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Quality sleep is essential to health. The quality of your sleep affects every area of your life including your relationships and mental and physical health. The right mattress will help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling rested and energized.

Extensive studies on “sleep health” refer to restful sleep that supports wellbeing. We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Quality sleep improves the quality of every hour we spend awake. The risk of serious and chronic diseases increases as sleep health declines. These risks include type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and reduced immune function.

Inadequate sleep can “impair physical, cognitive, and emotional functions” which decrease our ability to perform at work or school and make us more likely to make poor decisions or be involved in an accident.

The right mattress helps us sleep well and it may even encourage us to go to bed earlier. Only 31% of Americans consistently get enough sleep. Is your mattress making you one of the 69% who aren’t getting the sleep you need to maintain your health?

10 Best Mattresses (Updated 2019)

Brand Material Trial/Warranty Summary Queen Price(Regular/Discount)
Nectar Gel memory foam 365-night; Lifetime Best value for a low price $824/$699
idle sleep Hybrid: Foam and Coils 120-night; Lifetime Best double-sided mattress $1,499/$1,224
dreamcloud Hybrid: Foam and Coils 365-night; Lifetime Best affordable luxury hybrid mattress $1,399/$1,199
layla Memory foam infused with copper 120-night; Lifetime Best Memory foam for side sleepers $899/$799
nolah High-resilience bouncy foam 120-night;15 Year Best bouncy mattress for side sleepers $949/$824
level sleep logo 3-Zone Foam mattress 365-night; Lifetime Science-backed pain relief $1,499/$1,299
Bear mattress Celliant® and foam 100-night;10 Year Best science-backed mattress for athletes $890/$790
plushbeds Organic cotton, natural latex, and pure wool. 100-night;25 Year Certified organic mattress $3,399/$2,199
casper Foam and gel 100-night;10 Year Coziness and spinal alignment $2,250(Wave)
Tomorrow sleep Hybrid: Memory Foam and Coils 365-night;10 Year Best affordable hybrid $990/940

1.Nectar Mattress(Best value for a low price)


Nectar wins its place in our Top Mattresses of 2018 and 2019 list as the best mattress value under $1,000.

Nectar mattresses, our top pick for memory foam mattresses( See Top 15 List of 2019) under $1,000, have a lot going for them.  Outstanding results in the following categories put them in the #1 position.

Affordability Temperature Control (Cooling Evaluation) Trial Motion Isolation Warranty Pressure relief mattress

The 11” Nectar gel and memory foam is the best option if you want good quality at an affordable price. Nectar customers are often pleasantly surprised at how pleased they are with their Nectar mattress.

Key Features of the Nectar Mattress include:

  • The best mattress for the money
  • Reduction in pain and pressure points
  • Almost no motion transfer
  • You won’t find a better sleep trail or warranty
  • Nectar mattresses don’t sleep hot

If you want a better mattress with an affordable price, the Nectar is at the top of the list. This awesome mattress can change your life by improving your sleep health.

Its 11” deep, 5-layer design make it a luxury choice that ranks higher in satisfaction than more expensive online brands.

The creators of Nectar designed a mattress with just the right firmness to accommodate all sleeping styles. Because of its firmness rating of 5.5 – 7.5, it provides the support you need to maintain a straight spine while easing pressure points that can cause morning stiffness.

It is also a great choice if you want your mattress to sleep cool because of its patented cooling design.

As an employee-owned company, everyone at Nectar who works on your mattress is vested in your satisfaction.

Among its best features are Nectar’s awesome 365-night sleep trial and the lifetime warranty.

Overall, Nectar is rated at the top of our list and we highly recommend it.

We Like
  • Nectar mattresses are good for the environment and safe for you. They are certified to be free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals like mercury and lead.
  • Nectar is a quality mattress that most people find comfortable at an affordable price.
  • Independent random testing by CertiPUR-US® ensures consistent quality in all Nectar mattresses.
  • The best value for the money of all the online mattresses we’ve evaluated.
  • Dust mite protection from specially designed materials that mean you’ll never have to worry about dust mites. The same characteristics provide some protection against bed bugs.
  • Although Nectar can be good for any type of sleeper, side and back sleepers seem to love it more.
  • Nectar was an industry leader with their 365-night trial and remains the only value-based mattress that offers it.
  • Nectar stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty for material defects.
We Don't Like
  • The demand for Nectar mattresses is high and sometimes peaks which can mean it will take a little longer to receive your new mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses have less bounce than innerspring mattresses.
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2.Idle Hybrid Sleep Mattress(Best double-sided mattress)

latex hybrid mattress of idle sleep

Idle Hybrid Sleep Mattress earns its place in our Top Mattresses of 2018 and 2019 list as the best double-sided luxury mattress.

The luxurious 14” deep 2-sided Idle Hybrid mattress combines memory foam with an advanced pocketed coil system that provides great support and bounce.

Affordable Pressure relief mattress Responsiveness mattress support Warranty good for sex Motion Isolation

You will appreciate Idle Hybrid Sleep mattresses durability and these features where it excels:

  • You won’t feel your partner move when you don’t want to but there is better bounce than memory foam mattress when you want motion.
  • Two sides extend the life of the Idle Hybrid Sleep Mattress so it will last longer than one-sided mattresses.
  • Coils provide comfort for people who want pressure relief and support to ease aches and pains.
  • It is easy to move around on the mattress; it is responsive.
  • The warranty is as good as any in the industry and the 120-night sleep trial is enough time to see if you will sleep well.
  • You won’t wake up because you’re too hot because it sleeps cooler.

This mattress is heavenly for partners who have different sleeping styles. No compromise is necessary because side, back, and stomach sleepers all sleep well on the Idle Hybrid Sleep mattress. Don’t take my word for it, the 120-night sleep trial lets you try it yourself risk-free. If you decide the Idle Hybrid mattress is not for you, you can get your money back. The lifetime warranty tells you the company trusts the quality of the Idle Hybrid Sleep mattress to stand up to the test of time.

Flip it periodically to extend the life of the mattress.

Idle mattresses manufacturers four different mattresses in the USA. The Idle Hybrid is best for 80% of their customers. They encourage people with larger bodies (over about 230 pounds) to buy the luxury version because it is firmer. The firmness of a mattress varies depending on how much a person weighs. Mattresses feel firmer to people with a small body and softer to people with larger bodies because more weight causes you to sink into the mattress.

Sleep comfortably on your Idle Hybrid Sleep mattress right away. Unlike memory foam mattresses where you may have to wait up to 24 hours to reach their full thickness, the Idle Hybrid reaches its full 14” depth within a few minutes.

The ThermoCool cover, designed to draw the heat away while you sleep, is quilted directly to the first layer of foam. The top layer of foam ensures your body rests on a soft, smooth surface. The breathable buoyancy foam layer gives the mattress more bounce and creates air flow so you sleep cool.

A unique coil pocket system supports your body on every inch of the mattress. You feel fully supported, even on the edge of the bed.

idle mattress struncture and layers

Shipping is free to your door. You may want to spring for the white glove service that will set it up for you because the queen mattress weighs 142 pounds.

Idle put a lot of thought and technology into edge support. The mattress features a Quantum® Edge that creates a frame around the mattress to provide edge support and reduce the feeling that you’ll roll off if you sleep on the edge of the mattress.

Idle Hybrid is at the top of our list for a luxury 2-sided hybrid mattress (See Other Luxury Choices if money if not your first concern) for people who sleep in any position and especially for people who change positions and those whose partner has a different sleeping style.

We Like
  • Lasts longer than a one-sided mattress.
  • Idle mattresses are good for the environment and safe for you. Independent random testing by CertiPUR-US® ensures consistent quality in all Idle Hybrid Sleep mattresses.
  • They are certified to be free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals like mercury and lead.
  • Idle provides divine support for people who wake up stiff and sore on other beds.
  • Compared to memory foam mattresses, the Idle Hybrid Sleep mattress has a delightful bounce.
  • The Queen mattress has more than 1,000 individually wrapped coils.
  • If your job serves the public (military, law enforcement, firefighter, EMT, nurse, or teacher) you may qualify for additional discounts. Contact Idle for additional information.
We Don't Like
  • The mattress is heavier so you will want help getting it into place if you don’t use the white glove service.
  • The price is higher than memory foam choices but you can use the coupon code to save.
Idle Hybrid is the best double sided luxury mattress. If you’re looking for great support, pressure relief, bounce, and want to avoid a mattress that sleeps hot, the Idle Hybrid will satisfy all your requirements. If you’re transitioning away from a traditional coil mattress and are hesitant to try memory foam, or you’ve tried memory foam and prefer your old style coil mattress, the Idle Hybrid will give you the best of both worlds.
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3.Dreamcloud(Best affordable luxury hybrid mattress)


The Dreamcloud is our winner for the best affordable luxury hybrid mattress in our Top Mattresses of 2018 and 2019 list.

Dreamcloud’s 15” of high-end luxury delivers structure and support on a cashmere-soft mattress helps you sleep in dreamy blissful comfort.

Affordable less back pain responsiveness support warranty good for sex cooling evaluation

Dreamcloud mattresses excel in these areas:

  • A sumptuous 15” deep luxury hybrid mattress designed to deliver the restful sleep you’re looking for.
  • Innerspring coils are three times more effective at cooling than foam or cotton to keep you cool all night long.
  • Micro coils provide a luxury feel with more flexibility than typical mattress springs.
  • The springs work in concert with the high-quality memory foam, contouring to your body to prevent pressure points.
  • If you want the most durable coils in the industry, Dream Cloud BestRest coils deliver. The Everlong (forever) warranty ensures that the coils will not break down.
  • The carefully designed 8-layer system of quilted memory foam, super soft foam, and foundational foam float above the BestRest coils and contour to your body to provide you with the perfect balance of softness, support, and responsiveness.
  • People who have back problems, even those who have experienced long-term pain, often find incredible relief when they sleep on the Dreamcloud mattress.
  • Dreamcloud is an excellent choice for combination sleepers and back, side, and stomach sleepers.
We Like
  • The built-in cooling system keeps you cool.
  • A full year’s sleep trial allows you to try Dreamcloud risk-free at a surprisingly affordable price
  • The high-quality foams in Dreamcloud mattresses are usually found in mattresses costing three times more.
  • Sleepers of all sizes are fully supported on Dreamcloud mattresses.
  • Motion transfer is minimized without sacrificing bounce when you want it.
  • Free Shipping
We Don't Like
  • Dreamcloud is more expensive than memory foam mattresses that aren’t hybrids.
  • The company is young.
  • You’ll miss your bed when you travel.

4.Layla(Best Memory foam for side sleepers)


Layla won the top spot as the best mattress for side sleepers in 2018 and 2019.

The Layla memory foam mattress is a side sleeper’s dream! It’s soft enough to avoid pressure points, especially in the shoulder and firm enough to ease back pain.

affordable less back pain less shoulder pain support warranty work with adjustable bed cooling evaluation

The flexible firmness in the Layla mattress is one of its unique features. Other outstanding features include:

  • Soft enough to be perfect for side sleepers.
  • Adjustable firmness. One side of the mattress is soft and the other is firm. Flip it to the firmness you prefer!
  • The copper infused cooling system helps you stay cool all night—even in hot Florida summers.
  • Layla works well with an adjustable bed and flat frames.
  • Reviewers frequently rave about feeling less or no pain after they sleep on the Layla mattress; even people who’ve had pain for years mention improvements after just a few nights on the Layla mattress. Individuals who have had and need hip replacements report sleeping comfortably.
  • Layla gives back. For every mattress they sell, they donate to a homeless shelter in San Francisco to provide a night in a bed to someone in need.
  • The Layla mattress is easy to move around on and doesn’t make you feel stuck because you don’t sink too far into its 10” depth.
  • Layla mattresses provide relief for pressure points in the shoulders and hips
  • The motion isolation helps you sleep when your sleeping partner moves around.

The copper-infused layer conducts heat away from your body. Copper also has antimicrobial properties that kill or inactivate microbes that can live in other mattresses.

Layla mattress reviewsThousands of Layla customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive! 







We Like
  • Layla doesn’t sag, even after a year with a heavy sleeper.
  • Independent random testing by CertiPUR-US® ensures consistent quality.
  • Copper-infused cooling system
  • Works with any foundation including solid and adjustable beds, slatted base, Bunkie board over a box spring, and even a box spring.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
We Don't Like
  • The edge support isn’t good for sitting on the edge of the mattress. It doesn’t make you feel like you’ll roll out of bed when you’re laying down but it is not good if you have to sit on the side of the bed.
  • The reversible mattress cover only has the cooling fabric on one side. If you want to use the other side, you have to remove the mattress cover and put it back on the opposite way. Since the mattress has two different firmness levels, you would only do this when you’re deciding which side of the mattress you prefer.
  • If you decide not to keep the mattress, it must be donated to a charity and you have to send Layla a receipt. Some people have had difficulty finding a charity that will accept a used mattress.
  • Non-USA Purchasers:
  • Returns to Canada – they deduct the shipping fee from the refund so you have to pay for shipping even if you decide not to keep the mattress.

5.Nolah(Best bouncy mattress for side sleepers)


Nolah makes our top ten mattresses in 2018 and 2019 list as the best bouncy mattress for side sleepers.

Side sleepers are susceptible to aches in their shoulders, back, and hips when they don’t have the proper support when they sleep. Nolah delivers what side sleepers need for a pain free restful night’s sleep, soft support and pressure relief for shoulders and hips.

affordable less back pain less shoulder pain support warranty work with adjustable bed cooling evaluation

The Nolah mattress was designed to be the go-to mattress for side sleepers. The key features include:

  • Nolah sleeps cooler than memory foam because the top layer is not memory foam and doesn’t absorb body heat.
  • Side sleepers love Nolah. Many report that aches and pains disappear the first night. One Nolah side sleeper whose pains disappeared reported that the pain came back immediately when they slept in a hotel.
  • Nolah feels plush and is soft enough to hug a side sleeper in all the right places.
  • Despite the hug feeling, it is easy to move around on the Nolah mattress.
  • The edge support is better than many foam mattresses. You won’t think you’re falling out of bed.
  • You may need an extra alarm clock. Many people reported sleeping much deeper on their Nolah mattress.
  • Even older customers (60s and 70s) reported pain relief and better sleep on their Nolah mattress.
  • Works well for heavier people but you may want a king instead of a queen if one partner is a lot lighter than the other.
  • Doesn’t give you that stuck feeling.
  • 10” mattress
  • Scientifically proven to reduce peak pressure on hips, shoulders, and back four times compared to memory foam.
  • Patented ultra-premium, high-resilience foam provides better bounce than latex with greater durability. This layer is hypoallergenic, highly breathable, and feels better than latex.
  • There is a 15-year limited warranty.
  • You can expect the mattress to be 300% more durable than high-end Memory foam mattresses and 26x more durable than conventional foam mattresses.
  • Using the latest technology to outperform memory foam mattresses. Nolah is a next-generation mattress that delivers better durability, comfort, and cooling.
  • The luxury of the Natural Viscose Cover is ultra-soft and designed to wick away moisture to keep you comfortable all night long.
We Like
  • Pain relief for shoulder, hip, and back pain is reported by many customers.
  • Designed specifically to provide the support and comfort side sleepers need but back sleepers also find surprising support.
  • They give back – they donate to animal conservation and protection and allow you to choose an animal to adopt when you purchase your mattress.
  • Not temperature sensitive; doesn’t trap body heat (body heat dissipates faster than memory foam and latex)
  • Better sleep may improve your mood.
  • Less tossing and turning.
  • Sleeping more soundly and waking up feeling rested (even senior citizens)
  • Relieves pressure points, even for big people.
  • Increase your chances of waking up pain free.
  • Cooling sleep, pressure relief and durability
We Don't Like
  • Cons are hard to find. The edge support is less than what you’re used to if you have a standard old-fashioned spring mattress.

6.Level Sleep(Science-backed pain relief)

Level Sleep Mattress

The Level Sleep Mattress deserves its spot on our top ten mattress list for its science-backed pain relief(See full list for back pain mattress).

Level Sleep focuses on reducing back pain. They created the TriSupport mattress that is clinically shown to ease back pain by 57%.

spinal alignment less back pain less shoulder pain support warranty Motion Isolation Company reputation

The best features of Level Sleep include:

  • The TriSupport mattress provides pain reduction of 57% based on rigorous testing.
  • Recommended by doctors and chiropractors Human Performance Center at UCSF as well as from the Director of Center of Human Sleep Researchin the University of Stanford.
  • Level Sleep develops scientifically tested products that improve sleep health with more than 15 years’ experience.
  • Unique 3-zone construction supports the lumbar area with firmer support while softer support is provided in the shoulder and hip areas.
  • Helps you get to sleep faster, reduces pain, and increases your daytime energy level.
  • The mattress is certified free of flame retardants (PDBE), formaldehyde, heavy metals, ozone depleters, and phthalates.

level sleep scientific testing results

The study was designed by Dr. Clete Kushida the Director of Center of Human Sleep Research in the University of Stanford. The study used both objective and subjective data collected using electronically sleep monitoring devices and scientifically validated questionnaires answered by the study participants.



We Like
  • Each mattress is stress tested to ensure quality before it is shipped to customers.
  • Lifetime warranty and 365-day sleep trial.
  • White Glove Service is available for a nominal cost. This can be particularly important to someone with back issues who shouldn’t carry the mattress upstairs.
  • Scientifically tested
  • Forever warranty
  • Independent random testing by CertiPUR-US® ensures consistent quality in all
  • Designed to work well for back and side sleepers.
We Don't Like
  • May sleep warm.
  • Not a good choice for stomach sleepers.
  • Can be hard on the budget.

7.Bear Mattress(Best science-backed mattress for athletes)

Bear Mattress Shipping

Bear mattress made our top ten mattresses for 2018 and 2019 list because they help athletes recover.

The Bear mattress is approved as a medical device by the FDA as a general wellness product because clinical tests show it enhances oxygen levels in human tissue, improves athletic performance, sleep quality, and overall health and wellness.

spinal alignment less back pain FDAapproved Medical Device support warranty Motion Isolation Company reputation

The Bear Mattress isn’t an ordinary mattress. Its key features include the results of multiple clinical studies!

  • Designed with the goal of improving muscle recovery. Who would think a mattress could enhance your body’s natural healing energy so your muscles heal faster and you have increased energy to help you achieve peak performance. Bear’s Celliant’s® clinically-proven technology creates infrared light to help you rest and recover from athletic activities.
  • Go to sleep faster. A study done at the University of California in Irvine found the subjects fell asleep 18.3 minutes faster on the Bear mattress.
  • Sleep cool all night long. Bear’s proprietary graphite-gel memory foam provides up to 7x more relief from heat buildup.
  • Superior air conductivity is provided with open-cell, high air-flow foam combined with graphite particles.
  • Designed to help athletes recover faster, Bear’s pressure relieving features allow you to sleep comfortably so your body can heal.
  • Your back will thank you for sleeping on a Bear mattress. Achieve optimal spinal alignment and therapeutic support because the mattress contours to your sleeping position.
  • In clinical trials, Celliant® enhanced oxygen levels and helps you recover so you’re ready to be at your best the next day.
  • 90 pounds (king mattress weight)
  • Heavy sleepers don’t dent the mattress, even after sleeping on it for six months.

FDA approved Celliant® is a patented fiber designed to convert the heat from your body into infrared light and emit it back to your body to heal your muscle and tissues. The core of the fiber has a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients woven in that makes the fibers responsive to your body. This magical combination won’t wear or wash out so the benefits continue for the life of the mattress.

In clinical studies with young adults, and mature individuals up to retiree age, circulation in the skin was better when they slept on a Bear Mattress. Better oxygen flow nurtures your cells and can make you feel more vitally alive.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, if you engage in activities that cause muscle soreness, Bear mattress is a great choice for you.

We Like
  • Bear mattresses are 10” deep with four foam layers designed to help the athlete sleep well and to maximize muscle recovery.
  • Bear mattresses are certified environmentally-friendly by CertiPUR-US®
  • Independent random testing by CertiPUR-US® ensures consistent quality in all
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Risk-free 100-night sleep trial
  • Free shipping in the continental United States
We Don't Like
  • The mattress doesn’t have any bounce.
  • Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii include a $100 charge
  • They request you use the mattress for 30 days before you return it.
  • No one has reported an allergic reaction but individuals who are allergic to polyester fiber should not use Celliant®

8.Plushbed Botanical Bliss(Certified organic latex mattress)

Plushbed Botanical Bliss

Plushbed Botanical Bliss is new to our top ten mattresses of 2018 and 2019 list. We’re recognizing it as a wonderful organic choice.

The 10” Plushbed Botanical Bliss delivers comfort with the assurance of 100% organic cotton, natural latex, and pure wool.

FDA Certified Organic support Adjustable firmness

If you want an organic mattress, Plushbed Botanical Bliss is for you! Their dizzying array of certifications gives you confidence that the mattress meets your high standards of environmental-friendliness and purity.

Key features of this mattress beyond its impressive certifications include:

  • The ability to change the firmness level of the mattress to suit your personal preferences simply by unzipping the 100% organic cotton cover and changing the order of the layers.
  • For marital bliss, the California King mattress comes with the ability to have different levels of firmness on each side of the mattress encased in a single cover.
  • 100% natural latex is resilient and will last a long time but you can extend the life of your Plushbed Botanical Bliss mattress even more by individually flipping the layers inside the organic cotton cover.
  • Be assured that your children won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals when they sleep on a 100% organic mattress that is certified by GOLS, OEKO-TEX, GreenGuard Gold, and GOTS.
  • The Plushbed Botanical Bliss contains up to ten pounds of New Zealand wool to help regulate body temperature. Wool helps the mattress breathe naturally to allow your body to sleep cool and it helps keep mildew and dust mites out of your mattress.
  • The right level of firmness for back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers can be achieved with the same mattress.
  • No odor because 100% natural GreenGuard Gold certified latex doesn’t contain any chemicals.
  • Great bounce and very resilient.
  • 100% pure natural latex mattresses provide end-to-end support which means you’ll feel as secure on the edge of the bed as you do in the middle.
  • You can customize the firmness of the layers in addition to changing their order to obtain the exact firmness you prefer.
  • Plushbed Botanical Bliss mattresses are manufactured with the environment in mind including a reduced carbon footprint using socially responsible methods from end-to-end.
  • Sleeps cool due to the combined effects of the organic cotton cover, wool batting, and a process that infuses air into the latex to provide air flow.
  • Handmade in Southern California.

We Like
  • Plushbed Botanical Bliss contains three times more GOTS-certified wool than their competitors.
  • The latex design works great on an adjustable frame.
  • The mattress doesn’t emit any fumes or odors into your home.
  • The layers are reversible and the firmness level is flexible.
  • Sleeps cool.
We Don't Like
  • The return policy has more hoops than their competitors:
  • The 100-night 100% refund requires you to return the mattress, not just donate it to a local charity. Keep your packing materials and boxes until you’re sure you will keep the mattress. Less than 2% of buyers return the mattress.
  • If you receive any freebies with your mattress and decide to return the mattress, the accessories must be returned in new, unopened condition. A $99 accessory fee is deducted from the refund if this condition is not met or if you do not try the mattress for a full 30 days before returning it.
  • The 10” is shipped in two boxes and you have to assemble it by placing the top layer into the organic cover. This is an extra step but having the mattress separated can make it easier to maneuver to an upstairs bedroom before you assemble it.

9.Casper Wave(Coziness and spinal alignment)

Casper Wave – Best Foam & Latex Combination

The Casper Wave made our top ten mattresses of 2018 and 2019 list for its coziness and ability to support spinal alignment.

The Casper Wave was inspired by people who struggle to sleep due to poor spinal alignment, aches and pains, and getting too hot. Don’t confuse the Casper Wave with the original Casper bed.

Motion Isolation less shoulder pain support

The higher end Casper Wave pampers side sleepers with the following features:

  • The top Comfort Flo Foam layer is designed to feel cozy and provide air flow so you sleep cool throughout the night.
  • Casper Wave provides a 100-night sleep trial and free shipping
  • 10-year warranty
  • In-home set-up is included
  • Customers report benefits including cured aches and pains, especially shoulder pain, and cured insomnia
  • The cover includes wool to absorb moisture and fight humidity
  • Independent random testing by CertiPUR-US® ensures consistent quality in all Casper Wave mattresses

wooden ball,just for fun

The Casper Wave is designed with different firmness levels for your shoulders, hips, and midsection. The idea is to let your shoulders which are usually wider than the hips sink in more than the midsection and the hips to sink in enough to keep the spine aligned.

contoured foam

We Like
  • Designed to provide pressure point relief for shoulders and hips.
  • The cozy feel of the top layer without the heat of memory foam.
  • 100-night in home sleep trial with free shipping
We Don't Like
  • The Casper Wave costs more but it is worth the money if it relieves your pain.
  • If you’re a petite side sleeper, the found the middle was too firm, making her out of alignment

10.Tomorrow Hybrid(Best affordable hybrid)

Tomorrow Hybrid

The tomorrow Hybrid made our top ten mattresses of 2018 and 2019 list as the best affordable hybrid.

The Tomorrow Hybrid mattress is a combination of steel coil springs topped with three layers of foam to deliver incredible support and comfort.

Motion Isolation mattress support snoring

Your 10” Tomorrow Hybrid mattress comes with the following features:

  • The consistent quality and hypoallergenic qualities are verified by independent random testing by CertiPUR-US®
  • Memory foam originally developed by NASA to regulate body temperature
  • Memory form with gel swirl to contour your body, provide pressure relief, and pull heat away from your body
  • Designed to sleep cool
  • One reviewer described it as distressingly comfortable because it makes being in bed so inviting
  • Some sleepers found that they snored less than with their prior mattress because their chest wasn’t sinking as much as it had in a prior mattress
  • Customers are very satisfied with the mattress. Only 1% return the mattress from the 365-night trial
  • Customers commenting that they’ve never slept this well and didn’t know you could sleep this good
  • Tomorrow Hybrid Sleep mattress comes in Medium Soft with lots of hug and Medium Firm which is more solid but not stiff and still cozy due to top layer softness
  • It’s easier to move around on the hybrid mattress
  • Hypoallergenic CertiPUR-US® certified foam
  • Even though Tomorrow Hybrid mattress is springy, it also has good motion isolation, giving you the best of both worlds if you don’t sleep alone.
  • Backed by the Serta name with over 40 sleep scientists working to perfect a restful sleep; they have hundreds of pending patents
  • The mattress is dust mite and bedbug resistant because memory foam is too dense. The living conditions aren’t ideal for the little critters.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll want the firmer mattress.

We Like
  • Two firmness levels to choose from
  • 100% latex free
  • 10-year warranty backed by Serta Simmons
  • Free returns
  • Good motion transfer
  • You can use an electric blanket or heating pad.
  • No harmful chemicals, the Tomorrow Hybrid mattress is safe and non-toxic.
We Don't Like
  • If you are heavier (above 275 or so); you may want to consider a thicker mattress
  • An electric blanket or heating pad can temporarily soften the foam but it will return to its usual density when it returns to its normal temperature.
  • When you set-up the mattress, unzip the washable cover to give the corners room to fill out completely.

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This review of the top ten mattresses in 2019 helps you select a mattress you won’t want to return. If you haven’t read reviews lately, read them again. The best manufacturers continually improve their products based on scientific research and customer feedback. The construction materials may be different than they were last year.

Mattresses that earn a place on this coveted list score well in our testing and in independent reviews by thousands of customers. We consider these the best beds available to meet the need in the category where they score the best.

What are the must-have features of a “Best Mattress”?

Comparing subjective and objective factors common to most mattresses allows us to evaluate which mattress is best in a specific category. This is an overview of the main aspects we consider when we make our determination.

Quality of Materials and Durability

Quality of Materials and DurabilityWe evaluate the quality of the materials used in each mattress in order to estimate the durability a customer will experience. The density of the foam and type of foam are considered in our evaluation. This is one of the more subjective aspects of our reviews.

The feel of a specific mattress is a highly subjective evaluation. “Hug” refers to how much the mattress allows you to sink in. Mattresses that hug you make you feel cradled as if you are being hugged. Some people love a mattress with a deep hug and other people are very uncomfortable with a deep hug. We won’t tell you that the one with the hug factor that we prefer is the best mattress, we’ll tell you what the hug factor is so you can choose one that suites you.

Memory foam mattresses feel different than box spring mattresses. We’ll describe how it feels so you can make an educated choice. When you choose a mattress from a company that offers a sleep trial, you have the option to return the mattress for a full refund.

Value and Affordability

AffordableThe best value isn’t always the cheapest mattress. The best value for a particular individual varies based on the factors that are most important to them.  If someone has a sleep health issue such as back pain or being awakened when a sleeping partner moves, a mattress that doesn’t solve the problem isn’t a good value for them even if it is the best value mattress for other people. If your budget is tight, focus on factors that will allow you to sleep the best. Our evaluations consider:

  • Durability
  • The warranty
  • The company’s reputation
  • The type of mattress
  • Eco-friendliness
  • The price

In most cases, the best value is backed by the best warranty. Companies that make excellent products stand behind them with a written warranty.

Sleep Health Benefits

Pressure relief mattress FDA Approved medical device

The ability to sleep well on your mattress is a critical aspect of sleep health. The mattress should help you sleep with your spine in alignment. Many people who experience morning stiffness and soreness are surprised when they wake up feeling better after buying a new mattress. Your aches and pains may be a sign of your mattress aging.

Your body needs to be able to relax while you sleep. Avoiding pressure points that make sleeping uncomfortable allows your body to rest completely. Snoring, whether it is your own or your sleeping partners, affects your sleep health. The right mattress and pillow decrease snoring.


supportSome mattresses are designed to deliver more than one firmness option in the same

mattress. We’ll let you know if the mattress has this feature. Are you a Papa Bear who wants a firm mattress, a Mama Bear who wants a soft mattress, or Baby Bear whose bed was just right for Goldilocks? Firmness is subjective; three different people can rate the firmness of the exact same mattress differently. On a firmness scale of 1 – 10, 10 is the firmest. In general, the less someone weighs, the firmer a mattress feels because a light person doesn’t sink into the mattress.

Our ratings indicate how firm the mattress is rated on average.

Motion Isolation

When more than one person sleeps in the same bed, or a large pet sleeps with you, motion isolation is important. Ideally, your partner will be able to get out of or into bed without waking you. A good motion isolation score means your sleep won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements.

Temperature Control (Cooling Evaluation)

Some mattresses get too hot and cause the occupant to wake-up. Some people need a mattress that works to keep them cool enough to sleep comfortably because they tend to sleep hot. New technology and mattress designs provide solutions that help you sleep without generating too much heat. Beds that sleep cool improve sleep health.

Company Reputation


The reputation of the company is an important factor when you purchase a mattress. Mattresses are long term investments in your health. You want to know that the company builds safe, quality products and that they will honor their promises. Mattress companies make promises including quality, safety, sleep trial, warranty, and return policy.


eco friendlyEnvironmentally friendly manufacturing processes are another important feature we consider when we rate mattresses. A good mattress that destroys the environment isn’t a good mattress. Mattress manufacturers are aware of their customer’s preferences and now build mattresses that consider the environmental impact and the impact of the materials they put in the mattress has on the sleeper’s personal health and the environment.

Return Rate

Return RateOnline mattress retailers provide a sleep trial period during which their mattress may be returned for a full refund. The return rate is the percentage of their overall sales that are returned during the trial period. This rate tells us how often someone who has the chance to sleep on the mattress decides they don’t like it. A return might not mean there is anything wrong with the mattress that would affect your experience; it may simply mean that the other person prefers a different type of mattress.

Returned mattresses are never re-sold. Most companies donate returned mattresses to local charities. One company sells them through a liquidator.

Final verdict

There are so many mattresses available online that navigating them can be confusing and frustrating. I know it can be difficult to keep it all straight. When I first began reviewing mattresses it was a lot like meeting a few dozen people all at once and trying to remember their names. That’s why we put the category each mattress won in the index at the top of the article. It will help you find the winner in each category without scrolling through the whole article again. If you want to compare the prices of the winners now that you’ve read about their features, this chart shows the price and the discount (if a discount is available).

We selected our top picks to help you decide which mattress is right for you. The Nectar mattress provides the best value for the money in a memory foam mattress. If you’re looking for a solution to your back pain, Level Sleep is the best option.

Mattress choices are subjective. You deserve a mattress that suits your needs. If you like to sleep cool, there is a mattress that will help you. If you like to sleep warm, there are mattresses that help you stay warm and some of them work with an electric blanket if you want added warmth.

Couples frequently have different preferences about the firmness of their mattress. Mail order mattresses that offer free night trials are a great way to find a mattress that suits both of you. There are a couple of options for marital sleeping harmony. A King mattress can be made with two XL Twin mattresses or, if you want an eco-friendly latex bed, the Plushbed Botanical Bliss allows you to custom order each side with different firmness levels.

Reading thousands of mattress reviews makes one sad fact clear, many people are living in pain unnecessarily because they have the wrong mattress and don’t realize they could live pain-free with a mattress that suits them better. Stereotypes about aging convince us that aging hurts. Then we assume our body’s aging is making us stiff and sore in the morning but often, it’s the age of our mattress, not our body, that makes us ache. You owe it to yourself to find a mattress that allows you to sleep well.

You spend about a third of your life in bed and the quality of your sleep affects your health and happiness. If your quality of life is suffering because of poor sleep quality, whether it is being woken up when your partner or a pet moves or not being able to get comfortable, the value of a better night’s sleep is priceless.

With the liberal free return policies offered by our top ten picks, you can find the mattress that is just right for you.

Choose with confidence because all the mattresses in our Top Ten for 2019 have generous sleep trials, free returns, and strong warranties.

Remember to share our review if it helped you. For more information, you can read our individual reviews on each mattress.

Sleep well.

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