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mattress topper for back pain

Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain 2020

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We’ve evaluated dozens of mattress toppers to identify the best mattress topper choices for back pain.

Do you face trouble in sleeping on your existing mattress? Is your bed a source of back pain for you? Then, the first solution that would come to your mind is to replace your mattress with a new one. But, what if you just purchased the mattress and spent a hefty amount on it? Our curated list of the “best mattress topper for back pain” will help you find a solution.

In this situation, you should rather go for a mattress topper instead of replacing the whole set. For all those unaware of these toppers, it is an additional layer that covers your mattress. The purpose of putting this foam layer is to give extra comfort and support to your body.

Among huge varieties of models and brands available, you can face difficulty in choosing the right option. So here, this article is going to assist all such people. You will get to read buying guide, FAQs, and reviews of a few best mattress toppers for back pain.

Best Mattresses Topper for Back Pain(Quick Summary)

Best Mattresses Topper for Back Pain(Detail Review)

1. Sleep Innovations – Best for back sleepers

best mattress topper for back pain Sleep Innovations

Sleep innovations have been serving their customers for quite some time and they ensure satisfaction and quality. Their sleeping gear is produced with quality that is highly competitive in the market.

Even though the price may be a little more than most budgets, this product is surely one of the best mattress toppers for back pain. With its adequate combination of comfort and firmness, it just gives a right solution for your back pain problem and makes it a must purchase for your mattress top.
  • Construction

The construction of these mattress toppers is dependent on the size of the cover. However, the basic construction includes a cover that is easily washable in the machine and holds all the layers in place to provide you the ultimate experience. The gel memory foam is another layer that helps in providing comfort.

  • Firmness

The firmness of this mattress topper is relatively soft. The four inches of height along with a pillow top allows users to sleep on any side with the maximum comfort level and steady firmness. The pressure system along with firmness makes an ideal place to sleep overall.

  • Technology Used

The gel memory foam allows users to enjoy a cool and contoured sleeping position. The body heat is neutralized and users do not overheat themselves while sleeping.

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  • The gel in the memory foam layer keeps the users cool and prevents overheating with the body heat
  • Memory foam part contours the body shape according to every body type
  • There are almost all sizes available for different mattresses


  • It is not made hypoallergenic for sensitive people
  • The cover is also not waterproof

2. DreamFoam Bedding – Best for Cradling body curves

DreamFoam Bedding

This DF20GT2050 Topper is manufactured by DreamFoam Bedding brand.  This company has been manufacturing these products since 2010. With the aim to make highly customized products accessible to you, DreamFoam Bedding is making people sleep better.

In a reasonable price range, this product can offer you adequate comfort and softness. Along with its gel infused feature, it can give you a peaceful sleeping experience.
  • Construction

In the construction of this DF20GT2050 Mattress Topper, a two-inch thick memory foam is used. Because of its soft-Visco elastic memory foam, it adds supplementary comfort and makes you sleep pain-free.

With adorable blue color and amazing swirl pattern, it makes your existing bedding super luxurious. As no harmful chemical is utilized in its construction, you can use it easily around your toddlers too.

  • Firmness

With its right amount of thickness and amazing features of memory foam, this topper can cradle your body at just the right point. It provides a reasonable amount of cushioning while contouring each curve of your body.

It can be best suited for all those having firm mattresses. This topper is going to add one comfy soft layer on your bed.

  • Technology Used

This topper contains infused gel technology in its memory foam. Normally, memory foams tend to retain heat inside them. DreamFoam Bedding topper’s gel formula protects the sleeper from getting over-heated while sleeping.


  • It can add adequate comfort to your existing bedding with its thickness.
  • Its gel formula keeps heat away.
  • It is suitable for all users, because of its chemical-free safe construction.
  • It extends your mattress lifetime because of its highly-durable structure.
  • Its adorable pattern and color can make your bed look adorable.


  • It takes too long to evacuate smell completely.
  • It doesn’t come with a cover.

3. LUCID – Best for Pressure relief & Softness

Lucid mattress topper

This Mattress Topper is manufactured by LUCID Company. This brand believes in delivering mattresses and toppers according to individual requirements, as they believe everyone sleeps differently.

This topper comes with the right amount of thickness that can cradle the body of a person with low to medium body weight. Moreover, it also helps in keeping your body temperature optimum.
  • Construction

Three-inch memory foam is used in the construction. It does not contain ordinary memory foam. Rather, it is a specialized form in which Gel material is infused with the foam material. 

This topper is available in queen size with 60” x 80” size dimensions. With the help of both its construction materials, it not only offers softness and plush feel but also great pressure relieving. All these features together make it as one of the best mattress toppers for back pain.

  • Firmness

As the thickness of this foam is three inches, it is quite suitable for toppers for back pain. It can offer the right amount of support to control back pain problems and to give a comfortable sleeping experience. With its highly responsive nature, it contours each and every curve of your body.

  • Technology Used

The specialized techniques used in this topper is its gel material infusion on the memory foam layer. In this way, it makes this topper highly ventilated by allowing air to pass properly through this foam.


  • Through its gel material, it keeps the temperature at the right
  • With its appropriate thickness, it offers high comfort and support.
  • It allows proper ventilation because of its numerous holes.
  • With its adequate thickness, it offers great comfort.


  • It might feel too soft for heavy people.
  • Not appropriate for those who dislike memory foams.

4. Zinus  -Best for side sleepers

Zinus green tea

The Green Tea Mattress Topper is manufactured by Zinus Company. This company provides a variety of sleeping accessories in different countries. However, it is located in California and started functioning properly back in 2003.

Choosing this product will give you additional comfort and soft feel, but also benefits from having natural products that will keep your surroundings safe and healthy. Moreover, the price range is also affordable.
  • Construction

This topper is constructed using one-inch thick memory foam, and two-inch-thick high-density support foam. In order to replace the traditional method of using petroleum, this topper contains Green Tea extracts for preventing odor and keeping bacteria away. It is available in Full, Queen, King, short-Queen, and Twin sizes.

  • Firmness

With its one-inch memory foam layer and two-inch-thick support form, it offers medium firmness. Its lower dense layer maintains its shape and durability while offering firmness. On the other hand, memory foam layer contours each curve of your body and make you sleep on a soft surface.

  • Technology Used

This topper is advanced as compared to others by adding natural products in it for increasing its freshness. It contains natural green tea extracts along with castor natural seed oil. These natural substances eradicate its odor and keep it safe from bacteria.


  • The topper stays fresh for long because of having natural green tea extracts.
  • With its support foam and memory foam, it offers comfort and support at the same time.
  • It comes certified by Certi-PUR-US.


  • Because of its sensitive nature, you would need to handle it carefully.
  • It might retain heat to some extent.

5. LINENSPA  – Best for  Contouring curvesLINENSPA

This Gel Infused Mattress Topper is manufactured by LINENSPA Company. This brand has been working with the aim to deliver quality products at every home that comply with customers’ specific requirements.

Purchasing this LINENSPA product is surely going to give a high-quality durable product. Along with its medium thickness and gel material, this mattress topper has the potential to make your sleeping experience great by decreasing your back pain.
  • Construction

This mattress topper is constructed using two inches thick memory foam. This foam layer assists in providing additional support and comfort. Moreover, this foam is also infused with a gel material that regulates temperature all over the surface.  Because of this construction, it not only gives the plush feel but also maintains optimum temperature.

  • Firmness

With the help of its two-inch thick structure, it offers mediocre firmness level. If we measure the firmness on the scale of one to ten, then this topper will exist somewhere between 2 or 3. It manufacturing makes it more on the side to offer softness and comfort to eradicate back pain problem.

  • Technology Used

The technology used in this mattress topper is its gel material that is infused together with the memory foam layer. The purpose of adding this material is to regulate the body temperature of a sleeper. It gathers the whole body heat and divides it evenly on the whole topper surface.


  • The gel material makes you sleep cooler and help alleviate back pain.
  • It assists in giving a plush feel on the top of your mattress.
  • The product meets CertiPur-US quality standards and available at a reasonable price


  • It might feel thinner and may give off a bad smell at the start.

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How to Find the Best Mattresses Topper for Back Pain?

Before purchasing a topper to relieve your back pain, it is important to go through key points regarding its buying guide. This basic guideline can help you in getting your money’s worth.

Back pain can be seriously irritating if it persists for a long time period. Normally, your sleeping position also contributes to contributing to this pain. However, you just cannot change your position completely to get rid of this pain.

Rather, going for some optimal solution like having a mattress topper can seriously help in this regard. These toppers help in reducing back pain by providing adequate cushioning and support. It is not the only benefit they give regarding your back pain. Rather, toppers also reflect heat back. In this way, they maintain the temperature in the right position. It is another crucial requirement for having a peaceful sleep.

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  • Material

It is one of the most important factors that need your consideration. Though there are varieties of materials available for mattress toppers, there are two most suitable materials, particularly for back pains. These two are latex foam and memory foam.

What makes them suitable for relieving back pain? It is their ability to contour your whole body and giving proper alignment to your structure. Therefore, it better to opt for these two materials when you choose your topper.

If it sleeps too hot, it won’t be on our curated list of the best mattress topper for back pain

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  • Thickness

The thickness of the topper determines the amount of firmness it would offer. Thicker the foam layer, the more firm it will feel. On the other hand, the thin foam layer will feel softer and less firm.

Considering this factor, it is important to go for the medium option. The topper you choose shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. It should be a middle way. Only then, it would provide what your body demands.

  • Size

As your topper is going to stay on the top of your mattress, compatibility between the sizes of both products is greatly important. There are chances that you might get misguided regarding topper size especially while purchasing online. Therefore, make sure to ask for right measurements before getting the final product.

  • Temperature maintenance

You want to purchase topper for additional comfort. But what, if the topper you purchase gets heated up and don’t let you sleep comfortably? Few materials retain heat and make sleeper heat up after some time. It becomes unbearable, especially during hot weather. Therefore, consider the temperature regulating feature of your topper before purchasing it.

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Do you think softer topper is going to give more comfort? Yeah, it is right to some extent. But if you are looking for a topper to relieve back pain, then choose for optimal firmness. The reason is soft material will not align your spine in the right way, and it would result in you having more back pain.

However, it also depends on your mattress feel. If your bed is already quite firm, then go for the soft topper and vice versa.

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In order to get the maximum back pain relief from a mattress topper, it is very important to set it properly on your mattress surface. Adjust sides properly and it would only be possible if the chosen size is compatible with the size of your bed.

Also, ventilate your topper properly to evacuate all types of smell or gases. It is optional to buy a topper cover, but if you can, go for one nice topper cover.

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Memory foam besides helping in relieving back pain increases the lifespan of your topper as well. Plenty of toppers in the market are available with casual filling materials. These fillers might look soft at first, but would be distorted after use of a few months.

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Toppers with high densities give great support to your body as compared to those with light densities. Therefore, it is important to check the density of your foam while purchasing it.

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Mattress topper could be the best product choice for all those facing problems like back pain from their existing mattresses. It provides additional support and comfort to your body that it is asking for. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel heavy on your budget as well.

So if you are looking for some feasible mattress alternatives, then this content is surely going to help you a lot. By reading the reviews of above-mentioned few best mattress toppers for back pain, you can surely select the one right topper for yourself.

Which topper is best among all the mentioned products? It is quite hard to answer this question, as all offers few benefits in a one way or other. However, according to us, Zinus Green Tea Mattress Topper is the best mattress topper for back pain relief. The reasons behind are it’s being capable of providing support, comfort, and freshness of natural products all at the same time.

Purchasing a mattress from a mattress store instead of an online retailer that offers a no-risk sleep trial often leaves customers stuck with a mattress that doesn’t suit their needs. Keep our article on “best mattress topper for back pain” in mind if this happens to one of your friends. You can save the day if they are stuck with an uncomfortable mattress.