8 Best Mattress Stores in Boise City, ID (2022 Updated)

There are many great mattress stores in Boise City, Idaho, but which one should you choose? There are a few different options, but each offers a unique experience. Read on to learn more about Denver Mattress Boise, Sleep Fit Boise, Mattress Land, and Mattress RX Boise. Whether you need a new mattress for your bedroom or just need a new bed for a guest room, these stores will fit your needs.

Denver Mattress Boise City

  • Phone: (208) 672-8186

Denver Mattress manufactures quality mattresses right in their own facilities. The factory-direct pricing means you can save 50 percent or more on your new mattress, and the mattress you purchase is made with higher quality materials. The company also uses higher-quality materials, such as latex and memory foam, which are proven to be more durable and comfortable. Compared to major mattress brands, Denver Mattress offers a more comfortable mattress at a lower price.

Denver Mattress carries a variety of sleep surfaces, including latex, memory foam, and cooling gel. The store carries specialty models like waterbeds, bed-in-a-boxes, and airbeds. The company also offers accessories like pads, protectors, and foundations to maximize your mattress’ performance. Besides mattresses, Denver Mattress also carries adjustable bases, foundations, and pillows. The prices are reasonable for a top-quality bed.

Denver Mattress also offers several firmness options, including a Doctor’s Choice mattress. The company’s patented Purple Grid design ensures the highest quality and durability. It also prevents heat transfer between layers and helps the mattress maintain its temperature during the night. It’s a great choice for anyone who suffers from back pain or wants a comfortable bed. They can even customize the mattress to meet any sleeping preference. When choosing a Denver Mattress, remember that the company is owned and operated. It’s America’s favorite neighborhood mattress store!

Mattress Firm Boise II

  • Phone: (208) 246-8606

Mattress Firm offers a wide selection of mattresses, ranging from adjustable mattresses to memory foam and spring mattresses. The Boise store has an assortment of mattresses in stock. A comfortable night’s sleep can be yours with a Mattress Firm Boise II. The store is a great place to find a high-quality mattress that’s affordable. A mattress may be the best investment you ever make, so check out the store’s selection to find a mattress that fits your needs.

The Mattress Firm Boise II store offers a variety of mattress options and home furnishings. The store also sells bedding and home textiles. Shoppers can ask store employees about specific products or ask about current sales and discounts. Its workers will be happy to assist you with your needs. Listed below are a few of the top products sold in Mattress Firm Boise II stores. To learn more, visit Mattress Firm Boise II today.

Mattress Land Sleep Fit Boise City

  • Phone: (208) 246-8849

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Mattress Land is a locally- owned mattress store that has been a leader in the local mattress industry for 35 years. They offer advanced sleep technology, guaranteed low prices, and an extensive selection of mattress brands. You’ll find them in 19 locations in Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and California. Visit one of their locations today for a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for a new mattress or bed frame, the mattress store Mattress Land by Sleep Fit is a great place to go. Their extensive selection and easy parking make this a convenient place to shop for a new mattress. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you may want to try Tempur- Pedic. The company sells mattresses in multiple sizes and styles and has great warranties. Their selection includes adjustable beds and other mattresses from major brands like Serta, Sealy, and Puffy.

Mattress RX Boise

  • Phone: (208) 377-7939

If you’re looking for a new mattress and don’t know where to turn, you should visit the Mattress RX Boise City ID store. This store is local, has great prices, and has experienced sales staff that can help you find the right mattress. If you’re interested in learning more about the various types of mattresses, visit the company’s website to learn more about the many types of mattresses available.

Whether you’re looking for a bed for your bedroom or your family room, there are plenty of options available. Rent-to-own companies like Acima, which is based in Boise City, offer rent-to-own opportunities. These companies are not lenders, but rather leasing companies that obtain information about your credit history in connection with your lease application. The Acima Cash Price includes a markup on the invoice price and an additional markup for any applicable credit. Although leasing can be a good option, it may not be suitable for everyone. It is also not available in all states, and not all applicants will be approved for this program.

American Freight Sears Outlet Mattress Boise City

  • Phone: (208) 506-2630

If you’re shopping for a new mattress or another piece of furniture, you might have heard of American Freight, which was formerly Sears Outlet. In addition to offering deeply discounted prices on brand-name appliances, American Freight also offers used and refurbished appliances. That means that you can save a ton of money by buying a gently used mattress or furniture piece that was once in good condition.

The history of the company dates back to 1968 when Steve Belford first opened an American Freight Furniture and Mattress store in Lima, Ohio. The franchise expanded and opened stores across the U.S., including converted Kmart stores. In 1994, American Freight expanded its brand name to Sears Outlet and began selling home appliances. While the company does not provide detailed sales figures, it does sell a variety of household appliances, furniture, and mattresses.

After closing its Boise store last year, American Freight’s furniture and mattress stores now go by the American brand. The namesake will remain the same, but the store will be rebranded. The new name will be American Freight, and the Sears signs will be removed. In addition to this, the Sears brand will continue to exist in Boise, ID, as a Sears Hometown.

Chf Home Furnishings Boise City

  • Phone: (208) 343-7769

If you are looking to furnish your home or office with new furniture, then you should check out CHF Home Furnishings. This locally-owned store has been around for 65 years and offers a variety of home furnishings and appliances. You can also get expert advice on where to buy the right furniture for your home or office. They carry everything from sofas to dining room sets and lamps to major appliances.

From humble beginnings, Chf Home Furnishings has a rich history in the Treasure Valley. It was established in 1953, and is now the largest locally owned furniture, appliance, and mattress store in the Treasure Valley. In fact, it is ranked among the top 15 furniture and appliance stores nationwide. Located on Franklin and Orchard in Boise City, Chf Home Furnishings has served the local community for over 60 years.

Boise Mattress Boise City

  • Phone: (208) 629-2925

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, Boise Mattress is the place to go. They carry many different brands, including Serta, DreamCloud, Puffy, and Beautyrest. They also carry foam and hybrid mattresses, so you’re sure to find a mattress that’s right for your needs. And the best thing is, Boise Mattress is locally owned and operated. It’s not hard to tell that this local business is veteran-owned and is proud to serve the community.

The average cost of a queen-size mattress is around $1,000 in Boise, but it can vary considerably. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $1,200 for a quality innerspring mattress. If you want a more traditional feel, you can choose a latex or hybrid mattress for a price between $1,500 and $2,300. When you’re buying a mattress, make sure you research the materials used.

Leisure Mattress Factory Boise City

  • Phone: (208) 345-9721

Located in Boise City, ID, the Leisure Mattress Factory offers mattresses in all firmness and comfort ranges. The store sells truck and RV mattresses, as well as adjustable bed frames. You can also purchase custom-sized mattresses. To speak with a representative, call 800-521-2876. A knowledgeable crew will help you find the right mattress. Here are some of the best brands. Let us know if you have any questions or need advice.

GoodBed allows you to choose the best mattress online and gives you unbiased, personalized results. It also lets you see which retailers sell the best mattresses in your price range, so you can shop confidently without any stress. This way, you can avoid getting ripped off by salespeople or online salespeople. In addition to the online store, the Boise store is located in the city of Boise.

The staff at the Leisure Mattress Factory are friendly and professional, and they’ll show you a variety of options to help you find the right mattress for you. Mike and his team are experienced mattress technicians who know what they’re talking about. This isn’t an assembly line in Denver, and it shows! So if you’re in the Boise area, you should definitely check out this place.

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