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best mattress for Hip And Shoulder Pain

Best Mattress For Hip And Shoulder Pain 2020

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If you wake up sore or achy, you need a mattress designed to alleviate hip and shoulder pain. Who doesn’t need a pleasant and rejuvenating sleep at the end of a tiring day? After a hectic day of work, you want to fall on your bed and go to sleep fast. However, sleeping can become much of an issue if you have developed some chronic aches such as shoulder and hip pain. As per the statistical evidence gathered by the CDC, approximately 7.1% of the people in the US have to deal with chronic hip pain and 9% face shoulder pains. The percentage translates into an amount of over 22.5 million Americans.

In most cases, hip and shoulder pain is connected with disruption in sleep, and it leads to other issues such as an inability to concentrate, high risk of involving in an incident and daytime fatigue. Therefore, we have developed this post for your assistance to buy a mattress that enables you to get rid of your shoulder and hip pains.

5 Best Mattress for Hip and Shoulder Pain 2020

1. Nectar Mattress –Best Overall

Nectar Mattress

This mattress is made with a design that will keep your spine properly aligned irrespective of what sleeping position you prefer.

Nectar Mattress features a quilted cover that is highly breathable, and it keeps you cool during your sleep along with the gel-infused memory foam. The cover material has Tencel Lyocell along with long stapled cotton that keeps the bedbugs away.

The overall thickness of the mattress is 11-inch and available in different sizes. Its top layer is made of gel-infused memory foam with 4 PCF density level that offers comfort, extra loft, and better breathability. The next layer is formed of Adaptive Hi Core3.5 PCF density memory foam with a medical-grade cooling provides you the perfect bounce and rebound. The support core of Nectar Mattress is developed with polyfoam of 2.2 PCF density level integrated with a transitional top layer of polyfoam reinforces the support layers giving you a breathable and stable foundation.

This mattress comes with a  lifetime warranty and a 365-night trial  which ensures that you can have a restful sleep for a full year. During this time you try your mattress out, look for any flaws, and see if it helps your hip and shoulder pain. Generally, a good quality mattress can improve your recovery process from hip and shoulder pains, and you get a full year to assess your results.

The firmness level it offers is just perfect ranges between 6-7 neither too soft nor too firm. The construction doesn’t involve any hazardous chemical substance and is environmentally friendly. Nectar mattresses are approved under CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certifications.


  • Nectar mattresses come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Your purchase is covered under 365-night sleep trial.
  • OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR-US certify the mattresses.
  • The mattress is best suited for side sleepers.
  • Nectar mattress provides excellent motion isolation and conformance.
  • Provided  2 free pillows limited time


  • Ships not very fast due to high demand.
  • Design in the US but made in China (That’s why they can provide very attractive price)

The best part of buying a Nectar mattress is that you will get the full value of your investment. The product doesn’t come at a high price, made with hypoallergenic materials and is covered under a lifetime warranty, and you also get 365-night sleep trial. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the cool sleeping experience with its gel-infused memory foam layer.

2. Dreamcloud Mattress – Best luxury choice

DreamCloud Mattress

The 6-layer hybrid Dreamcloud works well for sleepers who prefer thick mattresses and a luxury feel. It is a hybrid mattress with foams and individually pocketed coil springs. The cover is two layers quilted together to give you an ultimate luxurious feel while a layer of gel-infused memory foam beneath it offers contouring support and provides a cooling effect.

Dreamcloud mattresses’ plush supporting layer of memory foam provides deep contouring and adjusts to your position to ease hip and shoulder pain. The next layer of foam is a transitional layer that prevents you from feeling the 8-inch spring coils beneath that layer. This layer also helps prevent motion transfer, so your sleep isn’t disturbed by pets or a sleep mate.

A bottom layer of foam under the coils provides support and stabilizes the mattress. Dreamcloud mattresses are  15-inches thick and are available in different sizes . This mattress also comes with a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

The luxury medium feel of this mattress i.e. 6.5 is best suited for sleepers who prefer to sleep on their backs and stomachs. The luxurious comfort of this mattress comes at a relatively competitive price. Despite the thickness, the mattress is relatively comfortable to move and is extremely lightweight.


  • The construction of this mattress involves high-quality materials.
  • The mattress is covered under 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.
  • The medium-firm feel of Dreamcloud is ideally suited for stomach and back sleepers.
  • It features 8-inch coils for precise lumbar support.
  • Almost the best luxury mattress at the same price level. Use code BMR200 to enjoy $200 OFF.


  • Maybe too expensive for some customers
  • There is only one firmness choice

If you are looking for that luxurious feel and prefer to sleep on a thick mattress, then there is no better option than Dreamcloud. You’ll get a serene experience with the mattress made of breathable coils, memory foam and a plush euro top layer for luxury sleep.

3. Bear Mattress –Best for athlete or sportsman

Bear Mattress

The use of Celliant’s® proven technology in the top cover allows a faster recovery from tiredness and increase your energy for better performance.

Bear Mattress comes with a top layer of cooling graphite memory foam that removes the unwanted heat from the body and allows you to sleep 7 times cooler than ordinary foams. The responsive comfort layer offers perfect contouring and therapeutic support that keeps your spine aligned and relieves pressure. The high-density foam in the support core is entirely made of polyfoam that provides durability.

The thickness of the memory foam mattresses is 10-inch with an overall firmness rating of 6.5 that allows you to sleep in any position you prefer.

Due to the use of high-density layers of polyfoam in this mattress, it can prove to be very beneficial for athletes. With this mattress, they will be able to recover quickly as the mattress will provide them with proper contouring and adequate body alignment. Furthermore, the model offers excellent conformance and motion isolation features.


  • Bear Mattress reduces motion transferability that makes it a good option for couples.
  • These mattresses also provide excellent conformance which enables the sleepers to keep their spine aligned and prevent hip and shoulder pains.
  • Bear Mattresses come with 100-bight sleep trial.
  • The company offers a 10-year warranty for its memory foam model and a 20-year warranty for its hybrid.
  • Its superior contouring enables fast recovery which makes it a suitable option for athletes.


  • The only issue with these mattresses is that they don’t provide much edge-to-edge support.
  • It may not be suitable for heavyweight sleepers.

his mattress enables the athletes to recover their energy fast and keep your body adequately aligned. The Bear Mattress is the right way to go if you want to start your every day with full energy.

4. AmeriSleep AS3 – Best Support

AmeriSleep AS3

AmeriSleep has five different models: AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5. The AS3 model strands out with the overall satisfaction rating of 82%. The overall thickness of this mattress is 12-inch, and its firmness level is 5.5.

AS3 features a Bio-Pur™ memory foam layer of 4 PCF density level in the comfort system that allows 5 times more breathability than any ordinary memory foam.

The support core comes with a top layer of polyfoam with 1.65 PCF density level that adapts according to your body position and helps to relieve pressures points giving you floating feel. The bottom layer of polyfoam with 1.8 PCF density level won’t sag in a decade.

The model is covered under 20-year limited warranty, and you also get 100-night free trial period. It delivers good conformance and support which means that you can comfortably sleep on your back or side without any spinal misalignments.

The Celliant® fabric made with 13 thermo-active minerals make the cover highly breathable and healthy. They improve tissue oxygenation and improve blood circulation along with temperature regulation. The mattress is not that good when it comes to edge support as well as durability. However, if you are looking for overall satisfaction and want to treat your hip and shoulder pains, then AmeriSleep AS3 is a good option.


  • AS3 provides good conformance and support to keep your body aligned during sleep.
  • It improves your blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.
  • AS3 keeps you to sleep cool at night.
  • Supports different sleeping postures throughout the night.
  • The mattress reduces motion transferability from one side to another.


  • The mattress is not too good concerning edge support.
  • The durability of AmeriSleep AS3 is slightly questionable.

The AmeriSleep AS3 is a good option if you prefer high conformance and support. The mattress keeps you cool during sleep, and it also improves blood circulation which is an ideal scenario to get rid of your shoulder and hip pains.

5. Purple Mattress – Best for hot sleeper

purple mattress cover and layers

Purple comes with a comfort system that features elastic polymer with grid shape and integrated with gel (buckling-column) the bottom layer of this comfort system has a polyfoam of 1.8 PCF density level. The smart grid allows air movement and acts as an insulation against heat that also supports your natural body shape.

The support core is equipped with polyfoam of 2 PCF density while the cover has a blend of viscose, Lycra spandex, and polyester. It provides good quality conformance along with pressure relief system which means that it is an excellent option for back/stomach sleepers. The Purple mattress is also perfect when it comes to limiting motion transferability. The hybrid mattress is very quiet, and it also provides good bounce which makes it a good option for sex.


  • The Purple mattress is available in different firmness and thickness levels.
  • The hybrid doesn’t make any noise and offers a good bounce.
  • It provides excellent conformance and top-notch pressure relief system which makes it a good option for side sleepers.
  • The mattress is good at reducing motion transferability.
  • The cover materials are healthy and enable you to sleep cool at night.


  • The mattress doesn’t provide good edge support.
  • It is not a suitable option for side sleepers.

The Purple mattress is best for you because it not only provides excellent pressure relief system to keep your hips and shoulders relaxed but also conform and contour your spine and overall body in proper posture during sleep.

What are the causes of hip and shoulder pains?

According to the details provided by Mayo Clinic, they are various types of diseases, injuries, and conditions that contribute towards these pains. The affected areas involve your upper region of the neck, shoulder blade, armpit, upper thigh, buttock, and outer hip. The muscles, tendons, ligaments and different soft-tissue areas are the primary sources in this scenario. These issues and conditions are listed as follows:

Pinched Nerves

  • Sacroiliitis

It affects sacroiliac joints that link your lower spine with the pelvis. Sacroiliitis causes pain in your hips region along with legs, lower back, buttocks, and thighs.

  • Meralgia Paresthetica

It occurs when the nerves in your outer thigh are compressed for an extended period. It can cause numbness, tingling as well as burning or painful sensation in your hips as well as your outer thigh region.

  • Sciatica

It is a condition that affects your sciatic nerve that goes from your lower back to your buttocks and hips and all the way to your legs. This condition is mostly caused by the bone spur, spinal stenosis or herniated-disk.

Physical Injuries

  • Tendinitis

This condition irritates cords or tendons that connect the muscles and bones. Tendinitis can influence any area of your body, but in most of cases, it occurs in shoulders, knees, elbows, heels, and wrists.

  • Bursitis

It is also known as joint inflation that happens to the fluid sacs known as bursae with a function to pad tendons and bones. In most cases, you can recover from this condition within weeks, but flare-ups can also occur.

  • Hip Labral Fractures

Also called hip tears, affect your cartilage that protects the socket of your hip joint.

  • Inguinal Hernia

Here, the tissue protrudes within a weak region of abdominal muscles. This hernia is not a threat to life, but they do need medical treatment and won’t repair all by themselves.

  • Dislocations

It is a common condition of dislocation of joints in the knees, hips or shoulders that can affect you adequate sleeping postures.

  • Sprains

Sprains involve torn or over-stretched ligaments as well as the strains which include torn or stretched muscles along with the tendons.


  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis happens due to the deterioration of the cartilage at the end of bones, Millions of people suffer from this condition.

  • Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

The most common type of arthritis, JIA is found in kids below 16. Some kids also experience pain in their joints along with stiffness and swelling for a couple of months. Some kids might also experience this condition throughout their lives.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that spreads from joints and can influence other body regions such as your organs including your lungs, heart, eyes along with blood vessels and skin.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis

It occurs among people who have psoriasis which is a skin condition that you can characterize with red patched and scaly texture. These types of arthritis can influence different body region, and it can be diagnosed before any appearance of the lesions.

  • Septic Arthritis

It happens when germs and bacteria enter your bloodstream because of the injury or infection. Primarily, this condition occurs in older adults and infants.

Various Other Conditions

  • Avascular Necrosis

It is also known as, and you can characterize it by dying or dead tissue of the bone because of the improper blood supply.

  • Leukemia

It is a form of cancer that spreads across the bones in its advanced stages and begins to impact the marrow.

  • Osteomyelitis

It is an infection of the bone that occurs due to the spreading germs within the bloodstream or from the tissue that exists nearby.

  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

This condition occurs among the children where the blood supply to the ball part within the hip joint gets limited or interrupted.

  • Synovitis

Another form of inflammation of your synovial membranes that interconnects the joints across the body. It can lead to a massive build-up of fluid within the body.

  • Osteoporosis

It occurs due to the brittle or weak bones. In this condition, even a minor physical activity such as coughing, sneezing or bending over can cause fractures within the bones.

How does your sleep position contribute to these pains?

You sleep position has a significant role to play if you have any of the above-listed conditions. You sleeping posture can reduce pain and pressure symptoms. The opposite will happen if you go for the wrong position.

Sleeping on your side regularly can lead to hip and shoulder pains if you don’t have the right kind of mattress. Furthermore, side sleeping can also lead to improper spinal alignment.  If you weigh below 130lbs. you should opt for a soft mattress for side sleeping. It will allow your body to sink deep into the mattress and your spine will remain aligned.

For the people who weigh over 230lbs. should opt for a firm mattress for adequate spinal alignment. The firmness of your mattress, you’re sleeping posture, and your body weight all contribute to reducing your hip and shoulder pain.

What’s the best sleeping position for your bad shoulder, check this guide from Terry Cralle.

How to Choose Best Mattress For Hip And Shoulder Pain

There are various factors to consider when buying a mattress for hip and shoulder pain relief.  These are listed as follows:


The mattress can maintain its flatness. Support directly relates to the spinal alignment of the sleeper. It needs a proper balance between firmness and softness. The mattress that is either too firm or too soft is not considered supportive.

Furthermore, sagging is another issue which describes the sinkage of a mattress. The mattresses that are prone to sagging will not be very supportive and can worsen hip and shoulder pain. Even a half inch of sagging can have a significant impact on your overall spinal alignment.


Conformance also related to contouring, a tendency of a mattress to envelop your body. It will cradle around your body to provide better support to your spine and pressure points. The mattresses that offer excellent conformance will provide equal support to all areas of your body. The side sleepers need to consider conformance more than others because non-conformance can develop extra pressure on shoulders and hip regions and ultimately result in pains.

Firmness level

The firmness level of a mattress is associated with how the mattress feels too different users. People who weigh below 130lbs. feel most comfortable sleeping on soft mattresses.  On the other hand, people who weigh over 230lbs. may find firm mattresses more useful and convenient . The brands that offer multiple firmness levels in their product ranges are better as compared to those who provide products with single firmness level.


Durability also refers to longevity or lifespan of a mattress. The mattresses that come with short lifespan may deteriorate within a couple of years. These mattresses start to sag in the middle that might initiate pains. The bedding with a long lifespan will offer the same quality and sleep surface for a more extended period.

Type of mattress

Some mattress types are specifically designed to assist the sleepers with hip and shoulder pains.

  • Innersprings

Most of the innersprings start to sag within a couple of years. They don’t provide much support to your shoulder and hips. There are limited firmness level options available in these mattresses. Innersprings are not suitable for side sleepers with hip or shoulder pain. Innerspring mattresses with pillow tops and euro tops can conceal the sagging which makes successful warranty claims next to impossible on pillow top and euro top mattresses.

  • Memory foam

These mattresses provide better durability and conformance when compared with innersprings, and they are also available in different firmness levels.

  • Latex

It is one of the most durable mattress materials, and it won’t sag that easily. Latex mattresses offer advanced level support and pressure relief that helps hip and shoulder pain.

  • Hybrids

Hybrids conform close to innersprings, but they are more durable then innersprings. However, hybrids do tend to sag after a short while. They also come in different firmness levels.

TypesInnerspringMemory FoamLatexHybrid
ConstructionFoam comfort layer and coil support coreMemory foam comfort layer and support coreLatex comfort layer and latex or polyfoam support coreFoam or latex comfort layer and polyfoam or mini-coil support core
Light Sleeper4.
Heavy Sleeper3.
Shoulder/Hip Pain3.


Plenty of choices are available when it comes to treating your hip and shoulder pains. In our reviews, Dreamcloud has the highest customer satisfaction rating, but it’s not the least expensive mattress and may be too high for some customers.

On the other hand, Nectar Mattress turns out to be the winner in this roundup because it not only provides excellent conformance but also offers pressure point relief system. It becomes instrumental in maintaining a proper sleeping posture to avoid those shoulder and hip aches. Furthermore, the mattress doesn’t sleep hot and keeps you cool at night.

If you’re wondering how to dispose of your old mattress, this articles discusses mattress disposal solutions.

Happy Sleeping!

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