You lay down at night after a tiresome day hoping to get some rest and instead you wake up in the morning with a pain in your neck, which is an awful feeling. A kink in the neck is not only going to make it hard for you to move it but it will also send a stabbing down your upper back and arms. For many people, it is quite common but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it to be a serious issue.

These pains can also cause headaches that can range from dull to migraine type. A pain in the neck that you feel when you wake can last all day and they can also become a reason for sciatica, backaches, and numbness in legs and overall you feel very tired and irritated. Therefore, we have developed a list of best pillows for the neck for you and we will discuss their features and various other aspects as well.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Things to check before buying pillows

I prefer to sleep on my side, which type of pillow would be most suitable for me if I have a neck pain as well?

The first thing that you need to consider is your frequent sleeping position. People do change their sleeping positions at least once during the night but they also generally favor one over the other. If you prefer to sleep on your side then you will need thicker support for your neck as compared to people who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomachs.

Some of the pillows are very thick and they must not be used if you sometimes change your sleeping position from side to back or stomach because it will create more problems. They are very easy to clean and they also give a luxurious comfort. Pregnant women require additional support and they must also have proper airflow to keep them cool and calm during their rest time.

Which types of material filled in pillows are most suitable for neck pain as I tend to move a lot at night? 

If you tend to move a lot at night then water filled as well as memory foam will provide excellent support to your neck no matter which position to take during your sleep. These cushions will not flat out or even bunch up during your sleep and you won’t have to worry that your cushion has lost its shape at night. They will keep your neck aligned with the spine. Pregnant women should seek orthopedic and cervical pillows because they are designed to execute this function.

Can I make adjustments to these water filled and memory foam pillows as per my preferences? 

This is the primary reason why memory foam and water-filled pillows are good for you. These cushions especially the water filled ones have the capability to absorb any shock to the vertebra of the sleeper and it can redistribute the weight as you move during your sleep. You can make adjustments to these neck cushions to your required level of firmness too.

9 Best Pillows for neck pain(Compare and reviews)

Short Reviews Certification Filling Price
Tomorrow Sleep

(Editor choice)

 CertiPUR-US  100% Polyurethane Foam  $$

(Editor choice)

SGS qualified, short-pile velvet and Ice silk cotton fabric $$
Perform Pillow

(Editor choice)

Chiropractor and Eco-Friendly approved Premium memory foam with low VOC emissions $$


CertiPUR-US Shredded Memory Foam $
Mis Home TCEP flame retardants certified Moldable shredded memory foam $
Cr CertiPUR-US Gel-infused memory foam $
Arc4life Chiropractor approved Polyurethane $$
Snuz CertiPUR-US & FDA Certified 100% Cotton Cover Down Alternative Filling $
MEJOY N/A memory foam $

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Tomorrow sleep memory foam pillow

Tomorrow Sleep Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is designed for comfort. It has a few distinctive features that we have always wished for.

  • Foam:

The Memory Foam Pillow has an extremely dense yet soft foam that adjusts to the shape of your head and neck. Personalized support is very important for a relaxed sleep and the foam in it helps you do exactly that. Moreover, the material this foam is made from is CertiPUR-US®. It is a hypoallergenic foam that helps you breathe easier and you do not have to worry about your allergies acting up again!

Users have been impressed by the memory foam. They have reported that you can fold it into a neck pillow and it will retain its shape. This makes it a companion for long airplane flights. Now you don’t have to worry about finding a separate neck pillow for your travels.

  • Cooling Mechanism:

The most amazing feature of this pillow is its cooling mechanism. You know when you have to wake up in the middle of the night to flip your pillow over because it feels uncomfortably warm? Tomorrow Cooling Memory Foam pillow solves that problem! It is made out of phase changing material that keeps it aerated.

This material absorbs thermal energy and releases it to the surroundings, keeping the pillow at a temperature that is comfortable for your body.

  • Perfect Thickness:

It is designed to help align your spine and it also reduces strain on your neck. The thickness is perfect for people who prefer low height, form-fitting pillows.

This may not be a very viable option for people who love large and fluffy pillows. But worry, not Tomorrow Sleep has thought about all their users and have introduced a Plush type for this same pillow. It has all of these high-quality features so you can buy the type that suits your needs the best.

  • Durable:

Tomorrow Sleep delivers what it promises. Their pillows are durable and do not require frequent refilling. Users have reported that it maintains its shape even after pretty rough usage. Moreover, the Tomorrow Sleep Cooling Memory Foam pillow comes with a 100 day trial period. So you can return it if this pillow is not for you.

But we can assure you that whoever has bought these have been extremely satisfied. It is designed for huggable comfort and it has provided exactly that to 92 percent of the user that have tried it.

  • Cooling by the phase changing material
  • Aligns with your spine and neck
  • Does not deform
  • Thin for people who prefer fluffy pillows
  • Has a slight odor when packaging is opened (it goes away after a few days)

Amada Pillow

Amada pillow is equipped with 50 individual pocketed coils that make this product one of the most recommended for issues of neck and back pains. It is also useful in various other conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, spondylitis as well as asthma and stress. You might find it to be among one of the expensive neck cushions but it does worth all that you pay for it.

  • Features

Amada is made of two types of super plush materials including ice silk cotton fabric and short pile velvet enabling you to use these pillows in any weather condition. The pillow feels extremely light and cozy and you will enjoy its soft touch on your skin with its washable external cover and invisible zipper.

Furthermore, you can also make adjustments to its height by taking out some of the cotton stuff from the interior very conveniently. The 3-dimensional spacer mesh that is included on both sides of this pillow is air permissible.

The spring construction provides an exceptional support to your neck and head and it also keeps away the hot air and moisture allowing you to sleep relaxed. Each time pressure is released fresh air will fill it. It has passed the SGS testing procedure and it won’t lose its shape for a long time to come.

  • Made of two types of super plush materials: ice silk cotton fabric and short pile velvet.
  • It feels very cozy and light on your skin.
  • High ratings on Amazon
  • It comes with washable external cover and invisible zipper.
  • Comes with adjustable height by adding or removing cotton stuff.
  • 3D spacer mesh on both sides makes air flow permissible.
  • Spring construction provides support to your neck and head.
  • Passed the SGS testing procedure for durability.
  • Does tend to feel slightly flattened out.
  • Why is it best for you?

With pocketed coil system and 3D spacer mesh characteristics; this pillow is the best products if you prefer not to sleep hot at night. The neck cushion will keep maximum airflow and it will also provide you with an excellent support if you prefer to sleep on your back or on your front.

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Perform Pillow – Thin Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Perform Pillow - Thin Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The Perform Pillow comes with a thin profile and has memory foam in it. The product is Chiropractor approved and the external cover is made of washable and soft bamboo cover. It is best suited for people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or backs because it has a thin profile. It consists of 56 percent polyester and 43 percent bamboo.

  • Features

Its foam is specifically designed with a precise density and orthopedic construction approved by a Chiropractor to provide your neck and back with exact support and comfort that it needs.

The cushion makes you sleep relaxed so that you can wake up fresh and rejuvenated the next day. It offers optimal breathability and the low profile is ideal for people with small necks. The foam used in this pillow doesn’t contain any harmful substances or chemicals such as mercury or lead or any other heavy metals.

These cushions also don’t have formaldehyde and only uses the low volatile organic compound to make the product organic and healthy. The external bamboo cover features Ultra Luxurious Kool-Flow technology for maximum airflow and breathability and it is removable and you can wash it in the machine too.

  • Foam is orthopedic design approved by a Chiropractor for an excellent support for your neck and back.
  • Makes you sleep comfortably and wake up rejuvenated.
  • High ratings on Amazon
  • Optimal breathability with a low profile that is suitable for small necks.
  • Doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals like mercury or lead.
  • Doesn’t have formaldehyde and is totally organic.
  • Features Ultra Luxurious Kool-Flow technology in the external bamboo cover for maximum breathability.
  • Best suited for back or front sleepers but not that great for side sleepers.
  • 100 percent polyurethane construction might not work for everyone.
  • Why is it best for you?

It works wonders for people who prefer to sleep on their backs and stomach because it offers medium level firmness. It is very easily adjustable and keeps you necks and spine properly aligned with each other. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is 100 percent organic product.

Sable – Pillows for Sleeping

Sable - Pillows for Sleeping

This neck pillow from Sable is registered with Food and Drug Authority and comes with super soft plush fiberfill. It also boasts an adjustable loft feature making it a preferred product for side sleepers. It also integrates hypoallergenic capability to keep you safe from developing any allergies from dust or mites.

  • Features

You can customize its height as per your likening with help of the removable stuffing and reshape the size of the pillow. It has approximately one fourth more filling as compared to the similar pillows and provides you a customizable bedding feature allowing it to be suitable for different sleep requirements.

It is also registered with FDA under A Class 1 medical device category. The external cover has a decorative wave pattern and is extremely breathable due to being 100 percent cotton. It provides a supportive comfort through its rayon treated firmness too.

Moreover, it also boasts antimicrobial and hypoallergenic capabilities to keep you healthy and the external case is machine washable too.

  • Customizable height with removable stuffing to reshape the size.
  • Comes with one fourth more filling as compared to other pillows.
  • Bestseller on Amazon
  • Registered with FDA under A Class 1 medical device category.
  • External cover features decorative wave pattern and is made of 100 percent cotton.
  • Supportive comfort with rayon treated firmness.
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic capabilities to keep you healthy.
  • You might feel that with low-level firmness it doesn’t provide enough support.
  • Not an ideal product for those people who prefer to sleep on their side or who shift their positions a lot at night.
  • Why is it best for you?

The neck pillows from Sable are all registered from FDA and they provide you with a super soft comfort to enjoy your relaxing time. More importantly, the adjustable size of these cushions is an excellent feature that you can use for various sleeping positions.

Mis Home – Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Comfortac

The shredded memory foam pillow from Comfortac features high-quality foam with removable 100 percent vented exterior cover made of cotton. It provides you with maximum comfort and optimized support and is extremely effective to heal neck aches as well as head pains. Be advised for a speedy fluff process you should place it in your dryer for at least 20 minutes right after the vacuum pack.

  • Features

It has an additional 20 percent fill of fluff stuff and you can make adjustments to the firmness level by adding and removing the foam as per your requirements which makes it an ideal option for all types of sleep positions. Its cover is extra breathable with high ventilation allowing you to enjoy the unbeatable crisp and clean feel that is not there in polyester.

The memory foam used in the cushion is made of certified memory foam and doesn’t include any heavy metals or TCEP flame retardants. The shredded and moldable foam offers reshape-ability along with plush along with the premium support of memory foam.

This pillow meets all the requirements of durability and health standards. It dimensions are 16-inch x 7-inch x 7-inch.

  • Extra 20 percent fill with fluff with easy adjustability for firmness allowing it to be fit for all kinds of sleep positions.
  • Exterior cover is extra breathable with high ventilation more than polyester.
  • Certified memory foam that excludes heavy metals or TCEP flame retardants.
  • Shredded and moldable foam provides easy reshape with high-quality memory foam support.
  • It smells for a few initials days of purchase.
  • The firmness level might be a bit too much for some people.
  • Why is it best for you?

Its adjustability feature makes it stand out from the crowd because you can add or remove foam from it with ease. If firmness level is too much then you can remove some foam from it. It is the best-suited product for most of the side sleepers out there.

Cr – Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow

The sleep memory foam contour pillow from Cr comes with gel-infused technology and with this purchase, you will also get a free sleep mask too. It is designed for all types of sleepers but is more suitable for side sleepers. With a contoured wave design and medium firm feel, however, the pillow loft level varies from person to person based on the sleeping position as well as physique.

  • Features

This neck cushion from Cr comes with a patented design with dimensions of 24-inch x 16-inch x 4.3-inch and 3.5-inch. The lower end measures 3.5-inch and the higher end measures 4.3-inch. The cushion is made from 65 percent polyester and 35 percent tencel. It also comes with an outer cover that is fully washable while the inner cover is of high-quality jersey fabric.

The foam used in this pillow is CertiPUR-US certified for performance and safety. It has a contour wave design with medium level firmness and suits all kinds of sleep. The memory foam is infused with gel technology and it is naturally antimicrobial repels allergens such as mites, dust or various other bacteria.

  • This neck cushion from Cr comes with a patented design.
  • The cushion is made from 65 percent polyester and 35 percent tencel.
  • Its outer cover is fully washable and the inner cover is made of high-quality jersey fabric.
  • The gel infused memory foam of this cushion is CertiPUR-US approved for performance and safety.
  • It has a contour wave design with medium level firmness and suits all kinds of sleep.
  • Medium feel firmness might not be acceptable for few people.
  • Gel infused memory foam does trap some heat inside it.
  • Why is it best for you?

It is best for you because it has two different levels of height with more thickness and less thickness. You can choose either one based on your preferences. The side with more thickness is for the side sleepers while the side with less thickness is for the back or front sleepers.

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

The cervical linear traction neck cushion from Arc4Life provides superior support and traction to your neck allowing it to stay aligned with spine and prevents any pain or aches. The superior design of this pillow adjusts itself according to the pressure point and offers maximum relief to your head as well as neck and shoulder muscles.

  • Features

With Arc4Life you will be able to sleep like a baby and wake up the next morning free from any muscle or neck pain because your neck and head will receive the correct support that they require all night.

It enables you to sleep soundly as your body feels the relaxation after a tiresome day. The neck cushion improves unrestricted air passage and prevents snoring. Moreover, your body will feel fresh and active the next day due to maximum blood circulation all night.

The pillow enables you to sleep in a better posture because it keeps your neck and spine aligned naturally.

  • Sleep deep and wake up free from any pain due to the right support that it offers to your body.
  • Improves air passage without any restrictions and eradicates any chances of snoring.
  • Enables maximum blood circulation and keeps your body active in the morning after a good night’s rest.
  • Sleep in a better posture through the proper neck and spine alignment in a natural manner.
  • Not an ideal option for side sleepers.
  • Slightly expensive as compared to other products.
  • Feels a bit too thin and offers very low firmness level.
  • Why is it best for you?

This neck cushion is just the right product for all the front or back sleepers because it offers less firmness, particularly in the center. Adjustability is very easy and it comes with maximum breathability too. The pillow is a total convenience when it comes to washing as well.

Snuz Sleep Bed Pillow

Snuz Sleep Bed Pillow

The sleep bed pillow from Snuz comes with 100 percent cotton cover and also features hypoallergenic dust and mite resisting capabilities with high-performance polyester fiberfill and 300-thread count. The product is fully made in the US and features an hourglass shape that will enable it to envelop your head and provide maximum support to your neck.

  • Features

Its unique hourglass shape is designed to cradle your head and keep your neck straight ergonomically which will eliminate any chances of pain in the shoulders, arms or neck region. The dual chamber structure keeps the fibers in place for additional reliability so that the pillow does not lose its shape.

There is a cave between two chambers which provides a comfortable room for your head and arms making it a great product for all kinds of sleepers. It also boasts breathable mesh coupled with smooth and silky microfiber fill and down alternative filling with 100 percent cotton cover for maximum breathability and superior regulation of body temperature.

The materials used are all hypoallergenic dust and mite resistant and are free from any harmful substances.

  • Unique hourglass shape cradles your head and keeps your neck straight.
  • The dual chamber structure keeps the fibers in place for additional reliability.
  • The cave between two chambers provides room for your head and arms.
  • Breathable mesh with microfiber fill and down alternative filling regulates body temperature.
  • Hypoallergenic dust and mite resistant materials are used in the making to keep it free from any toxic substances.
  • If you don’t like fluffy pillows then this product is not the right one for you.
  • The pillow tends to flatten out after a few months.
  • It tends to wear out pretty quickly.
  • Why is it best for you?

The unique hourglass shape of this neck pillow does a great job to provide a cradle-like support to your head and keeps your neck naturally aligned with your back. It means that you can sleep in any position you want the cushion will continue to treat your aches.

MEJOY – Contoured Support Pillows

MEJOY - Contoured Support Pillows

The contoured support pillows from MEJOY have memory foam in them and they are good at providing the best cervical support to your neck region all night long. It also does a great job of eliminating headaches by enabling you to sleep in the proper position. The cervical structure of the cushion fits the shape of your spine which can ease up your tight neck and shoulders.

  • Features

It features super soft memory foam with a high degree of breathability and softness to provide you with a comfortable sleep by keeping your vertebra aligned. The cervical design keeps your body in natural postures and eradicates any pain in the back or neck while you sleep.

The pillow is healthy for you because it doesn’t involve in the toxic chemical in the development process and also improves the circulation across your body.

The external case is made of bamboo charcoal fiber that repels dust and mite and is also antimicrobial which means that it is friendly to your skin and also absorbs any sweat during the night.

  • Super soft memory foam provides high-level softness and breathability and softness and keeps your neck and back aligned.
  • Its cervical construction maintains a natural posture of your body and treats any pain.
  • Doesn’t include the harmful chemical in manufacturing.
  • Improves the blood circulation across your body without disturbing the natural body posture.
  • The external case is made of bamboo charcoal fiber that repels dust and mite or any other type of allergies.
  • Antimicrobial aspect makes it skin-friendly and it also absorbs any sweat during your sleep.
  • Some people might find it to be a bit a too stiff for their likening.
  • It is much smaller than your average neck pillow too.
  • Why is it best for you?

This skin-friendly neck cushion prevents you from developing any allergies and allows you to sleep fresh and healthy during the night. The extremely soft and smooth feel of this pillow will provide you with the comfort that you have craved for many years.


Avoiding neck aches is crucial if you want to wake up fresh the next morning. Therefore, you need proper support for this sensitive area.

If your neck does not stay aligned with your spine during the night then get ready for a painful day ahead and you might also develop some serious conditions if you do not pay attention to this matter.

We have provided you with all the information that you will need to get your hands on the best pillow for neck pains so that you can feel active when you wake, ready to take on the day.

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