Murphy beds are gaining popularity around the globe. Where you more in number but short of space for the family size you own, this gadget is just what you need. These would hide on to the walls when not in use and will give you the comfort of a complete, relaxing bed upon opening at the time of use.

God bless the developers of such technology who are inventing everything keeping in mind, the emerging needs of people on this planet. Well said that necessity is the mother of invention. As you scroll down you will come across all the chapter and verse you need to be educated of when buying this accessory.

It might be hard knocks for you to choose which of these is the most appropriate one for your needs, with a huge variety available and each with distinctive properties and uses. To make it easy for you I have prepared a buying guide that will inform you of all the aspects you need to consider in order to accurately coming up with a decision on choosing the best of the rest.

Top 5 best Murphy Beds(Reviews and compare)

Night and Day FurnitureTri-fold Gel infused Memory Foam mattressLargely sized rolling drawerYes$$$
Bestar EdgeEuro slat mattress support system4 adjustable and 2 fixed shelvesYes$$$
Bestar BoutiqueEuro slat mattress support systemNo additional storage spaceYes$$
NantucketFoam mattress with premium gel infusionLarge storage drawerNo$$
Bestar VersatileAny standard queen mattress but it offers no loops to hold itLarge and swift 4 fixed and 2 adjustable storage drawersYes$$$$

Moving on, I have picked the top five best-selling murphy models from which you can pick one as per your wishes and needs.

Night and Day Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed

Night and Day Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Night and Day Furniture Murphy model is a queen sized bed which stays in place when the bed is packed or folded out. It’s a murphy style which doesn’t require any installation to the wall. It can even be put under the window and is movable in the room.

The gel infused memory foam mattress is featured in this Murphy model. It is made up in a style which doesn’t require attachment to the wall and henceforth it is considered a moveable bed. The overall weight of the model is 205 pounds whereas the product dimension is 83 x 64 x 41 inches.

The assembly of this model is very fast and easy with quick and clear instructions. Moreover, the mobility feature along with less space occupation makes it convenient to use.

A large-sized rolling drawer is incorporated for the purpose of storage. The sleeping platform is higher than the usual Murphy beds and the enclosure for sleep is shallow.  A built-in dual power/ USB module is infused. The fully assembled cabinet of this model is base packed from inside. Night and Day Murphy cabinet bed comprises a tri-fold premium gel memory foam queen mattress.

Night and Day Furniture Murphy model is a well-built, comfortable, sturdy, movable bed which provides convenience at a low price. It is mostly recommended for indoor use. It’s no doubt a good buy for the quality and comfort it provides at affordable prices.


  • This Murphy model is well constructed with solid material, is very convenient to use and looks beautiful in its design.
  • Folding and closing of the bed is very easy thus providing a comfortable experience.
  • Very affordable in price for the quality and features it comprises.


  • The screws only work with metal knobs.
  • Finishing is not durable and long lasting.
  • Very heavy to carry.

Bestar-Edge Queen Storage

Bestar-Edge Queen Storage

Bestar edge Queen Storage is the Murphy style which creates multifunctional room in the home and gives you a perfect blend of comfort, style, and design.

The very solid high-density board is used in the construction. Euro slat mattress support system is part of the furniture to give increased comfort. The mechanism is very simplified when it comes to opening and closing of the wall bed.

Bestar edge queen storage Murphy model is very convenient to use. You just need to use one handle to pull the bed for lowering and the leg of the bed will be flipped down onto the floor. In addition to it, it is designed in a way that it will give maximum space in your room.

The Bestar Edge Murphy model comprises of assembling feature of the wall bed which is simplified for the users. The mattress support system incorporated is Euro slat. A user-friendly dual piston system is used for opening and closing which is not only simple but also unique from a safety point of view.

This Murphy model can accommodate a standard queen mattress and the minimum height needed for the ceiling is 91¼ in its usage. Wood or metal studs are needed to secure the bed to the wall.

When it comes to providing optimal space and utility in the room, Bestar Edge is a very good choice. Easy assembly, versatility, and space-saving design will make you buy Bestar edge for your room and office.


  • The Bestar Edge Murphy model incorporated reversible doors which provide closed storage on the lower sections.
  • The attachment of 4 adjustable and 2 fixed shelves in each unit of storage maximize the usage options.
  • The installation process is very simple and easy.
  • Opening and closing of this model are very smooth.


  • The mattress is not included in the system.

Bestar Boutique Murphy Wall Bed

Bestar Boutique Murphy Wall Bed

Bestar Boutique is a stylish and convenient standard queen mattress Murphy model with a dual piston system. This type of Murphy style usually accommodates guest rooms, home offices, studios, and lofts.

A state of art piston system is incorporated in the Bestar Boutique Murphy model for lowering and rising. The pulls trims featured in the system are made up of silver. The mattress support system is Euro slat. A handle is required to pull and lower the bed onto the floor.

The piston system featured in this model makes the raising and lowering of the bed very effortless. Euro slat mattress support provides a comfortable usage of the Murphy bed.

The overall weight of the bed is 150 pounds with an assembled height of 2.6 inches while the assembled width is 34.4 inches. The length when assembled is 85.2 inches. Moreover, it comprises a piston system which helps to lower and to rain of the bed very easy and secure for the users. The attractively accented moldings give a very luxurious and aesthetically beautiful look to the bed. The pulls and trims featured in the bed are made up of silver.

For its exquisite and delicate design, and the luxurious look it gives Bestar Boutique Murphy Wall bed becomes choice for many customers. Moreover, it’s very versatile in its usage as it can be accommodated in studios, home offices as well as guest rooms.


  • Very comfortable in its usage because of the featured Euro-slat support system of the mattress.
  • Sturdy, stylish and beautiful in its looks.
  • Extremely versatile in its usage as it can be accommodated in home, offices, studios etc.
  • A good utility at a low.


  • The model is very heavy and henceforth may break under its own weight.
  • Difficult to assemble and occupies a lot of space.

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Nantucket Murphy Chest Queen Bed

Nantucket Murphy Chest Queen Bed

Nantucket Murphy chest queen model is convenient to use design which saves space well. It is a stylish and elegant queen without compromising on comfort and convenience.

This model features satin finished hardware. The material used in its construction is rubberwood. The cabinet is easy to assemble whereas the base of the bed is completely assembled. An extra-large storage drawer is incorporated to facilitate the customer with more space for storage. The foam mattress is queen sized with premium gel infused.

The ample storage space of cabinets is a unique feature of this Murphy bed. Moreover, premium gel-infused foam mattress provides extra coolness and softness for comfortable night sleep. The featured mattress pull handles make the opening and closing of the bed very convenient. This model is designed in a space-saving style.

The height of the mattress is six inches while the strong and firm support foam is 5 inches. The gel infused memory foam takes 1 inch of height. Hardware material used is rubberwood with a satin finish. Mattress pull handles are incorporated into the closing and opening. The storage drawers used in the model are extra-large in size.

Nantucket Murphy Chest queen model is an elegant murphy bed which saves space and provides comfort with style. Though best used in indoor locations, still, the quality features make it an optimal choice for the customers.


  • This Murphy model is very easy to use since it is well built with a solid construction material used.
  • The large drawers help provide adequate storage facility.
  • Gel-infused foam mattress gives a cool sleep at night.
  • Mattress pull handles make the opening and closing easy
  • The stylishly designed bed occupies very less space.


  • Suitable only for indoor locations.

Bestar Versatile Queen Wall Bed

Bestar Versatile Queen Wall Bed

The Versatile Queen Wall model is a space-saving design. As the name suggests, it is quite versatile in its use and can be accommodated in-house, guest rooms, lofts, studios, and condos.

Queen wall model is featured in the kit with a storage unit of 25 degrees. The new mechanism of the bed helps a simplified and easy installation. A standard queen mattress is accommodated which doesn’t require spring box. The front panel is incorporated which makes the installation in wall easier. The queen bed is finished with crown molding.

The guidelines and instructions related to bed installation are easy to follow. The storage drawers are extremely swift in mobility. A high level of comfort is ensured to the users.

The product dimensions are 114.8″ W x 22.6″ D x 89.9″ H whereas the storage unit figures are 25″ W x 20″ D x 85″ H. Each of the storage units include two fixed whereas four adjustable shelves to help accommodate maximum space and storage. The back panel accompanies a wire grommet which gives access to electrical outlets. A total clearance space of 93.4 inches is required when the bed is open to its fullest.

When it comes to comfort, style, and durability, Bestar Versatile Queen Wall Murphy bed is a good choice. Though a bit expensive option, the quality it provides is worth buying.


  • The quality of wood used is excellent.
  • Beautiful and stylish looking.
  • The melamine finishing of the whole surface is resistant to scratches, stains and any sorts of burns.
  • Durability is incredible.


  • No straps or loops to hold the mattress which makes the mattress separate from the base while opening or closing the unit.

Buying Guide for Murphy Beds

So dear readers, here are some features you need to consider before going to buy a murphy bed for yourselves.


Before going to buy a Murphy model you have to consider the size and space of your room. There are two types of folding of Murphy beds available

Horizontal folding

Horizontal folding models are best suitable for the rooms with shorter ceilings and more space. In this case, when the bed unfolds, it’s going to cover the area of the wall width wise. This style of Murphy will cover a larger wall space. So you need to consider the size of your room and ceiling before buying a horizontal folding murphy bed.

Vertical folding

Most of the Murphy models comprise a vertical folding. It starts from the foot and extends till the ceiling when unfolded. Measurements of the bed and ceiling must be taken before buying a vertical standing murphy bed.


There are generally two types of mechanisms of the bed. Piston mechanism and spring mechanism. Most of the piston mechanism models are more suitable and convenient to use as they support the weight of the bed and its platform.


Budget is always an important consideration while buying a bed for yourselves. There is a huge range and variety of Murphy styles available when it comes to the material used and the range and type of cabinets installed. So guys, peek into your budget and the optimal choice accordingly when you shop for the Murphy model.


Styles are changing rapidly in today’s era so is the case with the styles of Murphy. It ranges from single and simple cabinet designs to foldable units with sofas, tables, televisions, and desks, etc. there are even electronic mechanisms for rolling mattress into the cabinet and manual mechanisms for lifting and lowering of the beds. So, buy the style which facilitates you the best.


The space in your room will determine the size of your bed. Measure the width and height of the room and then consider if the king size or the queen size bed will best match your requirements and go well with the décor.

Even with all this knowledge, I am sure there is some confusion you will want to get rid of. Here are some frequently asked questions by users and their comprehensive answers to satisfy readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Murphy models comfortable?

Yes, they are remarkably comfortable. Unlike those sofa beds and futons, these do not crunch you with bars nor have the mattress that has to be folded. They are easy to use and very comfy.

Can I use my own mattress?

Of course, you can. Any coil spring mattress will go with the bed and all you have to do is ensure that the dimensions are compatible with the model you are buying. It is, however, better if you buy a mattress along with the bed for easy installation and preventing any discomfort in times to come.

Is it portable?

These models are installed with brackets and can fit any wall studs. So you may easily remove them and carry them anywhere you want without worrying your head. They are not mounted with floor to cause problems in portability.

How does the vertical and side tilt design differ?

The choice you make will determine the orientation in which the bed can be opened. Vertical one will open vertically down whereas the side tilt will open up horizontally.

Where do the beds attach, on the floor or on the wall?

This will be depending on your choice of hardware you select. Panel bed hardware will attach to the wall whereas next bed hardware will attach to the floor. However, it is recommended to get wall attaching ones to prevent floors from damage in case you wish to move your bed frequently.

Do I need expert help to lower and raise the Murphy models?

No, you do not need to have some expert to do it for you every time. These are extremely user-friendly even for novices. The spring-loaded mechanisms make sure it requires the least effort to do the job. It will make sure your bed unexpectedly falls off and you can easily live them back without having the need of someone to assist you.

Overall Conclusion

Above all, when space is a problem, the Murphy model is the smartest choice to go with. You do not have to compromise on comfort, convenience or any other factor and enjoy it as much as you would love the panel beds. I hope the information provided has clarified all your ambiguities regarding this gadget and you can now start to enjoy this extraordinary essential at your homes.