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25 Best Pillow Pet 2020

Best pillow pet
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Even if you have never owned one, you’ve probably heard the jingle:

“It’s a Pillow. It’s a Pet. It’s a Pillow Pet!”

Pillow Pet is the 2009 TV sensation that captured our ears and stole the hearts of our children. These snuggly pillows have been putting smiles on the faces of both children and adults for over a decade. First launched in 2003, the company became a household name in 2010 and has gone on to sell over 70 million units. And if you’ve ever held a pillow pet, you will know why.

Pillow Pet is one of those concepts that when you first hear you wonder, “how come no one else has thought of this?” It just makes sense.

The line of plush stuffed animals is the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, Jennifer Telfer. Jennifer finally answered the age-old question of “how the hell do I rest my head on this teddy bear without feeling like my brain is squishing?”

According to the Pillow pets website, Jennifer came up with the idea of Pillow Pets by watching her oldest son. He flattened one of his stuffed animals to get proper sleep on it. She conceived the plan to make the age-old stuffed animal more functional, a stuffed animal by day and a pillow by night, and then went on to start the Pillow Pets company with her husband Clint and just $800 from their savings.

The original Pillow Pet called the “Snuggly Puppy” was initially sold at mall kiosks and small stalls until 2009 when Pillow pets stormed the retail scene.

Thanks to the catchy jingle and multiple TV appearances, Pillow Pets got their initial push. The plush stuffed toys have appeared on Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, NBC Universal, and Discovery’s Shark Week, and have gone on to become a household name, especially among children.

Since their big break, the company has gone on to design and create thousands of versions of Pillow Pets. They have also added other variants and products to their lineups like their Dream Lite Pillow Pets, Glow Pets, Night Lights, and Sleeptime Lites.

In this review, we rank the best Pillow Pets in various categories to make your foray into this product line a tad bit easier. But first, what exactly are you getting?

The Pillow Pets Overview

Pillow Pets are a brand of stuffed toys with Velcro straps that allow them to change from a decorated pillow into a stuffed animal.

The toys all feature a plush chenille. The toy starts in the pillow position that features a velcro strap underneath. Fastening the belt to the loop on the other end transforms the pillow into a plush stuffed animal. If you unfastened the strap again, you could then use the Pillow Pet as a pillow again.

Current varieties of Pillow Pets range from scented to body pillow pets. They have themed pillows based on popular Disney characters and other childhood favorites like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Thomas the Tank Engine, and lots more. They also have licensed Pillow pets for MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA, and a few English Premier League soccer teams. Other products that carry the Pillow Pets branding include print pajamas, hats, blankets, and slippers. The brand also has two board games, a video game for the Nintendo DS, and an online children gaming platform called Pillow Pets World online.

Pillow Pets are manufactured in China by Brington Group Limited for CJ LLC. CJ LLC is Jennifer’s company that represents the initials of her and her husband.

CJ is known for their extensive charity work, as they have donated Pillow Pets to many causes. Also, their products have featured in multiple charitable causes where members of the public gave Pillow Pets to help children in need.

Customer Reviews

We flipped through a few review sites for some dirt and discovered that the Pillow Pets received raving reviews pretty much across the board. The lowest average rating we could find anywhere was a 4.7/5.

Here are some of the reviews that provide the best sample of the overall vibe:

I have purchased multiple pillow pets! They are the best! They are so cute! I love them for long car rides because they can instantly turn into a little pillow for you little one to get comfort. They are also fun for them to just lay on. I even own giraffe pillow pet! The price is not too bad either, I have gotten some on sale.Frances
I have eight pillow pets between my daughter and I. We love how soft and adorable they are! We have all big pets. We’d like to try other varieties the brand has to offer. My princess loves her pink puppy and peace bear! I recommend getting these for your child or grandchild. I mean I’ve been using them before my daughter was born and she’s three now so my first pillow pet was peace bear. I’m glad to have passed it onto my princess.Lexie

One 4-star reviews harps on about their texture:

I really like pillow pets. They’re cute and they come in so many different varieties. I got a pig one for Xmas from my SO’s family and I loved it. It’s versatile since it has strap with velcro to keep it folded in half. Sometimes it got a little too warm to sleep with but I like it anyway. I would give it 5 stars but I wish it were a little thicker.

While a 3-star review, like many other similar ones, complained about the price:

These pillows are fun and easy to take along. Good for at home or on the go. Soft, cuddly and my kids best bedtime friends. Though these pillows are nice, I feel they are a bit overpriced for pillows.

25 Best Pillow Pet 2020

1.  16” Animal Jam Fox Pillow Pet

16 Animal Jam Fox Pillow Pet

Transport your kiddo to the mythical land of Jamaa with this eye-catching, adorable piece. The witty Fox brings its exciting cunningness in an irresistibly cuddly package to create the perfect bedtime companion. With its vivid colors, the toy makes for an excellent addition to your home decor.

2. Animal Jam Lynx Pillow Pet

Animal Jam Lynx Pillow PetBring the most adorable animal in all of Jamaa to life and thrill your kid for days on end. The playful Lynx is a fun stuffed animal that turns into the cutest small pillow you have ever seen. It is a great travel accessory for your child, and the unique aesthetics are guaranteed to add a splash of welcomed color to your room.

3. 30″ Jumbo Mr. Bear Pillow Pet

This humongous 30″ Pillow Pet offers loads of warm snuggly happiness to both kids and adults. It is your traditional teddy bear but larger and way more cuddly. An instant hit with children of all ages, you can’t go wrong with this piece. It’s not hard to see why the 30″ Jumbo Mr. Bear has been Pillow Pets top bestseller for some time now.

4. My First Blue Puppy Slumber Pack

Transform your kid’s night time into a magical blue experience with the My First Blue Puppy Slumber Pack. The pack features an adorable light blue Pillow Pet paired with an eye-catching Sleeptime Lite that unlocks the door to genuinely imaginative play. The Sleeptime Lite will turn their ceiling into a starry night sky with the touch of a button.

5. Colorful Lavender Unicorn Pillow Pet

Every kid loves unicorns. And a purple unicorn is genuinely something special. With is vivid mane and an adorable flower pattern fabric, you just might have picked up your kid’s new favorite toy. Young kids will enjoy this, and for others, it’s just a pleasant piece to look at. Like all Pillow Pets, its is super cuddly and a functional pillow for TV time.

6. 30″ Disney Jumboz Moana’s Pig Pua Pillow Pet

30" Disney Jumboz Moana's Pig Pua Pillow PetThe jumbo Moana’s Pig Pillow Pet promises maximum fun on your kid’s next voyage. Bring Pua on your adventures and experience the gift of true friendship and love from the plushest pig you will ever find. At 30” unfolded, the giant Pillow Pet is cozy and cuddly. It is an excellent companion for bedtime or lounging in the day.

7. Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Pillow Pet

Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Pillow Pet

The Amazing Lightning McQueen is back again! McQueen is back to reclaim his title as champion of the Piston Cup. And you know what that means: fun, fun, and more fun! Treat your kids to the time of their lives with the colorful plush toy and watch them rev it up in some intense creative play. This toy is an excellent gift for any Cars fan.

8. How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Pillow Pet

Get the Toothless Night Fury and watch your kid become the Viking that they genuinely are. Fans who know how to train their dragon will have an epic and delightful experience teaching this beast. With its portable and cuddly build, this sleek matte black piece is the ultimate travel accessory for road trips or airplane rides.

9. How To Train Your Dragon Light Fury Pillow Pet

Explosive plasma blast, supreme stealthiness, everything that Light Fury represents is what this imposing Pillow Pet embodies. Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series will have a swell time mastering this beast and conquering bad guys on its back. Let the adventure begin!

10. Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Pet

Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Pet

No need to wait at Shining Station, Thomas is coming to you! A fan favorite the world over, Thomas the Tank Engine comes to life in this masterpiece. If your kids are fans of the franchise this is going to be a swell time for them. In this piece, Pillow Pets brings you the friendliest stuffed train you will find anywhere.

11. Disney Teal Dumbo Pillow Pet

Disney Teal Dumbo Pillow PetFly around the circus with Dumbo with this majestic teal Dumbo Pillow Pet. Complete with his striped collar and the original yellow hat, Dumbo is ready to ride with you on some exciting adventures. With this cozy plush pillow, your favorite elephant comes out of the screen and in your home as an adorable all-day companion. This pet is the perfect gift for any passionate Disney fan and the perfect travel companion on your child’s first visit to a Disney theme park.

12. Disney Mickey Mouse Emoji Pillow Pet


Express your love for the most iconic Disney character of all time with this heart-patterned Mickey Mouse Emoji Pillow Pet. Mickey Mouse blowing a kiss, that’s all we needed to get sold on this. A plush pal by day, and a comfy, cozy pillow by night, your kid will enjoy this treat. This luxurious pet is the perfect gift and an excellent travel companion for any child on airplanes or road trips.  It balanced aesthetics makes it a great decor piece for adding spice to your kid’s bedroom decoration.

13. Disney Pixar Finding Dory, Dory Pillow Pet

Disney Pixar Finding Dory, Dory Pillow Pet

Kind and forgetful, Dory is a funny and endearing fish that melts the heart of everyone she meets. Your favorite fish is now a pet. You can now swim around with the adorable Dory while going on adventures. Meet all of her friends and have a swell time. Your toddler will be excited to meet this pet. It’s small enough to fit on your kid’s bed and pretty handy, so they can carry it around while exploring.

14. Disney Puppy Dog Pals Rolly Pillow Pet

Disney Puppy Dog Pals Rolly Pillow PetRolly is always up for some missions, and you know it. Whether you are reading, watching television, studying with friends, exploring the great outdoors, Rolly has always got your back. Treat your kid to the dependable backup and unconditional love of rolly. He goes everywhere with her.

15. Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine, Shimmer Pillow Pet

Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine, Shimmer Pillow Pet

Shimmer the genie comes to life. And she is here to create some beautiful adventures laced with the strength of friendship, resilience, and positivity. A vivid, detailed adaptation of the charming Nickelodeon genie, your daughter will appreciate this cuddly delight.

16. Colorful White Unicorn Pillow Pet

Colorful White Unicorn Pillow PetUnicorns are always fun. And a white unicorn is genuinely something special. With is vivid mane and an adorable flower pattern fabric, you just might have picked up your daughter’s new favorite toy. Young kids will enjoy this, and for others, it’s just a pleasure to look at. Like all Pillow Pets, its is super cuddly and a functional pillow for napping or TV time.

17. Comfy Panda Pillow Pet

Comfy Panda Pillow PetEvery night you cuddle with this comfy snowy panda is one of true snuggly happiness. The plushest, softest stuffed animal you ever saw, this comforting partner is excellent for everyday use. It works everywhere, from bedtime to day time lounging.

18. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jumboz Raphael Pillow Pet

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jumboz Raphael Pillow PetFrom the massive television and movie franchise, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting turtle comes to life is a plush snuggly package. Raph is your warm, cozy friend by day, by night he becomes your partner, solving crimes, chasing down bad guys, and having the wildest adventures. The snuggly 30” Jumbo Pillow Pet is excellent for lounging during relaxation.

19. 30″ Jumboz Blue Dinosaur Pillow Pet

The 30” jumbo Dinosaur is the most giant, friendliest dinosaur you will ever see! With a vibrant blue color complete with eye-catching orange accents, this is guaranteed to become your boy’s go to toy for genuinely imaginative play. Plush and cuddly, this giant piece doubles as a comfy sitting room pillow when your kid runs out of steam.

20. Sweet Scented Blueberry Muffin Bear Pillow Pet

Sweet Scented Blueberry Muffin Bear Pillow PetWake up to the sweet smell of freshly baked, sugary blueberry muffins and watch them smile all day long. Excellent for playtime, sleep, or all-day carry. This delicious scentedg blue bear will keep both you and your kid in high spirits all day long. The subtle fragrance is the perfect treat for anyone you love. With it’s inviting vivid blue color and a plush comfy feel, this Pillow Pet bear is super cuddly and a functional pillow for TV time or siesta.

The fragrance used on all scented Pillow Pet comes from sustainably harvested trees or cotton. The scents are certified for sustainability by the International Fragrance Association.

21. Sweet Scented Cotton Candy Unicorn Pillow Pet

Sweet Scented Cotton Candy Unicorn Pillow Pet

The cotton candy scented pink unicorn pillow pet is a bundle of pure sensory delight. Start your day with this adorable and sweet-smelling plush with subtle scent patches that remind you of your childhood favorite treats. The inviting smell of cotton candy pairs with the cute looks of this enchanting unicorn to create the perfect charming indulgence. The regal mane and the matching tail complete the looks on this cutie that no one can resist.

22. Sweet Scented Pupcake Pillow Pet

Sweet Scented Pupcake Pillow PetI don’t like the smell of cupcakes: said no one ever! The mix of vanilla frosting and cozy, homely exterior on the Scented Pupcake is guaranteed to become your favorite on first sight. The delicious smelling Pillow Pet comes complete with arresting pink color and arresting googly eyes that will melt your heart. With little cupcake designs on the belly to match the aroma, this one is sure to be an instant hit with anyone who enjoys hints of sweet and fluffy in one package.

23. Snuggly Puppy Pillow Pet

Snuggly Puppy Pillow Pet

This pet is the one that started it all. The original Snuggly Puppy is a pleasing sight to behold.

It’s a pillow. It’s a pet. It’s a pillow pet. It’s adorable.

Snuggly Puppy is soft and comfortable, which is excellent for a child to use during their nap or bedtime. The colors of light brown for the body and dark brown for the ears make Snuggly Puppy more realistic than the other colored Pillow Pet puppies. The giant stuffed toy is excellent for lounging while for reading, watching television, or studying with friends. Also, it’s ideal for rest time and fun time—not to mention a great ride along on road trips or airplane rides.

24. Silly Monkey Pillow Pet

Silly Monkey Pillow PetGet loads of warm snuggly happiness with the Silly Monkey Pillow Pet, the plushest, friendliest, and softest stuffed animal on the market. The color pattern and the softness of the material make for one welcoming, homely piece. There is a different feel to the fur areas than the face, adding a bit of a contrast to it as well. It is large enough to relax on, yet small enough that you can take it with you almost anywhere. Plus it looks super cute in any nursery or jungle themed room.

25. Wild Moose Pillow Pet

Wild Moose Pillow PetYour favorite animal has nothing on the Wild Moose Pillow Pet: the king of adorable if there ever was one. The Wild Moose is so cuddly you’ll never want to put it down. A fun gift for any moose lover, this Pillow Pet is a great pillow for any movie watching and lying on the couch. Great for road trips too, this could be an excellent gift for a youngster or yourself.

How to care for your Pillow Pet

Now that you selected your brand new Pillow Pet, you need to learn how to care for it.

Since Pillow Pets serve as traditional pillows half the time, they do get quite dirty from sweat and tossing around.

If your Pillow Pets gets dirty and needs a wash, here’s how you do it:

  • Place the stuffed toy inside a white or transparent pillowcase and tie up the open end. The pillowcase prevents the washing machine from damaging the chenille fibers and extends the life of your Pillow Pet
  • Wash with cold water on gentle cycle
  • For Sweet-Scented variants and lighted products, surface wash only with a damp cloth
  • Air dry in the sun or a warm place. Do not machine dry.