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Best Mattress for Heavy People

Best Mattress for Heavy People 2020

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Do you need a different sort of mattress for heavy people? In this article, we’ll discuss what the mattress industry considers to be a “heavy person.” Hint: its all about total weight, not whether someone is overweight! A tall person who is in good physical shape may need a mattress designed for heavy people because they weigh more than 220 – 230 pounds.

When you are shopping for a new mattress for your dream bed, there are many factors that you should consider; your body weight is one of those factors. The reason your weight matters is that a mattress designed for lighter people doesn’t come with the same characteristics as a mattress designed for heavy people. Without those features, the mattress will degrade quickly when it supports more weight than it was built to support. Different design requirements are needed inmattress for heavy people.

The most critical fact you need to realize is that whether you are heavy according to the mattress industry. Some people who aren’t at all overweight are considered heavy by the mattress industry. In the mattress industry, people over 220 – 230 lbs. are considered heavy. That means a large percentage of the American population is considered heavy by the mattress industry. Also, some people who are considered overweight by their physician won’t be considered overweight by the mattress industry because height isn’t a consideration.

We have developed this post to ensure mattress buyers understand the weights mattresses are built to support and which mattresses will support their bodies the best.

5 Best Mattress For Heavy People 2020

1. Nolah Signature 12 Mattress – Best overall (Editor Choice)

Nolah Mattress - The Coolest Mattress

The Nolah mattress cover is made with a luxurious and ultra-soft viscose that absorbs body heat and allows you to enjoy a dry, comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant night’s sleep. This mattress is more reliable, provides better sleep, and gives you the best pressure relief, which is much better than latex and memory foam.

With Air-Foam™ technology you’ll get pressure relief for your shoulders and hips. The flippable feature allows you to enjoy 2 firmness levels from one mattress and increases the life of the mattress.

This top-rated mattress provides medium-firm to Firm feel which is perfect for many heavy people. Heavy people who sleep on their sides enjoy the way this mattress contours your body and supports your hips, shoulders, and spine.

Firmness of Nolah

This cool sleeping mattress also provides you with a healthy bounce by using an ultra-premium high-resilience foam, which is more reliable than latex. It is highly hypoallergenic and fully breathable. All types of sleepers can enjoy their slumber because it provides excellent alignment for your hips and shoulder.


  • The Nolah mattress aligns your shoulder, spine, and hips perfectly.
  • This mattress is an excellent choice for heavy people.
  • It is highly breathable and durable.
  • Nolah’s medium-firm feel is great for sleepers with heavy bodies.
  • The cooling Nolah Air-Foam provides optimal cooling while you sleep.


  • The edge support is typical for memory foam type beds.
  • The sleep trial requires you to sleep on the mattress for thirty days before you can return it.

The Nolah Signature mattress was scientifically designed to provide outstanding support to your shoulder, spine, and hips better than traditional memory foams. The base layer of this mattress is a durable 7-inch high-density foam that make this mattress for heavy people more reliable for heavier bodies which can cause less durable mattresses to degrade quickly. The flippable feature provides two levels of firmness in one mattress.

2. WinkBeds – Best for hot sleeper

WinkBeds- Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The WinkBeds Company engineered this mattress with multiple features that make it a highly rated luxury hybrid mattress. The “3-step” back relief system is the best attribute of the WinkBeds mattress because it gives additional support to the lumbar area of your body and ensures your lower back isn’t hurt by sagging or poor alignment. This unique innovative feature relaxes your muscles and provides pressure relief for your joints.

firmness scale for heavy people

This mattress provides cushioning in the top with a two-layer Euro Pillow top that cushions your back, hips, and shoulders to allow you to relax. A layer of micro air-springs provides air flow that cools the sleeping surface, so you don’t sleep hot.

The 7-zone pocketed coil springs provide the right amount of firmness and ease to support your body properly. A luxury hybrid mattress with two-premium sleep technologies using coils and foam to ensure your comfort. The top layer of this mattress is covered with TENCEL technology that helps you sleep 30% cooler. This mattress helps you to sleep cool because WinkBeds come with a Triple layer of heat dispersing technology, so you sleep cool with no sweat and wake up fresh.

This specific WinkBeds mattress is available in multiple firmness options. The recommended level for heavier bodies is the firmness level of 8. However, there are three softer levels from which to choose.

The company provides a risk-free 120-Night trial period along with a 10-year warranty that allows free exchanges.


  • You can choose the mattress firmness level according to your preferences.
  • The heat disperse technology keeps your cool while sleeping.
  • It is best for the couple because it supports extra-edge anti-sagging.
  • The WinkBeds are more durable and breathable.


  • This mattress has some off-gassing.
  • You’ll experience some motion transfer with the mattress, this may be even more if your sleeping partner is large.

The WinkBeds mattress is ranked as a luxury hybrid mattress that is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to sleep hot and want proper lumbar region alignment while sleeping. You can choose a firmness option that suits your preferences. The firm is ideal for Back or Stomach sleepers, and it provides the best lumbar support.

3. Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress – Best for pressure relief

Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is a comfortable mattress because Nest constructed it with the combination of high-quality coils used for pressure relief and innovative copper infused foam that pulls heat away from the body.

The Hybrid mattress by Nest Bedding is comprised of high-quality materials that provide better edge support than all-foam mattresses. This system offers the perfect support for your back even when you are laying on the edge of the mattress. Another feature is the reduction of motion transfer. This allows heavyweight people to enjoy healthy and comfortable deep sleep.

firmness of Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The cover is made from gel-infused memory foam quilted into a cover made from a special type of fabric that was developed to help you sleep cool. The Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric helps to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. The next layer is Energex Foam infused with cooling copper that provides antimicrobial properties and draws heat away from your body. 

Below that is a layer of SmartFlow Support Foam between your body and the 8” pocketed support coils.

On top of these features, you’ll get a 100-night trial to try your new mattress.


  • It is comfortable because it provides pressure relief
  • The edge support is good which is typical in coil hybrid mattresses.
  • It is cooler than traditional memory foam.
  • If you like a soft feel with strong underlying support this mattress should suit you.


  • Some side sleepers may find this mattress too firm for their needs.
  • The foam layers may degrade but you are protected by a nice warranty.
  • Not recommended for people who weigh over 300 pounds (600 combined with a sleeping partner).

The Alexander Hybrid mattress is a good choice because hybrid mattresses provide the best of both worlds—support and comfort. The edge support and copper cooling system provides a comfortable sleeping platform that helps to maintain your body temperature in every season. The motion transfer is good, so your sleep partner won’t disturb your sleep.

4. BigFig mattress – Best Edge Support

BigFig mattress- Best Innerspring System

The company designed the BigFig mattress for people who have bigger figures to solve many of the problems they experience with regular mattresses including poor support, lack of durability, sagging, sleeping hot, and a lack of edge support.

The top layer of this hybrid model is covered with gel infused ventilated latex along with ThermoGel technology that is activated by moisture and creates cooling that keeps you sweat free. The cover material features Lycra Spandex, polyurethane, and viscose.

The king size mattress is equipped with an innerspring system that has 1600 16-gage coils in the king-sized mattress; the support core offers an excellent support system for the people who weigh over 220 lbs. Moreover, the support system also features a high-density memory foam of 1.8 PCF, which means that it will be able to provide your body with proper contouring, especially for heavyweight people.

Another advantage that you have with BigFig is that you can enjoy a firmer edge on your mattress; it gives you the same support even if you are laying on the edge of the bed. The edge support system makes your bed feel more spacious and provides you long-lasting comfort along with the ability to enjoy a high-quality good night’s sleep.

Following are the details of spring count in the mattress that vary according to the size of the mattress:

Mattress SizeCoil Count
Twin XL710
California King (Cal King)1600

The mattress is 13 inches deep. The Big Fig Foundation is Amish crafted using Spruce wood to hold five times the weight of standard foundations is included with every purchase. There is also an optional steel bed frame made from recycled railroad steel designed to safely support up to 2,000 pounds.


  • This mattress is a high-density mattress that is designed specifically for heavy people.
  • The collection of coils supports your body perfectly.
  • It provides an edge support system that feels secure at the edge of the mattresses.
  • ThermoGel technology keeps you cool and fresh while sleeping.
  • This mattress provides exceptional durability.


  • It is available in only one firmness, medium-firm.
  • The mattress may not control motion transfer as well as some other beds.
  • The company provides a 101 Night trial period along with a 20-year warranty that isn’t prorated so you have full warranty coverage for twenty years. This demonstrates the manufacturer’s faith in their product.

The Big Fig mattress is a hybrid mattress that is highly recommended to heavy people so they can enjoy sleeping. It works well for sleepers who prefer any position including stomach, back, and side sleepers. It helps to keep body temperature cool. The strong foundation is included with every purchase.

5. The Original Purple mattress -Best for bouncy

the original purple mattress


The comfort stretch cover is designed to provide luxurious comfort with super stretch properties and breathability. The scientifically developed Smart Comfort Grid provides softness and firmness where the body support.

The Purple Mattress is prepared from gel polymer and the other three layers are foam. This gel polymer stays entirely cool; it is temperature-neutral. It disperses body heat and doesn’t absorb heat the way memory foams do which allows you to enjoy an excellent night’s sleep.

firmness of purple mattress

The firmness is about a 6.5. The fabric of the Purple mattress is a mixture of Lycra, Viscose, and Polyester, which are not chemically treated. According to experts, bigger figured people should have a medium firm mattress for their complete body support and proper alignment.

The Purple mattress technology reduces motion transfer. The upper level provides a feel you can sink into with the lower level foams providing support so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep. The additional base layer improves the overall comfort, durability, stability, support, and responsiveness.


  • The temperature-neutral technology keeps you cool and helps you stay dry.
  • It minimizes the motion transfer and is very stable.
  • The breathable cover is removable as well as washable.


  • The mattress is very heavy.
  • Max weight is 300 pounds per person.

The Purple Mattress provides heavy people with a cool sleeping environment. The original Purple is very bouncy when you want bounce but restricts motion transfer so your sleeping partner won’t wake you up when they get in or out of bed. The washable cover allows your mattress to stay fresh and recover from spills.

As a Big Guy, What to Consider Before Buying

You have to be very specific when it comes to purchasing a mattress for heavyweight people. You must consider all these aspects before deciding otherwise you will spend your hard-earned money on the wrong option, one that will not stand the test of time.

The most important considerations in choosing a mattress for sleepers with heavy bodies are:

 Consideration Reason It is Important
The thickness of the mattressTo prevent bottoming out
Temperature Control Sleeping hot is frequently a problem for heavier bodies
The thickness of the CoreTo provide support and keep the spine aligned
Edge SupportTo prevent the feeling of falling out of the bed or sliding off
The firmness of the mattressTo prevent too much sinking in
Quality of materials To ensure durability

Weight and Thickness

Most people overlook the thickness of a mattress when considering an option for heavyweight people. Nevertheless, it has a significant role to play in this scenario. For the people who weigh less than 220 lbs., a mattress with 10-inch thickness is sufficient.

People who weigh more than 220 lbs. should look for a mattress for heavy people with 10-inch (or even 12-inch) thickness or more.  A mattress must come with deep compression support. People who weigh more than 220 lbs. (either due to obesity or having a large body size and structure) create more pressure on the sleeping surface. The deep compression support is important to prevent bottoming out. If you’ve ever slept on an air mattress that deflated and found parts of your body touching the floor, that’s bottoming out.

A thin mattress doesn’t perform well enough to provide spinal support for heavier individuals. A mattress for heavy people needs to be deeper when it supports a heavy person or couple. The latest mattress designs feature advanced foams with a high-density comfort layer that improves compression support.

These work well for heavy people. Nevertheless, it is best to find a mattress for heavy people with a thick profile, deeper than 10-inches, so that it can consistently perform by providing spinal alignment and support.

The support core, or base layer, of a mattress is the lower part of the mattress. It is the part that supports the upper comfort layers. The support core should be at least six inches in any mattress. For heavier bodies, a thicker support core is helpful. The support core can be foam, latex, or innersprings.

The overall thickness of the mattress influences how supportive it is. Generally, the more weight it will support, the thicker the mattress you’ll want to consider.

Mattress ThicknessHeavy Sleeper

More than 220 – 230 lbs.

8-inchPoor to Fair
10-inchFair to Good
13-inch or moreExcellent

Shape and Firmness

firmness scale for heavy people mattress for heavy people

Mattress firmness is measured on a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being marshmallow soft and 10 being hard as a rock. Most people prefer a medium-firm mattress which is about 6.5. But the lighter a person is, the softer the mattress they need because weight is required to make their body sink into the mattress. The heavier someone is, the firmer they like their mattress because a heavy person will sink into a firmer mattress more than a lighter person.

Another factor that affects the firmness level an individual prefers is the position or positions they sleep in. Stomach and back sleepers prefer firmer mattresses while side sleepers need a softer mattress to avoid pressure points on their shoulders and hips.

The preferred firmness level is highly subjective.

All these factors need to be considered when you select the firmness level of your mattress.

Firmness is not the same as support. A mattress can be firm on the top but not have enough support to keep a heavy person from bottoming out.  The heavier the body, the more the person will sink into the mattress. The softer the mattress, the more the person will sink into the mattress regardless of their weight. If a heavy person sleeps on too soft of a mattress, they can end up sinking in so far it becomes difficult to move because their body creates a crevasse.

Generally, the heavier you are, the firmer you want your mattress to be. For heavier bodies, the comfort zone is usually between 6.5 to 8.5 on the firmness scale.

Comfort zone

Side sleepers will prefer the lower end of the scale and stomach and back sleepers will be more comfortable on the higher end. It should be noted that sleeping on your stomach is the unhealthiest option. If you are predominantly a stomach sleeper, you may want to try to gradually shift to a side or back sleeping position. If you suffer from sleep apnea or heartburn, sleeping on your side can provide some relief.

Most health professionals suggest using a firm mattress since the firm mattress provides better support for your spine. A manufacturer that offers a sleep trial provides the best bet for you to know, for sure, that the mattress will be comfortable for you.


People who weigh more than 220 lbs. must opt for a mattress that features high-density layers or innersprings.  When we talk about foam mattresses, 1.8 PCF (per cubic foot) is the minimum density requirement for the support core.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the density specification doesn’t always come with every model of a mattress. A top-quality mattress with high-density is considered to be very durable for heavyweight sleepers.

Edge-to-edge support

Edge-to-edge support is another important aspect of your mattress. If you tend to toss and turn, a mattress without good edge support can disrupt your slumber if you roll over too close to the edge because it can decompress, and you’ll be jolted awake by a falling sensation. If it startles you, it can make your body release adrenaline that can make it difficult to get back to sleep. Firm edge support makes more of the mattress usable which can be especially important if you sleep with a partner.

A strong edge support will help prevent sagging in the long run, and your mattress won’t collapse if you tend to sleep on the edge of it. Mattresses with coil over coil, innersprings or hybrid construction with pocketed coils will provide you with the best edge support. Foams tend to provide inadequate edge support.

If you have mobility impairments, not having edge support can make transferring from the bed to a chair very difficult because you can slide off the edge when it decompresses.

Temperature neutrality

Heavier people tend to sleep hotter. Their larger mass results in more accumulated heat. Your search for a mattress for heavy people should come with the ability to regulate the temperature of the sleeper by dissipating heat from the body elsewhere.

Temperature neutrality becomes even more important when you share your bed. Sleeping with a partner increases the amount of heat generated. If your mattress doesn’t regulate the temperature, then you or your partner will wake up from a deep sleep all sticky and sweaty.

You must bear in mind that most foam mattresses sleep hot in comparison to hybrid or innerspring mattresses. Nevertheless, some memory foam models come with advanced cooling gel-infused formulas and/or open cell structured layers that improve the temperature of the mattress.


Many mattresses degrade faster when they support more weight. In general, mattresses used by people with heavier bodies will not last as long as mattresses used by people who weigh less. If you don’t want to have to replace your mattress frequently, look for quality materials. Customers with heavy bodies have reported that some foam mattresses begin sagging within months. These are usually mattress customers who purchased their mattress from a mattress store and don’t have a sleep trial.

Innerspring, hybrid mattresses, and latex tend to be the most durable type. Of course, there will be variability in the durability of each mattress based on the materials used. An innerspring with an inadequate number of coils or coils that are too weak will not last well. A coil count of 800 or more in a Queen mattress is a good starting point in a mattress for heavy people.


The satisfaction ratings

Overall satisfaction ratings are based on average customers. Some of those customers are heavy and some are a featherweight. We take careful note when people review a mattress and indicate their weight because that helps us see how real people experience the mattress.

Mattress materials

Various mattress materials are available including memory foams, innersprings, latex, and hybrid.

Sleepers who prefer excellent support and conformance should go for memory foam mattresses. If you prefer that hug-like feel, then memory foam will prove to be your favorite here too. However, you will have to compromise on breathability and temperature neutrality if you consider memory foam for your bedroom.

Innersprings, on the other hand, are excellent at breathability and temperature regulation, but they are prone to sagging and are not very durable. These mattresses are the least durable of all other types for people of any weight, not just when a mattress for heavy people is needed.

Latex and hybrids tend to solve both the issues, but they don’t come cheap. Each one of them has their unique positives and negatives. However, due to durability latex mattresses are recommended. According to a study conducted by Pan-Yin Lim, Ph.D. latex reduces peak body pressure and relaxes the body as compared to other options.

Among all the types Hybrids are best suited for heavyweight people as they tend to provide contouring, breathability, temperature neutrality and edge support all in one mattress.

Sharing the mattress with your partner

You must always consider the combined weight of all the people who will be using the mattress before buying it. It will give you an understanding of how much-concentrated weight will be put on each region of the mattress.

It is also very important to consider whether the partners need the same type of mattress or if one needs a softer or firmer mattress than the other. Check out the best mattresses for couples to see some good options for addressing different needs of couples who sleep together.

Back Support

It is a common misconception that high firmness means high back support. In clinical tests, individuals who slept on a medium-firm mattress experienced less pain.


Buying a mattress for heavy people is not rocket science. Heavy bodies are harder on a mattress and they can experience more pressure on the body than smaller bodies experience. Finding a durable mattress that minimizes pain takes time, but it is an achievable goal. Firmness, durability, and sleeping position play a significant role in the decision, and you need to consider all these factors when finalizing your buying decision.

Mattresses feel softer (less firm) to people in heavier bodies because their weight makes them compress the mattress more than someone in a lighter body. For this reason, mattresses that are higher on the firmness scale are usually better.

However, if you are a side or combo sleeper, a mattress that is too firm may create pressure points for your hips and shoulders. A sleep trial that doesn’t cost you anything if the mattress doesn’t work well for you is an important consideration. One of the worst-case scenarios is being stuck with a mattress that you can’t sleep on or one that makes you wake up in pain.

It might seem like going to a mattress store and trying the mattress in the store would be your best bet, but the research shows that trying a mattress in the store does not result in better buying decisions. Sleeping on the mattress is the best way to know if a mattress is right for you.

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