 15 inches dimensions.

  • Unlike other brands, it appears with 25 years warranty.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • The classic brand cooling gel has resilient foam that reduces
  • It might not be the right option for those of your sleep on stomach.
  • You may feel slight odor firstly, but it lasts for a couple of days only.


Live and Sleep Resort Ultra, King Size 12-inch Medium Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Just like other mattress manufacturing companies live and sleep resort is a renowned name in this industry. This brand ensures eco-friendly material in its manufacturing. For this, the brand tests and analyze its product as to make their customers contended.

  • Features

This foam has beautiful construction and contains two layers of different kinds of foams. The top layer possesses memory foam that is 2.5 inches thick. On the other side, you can find 7.5 inches polyurethane foam which is dense to support your neck. Although the live and sleep resort ultra-memory foam is firm, the harmonizing of two-layers make it soft.

The heat retention technology of this mattress helps in maintaining the temperature of the bed. Thus, you will not wake up complaining about sweating. It was designed to give medium firmness feel, therefore; it can aid to minimize the effect of back pain more quickly and efficiently.

The foam used in this mattress assists in body contouring and does not form impressions of your body. Its weight is slightly heavier than rivalry brands. The product weight is around 90 pounds, and its dimensions are 80 x 76 x 12 inches.

  • The company has used an eco-friendly and breathable material in the production. In this way, you can keep your respiratory system safe and secure.
  • It does not come alone; it shows up with freebies such as memory pillow.
  • Most mattresses come with a pungent smell, however; this foam does not have any odor.
  • You may find it sinks at the edges that might hinder your sleeping experience.
  • It lacks spring Thus, you have to buy it separately.


Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The perfect cloud is manufacturing innovative mattresses for more than ten years. Perfect

Cloud Elegance Gel memory foam helps in enhancing slumber experience. The elegance memory foam has utilized high-grade foam so that customer can buy a mattress without worrying about the weight and sleeping position.

  • Features

The elegance gel mattress features forms four separate layers. It includes natural air-infused foam, high-density foam, regular air infused memory foam and gel pro memory foam. All these four layers combine to form 12 inches thick mattress.

The top layer has got 1-inch high-density foam. After this, comes 1.5 inches layer which possesses regular air infused memory foam. The third and fourth layer has got the thick gel and high-density foam which are between 2 and 7.5 inches.

Protecting the four layers, the cover is breathable plus soft to touch and easily removable. It allows the proper circulation of the air while eliminating the heat retention. Furthermore, you can wash it to remove stains. This is one of the best mattresses for back pain because it eases your pressure points.

The thickness of this mattress is 12 inches whereas the weight is 85 pounds.

  • The perfect cloud elegance gel pro is the ideal option for all types of sleeping positions, whether you rest on your side or stomach.
  • With such features, the price of the elegance foam is quite reasonable.
  • The brand provides a long-term
  • Perfect cloud elegance mattress does not offer the trial period. It means you cannot return the bed in case you do not like it.
  • The edges may sink you down and bounce back after sometimes.


Selecting the right mattress is very important, as it involves your physical well-being and health. It becomes essential for those people who are experiencing chronic or simple back pain. The reason for this is that the condition of such people might get better by merely changing their bed mattresses.

Each mattress found on our list offers amazing features, but, if we were asked to choose the best among all of them, then our selection would be the Tuft and Needle.

The reasons behind our choice are many. Most importantly, we made this choice because it offers maximum back support, localized bounce, and coolness during sleep. Additionally, its adequate firmness allows it to be adjusted for any type of bed frame.

And finally, if all products recommended here is what you need, take a look at 10 best mattresses we selected from over 100 brands.  I believe you’ll see some more cool choices there. 
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