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Best Pillow For Neck Pain

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Welcome to our post about best neck pain pillows. Here, we provide you with plenty of information on what pillow should you choose to resolve neck pain issues.

When you wake up in the morning with a pain in the neck, you know you are in for a long haul all day. Even a slight kink in your neck can make it very hard for you to move your head. It also descends down your shoulders, arms, and back. In some cases, it can also start causing pains in your back, sciatica along with numbness in arms and legs. If you experience pain in your neck at the start of the day, chances are, it will stay with you all day.

In this scenario, the best pillow for neck pain can work wonders for you. We enlist and review some of the best products that money can buy. Later on, we will discuss some important points regarding neck pain, its causes and how pillows can solve this issue.

8 Best Pillow for Neck Pain 2019

ProductMaterialCustomizableBest ForTrial|Warranty
Tomorrow Cooling PillowCooling Memory FoamNoNeck pain | Side & Back Sleeper100-days| 3 years
The Nectar PillowVisco Elastic Memory FoamYesNeck pain | Combination Sleeper30-Nights|No warranty
UTTU Sandwich PillowDynamic Memory FoamYesShoulder pain | Sider Sleeper96-Nights|5-Year 
The Mediflow water pillowDacron FiberYesNeck pain | Side & Back Sleeper30-day|3-Year 
Layla Comfortable PillowKapok Fiber and Memory FoamNoNeck arthritis | Side Sleeper120-Night|5-Year 
Movann Luxury Shredded PillowShredded Memory FoamNoStiff neck and headaches | Back Sleeper100-Night |2-Year Warranty
The Idle Sleep PillowGel Memory FoamNoHeadaches | Combination Sleeper5-year
Everlasting Comfort PillowMemory FoamNoNeck pain | TravelingLife Time

TomorrowSleep Cooling Pillow – Best pillow for neck pain Side or Back Sleeper

TomorrowSleep Cooling Pillow – Best pillow for neck pain Side or Back Sleeper

TomorrowSleep pillow presents maximum comfort that gives you a relaxed feeling through 4 specific distinctive characteristics.

Tomorrow manufactured a cooling pillow by using memory foam that helps to contour the head and neck. Additionally, the TomorrowSleep cooling pillow is certified by CertiPUR-US that gives a guarantee about the hypoallergenic foam. The hypoallergenic foam is highly breathable where you can easily breathe while sleeping.

A Phase Changing Material helps to releases and absorbs the thermal energy by responding to your body heat. The multi-layer construction assists to maintain and regulate the temperature. This pillow comprises with DuoCore design, which controls the temperature from both sides of the pillow. It dissolves the heat by the cozy side as well as keeps the top side cool for a comfortable sleep. The 54% Polyester, 17% Polyethylene Knit, 29% Nylon and 400GSM keeps the cover cool and protected.

This pillow responds against your body heat and pressure points as well. The pillow is designed with high-density foam that targets the sensitive pressure point in the region of neck and head for good sleep.

The TomorrowSleep pillows are specially designed for those who love to sleep on their side or back because it uses gravity to conform and mold, which aligned the spine properly.


  • To isolate movement, ultra-density foam helps to contour neck and head.
  • The Polyethylene cover helps to keep the pillow protected from wear and tear.
  • This foam keeps the pillow in original shape that gives every time a good feeling.
  • The three-layered design aids to moderate temperature and respond according to your body heat.
  • This comes with ideal pillow height designed to providing the best support to those who like a low and form-fitting pillow.


  • The stomach sleepers can’t get the best support while sleeping.
Why is it best for you?

TomorrowSleep offers a perfect height for low profile sleepers. The use of memory foam aligns the spine, neck, and shoulder to alleviate stiff neck problems. It means by using this pillow your body won’t get out of alignment which is the main cause of neck pain.

The ultra-high density foam maintains its shape for years and you’ll experience the same sleeping height as it was a brand new pillow. You can fold this as a neck pillow and rest assured it will never lose its shape. The memory foam retains its original shape and thus become a regular partner of your long haul flights.

Furthermore, the phase change material regulates the temperature to keep you cool, and high-density memory foam contour the neck and head and respond to pressure points. Your purchase is also covered by 100 days trial and 3 years warranty.

The Nectar Pillow – Best contour memory foam pillow for neck pain

The Nectar Pillow – Best contour memory foam pillow for neck pain

The Nectar designed a special pillow that comprises two pillows. A pillow-in-pillow design contains shredded memory foam that makes its outer shell fluffy and the inner shell contains two types of high-quality foam. The Tencel cooling fabric works as a ventilation to keep you cool. According to Nectar, memory foam is the best material to sleep comfortably as compared to other feathers and fibers.

Although this Pillow is popular for all type of sleepers it specifically adheres to the neck and shoulder pain because it offers adjustable firmness. You can easily adjust this pillow firmness according to your preferences. If you feel it as a firm pillow, then remove its extra stuffing. The inner pillow provides you a support and outer pillow extend a spongy touch of fluff. You can also save the inner extra stuffing for future use for a firmer pillow.

Furthermore, the combination of two high-quality foam including Visco-elastic memory foam gives the best structure that you are needed to get a good night’s sleep. It provides the best contour and perfect support to your neck and heads no matter which sleeping position you like.

It is very simple and easy to wash this Nectar pillow. You can easily clean the spot by using water and a mild soap. There is no need to wash it in the machine as well as no need to dry clean.


  • The combination of memory foam and Tencel cooling fabric works as ventilation that always keeps the sleepers cool.
  • You can adjust the firmness by removing the extra filling and enjoy a comfortable sleep.
  • This Nectar sleep pillow is ideal for all types of sleepers due to adjustable firmness.
  • The high-quality material provides a comfort and best support to your neck, head, and shoulder.
  • It is easy to clean it by simple clean the spot with water and a mild soap.


  • It is difficult to adjust the firmness because everyone doesn’t have the knowledge that which firmness is good for them.
Why is it best for you?

If you’re suffering from neck pain, this adjustable pillow would help you ease out the neck muscles and relax them. You don’t need to choose between soft and supportive pillow because now you can easily adjust your pillow’s firmness according to your sleeping position. The comfort of the Nectar Pillow is one of its top features.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow – Best pillow for shoulder pain side sleeper

UTTU Sandwich Pillow – Best pillow for shoulder pain side sleeper

The loft of the pillows is a very important factor for getting the best support for your neck and shoulder especially when you are facing any kind of neck or shoulder pain. The UTTU allows you to adjust the height of pillow according to your needs such as 4.7-inch categories in a high level of contour, 3.9-inch lies on a low level of contour. However, if you need a lower height then you can remove the middle layer and you get 3.5-inch high contour and 2.8 inches lower contour.

The customization of this pillow makes it best for all type of sleepers such as back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

The UTTU uses 3lb Dynamic foam in its construction because it is the best foam that helps to support your body and helps to proper contours the head and neck. The ergonomic therapeutic design helps to decrease the neck pain, back pain, ease in case of shoulder stiffness, spine proper alignment as well as provides a relaxation to your stiff muscles.


  • You can adjust the height of the pillow as your need such as 3.5-inch presents a low level of contour.
  • The Dynamic foam helps to contour the head and neck according to neural curve.
  • This pillow is specially designed to reduce the neck and back pain, enhance spine alignment, and keep the muscles relax during sleep.
  • It maintains its consistency and firmness level in cold weather as well and never become hard.
  • The Bamboo cover increases the breathability and provides protection from dust mites.


  • The Dynamic foam does not provide the best support to the neck and shoulder.
  • After some time, a little chemical odor come from this pillow.
Why is it best for you?

The ergonomic therapeutic design aids to decrease the neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, spine alignment, and helps to relax your muscles. The 40% Bamboo and 60% polyester cover is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and increase the breathability. Furthermore, the Dynamic foam helps to contour the neck and shoulder in a natural curve and never become hard. The pillow is equally good for people who love to sleep with a high head and also for those who prefer low head height sleep.

The Mediflow water pillow – a Best Waterbase pillow for neck pain

The Mediflow water pillow – a Best Waterbase pillow for neck pain

The Mediflow has introduced 7 waterbased pillows but we’re choosing Elite fiber pillow which is the best among the rest. The Elite pillow is designed with an advanced waterbase technology based on a scientific study that improves sleep quality and decreases neck pain.

The StaLoft® Dacron® polyester used in the filling for resilience, comfort, and loft. This polyester fiber filling provides extraordinary comfort for the head and neck. The inner layer is filled with water while the fiber floats on this layer for responsive support. This water pillow is proven clinically to enhance sleep quality as well as decreases the neck pain.

You can adjust the firmness by simply adding and removing the water amount, which allows you to choose the perfect level of firmness support such as soft, medium, and firm according to your need. The water pouch is fully sealed that come with Dacron fiber, which is encased in the shell of 100% cotton made using 300 thread count.


  • The advanced Waterbase technology gives the best support for deep sleep.
  • The clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of this pillow that helps to reduce the neck pain and this pain reduction.
  • The Mediflow offers you to enjoy 30-days guarantee with money back and 3-year warranty.
  • These pillows are available in 3 packs such as a single pillow, twin pack, and value pack.
  • Customizable pillow firmness, add or remove the amount of water to get a perfect support .


  • If you want a long sleep then it is not recommended.
  • The water pouch leaks after sometimes.
Why is it best for you?

The Waterbase technology makes it unique from other pillows. If you are a side sleeper and feel muscles tightness in your neck then this Waterbase pillow for neck pain is suitable for you. The Mediflow Elite pillows are clinically proved that provides you with deep quality sleep and reduces the neck pain. Moreover, it addresses your allergy issues because its top cover is made by hypoallergenic material.

Layla Comfortable Pillow – Best for neck arthritis

Layla Comfortable Pillow - Best for neck arthritis

The Layla pillow is made using memory foam and Kapok fabric. With this fabric, you’ll get a real feel down fell but no goose or ducks were harmed in the making this pillow. The Kapok fabric is super airy and soft as compared to wool or cotton.

The combination of memory foam and Kopok fabric make this pillow a super supportive and plush simultaneously. The Layla pillows are certified by CertiPUR-US that ensures about memory foam and kapok fabric is free from nasty chemical and pesticides.

The Layla pillow is suitable for the back sleepers and the side sleeper but the side sleepers feel more comfortable by using this pillow. The thick lofty making is ideal for sinking as well as helps to give you an equal pressure relief for neck, head, and shoulder.  

The infused copper cover gives you a breathable and cool head with hypoallergenic properties for good night’s sleep. The woven copper fibers are used as pillow’s cover that acts as a superhighway of thermal to absorb the body heat rapidly and gives you a cool sleep during the night.


  • The use of copper make the pillow an antiviral barrier and anti-bacterial.
  • It is made by premium material that gives you a comfortable sleep.
  • The Layla offers you to enjoy 120-night trial and covers 5-year warranty.
  • This pillow is available in two sizes such as standard and king.
  • The Kapok is 100% natural and free from other chemicals that present supportive and super plush pillow.


  • The top cover is non-removable.
Why is it best for you?

Now you won’t get up with a stiff neck or no need to abandon the pillow half way through the night when sleeping on your back or side. In addition to that, if you are suffering from neck arthritis, then this Layla pillow is best for you. It is equipped with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and hypoallergenic Kapok fabric. The infused cooper helps to absorb the heat and assures sleep cool.

Movann Luxury Shredded Pillow– Best for stiff neck and headaches

movann pillow


The Movann made luxury pillow by using high-density foam that provides an ideal support for back sleepers. It provides a natural position to your head; sink in, as it needs as much for neck not curved down or up, to keep the neck straight. The adjustable shredded memory foam put up the neck’s natural curve to keep the neck n proper posture while sleeping.

The foam is certified by OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR-US that ensures you to enjoy restful good night’s sleep. This foam is made without any harmful substances as well as the Movann uses band new memory foam to make a luxury pillow.

The top cover is made by double-knit fabric that increases the breathability and ventilation. The inner cover also protects the pillow from a collection of molds, bacteria, and dust mites.

Last but not least, your purchase is covered with 2-year warranty and you get 100-days satisfaction guarantee as well.


  • The adjustable shredded memory foam accommodate the necks natural curve.
  • This Movann pillow is available in three sizes such as king, queen, and standard.
  • The memory foam is certified that ensures about the highest quality,  brand new foam and didn’t use any harmful substances.
  • It comes with a storage bag that is friendly environmentally, sustainable, and versatile.
  • The top cover enhance ventilation whereas the inner cover protects the pillow from dust mites.


  • The Movann pillow is very flat and heavy
Why is it best for you?

The Movann pillows are the best pillows for those who love to sleep on their back and want a super support pillow for neck pain. This luxury pillow is comprised of adjustable shredded memory foam that helps to keep in proper align your neck to eradicate neck stiffness and headaches. Two inner and outer covers enhance breathability, provide protection from molds, and dust mites.

The Idle Sleep Pillow – Best neck pain pillow for Combination Sleepers

The Idle Sleep Pillow – Best neck pain pillow for Combination Sleepers

A Zone technology combines the benefits of cooling gel foam with comfort and breathability. This Idle memory foam allows you to sleep and wake up without a stiff neck. The formula of gel memory foam helps to generate softer memory foam with a cooling effect. It also maintains the foam to provide a better sleep with beneficial support as compared to general memory foam.

The Zoned technology helps to provide a basic support to your neck and shoulder. The excellent airflow traits make this pillow coolest and more breathable where all type of sleepers can enjoy their restful sleep.

The cover of this pillow is equipped with rayon soft from bamboo, which is best for sensitive skin as well as helps to regulate the temperature for a present coolest luxury sleep.


  • The cover of this pillow is removable and made by using a soft rayon by bamboo.
  • This pillow is the best to support for aligning your neck and shoulder in the natural curve.
  • The formula of Idle gel memory foam helps to generate softer, cooler, and fluffier pillow for you.
  • The infused gel helps to circulate the air that the reason to enhance the level of breathability.
  • The company presents a 5-year warranty as well.


  • The idle sleep pillow is the most expensive pillow available on the market
Why is it best for you?

The Zoned comfort conforms the head and supports the neck to alleviate any stiffness and neck pain. Now if you are the one who tosses and twists a lot during sleep and wants fluffier sleep experience with conforming support then Idle Sleep is suitable for you. The Idle sleep pillow is comprised of gel memory foam that increases the airflow to regulate the temperature for coolest good night sleep. The top cover is also used Tencel fabric that helps to circulate the air. It is available in queen and king size; you can choose the right one according to your need or preferences.

Everlasting Comfort Pillow – Best Cervical travel pillow for neck pain

Everlasting Comfort Pillow – Best Cervical travel pillow for neck pain

The mission of Everlasting comfort pillow is to relieve neck pain and gives you relaxation while traveling. This best travel pillow is made by 100% natural memory foam without any harmful substances. The cover of the Everlasting pillow comes with ultra-plush and a zipper to use it easily for wash washable. This is equally suitable for the kids and adults who love to travel.

The Everlasting pillow has a U-shaped design that provides the best support to your neck from side to side. This is manufactured with orthopedic raise lobe that helps to contour your neck as well as your shoulder comfortably. This is a great choice for those who travel a lot and can be used in plane flight or sitting on a chair.

The unique cell phone pocket allows you to fit any mobile phone and listen to your favorite tunes while traveling. The complete sleeping kit includes earplugs and masks that help you to achieve deep sleep even during the bumpy rides.


  • This pillow has an elastic small pocket that can hold the cell phones and other accessories.
  • The best supportive pillow comes with the cheapest price.
  • It is lightweight, portable and comes with a protective traveling bag .
  • The supportive memory foam provides ideally support to your neck side to side.
  • The company gives you a replacement warranty lifetime.


  • This pillow is greatly thinner for neck pain.
  • Your head may feel hot.
Why is it best for you?

Now you don’t feel a headache or stiff neck while traveling. Whether you travel in your own car or use a long plane flight, the Everlasting comfort pillow is ideal cervical travel pillow for neck pain. This is a fully compact set for traveling because it is portable, lightweight, and perfect for traveling. It comes with a bag that is specially designed as a protective traveler bag, which has earplugs and an adjustable padded sleep mask.

Causes of Neck Pain

In most cases, people think that a bad mattress is a reason behind their neck pain. A bad mattress can be a good reason if you have back pain but it is seldom a reason behind neck pain. When you wake up having neck pain, it means that you slept on an inadequate pillow. It is vital to have a proper pillow to avoid this issue.

The reason behind this issue is that your neck is made of muscles, cartilage, tendons, and seven small bones. These bones are part of one column which is known as the cervical section of your spine. These bones are not interconnected and are resting on a fluid. The bones support your head and protect the entire nervous system.

Any portion of the spine can pinch or compress and it causes a certain degree of numbness or pain. However, the neck is the most delicate particularly at night. The neck needs to be in line with the back and head. It prevents stiffness, injury or pain. Therefore, your neck needs a proper support system to avoid pain.

The relationship between Sleeping position, Neck Pain and Pillows

Your neck needs proper support to avoid any issues such as pain and aches. Therefore, you need to have a good quality pillow at your disposal to solve this problem. There is a close relationship between neck pain and pillows.

Side sleepers need good quality pillows to maintain proper neck posture during sleep. Whether you opt for a thick or a thin pillow or even its firmness level, the most important factor to consider is your sleeping position. It means that you should pick a proper pillow for your neck based on which sleeping position you prefer at night.

The basic objective is to keep your head, neck and back all aligned together. If they are not aligned properly, your spine will not be in its natural position. Ultimately you will start feeling aches and pains in your neck and back.

Which pillow is best: Hard or Soft?

Many people don’t get enough rest and those who do also feel restless after a good nap. Most of them say that their mattress is the culprit, while others blame their hectic routine or bedtime habits. Most of the people don’t even think about their pillow.

There are different types of pillows for different needs and sleeping positions. The most significant types of pillows are hard or soft pillows. You should opt for a specific type based on your sleeping position.

  • If you prefer to sleep on your back then you must opt for a thin pillow with medium firmness.
  • Opting for a thin and soft pillow with stomach sleeping position will keep your spine in its natural position when you are on the bed. Staying in a natural position means that you don’t have to go through any pains in the morning.
  • If you are a side sleeper then you should opt for a firm pillow that is thick too. This way your spine and neck will stay aligned and you will avoid any neck pain in the morning.

Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain and recommended pillows

There are two sleeping positions that are best suited for neck pain. One is sleeping on your back and the other is sleeping on your side. If you prefer to sleep on your back then opt for round and flat pillow. It will support your neck’s natural position and curvature.

You can add a small neck roll within the pillowcase of your soft and flat pillow. You can also go for a pillow that is specifically designed for inbuilt neck support. There will be a small indentation to support your head in such a pillow too.

You need to understand that sleeping on your stomach is hard for your spine. During this position, your back is in arch shape while your neck is turned to one side. It is very difficult to change the habits that you have developed early on in your life.

In addition to that, you also don’t wake up in the same sleeping position in which you slept. However, developing a habit to sleep on your back or side will prove to be much more fruitful than you think so you must give it a try if you want to get rid of your neck pain for good.

Is it good to sleep without a pillow in neck pain?

Sleeping without a pillow will extend your neck and back, ultimately your spine will not be able to maintain its natural position. Therefore, sleeping without a pillow is good for you. However, it will only serve you will if you are a back sleeper.

A side sleeper will only have more issues because your head will fall to one side because of the gap created by your shoulders. Sleeping without a pillow is only recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their backs. A side sleeper must opt for a pillow.

There is no reason to suffer from neck pain for months, then finally relent, and go to the doctor only to learn that your pillow has been causing the problem.


All in all, we have provided you with plenty of information on neck pain and its causes and how you can eradicate it once and for all. We have also provided you with our best pillows for neck pain that you can use to get rid of neck pain. The Cooling Foam Pillow from TomorrowSleep turns out to be the winner of this roundup due to its superb quality, exceptional performance, and excellent use ratings.

If you are looking for a cheap option then go for the Everlasting Memory Pillow. It is also a good option for traveling too because you can carry it around conveniently. If you want maximum relief and comfort from your neck pain then you should opt for Layla Pillow. It is a good option for side sleepers too.

Taking care of your neck pain can have a big impact on your daily activity. You will be able to take a good rest at night and get up the next morning with all the energy in the world. Most people even don’t consider a pillow as a solution to their neck pain.

The reason behind that is they start blaming their mattress for it. However, in reality, they are either using a pillow that is too high or too low to allow your spine to maintain its natural position.

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