Getting a new mattress as a couple can be an intimate, but also an intimidating experience. There isn’t only one person to consider, but two. You are about to spend a substantial amount of cash on a brand new bed that you will be using for a considerable number of years.

The buying process can be quite overwhelming, especially for newly married couples. There are several things to consider, and the selection process may be even more challenging if a couple differs so much in size and weight.

Fear not, we have found eight best mattresses for couples for your selection. There is a choice for every type of couple, including a perfect model for sex. In addition, we have also presented you with top buying tips to help you choose a mattress that meets your exact expectations.

Best Mattress for Couples 2019

Brand Category Price of Queen ($) Sleep Trial Warranty
Nectar Best for the Money 699 365 Forever Warranty
Morphiis You Can Customize 995 100 25 Year Warranty
WinkBeds Best for Heavy Couples 1,299 120 Lifetime Warranty
DreamCloud Luxury Comfort 1,199 365 Everlong Warranty
Saatva Best for Sex 1,099 120 15 Year Non-Prorated
PlushBeds Best Organic Latex 1,499 100 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Loom & Leaf Best for Tosses and Turns 1,299 120 15 Year Non-Prorated Warranty
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Best for Hot Sleepers 1,699 120 10 Year Warranty

Nectar MattressBest for the Money

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar is a solid mattress option for couples, and it is available at a more competitive price point compared to other memory foam beds on the market. Couples who admire a memory feel will find exceptional value in this mattress.

The Nectar features five layers of different kinds of memory foam. Each layer is made to perform a specific task. The upper gel memory foam layers battle the heat that is usually associated with memory foam, allowing duos to sleep cooler.

The Nectar bottom two layers offer the much-needed support for couples. The bottom-most layer is remarkably dense, and it also does a great job of drawing fresh air into the bed to keep you guys cooler.

Above this layer, there is an adaptive hi core memory foam that learns the most sensitive pressure points to ensure that the duo gets the relief they need. Not to mention the top Tencel cover that improves air circulation.

Each Nectar bed is accompanied with the brand’s Forever Warranty, which covers your Nectar against any failure to withstand normal use for as long as you own it. Also, Nectar provides 365 risk-free night trial, giving you enough time to confirm if the Nectar meets your expectations.

Morphiis MattressYou Can Customize

Morphiis Mattress

Morphiis presents a tailored approach to mattresses for couples. It is a bed you can customize, providing couples with numerous benefits, including: reduction in tossing and turning; reduction in morning pain and stiffness; and increase in sleep satisfaction.

With the Morphiis, you can choose different firmness settings for either side of the mattress and zoned support. You could have a mattress that is soft on one side and firm on the other. You can even make one side softer towards the hips and firmer towards the shoulders.

All Morphiis mattresses are available with a complete set of firm, medium, and soft comfort inserts. Not only will you guys be able to change the support and feel, but you will also be able to do so in different regions or zones of the mattress.

The Morphiis is a 10-inch mattress with two individual channels of six comfort inserts on each side of the mattress. The combinations are remarkably simple to achieve. Therefore, you and your partner can customize the sides in numerous ways.

Morphiis backup their mattress with an incredible 25-year warranty. Then again, they present you with 100 risk free night trial along with 100% money back guarantee. Morphiis helps couples, whether they have vastly different or similar preferences.

WinkBeds MattressBest for Heavy Couples

WinkBeds Mattress

The WinkBeds Mattress is a suitable choice for heavy people. It is a first hand-built bed designed for restorative sleep. Innovatively engineered to help couples fall asleep faster as well as stay asleep longer.

This 14.5-inch bed comes with three distinct components. The first one is the Tencel cover, which is eucalyptus-based. This cover ensures that you and your partner sleep cooler. Then, there is a quilted gel-infused foam euro-pillow top that does a good job of dissipating heat.

All the support, contouring, pressure relief, and maximum airflow for heavy couple comes from the comfort and support layers that are just beneath the euro-pillow top.

The most unique aspect of the WinkBeds Mattress is that couples have four firmness options to choose from: soft, luxury firm, firm, and plus. The Plus version is the first luxury bed specifically engineered for heavy couples.

Unlike the other options, the WinkBeds Plus is incorporated with: a patented three-zone TexaQUAD support coil system for superior back support; a seven-zone latex support layer for cooling and responsiveness; and high-density impression-proof foams.

WinkBeds provides you with a lifetime durability, guarantee and warranty. The company also provides you with a proprietary mattress base (CoolControl) that allows couples to suitably customize the temperature of each side of the bed.

DreamCloud MattressLuxury Comfort

DreamCloud Mattress

Luxury comfort may sound affluent to most couples. However, DreamCloud has managed to offer affordable luxury in a hybrid solution that does not only feels great, but also brings luxury resort experience into your bedroom.

The lavish comfort of the DreamCloud starts with its hand-tufted cashmere blend topper that delivers premium softness and maximum breathability for a luxury sleep experience. Then, there is a gel-infused foam that cools and cradles your body impeccably.

After a series of comfort layers, there is a patent pending coil layer that is organized into five separate comfort zones. The zones offer the ideal level of support couples need, exactly where they need it, not too hard and not too soft.

Then again, there is a high density super soft foam that sits at the bottom of the DreamCloud. This layer provides superior motion isolation to ensure that the movements of one partner does not affect the other.

With DreamCloud, your luxury sleep is backed up by an Everlong Warranty for as long as you own the bed. To make sure that you are completely satisfied with your choice, DreamCloud offers you 365 risk free night trial.

Saatva MattressBest for Sex

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva Mattress is a perennial choice for sexually active couples. Most importantly, it offers the best bounce compared to any other mattress on the market. It has outperformed most latex models with its super strength and durability.

What you need for sex is maximum sustainability and luxury comfort, and such is what you get with the Saatva Mattress. Unlike competing products, Saatva features a distinctive high quality coil on coil construction that offers the responsiveness and bounce needed during sex.

For an exciting evening, you will want a bed with superior edge support. The Saatva dual perimeter edge support is super strong and does not compress easily. This allows couples to move around with no trouble and use the entire playing field when changing positions.

Discretion is one of the most important virtues of sex. Even though the Saatva Mattress features steel coil system, it is remarkably silent. You will hardly bother other occupants in your home with your late night endeavors.

Saatva also offer their customers a 15-year non-prorated warranty. The company provides you 120 risk free night trial for you to confirm if the Saatva mattress is what you need for your sexual activities. Not to mention the free white glove delivery and mattress removal.

PlushBeds MattressBest Organic Latex

PlushBeds Mattress – Best Organic Latex

PlushBeds experts believe in quality sleep and good health, and that’s what makes the PlushBeds Mattress a high quality organic latex bed for couples. This bed features toxin-free materials that are safe for allergic or couples with sensitive skin.

The PlushBeds mattress comes with three unique layers of organic luxury latex that not only feels good, but also healthy. The individual layers of Dunlop latex are uniquely attuned to separate firmness levels: firm, medium, and soft.

Couples have two basic firmness levels they can choose: medium and firm. The medium comfort level is ideal for side sleeping couples, while the firm comfort level is ideal for back and stomach sleeping couples.

You can go ahead and fine tune the firmness of your PlushBeds mattress by swapping the latex layers on your own. You can easily switch from firm to medium by bringing the medium layer to the top with the firm layer in the middle and the soft layer at the bottom.

Unlike most beds on the market, PlushBeds provide you with 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. You also get 100 risk free night trial to put the mattress to test, along with free shipping and returns.

Loom and Leaf MattressBest for Tosses and Turns

Loom and Leaf Mattress – Best for Tosses and Turns

Are you the kind of couple who like to toss and turn during the night? If you are, you should look no further than the Loom and Leaf Mattress. This bed is engineered from memory foam, but provides superior responsiveness and bounce for couples.

The eco-friendly Loom and Leaf memory foam is ideal for superior motion isolation, you will hardly feel the movements of your partner. The bed has an organic cotton cover and cooling layer that sleep cool and comfortable to soothe a restless partner.

The heart or core of the Loom and Leaf bed is made of five-pound Visco-elastic foam that provides couples with deep contouring support, which ensures superior pressure relief for a restless partner.

The superior motion isolation and performance of the Loom and Leaf is backed up by a 15-year warranty. You also get 120 risk free night trial to put the Loom and Leaf to test. In addition, the brand offers you free white glove delivery and mattress removal.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora MattressBest for Hot Sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress – Best for Hot Sleepers

This is the newest mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, which features an additional focus on cooling. The bed has a premium smooth top cover made of phase change material that provides TitanCool benefits for couples who sleep hot.

This uniquely made hybrid mattress features two separate TitanFlex foam layers, one gel memory foam layer and a pocketed coil system. The two TitanFlex foam layers on top provide pressure relief as well as the initial comfort of the mattress.

Then there is an inch of gel memory foam, which helps greatly with limiting motion transfer. This layer also helps with temperature regulation and cooling to ensure that you sleep cooler. Beneath that there is an 8-inch pocketed coil system for motion isolation and better reactivity.

Apart from the amazing cooling properties of the Aurora mattress, you can choose your comfort level from three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. The soft version is ideal for couples who sleep on the side, while the medium and firm are ideal for couples who sleep on the back or stomach.

Brooklyn Bedding offers a reliable 10-year warranty. You also get 120 risk-free night trial to test the cooling properties of the Aurora. Not to mention that they provide you with free shipping and returns.

What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Mattress for Couples


The best mattress should work hard to provide you with the needed support. When two people are using up the space, it has to work even harder. Support keeps your body in alignment while you sleep. Different types of mattresses have a given weight limit for one or two sleepers.

Many of the manufacturers consider including a pocketed coil system and a solid edge support that keeps couples supported in many different positions. You may not necessarily get more support on a memory foam bed when compared to an innerspring coil mattress.

The more weight the both of you put on the bed, the more supportive it should be. A mattress with excellent support will keep the heavier sleeper from rolling towards the middle, creating a bit of depression forcing the lighter partner to roll towards them. Good support should be provided for at every part of the mattress.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to the capability of a mattress to absorb motion and keeping it from reaching the other partner. Having good motion transfer is among the important aspects to look into when acquiring a bed for couples.

Without low motion transfer, a lighter partner will find it difficult to sleep. If both of you tend to move frequently at night and are light sleepers, motion transfer needs to be a primary consideration.

The best type of bed to opt for is memory foam if motion transfer is a problem. They are good at absorbing motion and isolating it in one place. This means that one partner can move freely while the other stays asleep.

Other options that offer motion transfer includes hybrid, latex or polymer mattresses. They are slightly improved when compared to the traditional coil beds. They have more bounce and response. They provide you with a bouncy feel and motion isolation at the same time.

Sleeping Hot

There is too much heat dissipated when two people share a bed. The construction and materials used in making of the mattress has everything to do with how it retains and distributes heat.

Some beds feature materials such as cooling gels and breathable layers that are good at absorbing heat enabling the both of you to sleep cooler. Others allow for airflow ensuring that heat escapes from the mattress.

Beds with innersprings tend to sleep the coolest. This is due to the coil support they feature, which allows for ventilation. On the other hand, memory foam beds tend to sleep warm as they trap heat. This can lead to an uncomfortable and restless night.

There are mattresses that feature dual-zone temperature capabilities that provide couples with different temperature preferences to select from. If one partner enjoys a warm bed while the other prefers to sleep cool, temperatures on either side of the bed can be adjusted.

Heavy People

The best mattress for heavy couples should be able to support at least 300 pounds. They come with reinforcements to ensure that it is both comfortable and durable for heavy sleepers. For instance, they have a foundational add-on that provides additional support.

They also have an extra bit of foam at the top giving you a nice plush feel that not only help in relieving pressure points, but also provide a comfortable sleeping experience. These reinforcements may make the bed high, but it will definitely have the feel of a mattress that can support heavy people.

Hybrids are considered the best for heavy people due to high-quality materials and a strong construction. For heavy people, a hybrid mattress with a thickness of 12 inches will provide the needed support. Such couples also tend to require a 4-7 level of firmness on the firmness scale.

Friendly for Sex

It is vital to deliberate on what sex will feel like on your new bed aside from sleeping and sitting. For instance, a memory foam bed may provide you with comfort while sleeping on it, but may not respond to your amorous activities.

Hybrid, innerspring coil and latex mattresses provide better bounce and have quick and better responses and therefore better for sex.  There are a number of features that play vital roles in sex.

For starters, squeaks can be distracting during sex. The bed should be strong enough not to produce any squeaky noises. It should also be thick enough so as to support various movements and still remain comfortable.

The bed should have good support all round and at the edges. Apart from support for sleeping, it ought to be capable of supporting the weight of two adults located at the same place. One with good design and high-quality materials will ensure that it is capable of supporting all the weight.

Comfort Level

Comfort refers to how a bed feels when you lie on it. It is normally rated on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the least firm and 10 being the most firm. A firm bed provides resistance while a softer mattress allows for more sinkage.

When it comes to firmness, it is all a matter of preference. The amount of firmness that feels comfortable depends on your height, weight and sleeping positions. If you and your partner have different preferences on firmness, there are beds that provide dual comfort zones and different levels of firmness on either side of the bed.

There are also those made with adaptive foam. This means that it will feel soft when you lie down, but it is still firm underneath. For instance, if you are lighter and require a softer surface while your partner is heavy and requires a firmer surface, the bed will give the both of you a soft feel at the top, but a firmer surface underneath.

Many of the cheaper brands provide a medium to firm level of firmness, which works great for most couples. However, side sleepers may require extra pressure relief and would need a bed on the softer level of firmness.


Although there are times when the price will not affect quality, it is a possibility that cheaper brands may be of poor quality. They may lack the required pressure relief and durability as compared to the slightly expensive options.

If you and your partner want a good sleep every night, invest in a good quality mattress. Memory foams are more durable and a cheaper option for couples who are looking to buy an affordable bed with finance options.

Latex and hybrid beds are among the expensive option when compared to innerspring and memory foams. If you are not operating on a tighter budget, it will be best to purchase a high-quality bed that will last for longer durations than the cheaper ones that will only cost you more.

Product Quality

A good quality bed will definitely improve your sleep quality. There are a number of features and materials you should look into, which contribute to product quality. For example, wool is naturally flame resistant, hence wool beds do not require added flame retardant treatment.

Beds with added technological features enable you to connect your bed with other devices in your home, like your coffee maker. They also enable you to change the temperature of the side of the bed you are sleeping on.

Some mattresses have a sleep tracker, which can be used to track the partner that slept well. The sensors track individual time slept and respiratory and heart rates.

Healthy Materials

Mattresses are made of quite a number of materials, both synthetic and natural. A good quality sleep has everything to do with the construction of the bed. Healthy materials eliminate any exposure to harsh chemicals that are mostly found in traditional mattresses.

Natural latex beds are made of 100% organic latex. Latex foam is gotten from the sap of rubber trees. It offers some appealing advantages to those who are not allergic to latex. They provide soft firmness without using inner springs. There are some latex mattresses that are certified organic.

Cotton is mostly found in the lightweight mattresses. It is hypoallergenic, but is not resistant to dust mites. Organic cotton is grown without any pesticides. By purchasing a bed made from cotton, you will be making a cleaner, greener choice.

Wool is naturally molded and will wick away any moisture, keeping you comfortable at all times. Though it is also considered as hypoallergenic, individuals sensitive to lanolin may have to avoid it.

When buying a memory foam, ensure it is low in volatile organic compounds to eliminate the problem of off-gassing, which can be a big problem. Most manufacturers will recommend you air out the bed in a ventilated room before using it.


Mattresses are sold in different standard sizes, ranging from twin size to California king. There is no doubt that the proper selection for couples is the queen or king size. However, selecting between the two depends on the size of your room, budget, body frame and sleeping preferences.

The queen size 60 inches by 80 inches. This is 5 inches longer and 7 inches wider than the full-size bed. This difference provides added comfort for couples who do not have space for a king size bed.

If budget is not a problem and you have a large sized room, you should select a king-sized mattress. It is 80 inches in length and 76 inches wide. This is almost the same size as putting two twin XL mattresses together. It offers the most personal space for couples who want maximum personal sleeping space and also to share it with pets.

The California king is another alternative. It is 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width. This is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than the king size. Although it is narrower than the king, it still offers couples with an additional 6 inches sleeping width when compared to the queen. It is perfect for taller couples.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Different mattresses come with different periods of sleep trial with the minimum being 100 days. The sleep trial is a period that allows your body to adjust to the mattress you have bought for you to ensure whether it is the right product for you.

The period enables you to test important aspects. Both of you can try out the level of firmness to determine if it provides the required level of support for neutral spinal alignment and pressure relief no matter your sleeping position, body type or weight.

The period also enables you to try out your amorous activities and determine if it has great bounce and instant response.  You will also get experience edge support, which plays a role in the sex performance. You will also be able to conclude whether the bed has little motion transfer which is a benefit to the both of you.

Any newly purchased mattress has a warranty. The actual warranty provided depends on a number of factors. The factors are decided by the manufacturer and normally coincide with materials, price and average wear. A bed that comes with a warranty enables you to be provided with a refund in case of defects.


Choosing the best mattress for couples may not be as easy as most people would imagine. This is something that we found out during our research. Debatably, the most important consideration is a mutual comfort, which may not be easy for the two of you to decide on.

The very first point of contention is the ideal firmness of the bed. This is essential for couples, because two people of different shapes and sizes may not be able to sleep on the same surface and both be as comfortable as they should be to achieve the best possible sleep.

If the two of you cannot agree on a single comfort level/firmness setting, then you may feel most comfortable on a dual firmness or customizable mattress. This patented feature is a significant contributor to improved sleep quality.

The second most important concern is motion transfer. Many couples can easily be awakened due to movement or noise. This is a common experience if one partner has a tendency of tossing and turning during sleep. For this particular problem, you should select a mattress with superior motion isolation and produces little noise if any.

Couples who sleep hot should be choosier. You may find the perfect mattress that meets all your expectations, but sleeps hot. In this case, you should choose a mattress that comes with advanced cooling properties for superior airflow and breathability.

Are you sexually active couples? Then, it goes without saying that you need a mattress with more bounce and responsiveness to accommodate those vigorous positions. The perfect choice should have unmatched edge support, allowing you to make good use of the entire surface.

Another important factor that every couple should consider when shopping for a mattress is a sleep trial. Supposedly, you may have found all the features you are looking for in a given model, but you will know for sure once you have put it to test for at least 100 nights or more.

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