When you are shopping for new bedding for your dreamland, there are plenty of factors that you should consider, and your body weight should be one of those factors. The reason behind that is a mattress designed for heavyweight people doesn’t come with the same characteristics as for regular weight people. There are different design requirements and functionalities of a mattress for heavyweight people.

The most critical fact you need to realize is that whether you are heavyweight or not. People who weigh more than 220 lbs. are considered to be overweight. Surprisingly, more than 50% of the Americans fall in the heavyweight category.

We have developed this post to address the problem of 50% of Americans in deciding what type of mattress is best. We will start with a buying guide, if you’re in a hurry, you can jump to the top 5 list directly.

What We Consider During Testing/Review

You have to be very specific when it comes to purchasing a mattress for heavyweight people. It is critical that you must consider all the aspects before finalizing your decision otherwise you will spend your hard earned money on a wrong option.

Weight and Thickness

Most people overlook the thickness of a mattress when considering an option for heavyweight people. Nevertheless, it has a significant role to play in this scenario. For the people who weigh less than 220 lbs., a mattress with 10-inch thickness is deemed sufficient.

 People who weigh more than 220 lbs. should go for a mattress with 10-inch(or even 12-inch) thickness or more.  A mattress must come with deep compression support. People who weigh more than 220 lbs. (either due to obesity or having a large body size and structure) create more amounts of pressures on the sleeping surface as compared to thin people.

A thin mattress doesn’t meet the performance expectations when it comes to spinal support. The thickness of a mattress needs to be higher for heavier people. Latest mattresses feature advanced foams such as a high-density comfort layer for improvement in compression support.

Therefore, these can work well for heavy people. Nevertheless, it is best to find a mattress with a thick profile more than 10-inch so that it can consistently perform when it comes to spine alignment and support.

The support core or the base layer of the mattress must be around 6-inch in thickness whether it is an innerspring, latex or foam. A person who is light in weight doesn’t need much support, and for this reason, a thick mattress turns out to be a wrong option in this case.

Mattress Thickness Heavy Sleeper > 220 lbs. Light Sleeper > 130lbs.> to < 220lbs. <
6-inch Poor Fair
8-inch Poor to Fair Good
9-inch Fair Good
10-inch Fair to Good Fair to Good
12-inch Good Fair
13-inch or more Excellent Poor to Fair

Shape and Firmness

You can determine the level of firmness of a mattress by knowing what types of sleeper are you. The firmness of a mattress is a very subjective attribute because for every individual the feel of a mattress is different. Some people also confuse firmness with support.

Firmness tells us about the initial feel of a mattress when you sit or lie on it. A very stiff sleeping surface is categorized as ‘firm‘ while a cloud-like feel is termed as ‘soft‘.  Some models also provide a very balanced contour and push-back which means that they are ‘medium‘.

The feel can be different for people with different body weights, and who prefer to sleep in different positions. Therefore, you will find most of the models with firmness score wavering in between 5 and 7 (on a rating scale of 1 – 10). Here, 1 is categorized as ‘softest’ and 10 is categorized as ‘firmest.’

Increased body weight and increased softness will increase the sinkage. Therefore, with increased body weight increase in firmness rating is suitable. People who weigh more than 250 lbs. will experience an additional 1 or 2-inch sinkage. In simple words, a mattress that might feel 8 out of 10 regarding firmness will feel 7 out of 10 for an individual who weighs more than 250 lbs. If you weigh more than 250 lbs., then you should go for a firmness level of 8 out of 10. The rule of thumb is that with increased body weight you should opt for increased firmness level.

For best-suited firmness, you must consider your sleeping position to determine the best firmness level. Heavyweight people who prefer to sleep on their sides should go for 4 to 6 firmness level. The heavyweight people who sleep on their stomach should opt for 5 to 8, and those who like to take a nap on their backs must go for 4 to 8. If you sleep in a combination position, then you should go to a level that caters both locations.

Please refer to the firmness guide chart to calculate your own firmness depending on your body shape and sleeping style:

The waist is wider than shoulders and hips      4.5-6.5
(medium to
(Medium-firm to
Waist, hips, and shoulders are same       5.5-8.5
(Medium-firm to
(Medium-firm to
Shoulders are wider than waist and hips       5.5-6.5
(medium to
(Medium to firm)
Hips are wider than waist and shoulders         55.5-8.5
(Medium-firm to       firm)
(Medium-firm to firm)
(Medium to medium-firm)
Shoulders and hips are wider than waist             5.5-6.5
(Medium-firm to firm)
(Medium-firm to         firm)


People who weigh more than 220 lbs. must opt for a mattress that features high-density layers.  When we talk about foam mattresses, 1.8 PCF (per cubic foot) is the minimum density requirement for the support core .

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the density specification doesn’t always come with every model of a mattress. A top quality mattress with high density is considered to be very durable for heavyweight sleepers.

Most health professionals suggest using a hard or firm mattress since the extra firm mattress would conserve lumbar lordosis. The biochemical effect allows the maximum body contact and better spine alignment.

Edge-to-edge support

Edge-to-edge support is another integral component of a mattress that is designed to provide deep sleep for heavyweight people. A firm edge support would give you an additional space when you share the mattress with your partner.

A strong edge support will prevent sagging in the long run, and your mattress won’t collapse if you tend to sleep on the edge of it. The mattresses that have coil over coil, springs or hybrid construction will provide you with the best support. Heavyweight people struggle with foams because they don’t give them enough edge support.

Temperature neutrality

One of the most reported issues by heavyweight sleepers is sleeping hot. You must look for a mattress come with the ability to regulate the temperature of the sleeper by dissipating heat from the body elsewhere.

Temperature neutrality becomes even more important when you share your bed. It will increase the overall heat generated. If your mattress doesn’t regulate the temperature, then you or your partner will wake up from a deep sleep all sticky and sweaty.

You must bear in mind that  most foam mattress sleeps hot as compared to hybrid or spring mattress . Nevertheless, different memory foam models come with advanced cooling gel-infused formulas, open cell structured layers have solved this issue up to a reasonable extent.


Many sleepers have reported that there is a direct relationship between the durability of a mattress and the body weight of the sleeper. Hence, heavyweight people should emphasize the longevity of a mattress.

Heavyweight people should consider innersprings and hybrids since they are rated the best when it comes to lifting weight and offering durability through its interrelated coil structure. In an innerspring mattress, high coil count refers to high density and strength. An 800 or more coil count is best suited to start with.


The satisfaction ratings

The general customer satisfaction scores or ratings determined for people with an average weight that ranges between 130 lbs. and 220 lbs. Therefore, a heavyweight person should not consider these score as they are irrelevant to them.

Relying solely on the overall ratings is not going to be sufficient, and you should practically try your mattress out before finalizing anything.

Mattress materials

There are various mattresses materials available including memory foams, innersprings, latex, and hybrid.

Sleepers who prefer excellent support and conformance should go for memory foam mattresses. If you prefer that hug-like feel, then memory foam will prove to be your favorite here too. However, you will have to compromise on breathability and temperature neutrality if you consider memory foam for your bedroom.
Innersprings, on the other hand, are excellent at breathability and temperature regulation, but they are prone to sagging and are not very durable. These mattresses are the least durable of all other types.
Latex and hybrids tend to solve both the issues, but they don’t come cheap. Each one of them has their unique positives and negatives. However, due to durability latex mattresses are recommended, but they also come with an issue of off-gassing. According to a study conducted by Ph.D. Pan-Yin Lim latex reduce peak body pressure and relax the body as compared to other options.

Among all the types Hybrids are best suited for heavyweight people as they tend to provide contouring, breathability, temperature neutrality and edge support all in one mattress.

Sharing the mattress with your partner

You must always consider the combined weight of all the people who will be using the mattress before buying it. It will give you with an understanding on how much-concentrated weight will be put on each region of the mattress.

Back Support

It is a common misconception that high firmness means high back support. On the contrary, firmness has nothing to do with the backing of a mattress. A very soft mattress can be very good in terms of conformance and pressure relief. Firmness is associated with the comfort layer or the initial feel while support is related to the support core or lateral feel.

5 Best Mattress For Heavy People

Reviews Max Weight for one person Firmness Thickness Highlight
BigFig Mattress 500 lbs. 6.5 (Medium Firm) 13-inch Designed for the big guy
WinkBed Mattress 450 lbs. 4 Firmness 14.5-inch If you prefer the Euro-pillow top design
Nolah Signature 12 350 lbs 2 Firmness 12-inch 2-Sided design
Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid 350 lbs 3 Firmness 13.5-inch  Lifetime Warranty
Purple Mattress 300 lbs. 6.5 (Medium Firm) 9.5-inch Reputation brand

BigFig mattress- Best Innerspring System

The company designed the BigFig mattress for those people who have bigger figures and facing plenty of problems regards their mattress like poor support, loss, & softening comfort, sleeping hot, sag mattresses and no edge support.

The top layer of this hybrid model is covered with ventilated latex along with ThermoGel technology that activates by moisture and creates cooling that keeps you sweat free. The cover material features Lycra Spandex, polyurethane and viscose.

The king size mattress is equipped with an innerspring system that has thin gauged coils with 1600 count; the support core offers an excellent support system for the people who weigh over 220 lbs. Moreover, the support system also features a high-density memory foam of 1.8 PCF, which means that it will be able to provide your body with proper contouring, especially for heavyweight people.

Another advantage that you have with Big Fig is that you can enjoy firmer edge mattress; it gives you the same support even you are laying on the edge of the bed. The edge support system making your bed feels more spacious and provides you long-lasting comfort along with high-quality good night’s sleep.

Following are the details of spring count in the mattress that vary according to the size of the mattress:

  •  Cal King: 1600 coils
  •  King: 1600 coils
  • Queen: 1200 coils
  • Full: 1000 coils
  • Twin XL: 710 coils
  • Twin: 670 coils

Whereas, all most all sizes are of the same thickness i.e. 13+ inches.

  • This mattress has a high-density mattress that is great for heavyweight people.
  • The collection of coils contour your body perfectly.
  • It provides edge support system that also gives you secure feeling at the edge of the mattresses.
  • ThermoGel technology keeps you cool and fresh while sleeping.
  • This mattress gives you the most exceptional durability.
  • The company provides 101-Night trial period along with the 20-year warranty.

  • It is available only one firmness level that is categories as a medium-firm mattress.
  • The mattress may lack the feature of motion transfer.
 The Big Fig mattress is an innerspring mattress that is highly recommended to heavyweight people that give comfortable sleep to all type of sleepers such as the stomach, back, and side sleepers. It helps to keep body temperature cool and gives you a dry rest without sweating. You’ll get the foundation made using highest grades of pine, spruce and fir woods. The foundation is so strong and durable that it can lift the weight of the mattress and 2 persons (each up to 500 lbs.) 

WinkBeds- Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The WinkBeds Company engineered this mattress with multiple traits that make it a highly rated luxury hybrid mattress. The “3-step” back relief system is the best attribute of this mattress that gives additional support to your lumbar area of your body and secures your lower back sagging and poor alignment. The unique innovation relaxes your body muscles and provides you with a pressure relief system for your joints.

The luxury hybrid mattress comes with two-premium sleep technology and other seven different layers. The top layer of this mattress coved with TENCEL technology that is 100% natural fabric, which gives you 30% cooler sleep than other linen and softer than silk. This mattress helps you to sleep cool because WinkBeds come with a Triple layer of heat disperse technology that allows you to sleep cool with no sweat and wake up fresh.

This specific WinkBeds mattress is available in multiple firmness options, from where you can customize your mattress to get a unique comfort level. These mattresses give the best support to heavy weight people. Most popular firmness options are soft that specified for side sleeper, Luxury Firm that is best for Back or Stomach sleeper, and firm that provides the lumbar support area.

The company provides you to enjoy risk-free 120-Nights trial periods along with 10-year warranty as well as offer to exchange and free return in case of any problem.

  • You can choose mattress firmness level according to your preferences.
  • The heat disperse technology keeps your cool while sleeping.
  • It is best for the couple because it supports extra-edge anti-sagging.
  • The WinkBeds are more durable and breathable.

  • This mattress is not more support for your lower back and hips.
  • Most of the time, the quality of WinkBeds is not preferred.
 The WinkBeds mattress is ranked as a luxury hybrid mattress that is an excellent choice for those who feel the sweat and wants proper lumbar region alignment while sleeping. You can choose a firmness option as per your sleeping comfort, soft is specified for a side sleeper, luxury Firm is ideal for Back or Stomach sleeper, and the firm provides the lumbar support. With its state of the art SleepCool technology, you won’t feel sweaty anymore. 

Nolah Mattress - The Coolest Mattress

The Nolah mattress cover is equipped with the luxurious and ultra-soft viscose that absorbs the body heat and allows you to enjoy dry, comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant good night’s sleep. This mattress is more reliable, provides better sleep, and gives you the best pressure relief trait, which is much better than latex and memory foam.

With Air-Foam ™ technology you’ll get pressure relief on shoulders and hips. The flappable feature allows you to enjoy 2 firmness for your deep sleep and it also increases the life of the mattress.

The top-rated mattresses provide perfect medium-firmness for all sleepers. Those people who are overweight and loved to sleep on their sides, this mattress it comes with great firmness that contour your body and best supportive to your hip, shoulder, and spine.

This most cooling mattress also gives you a healthy bounce by using high-resilience foam that is an ultra-premium foam, which is more reliable than latex. It is highly hypoallergenic, fully breathable. All types of sleeper such as back, side, and stomach can enjoy ultimate sleep because it provides excellent alignment to your hip and shoulder.

  • The Nolah mattress align your shoulder, spine, and hip perfectly.
  • This mattress is an excellent choice for heavyweight people.
  • It is highly breathable and more durable.
  • The Nolah comes in different sizes on the market.
  • The cooling Nolah Air-Foam gives you optimal cooling while sleeping.

  • The cooling property doesn’t work properly.
  • The Nolah is not more supportive in back and neck pain.
 The Nolah Company is scientifically proven to provide outstanding support to your shoulder, spine, and hips as compared to memory foams. The base layer of this mattress is equipped with 7-inch high-density foam that made the mattress more reliable and durable, and especially for heavy people. The flappable feature allows you to share the firmness level with your partner. 

Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is more comfortable mattress because Alexander constructed it with the combination of high-quality coils used for pressure relief and innovative copper infused foam that pulled away from the heat from the body.

The Hybrid mattress by Nest Alexander is comprised of high-quality materials that provide you an edge support system. This system offers the perfect support your back even you are laying on the edge of the mattress as well as featured with motion transfer. Therefore, the heavyweight people can also enjoy healthy and comfortable deep sleep.

The mattress is equipped with the top layer of the Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric helps to regulate the body temperature. The below layer is featured with cooling copper infused memory foam that are having antimicrobial and conductive properties and helps to suck the body heat.

The layer of 3” Dunlop latex with 24 ILD offer a perfect contouring along with 1.8lb 50ILD Transitional Foam that serves as the latex base to provide core support. On top of these features, you’ll get a 100-nights to try your bedding.

  • There are three firmness level available like plush, medium and luxury firm.
  • It is the most comfortable mattress as it supports pressure relief.
  • This mattress comes with edge support system.
  • It is considered as a highly breathable foam as compared to traditional memory foam.

  • This mattress is not suitable for a side sleeper.
  • It doesn’t provide proper support to your lumbar region .
 The Alexander Hybrid mattress is best for you because Nest Bedding wrapped it with the mixture of the high-quality coil that gives you extra edge support and innovative copper that helps to maintain the body temperature in every season. You can get this mattress as a real luxury mattress where heavyweight sleeper can enjoy a calm and comfortable sleep. 

 Purple mattress – Best Overall Value

The comfort stretch is designed to enjoy the last bit of luxurious comfort with super stretch properties and breathability. The scientifically prepared Smart Comfort Grid know where you want the softness and where the body needs firm support.

The Purple Mattress is prepared from gel polymer and the other three layers of foam. This gel polymer stays it entirely cool with a temperature-neutral. The temperature-neutral disperse the body heat and provides you with an excellent comfortable sleep.

There are three different firmness levels firm, medium and soft; you can choose according to your requirements and preferences. The fabric of the Purple mattress is a mixture of Lycra, Viscose, and Polyester, which are not chemically treated. According to experts, bigger figured people should have a medium firm mattress for their complete body support and proper alignment.

The Purple mattress is using the technology that is capable of reducing motion transfer. This technology gives you perfect sleep because it is suitable for all ages such as children or adult etc. and especially for heavyweight people. The additional base layer improves the overall comfort, durability, stability, supportive, and responsiveness as well.

  • The temperature-neutral technology gives you cool and dry sleep.
  • The coil responsive support system align your body perfectly.
  • It minimizes the motion transfer and adds stability.
  • This mattress provides edge support system and enhances its durability.
  • The breathable cover is removable as well as washable.

  • The mattress is not too firm.
  • It is not suitable for back pain people.
  • This mattress is not great for a side sleeper.
 The Purple Mattress is very functional because it provides you with multiple comfortable advantages such as it are great for economically, financially, and physically. The heavyweight people can also enjoy a unique, comfortable, and excellent sleep. Sleeping partners can also enjoy the bouncing during pleasure moments. It does not have coils which mean when sleeping together with partner your sleep won’t get disturbed due to its dynamic response motion transfer feature. 


Buying a mattress for heavy people is not rocket science. You need to be a lot more specific as compared to buying a conventional mattress. Firmness, durability, and sleeping position have a significant role to play in this case, and you need to consider all these factors when finalizing your buying decision.

You must understand that a firm mattress keeps your body and spine straight regardless of the sleeping positions. Due to proper conformance and contouring, a firm mattress is a good option for heavy people.

The winner of this roundup of top 5 best mattresses for heavy people is BigFig mattress. This mattress is designed for significant people, and it is highly durable. The mattress is equipped with ThermoGel Cooling Technology which means that you won’t sleep hot on this mattress.

The hybrid comes with 1600 pocketed coils and provides your body with excellent support and spinal alignment. The mattress also features three different layers of highly dense polyfoam which means that it won’t sag. It is covered under a 20-year warranty and a sleep trial of 101 nights.

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