Side sleepers contribute to the largest number of all types of sleepers. It is one of the most comfortable and appropriate sleeping positions, particularly for adults.

It might be your favorite sleeping position, but it can also cause discomfort to your different body parts. It is important to note that while sleeping on your side, your shoulders and hips are the parts that get the maximum stress. Therefore, it is crucial to select a foam that gives relief to these areas.

Now, if you are wondering what mattress would ease the stress, then this write-up has something helpful for you. We are going to discuss a few of the best mattresses for side sleepers along with a brief review and a guideline to assist you in selecting the right type.

You should not forget that having the right sleeping position not only gives you a peaceful sleep, but also helps in improving your overall health. Therefore, pay special attention and do thorough research before going to purchase foam for yourself and for family members.

Comparison Table

Product Name Material Best for Height Structure
Zinus Memory Foam (Best seller) Memory Foam+Green Tea Extracts Side sleepers 12″ 4 layers
Tuft & Needle Mattress T&N Adaptive  Foam All sleeping position 10″ 2 layers
Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress Memory Foam Side sleepers 12″ 2 layers
Leesa Memory Foam Mattress Avena & Contouring memory foam All sleeping position 10″ 3 layers
Perfect Cloud Mattress Gel-pro, air infused foam & memory foam Starfish/Side sleepers 12″ 4 layers

Buying Guide

What if you needed to buy something for the first time, but couldn’t get anyone to guide you properly about the right product? In such scenarios, buying guides come in handy for you.

Here is a basic guide on how to select the right sleeping position for you according to your posture.

What are basic points to consider while purchasing a mattress for side sleepers?

According to experts, if you are a side sleeper, then you should look for the following features.

  • It should offer immense support.
  • The firmness level of your selected product should be moderate.
  • It should give level support to avoid, or reduce, pelvic rotation.
  • It should be able to contour to all your curves that interact with your bed while sleeping at a side position.
  • It should be breathable and able to regulate the temperature during your sleep.

How can the weight of a sleeper affect mattress selection?

Usually while buying a mattress, people ignore the weight factor. You should consider your body weight while selecting the required range of firmness or softness. Sleeping cushions react differently to different body weights. The amount of heat that is emitted, the level of support, whether it sinks, and the overall feel vary as the weight of a person varies.

People are usually divided into three different categories regarding their body weights. These categories are light sleepers that weigh less than 150 pounds, average sleepers that weigh between 150-200 pounds, and heavy sleepers who weigh 200 pounds or more.

How do different types of mattresses impact side sleepers?

Different foam types offer various benefits. Let’s discuss them with respect to side sleepers.

Memory foam

It is one of the most appropriate choices for side sleepers, but you must get one of good quality. Why is it the most suitable one? For side sleepers, it becomes more important to get a sleeping surface that contours to all your body curves.

The foam you choose should align appropriately with all your body parts in a way that no single joint needs to be altered. Only then, you can awaken fresh and free of all aches and pains. So considering these requirements, memory foam is the best option to choose among all.


These types of foams can also be a good choice for side sleepers, mainly because of their amazing breathability and adequate support system.

No doubt, few shortcomings are also there in the innerspring mattress as they can put pressure on certain body parts that can cause discomfort. This problem can be resolved if an additional comfort layer is added to the top of the mattress.

Hybrid foams

These types of mattresses combine the support of sturdy coils along with additional heavy layers of foam. The layers used could be made up of different materials, but the one with memory foam layers can give the perfect results.

This type of combination could be the best choice for side sleepers as they offer extensive support of innersprings and the comfort of dense foam layers.

Why are our chosen mattresses the best for side sleepers?

Why Zinus Memory Foam?

Zinus is one of the most famous and trustworthy brands to try for their mattresses. It is particularly famous for offering maximum support, reduced motion transfer, and comfort. So these attributes are what a side sleeper must be looking for.

Other than these features, it is also good in offering regulated temperature, edge support, and durability. Therefore, Zinus memory foams can be considered as the top choice for side sleepers.

Though there are different types of foams that Zinus provides, those with the memory foams are highly recommended for the side sleepers. Their products are available on various online sites. You can purchase their foams easily through authentic sellers.

Why Tuft & Needle?

Tuft & needle is undoubtedly relatively a new mattress brand that is gaining its name in the world of mattresses through its innovative design that is generally comfortable for all.

The basic aim that this brand follows is to construct a single product that accommodates the benefits of different foam types to fulfill requirements of different customers. Therefore, not only for side sleepers, but its foams are appropriate for all types of sleepers.

Its developers, after utilizing their technical backgrounds, produce the products with higher support, greater pressure relief, and cooling effects. On the top of this, their continuous iterations and product revisions make these foams more suitable for its users.

This is the reason why among all online sellers, Tuft & Needle is considered among the top-rated brands.

Why Sleep Innovations?

Sleep Innovations is a brand that comes from Innocor Company. As its name indicates, it is particularly famous for producing huge varieties of innovative products.

This brand believes in providing the perfect sleeping experience to all kinds of sleepers through manufacturing differently designed foams. They even oppose the idea of having a single mattress that fulfills the requirements of all. As all sleepers are not same, foams used should not be of a single type.

They aim to construct perfect foams through understanding the science of sleep. They are fully aware of different factors that can give a person a comfortable sleeping experience. Because of these attributes, foams of this brand can truly comprehend and offer mattresses for side sleepers.

Why Leesa?

Leesa is one of the great mattress manufacturing brands of the USA. Its owners are not only playing their important role in creating amazing mattresses but also contributing their part to comforting homeless people.

Leesa is the leading company in creating a trustworthy product. It is delivering mattress directly to the door of their customers since 2014. They offer a wide variety of high-quality products that can make everyone sleep comfortably.

In the construction of foams, Leesa combines the effects of three different layers. This combination offers contouring, comfort, and pressure relief. Further addition of other features, like cooling effects, make them even more soothing. This brand not only offers high-quality conforming foams, but also beautifully designed products. These are the reasons it can be listed among the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Why Perfect Cloud?

This brand also believes in supplying foams perfectly according to the type of sleeper, as not two sleepers can be same. For this reason, they offer a great variety of mattresses that can conform to all the needs of the buyer.

Perfect Cloud is a US-based brand, and it makes high-quality products with extended warranty periods. Also, they make sure to supply goods that are certified through international standards.

It is more than a decade-old brand and it aims to improve the sleep quality of people through their expertly crafted products. Additionally, all its products are made through proven technologies that would not put you in any kind of risk.

Product Reviews

Zinus Memory Foam

 Zinus 10 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress

This Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is a product of Zinus that is one of the renowned brands for selling high-quality foams and other products. It comes with the combination of memory foam and green tea. It also contains a certification from Certi-PUR – the US that is the international standard for foams. This product comes with the limited warranty of 10 years.


This Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress comes with the overall thickness of 12 inches. Through its different layers, it offers great support and comfort for all types of sleepers, but particularly for side sleepers.

It contains different layers with a 3-inch memory foam layer, a 2-inch Comfort foam layer, a 3.5-inch Airflow high-density Foam layer, and a 3.5-inch Airflow High-density Base Support Foam layer. All these layers work together to ensure a comfortable painless sleeping experience.

This mattress is made available to its customers after passing a certification of Certi-PUR USA, therefore, its durability, quality, and great performance are guaranteed.

Besides having comforting layers, this product also contains natural green tea extracts. This product has infused this anti-oxidant material with its foam to sustain the freshness level. Normally, while using your foams for longer time periods, you may produce bad effects on your surroundings due to shedding skin cells. However, the antifungal attributes of green tea ensures a healthy atmosphere.

Additionally, as it comes with a highly-dense Airflow foam layer, it will keep you cool and temperature regulated throughout your sleep.

  • It would stay fresh for longer because of its green tea extracts.
  • It would offer great support to all body curves due to its memory foam.
  • Due to its highly dense layer of Airflow foam, it can keep your body temperature moderate while sleeping.
  • It can give you maximum pressure relieving effect through its great density of 12 inches.
  • It might not offer great edge support for heavy people.

 Tuft & Needle Mattress
Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

This queen-sized mattress is a product of Tuft & Needle. All forms of this brand are manufactured exclusively in the USA and offer maximum durability with great performance. It is made up of T&N Adaptive foam. It comes certified from Certi- PUR US and Oeko-Tex. You can purchase it with a true warranty of 10 years. It has been rated as CR’s best buy mattress.


This Tuft & Needle mattress through its unique and useful construction offers greater support and comfort at the same time.

It is comprised of different foam layers. It contains two layers of polyurethane foam, a 7-inch support layer at the bottom, and a 3-inch top comfort layer of Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam. All the materials used in its construction are made highly safe to use and free of chemicals. Through its thick base, it offers amazing alignment and pain relieving effects.

The specially designed top layer is sure to keep you comfortable without letting you sink inside the foam layer. Additionally, it also contains cooling gel and graphite to make you sleep cool throughout the night.

Through its T&N Adaptive foam technique, it gives a bouncy and supportive feel at the same time. The result of all these combined techniques is a product with a balanced combination of comfort and stiffness.

Its top cover is made up of good-quality Tactel fabric that is a combination of soft and breathable polyester and rayon material. It also comes with TB-117 compliant fire barrier that is completely free from chemicals. It is a combination of rayon with a minor amount of polyester and silica.

  • It might be highly convenient for you because it fits on all frames.
  • It would be the best option for you because of its cooling effect.
  • Due to its bounce localized feature, you won’t get disturbed because of your partner’s movements.
  • It relieves pressure to a greater extent while staying cool, strong, and highly comfortable.
  • It might be slightly firm for those with a light body weight.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress
Sleep Innovations New Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress


This Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress is a product of Sleep Innovations brand. This product comes with the thickness of 12 inches and a queen size. It is available in two styles, one with a quilted cover, and the other with smooth cover. It is manufactured in the USA by using environment-friendly materials.


This Shiloh Memory Foam is made up of memory foam and comes in 12-inch thickness. The construction of this foam is made such that it can offer you maximum support and comfort to all parts of your body.

It not only gives immense comfort, but also offers proper body alignment, great support, and moderate temperature. All these features combined ensure to give you an amazing sleeping experience.

It is manufactured with certain attributes to greatly fulfill the specific requirements of individuals. The foam used in its construction offers great resistance to dust mites and serves as a natural antimicrobial. The size dimensions of this mattress are 60in x 80in x 12in which is enough to get adjusted to your standard bed frame size.

As it is made in the USA, therefore all materials and procedures used in its construction are complying with international standards. All safe and environmentally friendly materials are used in its construction.

  • It would help you in staying free from dust mites and other bacterias.
  • It can be a perfect choice for side sleepers because of its ability to align with your body.
  • Due to its temperature regulating feature, it can help you stay cool.
  • It might be the best mattress option for you because of its maximum support.
  • Upon opening, it might give off an unpleasant odor.

Leesa Memory Foam 
Leesa mattress

This memory foam mattress is a product of Leesa. It comes constructed with Cooling Avena and contouring memory foam to offer perfect sleeping experiences to its users. It is available in king size with a thickness of 10 inches. If you purchase this product, you can get a 100-night trial for this multi-layered foam. It comes with the warranty of 10 years.


This Leesa Memory Foam Mattress is a 10-inch thick foam that is constructed by combining the effects of three different layers. It is made through combining a solid base core that gives maximum support and a strong base to the mattress; a memory foam layer that guarantees to relieve pressure from your different body parts; and the Avena foam layer that gives bounce and allows airflow.

The presence of three different layers gives all the characteristics of foam that is required for having a peaceful sleep. Through its adequate bouncing attributes, it makes it easy for you to sleep with your partner. Additionally, it is also made suitable to get adjusted to people of different body weights.

Besides offering great a sleeping experience, it is also crafted expertly to give the mattress an appealing luxurious look. This product is manufactured in the USA and all materials used in its making are ensured to be safe and of high-quality. This product comes with a free trial for 100 nights to let you check your adjustability with the mattress.

  • It would be the best option for all because of its adjustments to various body weights.
  • Its beautiful appearance would make you feel good and luxurious.
  • Due to its high support and great alignment, it would be a good option for side sleepers.
  • Due to its Avena layer, it can help you in decreasing the heat effects that normal foams produce.
  • Price is a little expensive

Perfect Cloud Mattress

Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress

 This Elegance Foam is a product of Perfect Cloud. This product comes 12 inches thick and in a queen size. It is constructed by using luxurious materials along with multiple foam layers to give buyers a memorable sleeping experience. It comes with the warranty of 10 years. This foam comes certified to Certi-PUR US standards and Goldilocks.


This Memory Foam is made by combining different high-quality products and certified materials. In the construction of this foam, a variety of layers are used that work together to make it a super luxurious option for its customers.

The top-most layer is made up of a one-inch thick HD air infused Memory Foam. The second layer is made up of 1.5-inches thick systematic Air-infused foam.

The third layer of this product is made up of a 2-inch thick Gel-pro foam. The last and fourth one is made through 7.5-inches thick HD Base Foam. All these layers serve different purposes for giving amazing sleep.

Its base layer offers greater body support regardless of the weight of the sleeper. Its air infused and gel-pro foam layers make sure to give maximum contouring while regulating your right body temperature. 

It offers greater resistance to dust mites and serves as hypoallergenic. Additionally, it comes with an easy to remove top knit cover.

  • It would allow for use by various sleeper-types because of its ultra-responsive
  • It can be easy to maintain because of its removable knit cover.
  • It would be a healthy option for you because of its hypoallergenic attributes and resistance to dust mites.
  • Through its thick memory foam layers, it would give you great body support with contouring.
  • It is slightly heavy in weight.
  • It is comparatively softer as compared to other products.


In this write-up, we have discussed a lot about the best mattresses for side sleepers. Now after reading it, you must have gotten a clear idea about features and characteristics that can make any foam suitable for side sleepers. Also, you should not forget the importance of getting a sleeping place for yourself.

In our list of best products, all of them offer few distinguishing features. However, according to us, the best among all is Perfect Cloud Mattress. The reason behind this is because it offers different benefits like temperature regulatory features, body contouring, maximum support, hypoallergenic attributes, removable cover, and more.