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Best Mattress in Canada

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After sweeping across the United States, the bed-in-a-box shopping trend has crossed the border into Canada. Are you a Canadian sleeper looking to find the best mattress available in the country?

Canada has countless reputable mattress manufacturers that have taken their ample time to research on modern sleep science. Searching for and finding the best mattress brand in Canada is worth the investment.

Since many of today’s mattress brands have their headquarters in Canada, Canadian shoppers have the opportunity to select from an array of models. They include a couple of ‘bed-in-a-box’ brands, which come at low price-points and are available for home delivery. Those that are sold majorly at brick-and-mortar stores also exist.

As a Canadian, when in the market for the best mattress, you need to settle for one that offers the most bang for your buck. On top of that, you need to consider other factors such as:

  • Pressure/pain relief
  • Conforming ability
  • Temperature neutrality
  • Firmness
  • Material composition

Other factors to consider when shopping for the best mattress in Canada are:

  • Preferred sleeping position
  • Weight
  • Height

Often, mattress companies in Canada provide their clients low shipping costs as well as an array of other perks once they make their orders.

Steps To Complete When Shopping For a Mattress in Canada

Regardless of the province you reside in Canada, you need to complete the following steps to land the best mattress:

Step #1: Establish your Budget

Most of the mattresses sold in Canada cost $400-$2000. That explains why having a budget right from the start is important. When calculating your mattress budget, here are some of the considerations you need to take into account:

  • Taxes – The sales tax for products in Canada varies based on the province you live in. Nonetheless, many mattress brands in the country charge a standard or flat rate of 5% for online orders. Typically, the applied taxes show up when you are checking out.
  • Return fees – Most mattress companies online provide free returns. This means that the company either picks up the mattress from your home or mails a prepaid shipping label to you. In some instances, you must cover handling and shipping fees for returns.
  • Shipping costs – Certain mattress brands use ground carriers for deliveries. On top of that, they provide free shipping for every order delivered within the country. Such a service, which is known as White Glove Delivery, might be free-of-charge or you might need to incur a fee. It depends on the company.
  • Extra bedding – Are you buying that is bigger/smaller compared to your present bed? If yes, you need to include new blankets and/or sheets in your budget.

Of great importance to note is the fact that most mattress manufacturers in Canada provide financing that allows you to pay for your mattress in monthly installments over several years. If you are a purchaser that does not have enough cash but still want to buy a high-quality mattress, taking advantage of financial help is a prudent thing to do. Monthly financing, in most cases, is provided interest-free. Nevertheless, ensure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the financing before appending your signature on the dotted line.

Step #2: Settle for a Mattress Category

Because of the huge variety of mattress categories sold today in Canada, look for mattress models based on categories as opposed to by brand. While each model might be inherently different, generally, mattresses fall into these categories:

Step #3: Compare Various Models

Once you have established the ideal mattress type for your needs, the next step is to browse and compare various models from different brands. These factors should help you make the right decision in this regard:

  • Warranty length – Mattress warranties usually last 10 or more years. Warranty length is very important.
  • Thickness – Heavier people prefer mattresses that measure 10 or fewer inches in terms of thickness. Lighter people, on the other hand, tend to prefer thicker beds. The good thing is that some mattress models feature multiple profile options. Thicker ones are costlier than thinner ones.
  • Dual firmness – Mattresses that feature dual firmness have firmness settings on both their sides.
  • Firmness – Although some models come in one firmness, others are available in various firmness settings. The major drawback of the former is that they are limiting to shoppers. If certain firmness is not listed, estimating firmness is possible using measurements such as indentation load deflection (normally listed for latex) and density (normally listed for foams).

Step #4: Consult Customer Service for Additional Information

Are you unsure about a host of mattress details? Always feel free to contact the firm’s customer service department. All companies in Canada provide an email form, or an email address or a phone number for customer inquiries. In addition to that, most of them have a live chat option on their websites.

How to Haggle for a Best Mattress Deal in Canada

A common characteristic in the industry is that there is so much markup. According to Consumer Reports, the huge markup is responsible for their high cost.

Fortunately, you can negotiate the initial price of a mattress downwards by as much as 50% (at least in some instances) when buying in-store. It is also possible to negotiate perks such as free shipping or additional bedding such as pillows or sheets to accompany your mattress. Although not all retailers are willing to slash down prices or give you a better deal, many will. It does not hurt to give negotiation a shot.

Research before beginning your haggling is wise. Find out what types of special prices or discounts the company offers. Additionally, consider your budget when negotiating to know how much you are willing to pay.

If haggling is not your cup of tea, disruptors in the industry such as Costo, Tuft & Needle and Casper have liberal return policies if you feel that your mattress is not an excellent fit.

Top US Mattress Companies that Ship to Canada

As the online mattress sector grows, so does the need to ship out of the US. Today, while some mattress firms are still yet to transition, more and more are shipping into areas outside the United States. Although shipping costs might be slightly more expensive, the entire process and cost are worth it.

These companies manufacture in Canada:

The following are some of the top mattress companies that ship to Canada:

14 Best Mattress in Canada We Recommend

Here are some of our recommendations for the best mattresses available in Canada:

Polysleep Mattress

Polysleep mattresses are manufactured in Canada for Canadians. The mattress sports three layers for a great balance between comfort and support. Its top layer is made of memory foam and allows the sleeper to sink for added comfort and pressure relief. In the middle, it has a polyfoam transitional layer designed to enhance airflow for a cool night. The bottom layer is made of high-density foam to offer support.

Polysleep designs their mattresses with higher-than-average edge support. The bottom layer of the mattress is encased in high-density foam that maintains the mattress’s shape along the edges. The medium feel offered by this mattress allows it to conform to the sleeper’s body for added pressure relief. As such, it accommodates stomach sleepers up to 230 pounds heavy and heavier side sleepers.

The mattress sports a liquid repellent cover that keeps your mattress safe.


  • Strong edge support
  • High-quality liquid-repellent cover
  • Great in motion isolation
  • Free shipping for buyers outside Canada


  • Only offered in one firmness and thickness option

Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress

Novosbed is a household mattress name in Canada. Local communities know the company for its mattress donations. Novosbed mattresses are designed to suit different needs – the company listens to consumers when creating different products.

This particular mattress allows users to slightly sink into the memory foam to experience a deep hug. The slight sinking ensures the bed reduces motion transfer when you sleep with a partner. Its dense memory foam material not only reduces disturbance when you are sleeping but also lasts long.

When shopping for this bed, you get to choose between multiple firmness options including firm, medium, and soft. According to Novosbed, the mattress should meet the needs of users in need of different comfort levels.

The enhanced motion control, coupled with the ability to relieve pressure points makes this mattress the right choice. You are offered a 15-year warranty as a guarantee of quality. Better yet, you are allowed a 120-Nights trial period for the bed. Each unit is CertiPUR-US certified.


  • Offered in multiple firmness levels
  • Generous 15-year warranty
  • Great price


  • Weak along the edges

Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress is made in Canada for Canadians, according to Douglas. This mattress, which is made in Ontario, was first designed to meet the needs of the local people. However, the mattress is now sold all over Canada. Each unit is designed using sustainable materials to address environmental concerns in Ontario and beyond.

At the top is a foam layer on which sleepers slightly sink. The foam conforms to the shape of the sleeper relieving pressure points. Below this foam layer is a latex layer that offers support to the sleeper. Besides the two layers, the mattress has infused cooling gels to ensure you do not overheat when sleeping.

As the sleeper sinks into the top layer of the mattress, motion transfer is reduced, making the mattress ideal for married couples. The mattress will absorb all vibrations to keep you comfortable at all night. Its medium comfort level offers a great balance between comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

If you need a mattress that goes easy on your bank, this might be an incredible choice. It is accompanied by a 120-night trial period and a generous 15-year warranty as a guaranty of excellent quality.


  • Made of sustainable materials
  • High quality to last more than ten years
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Some sleepers find the top foam so soft

Logan and Cove Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Logan & Cove is one of the five product lines run by Novosbed. Ergo, you can expect the quality of a Novosbed mattress on this luxury hybrid mattress.

The mattress is available as a luxury firm or medium plush model. Each mattress offers a plush feel at first but offers different levels of support – the luxury firm model is firmer while the plush model is softer. When shopping, you pick the model that meets your sleeping needs.

To enhance your comfort even further, Novosbed employs different cooling technologies including silk, eucalyptus, and cooling gels. When combined, these cooling technologies ensure you stay cool all night. Inside the mattress is a coil layer to relieve the sleepers of pressure and offer the needed support. These coils are designed to react differently to different sleepers for a personalized feel. Again, the coils also allow airflow for a cool night.

Just like the Novosbed Mattress, you can choose between different firmness levels – this makes the mattress ideal for different sleeping positions.


  • Generous 120-Night trial and 15-year warranty
  • Choose from a wide selection of firmness levels
  • Cooling technologies keep you comfortably cool at night


  • The edges are relatively weak

Endy Mattress

Endy Mattresses are built for Canadian users. Each mattress sports a design that considers the Canadian weather, ensuring that you have a comfortable night’s sleep. Besides comfort, Endy mattresses sport a stable and long-lasting design.

The upper foam layer is comfortable and soft. It allows the sleeper to sink while it conforms to their body. Beneath this comfort layer, is a support layer that offers support and relieves pressure points. Besides comfort, the upper foam layer absorbs motion by absorbing vibrations to allow couples an uninterrupted sleep. Even though the upper foam layer sinks, it offers ample bounce to keep the mattress in tip-top shape all the time.

All materials used in this mattress are natural. Its antimicrobial construction makes it handy for sleepers with allergic reactions.


  • Motion isolation with an excellent bounce-back
  • A generous 10-year warranty and 100-night trial period
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX and GreenGuard certified
  • Ideal for users with allergic reactions


  • Some users find the mattress relatively soft with less support

Loom and Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf is a product line of Saatva. As such, you can expect the quality of mattresses you would expect from Saatva. Unlike Saatva mattresses, which are mainly made of innerspring, Loom and Leaf mattresses feature memory foam. The mattresses are high end but at a budget price.

The mattress is available in both medium and firm feel. This allows it to offer different levels of comfort, pressure relief, and support to accommodate different sleeping positions. The company uses convoluted gel memory foam to enhance airflow and keep you cool all night. Even though the memory foam sinks to hug you, you will stay cool at all times. Covering the mattress is a tight but soft fabric that minimizes sinkage. The high density of the memory foam increases bounces to keep the mattress in shape for a long time.

The varying comfort levels, coupled with the motion absorbing properties and minimal sinkage makes this mattress great.


  • Minimal sinkage accommodates different sleeping positions
  • Generous warranty and trial period
  • Great quality to last long


  • Mattresses ships from the US and incurs extra costs

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Mattress

Nest Bedding is a small family-owned company known for their excellent customer service. With each mattress you purchase, Nest Bedding offers you Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This means that you can purchase a mattress replacement after many years of use to ensure your mattress stays in its optimal performance.

The mattress features multiple layers of foam for comfort and support. Its top layer is relatively soft allowing the sleeper to sink in and conforming to the shape of your body. Beneath the foam layer is a coil support system that relieves pressure points to keep your spine straight. This coil system also provides bounce to keep your mattress in good shape. The air flowing through the coil system gives you a cool night’s sleep.

Nest Bedding used reinforced coils in all their mattresses for optimal edge support. When sleeping, the coils depress slowly and independently to offer personalized support and pressure relief.


  • Generous lifetime warranty
  • Personalized pressure relief and support
  • Great price for the quality
  • Isolated motion


  • Mattress is relatively heavy and not easy to move

Sweet ZZZ Mattress

Sweet ZZZ is famous for its Nature Novel Latex Mattress. The mattress features a simple construction with natural cotton and wool cover. At the top, the mattress sports a 4-inch comfort layer made of Talalay latex. This layer relieves pressure points to keep you comfortable all night. Beneath the top layer is a 7-inch support core made of Dunlop latex. In total, the mattress has a 12-inch thickness.

Due to latex construction, the mattress offers a firm feel. However, the same latex construction ensures the mattress lasts for so many years. Its top layer, made of Talalay latex, offers a neutral temperature feel. This layer is breathable and allows great motion isolation.

While the mattress is sold as 100-percent natural latex, the support core is made of blended Dunlop. Sweet ZZZ ensures there are no harmful chemicals in any of their mattresses. Compared to most of the all-latex mattress models offered in Canada, this mattress comes at a relatively great price.


  • Highly durable thanks to its all-natural latex construction
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Great at motion isolation and doesn’t make any noise when bearing weight
  • Free shipping offered for shoppers outside Canada


  • Only available in one thickness and firmness option

Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven is a product line of Saatva. Granted, they have the same quality of mattresses you would expect from Saatva. The product line creates affordable all-foam latex mattresses. Just like all other mattresses from Saatva, Zenhaven ships their mattresses ready-for-use – the mattresses are neither compressed nor rolled.

This mattress sports a dual-sided comfort design that offers a comfortable night’s sleep for co-sleepers. When shopping you can choose between a Gentle-Plush and a Luxury-Plush option – whichever meets your sleeping needs. The sinkage for the two options varies with the luxury plush sinking more than the gentle plush model. Again, the two options offer varying bounce and motion control.

One thing that makes this mattress special is the dual-sided design. This design makes it versatile for use by sleepers with different sleeping positions. You get a 20-year warranty and a 120-night trial period with the purchase of this mattress.


  • Ideal for different sleeping positions
  • Two firmness options available
  • Generous 20-year warranty guarantees quality
  • Affordable, especially considering its all-foam latex build


  • Both mattress firmness options might feel soft for some users

Good Morning Recore Mattress

Good Morning is a company that operates in Edmonton and ships their mattresses all over Canada. The Recore mattress is delivered in a white SilverCharged thread cover that is not only soft but also long-lasting. This cover can keep bacteria and bad odors away from your mattress. It is specifically great if you have allergy issues.

The top layer on this mattress is a one-and-a-half-inch graphite infused latex. This layer is designed to keep the heat off your body and conform to your body shape for optimal comfort. Even better, the layer is better at conducting heat away than copper or aluminum. This material is bouncy to keep the mattress in good shape all the time. Even though it is bouncy, it still keeps motion isolated for uninterrupted sleep.

Below the comfort top layer is a high-density support layer. This layer is very firm to support your body and relieve pressure points. In total, the mattress has a thickness of 10.5 inches.


  • Offers a great balance between comfort and support
  • Great edge support
  • Accommodates different sleeping positions


  • Takes longer to cool on a hot night

Essentia Mattress

The unique thing with Essentia mattresses is that they are designed with the highest quality natural components. Unlike other mattress brands made of memory foam, Essentia mattresses feature patented foam that offers great comfort. The mattresses are designed to meet the Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard.

Essentia Mattresses feature proprietary latex foam designed with single organic ingredients. With a team of innovators in-house, the company has been able to produce quality mattresses over a long time. The mattresses feature different layers to offer a great balance between comfort and support. You can choose from different mattress models including the lifestyle collection, the performance collection, and the whole body collection.


  • Mattress available in multiple firmness levels, including adjustable firmness
  • Great temperature regulation and motion isolation
  • Long-lasting
  • Natural materials ideal for users with allergies


  • Relatively higher prices

Brunswick Mattress

Brunswick is a product of Good Morning Mattresses. The mattress sports a 12-inch profile with a gentle foam top for comfort and pocketed coils for support. However, to make this mattress unique, Good Morning uses a special hemp blend on the mattress’ cover.

The mattress cover is made of a blend of polyester, hemp, and spandex. This makes it stretchy and highly breathable. The addition of hemp makes the cover more durable. At the top is a 2.75-inch pillow top for comfort. This is followed by a supportive layer. The general feel of the bed makes it ideal for combo sleepers. Each mattress is designed to conduct heat away and reduce the transfer of motion.


  • Ideal for combo sleepers
  • Highly durable
  • Offers great balance between comfort and support


  • Heavy sleepers may find the bed relatively less supportive

Fleep Bed Mattress

The Fleep Bed mattress features a simple but functional design. The top layer is a 2-inch layer made of perforated foam. Its second layer is a 2-inch dense but therapeutic foam that offers support. This is followed by another layer of dense and therapeutic foam. At the bottom is a layer made of 2 inches of infused foam.

With the arrangement of the layers on this mattress, it is easier for you to turn it to whichever side you prefer. The two sides offer different levels of firmness to accommodate different sleeping positions. The mattress employs Thermocool technology that regulates temperature for a cool night. You get a 10-year warranty with the purchase of this mattress.


  • Offers different firmness levels
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Generous warranty


  • Heavyweight and not easy to move therefore

Silk and Snow Mattress

Silk and Snow mattresses feature a comfortable design. For starters, each mattress comes with an innovative cover powered by pure silver to ensure bacteria and other microorganisms do not grow. The cover is removable, washable, and soft enough for a comfortable sleep.

Its top layer is a 4-pound gel memory foam meant to relieve pressure points for comfortable sleep. The same layer also offers support and motion isolation for many hours of uninterrupted sleep. Below the second layer is a 1.8-pound transitional layer that also isolates motion and offers support. The support layer at the bottom is 1.8 pounds and enhances the durability of the mattress. If you are worried about sleeping hot, Silk and Snow Mattresses feature open-cell foam, which is highly breathable.


  • Removable and easy to wash the cover
  • Highly durable especially the cover and the support layers
  • Lightweight and easy to install and move
  • Designed for combo sleeper


  • The top layer feels so soft for heavy sleepers

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