Did you know, 93% of Americans is crucial for good night’s sleep? Despite the widespread problem with sleep, people don’t take the issue seriously. They are only willing to invest in a low-quality mattress thinking that they need a surface to crash. In another study, over 70% of the respondents said that insomnia symptoms prevail for over a year. The most significant reason for this is people don’t get enough sleep per day. Now, there are plenty of reasons behind it, and the most common is their sleeping surface.

A scientific study research revealed that purchasing a new mattress would significantly improve sleep quality and reduce back pain. Do you think purchasing a new mattress would cost you a fortune? Don’t worry, buying a good quality mattress doesn’t mean that you have to break your wallet in half to get one.

We have developed this post for your assistance and chosen top 5 best mattresses for the money.

So, let’s get cracking!

Types of mattresses and their costs

Price is usually attributed to the type of the mattress. In general terms, memory foam mattresses and innersprings are less expensive as compared to the hybrids and latex mattresses.

Let’s have a look at each of the mattress type and how they are priced.

Properties Innerspring Memory Foam Latex Hybrid
Average Queen size price ($) 700 – 1200 600 – 2000 1500 – 2500 1200 – 2500
Responsiveness Very Good Fair Good Fair
Comfort Fair Very Good Good Very Good
Discretion Fair Very Good Average Good
Durability Fair Very Good Very Good Good
Rotation Very Good Good Very Good Good
Edge support Very Good Fair Good Very Good
Overall supportiveness Good Good Good Very Good
Conformance Fair Very Good Very Good Good
Overall performance Average Very Good Very Good Good
Best Models Our Choice Our Choice Our Choice Our Choice


These mattresses are the most common among all types, and they comprise two-thirds of the overall sale of the mattress industry. Innersprings are named after the steel springs that are present in the support core.

The 2-inch thick comfort layers of the innersprings have single or double layers of polyurethane foam. However, you need to understand the fact that any mattresses that have such a layer with more than 2-inch of thickness, will become a hybrid.

The support core of innerspring mattresses has springs in them that evenly distribute the body weight of the sleepers. Low-gauged Springs offer improved lifespan. There are different types of springs used in innersprings construction.

These types include Bonnell, continuous, offset and pocketed coils. The innersprings with Bonnell and continuous coils come at a low price while the innersprings with offset and pocketed coils are expensive. Innerspring average prices range from $700 to $1200.

Memory foams

In the recent past, memory foam has gained popularity because it provides that hug-like feel that most people prefer. It is also called viscoelastic polyurethane foam that closely conforms to the shape of the sleeper.

It is an excellent option for adequate pressure relief and spinal alignment. The comfort layer of this mattress has a single layer of either gel or copper infused foam or plant-extract foam. Some manufacturers also add a polyfoam layer as well.

The support core of a memory foam mattress has highly dense polyurethane foam. In this case, the density of the foam can influence price. Foam density is measured regarding PCF (pounds per cubic feet). Anything under 3.9 PCF will be low on density, and it retains its original shape very quickly.

It won’t offer much pressure relief or motion isolation. Such a mattress will not be expensive. A density that ranges between 4 PCF and 5.9 PCF is considered to be medium and offers a moderate level of pressure relief and motion isolation.

Anything over 6 PCF is considered to be highly dense, and it becomes very expensive as well. It tends to retain its shape slowly but offers excellent motion isolation and pressure relief. Memory foam average prices range from $600 to $2000.


Latex derived from a rubber tree is the natural form of latex whereas the synthetic latex is derived from petrochemicals. Latex is derived using two different techniques. One is Dunlop while the other one is Talalay. Dunlop has a heterogeneous consistency which is heavy at the bottom while Talalay has more uniformity in it.

Latex conforms very well and offers excellent pressure relief which makes it a good competitor of memory foam. An added advantage of latex over memory foam is that it is highly durable. The comfort layer of a latex mattress must have at least 2-inch of latex to make it a latex mattress.

There are two pricing factors here. Talalay is more expensive than Dunlop while natural latex costs more than synthetic and blended latex. The average price of latex mattresses ranges from $1500 to $2500.


Hybrids are the most recent creation of innovation in the mattress world. The either have two layers of memory foam or latex in comfort layer and have coiled support core. Most of the users consider hybrids offer the best of both worlds: conformance and support of memory foam or latex and responsiveness and breathability of innersprings.

The comfort layer of hybrid mattresses may have latex or memory foam. Some models also come with polyurethane foam or microcoils as well. The support core has pocketed coils along with polyurethane foam as a base layer.

Hybrids with multiple layers in the comfort system are pricey. The models with pillow-top have additional padding and come at an even higher price. However, pillow top models tend to sleep hot, and they are not durable either. The price range of a hybrid is $1200 to $2200.

Critical factors associated with the matter of selecting affordable mattresses

You need to find the best mattress that not only comes at a reasonable price but also caters to all your needs and preferences. There are some critical factors that you must consider, and they are listed as follows:


  • Best: Latex
  • Good: Hybrid
  • Average: Memory Foam
  • Worst: Innerspring

It is the soft/firm feel of the materials present in the comfort layer of a mattress. A comfort layer is a topmost layer which your body feels as soon as you lie on a mattress. There is no firmness rating that is considered to be correct because it depends upon the preferences and linking of individual sleepers.

Some people might prefer to sleep on a stiff surface while others prefer to sink into a soft surface. Most of the sleepers prefer the medium-firm feel. Therefore you need to judge yourself, which is the best-suited firmness level for your body. Some brands also offer dual firmness which is ideal for couples(Like Morphiis). Some brands even offer flappable mattresses (Like Layla) with different firmness levels on either side.


  • Best: Latex
  • Good: Hybrid
  • Average: innerspring
  • Worst: Foam

The firmness level is directly linked with the comfort layer of a mattress. The support is directly associated with the support core of a mattress. A support core is present right under the comfort layer. A mattress that is highly supportive maintains a highly leveled surface which will keep your spine aligned and straight. The mattress that sags from the middle doesn’t offer any support. Such a mattress can cause neck, shoulder and back pains due to undue strain on the body.


  • Best: Hybrid
  • Good: Foam
  • Average: Latex
  • Worst: Innerspring

Conformance is also known as pressure relief. The mattresses made of latex and memory foam are made in a way to develop a cradled impression around the body of the sleeper. It is known as contouring, the way a mattress envelopes your body.

The contouring can work on the pressure points near your spine especially in the case of side sleepers. Innersprings don’t conform as much as latex and foams do hence, they don’t offer much pressure relief. If you have problems associated with pressure points, then you need a mattress that closely conforms.

Longevity or durability

  • Best: Latex
  • Good: Foam
  • Above average: Hybrid
  • Worst: Innerspring

The average lifespan of a mattress ranges from seven to eight year. Innersprings and memory foams have a much shorter lifespan than that. These mattresses are prone to indentation and sagging from the middle with the passage of time.

Hybrid and latex mattresses can last up to nine or ten years if you maintain them adequately. Some new brands claim that their mattresses are highly durable, but they don’t have enough credibility regarding years of service to back up their claims.

Edge-to-edge support

  • Best: Innerspring
  • Good: Hybrid
  • Average: Latex
  • Worst: Foam

Hybrids and innersprings come reinforced with highly dense polyurethane foam on the whole support core perimeter of the mattress. This polyfoam perimeter prevents sinkage on the edges where you sit or get out of the bed after a nap. The foam or latex mattresses don’t get this reinforcement, and for this reason, they are not useful in providing edge-to-edge support.

Motion transferability

  • Best: Innerspring
  • Good: Hybrid
  • Average: Latex
  • Worst: Foam

Foam or latex mattresses absorb motions caused by movement of the sleepers. They isolate movement into the confined regions and considerably reduce disruptions during nighttime caused by rotations or someone getting out of the bed. It is an excellent feature for the couples. On the other hand, innersprings and hybrids also offer good motion isolation.

Temperature regulation

  • Best: Innerspring
  • Good: Hybrid
  • Average: Latex
  • Worst: Foam

Materials used in the memory foam don’t absorb a right amount of the heat from the body which makes the sleeping surface highly uncomfortable. On the other hand, hybrids, latex, and innersprings don’t sleep hot because they dissipate heat from the body. If you sleep hot then should avoid buying memory foam. However, if you prefer the contouring support of memory foam then go for a gel-infused version which will not sleep hot.


  • Best: Innerspring
  • Good: Hybrid
  • Average: Latex
  • Worst: Foam

Mattresses that come with a very responsive surface include hybrids and innersprings. These two mattresses are good for sex. Latex and memory foams don’t respond as quickly and will cause a sinking sensation during your intimate moments.


  • Best: Foam
  • Good: Latex
  • Above average: Hybrid
  • Worst: Innerspring

Hybrids and innersprings tend to be very noisy after some time because they have metal components in them. On the other hand, latex and memory foam mattresses don’t make any noise when they are bearing the weight of the sleepers. So, if you are looking for a silent mattress then go for latex or memory foam.

Body weight

If you weigh between 130lbs and 220lbs, then you have average weight. Anything under 130lbs and you fall in the lightweight category, and anything over 220lbs will make you a heavyweight. People who have average weight or lightweight prefer mattresses that have a soft or medium feel.

A firm mattress will not provide enough pressure relief and conformance. Heavyweight people should opt for a mattress with a firm feel or medium-firm. A soft mattress won’t be able to produce enough support for the bulky body which will add to pressure and pain.

5 Best Mattresses For the Money 2018-2019

Brand Best For Firmness Height Warranty and Trial
Nectar Best value for the money 6 (Medium Firm) 11-inch Forever warranty

& 365 night
home trial


Layla Best for shoulder/hip 4 (Medium Soft on 1 Side)  and 7 (Firm on the other side) 10-inch Life time warranty & 120 night trial
WinkBed Best hypoallergenic option 4 ( Soft 4.5, Luxury firm 6.5, Firm 7.5, Plus 8.0) 14.5-inch Lifetime warranty

& 120 nights risk-free trial

Morphiis Best customized firmness Customizable (Soft, Medium & Firm) 10-inch 25-year warranty & 100
night trial
Tuft & Needle Best all-foam option 7 (Firm) 10-inch 10-year warranty & 100-night trial


Nectar provides memory foam with high-quality construction material at the lower price. It uses a TENCEL material for its cover that assists in circulating air, absorb the extra heat from your body, and keep you cool during sleep.

The use of 1-inch “Lush” 4lb semi-open gel infused memory foam and 3-inch 3.5lb medical grade memory foam is very useful to provide extra comfort and loft that helps to contour your body correctly, provides support to many people, and offer cooling sleep.

Nectar is equipped with its 2.2+ ILD dense base layer that worked to support your body according to your height and weight as well as increase the level of breathability.

The Adaptive Hi Core Foam helps to give you a much extra bouncier. You can enjoy a comfortable deep sleep with affordable, durable, and high-quality material constructed Nectar mattress. It is equipped with hypoallergenic, resists microbes and mold as well as dust mites.

The Nectar mattress offers you a medium firm mattress, which keeps your spine, hip, and shoulder in perfect alignment. If you sleeping with a partner, then the medium firm is best for you because it allows frequently moving without creating any disturbance for the other’s one.

All type of sleeper like side, back, or stomach sleeper can enjoy deluxe sleep because this affordable mattress provides the best support to your back, shoulder, and hip.

  • It provides a Tencel cooling cover which absorbs the body heat.
  • Nectar is the most affordable high-quality mattress.
  • The base layer increases its breathability.
  • It gives high-quality medium firm mattress that contours your body.
  • This mattress is excellent for all type of sleepers.
  • 365 nights free trial and forever warranty, risk-free choice.
  • $125 Off + 2 free pillows limited time with code BMR125

  • May can’t ship in time due to high demand.
 The nectar mattress offers medium-firm that aligns the spine and alleviate back pain. It provides you an ultimate cool night’s sleep because its Tencel fabric cover increases the breathability, the gel memory foam absorbs body heat, and the medium firm contours your body entirely. The 2.2+ ILD thick base layer prevents the sagging and makes the mattress to use if for the rest of your life. 


Layla mattress is equipped with the combination of four different layers of soft, airflow, base, and firm. The soft layer comprises of 3-inch memory foam with 3.5lb density infused with copper material that dissipates heat and contours your body correctly and gives you ultimate comfortable sleep.

The 2-inch airflow layer with 1.8lb density allows maximum airflow while 4.5-inch with 36ILD rating serves as a support base layer. And finally 1-inch copper infused foam offers firm comfort.

This mattress is an affordable mattress with high-quality longevity materials that also offers the number of health benefits. Copper is beneficial in inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and improves the blood flow. It also provides antimicrobial trait where you feel protected from microbes and mold as well as dust mites.

The copper cells in the Layla mattress absorb the body heat and keep your body fresh. The copper in the memory foam gives you support for all type of sleeping position such as back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and side sleeper.

The Layla mattress has flip-able firmness. It has dual-sides, one side is soft, and the other one is firm. The cover of this mattress is the layer with ThermoGel that gives cooling reaction while sleeping also.

You can also enjoy a medium soft mattress comfort along with strong supportive compression where the body of all people likes the heavyweight and lightweight people even contours perfectly.

  • The cover of this mattress comes with ThermoGel.
  • It provides you good pressure relief along with motion isolation.
  • The use of copper gives you calm and supportive sleep.
  • It is available in six different sizes.
  • You can enjoy two firms (soft and firm) in one mattress.

  • It doesn’t provide strong edge-to-edge support.
  • Costs more than Nectar.
 90% of couples disagree with when it comes to choosing the firmness of the mattress, if your partner loves sleeping on a soft mattress while you like the firm feel then you can choose Layla mattress because it offer filppable firmness option in one affordable price. It also comes with good motion isolation trait where you did not feel the partner movement on the bed. The uses of memory foam in the construction helps to cradle your body perfectly and relax it so you can wake up fresh in the morning. Moreover, it helps to release the stress from your sensitive points such as the lumbar region of your back, hip, and shoulder


The WinkBeds Quilted Euro top layer is equipped with TENCEL technology that is made by 100% natural fabric, which gives you 30% cooler sleep than other linen and softer than silk. The unique technology uses heat-wicking materials that aid to achieve comfortable and better sleep by sucking the heat and moisture away from your body and wake up fresh.

SleepCalm™ technology stabilizes the gel foam surrounded by steel pocket springs that eliminate motion transfer. The next LumbarLayer™ is wrapped with springs provides firm support around the lumbar region preventing back pain.

The back relief system is the best attribute that gives extra support to your lumbar area of your body and secures from sagging. The unique innovation relaxes your body muscles and provides you with a pressure relief system for your joints that make them stress-free.

The WinkBeds comes with an ExtraEdge™ system that supports your body even you are laying on the edge of the mattresses. Air springs™ allow the maximum airflow and maintain the perfect temperature. The highly innovative coolControl™ technology incorporated into the base foam helps in sleeping cool as well.

This mattress allows you to choose the firmness of the mattress according to your requirements and preferences. It offers you four different firmness options for your deluxe comfort level like soft, luxury, firm, and firmness level plus. According to experts, soft firmness is suitable for side sleeper, most successful firm is a luxury firm, the firm gives your body extra support, and firmness option plus is best for the heavy people.

  • There are 4 firmness levels available.
  • The WinkBeds comprises with extra-edge and anti-sag support system.
  • It is highly durable and cost-effective mattress.
  • The heat disperse technology helps to sleep cool.
  • There are fewer chances for motion transfer.

  • It is not supportive for lumbar area of your body.
  • More expensive than expected.
 The 3-Step Back Relief System™ relieves the pressure of the body and align the spine and joints that offers multiple back support. SleepCalm™ technology stabilizes the gel foam surrounded by steel pocket springs and eliminate motion transfer that means you can sleep disturbance free if you’re partner moves in and out of the mattress during night. Air springs™ and coolControl™ technology allow the maximum airflow and sucks heat from your body to help you sleep cool. 


With 36 comfort inserts, you can customize your bed into 64 different firmness options. Due to firmness customization, this mattress is best for those people who love to sleep in a different position such as the stomach, side, and back sleeping position.

The top layer of this mattress is too soft and smooth retains the body temperature normal and enable you to sleep dry and fresh for more extended hours. This layer accumulates the body moisture and controls the body heat.

The Ultra-foam is used in its construction that gives more features as compared to memory foam; especially as it provides excellent motion transfer. Therefore, this Morphiis mattress is best for the couples because if one of you moves more, it does not disturb the others one.

The medium firm helps to give you comfortable and satisfying sleep, soft and firm firmness gives a proper alignment to your hip, back, and shoulder and helps to optimize the pressure points from you sensitive areas such as lower back as compared to other mattresses.

The design of this mattress also makes it accessible because it gives you both option a bed that has an adjustable frame, and a flat foundation that increases the comfort level of your sleep.

  • You can adjust the firmness of the mattress according to pressure points of your body.
  • Its breathability is high that is suitable for all sleepers.
  • There is no harmful chemical used in its construction.
  • It offers excellent edge support system.
  • This mattress is the best high quality and durable.

  • Young company.
  • Some customers report sleeping hot.
 The Morphiis mattress offers you 64 customized firmness options that means you can choose you can adjust the firmness of your mattress according to your sleeping comfort. You can re-arrange the 36 inserts as per your individual need either for couples, body pain, shoulder pain or pregnancy. It provides you with that hugging feel as it contours around the shape of your body to give you natural sleep experience. If you are looking for firmness customization, then this Morphiis mattress comes with highly competitive prices

Tuft and Needle

The top layer of Tuft and Needle mattress is coved with a combination of polyester and micro polyamide. Its surface is very soft, and superior feel that is very enjoyable to touch. The Company designed this mattress by using this long-lasting fabric by keeping in mind the affordable price and durability. This top cover with heat wicking graphite helps to sleep calm, relaxed, sincere, and longer sleep.

During the construction of comfort layer, the Company uses the 2.8 lb/cu. ft. high-density Adaptive® foam to achieve the universal comfort, new, and responsive traits. Plenty of properties made it more affordable and comfortable mattresses such as supportive, sleeping cooling, and pressure relief.

The support layer made with high density 1.8 lb/cu. ft. brings durability and lifelong comfort. The best feature is an excellent relief pressure that helps to calm your joints muscles and make them stress-free.

The Tuft and Needle mattress give you a proper alignment to your hip, back, and shoulder and provides stupendous support to curve your whole body correctly according to your body weight and sleeping positions.

The most versatile mattress always helps to keep your time and money saves. This Tuft and Needle mattress are well suited with your bed frames such as it is compatible with the slatted frames, box spring, and adjustable frames.

  • It provides the high-density foam with inexpensive price.
  • You sleep dry, calm, and relaxed through the cooling gel.
  • The pressure relief property helps to release the pressure from your body.
  • The breathability of this mattress is amazing.

  • It is not suitable for heavier sleepers.
  • Maybe too firm for some sleepers.
 The comfort layer of this mattress is responsible for curving your entire body, relaxing the body from extra pressure and gives you an ultimate comfortable throughout the night. The use of Adaptive foam relieves pressure from your body and makes it relax to re-energize. Moreover, the cooling gel allows you to keep yourself fresh and dry while sleeping as well as helps to increase the breathability through their plush cover. 


Price doesn’t define the quality or performance of a mattress. Many mattresses come at an excellent price and have plenty of features to offers. Some of them are included in this post as well. You must understand what you need from your mattress and then look for different options.

The winner of our roundup of top 5 best mattresses for the money is Nectar(Also get featured in our top 10 list) Sleeping on Nectar feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. You get to sleep on gel-infused memory foam sucks body heat and Tencel cooling fabric cover allows breathability, both in combination offers you a cool sleeping surface.

The mattress is certified under CertiPUR-US, and none of its contents have any hazardous chemicals or substances that will make you hypoallergenic sleep experience and there are no off-gassing issues as well. The mattress is covered under a lifetime warranty and a sleep trial of 365 nights. Furthermore, all of this comes at a very affordable price. What more can you ask for!

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