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Pillow for side sleepers

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers 2020

Waking up fresh and healthy means you get enough amount of relaxed sleep all night without any disturbance or uneasiness. The best pillow for a side sleeper is different from the best pillow for a back or tummy sleeper. When we talk about undisturbed long bouts of sleep, we automatically think of all the essentials that ensure comfort. Amongst these essentials, one of the most important accessories is a pillow.

For a healthy human being, one-third of their life is spent sleeping. With so much time spent sleeping, it would be wise to make sure this time is well spent for one’s good health and relief. Buying the best mattresses, perfect bedding, and dim lights improve sleep quality. While these aspects are important, buying the right one is equally significant.

Buying a pillow might seem to be a very simple task and thus often dealt with too casually. However, it is very vital to choose a pillow that best suits your side sleeping style. The wrong pillow cannot just give you a disturbed sleep but also may cause health issues like neck pain and backache. This factor is most important to be considered by side sleepers especially. For back and stomach sleepers it is very easy to pick pillows but for side sleepers, one has to consider some specific aspects before they can buy themselves the best pillow.

Top 8 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers 2020

1. Nectar PillowNectar pillow

Nectar is the most thoughtful mattress company in the industry. They did not just create a high performing mattress for you. They have also created a top quality pillow that guarantees a good night’s sleep.

This cushion is unlike any other in the market. Restless sleepers would find the Nectar cushion to be the best choice because it gently supports the neck and will change shape if you move. It is undoubtedly the cushion of choice for different types of sleepers.

  • Available at $75
  • Customize your comfort
  • Pillow-in-pillow design
  • Premium materials
  • Easy to wash

When you order the Nectar mattress (King or Queen), it comes with two free pillows. Individually, the cushion retails at $75.

  • Superior Construction

The very first impressive feature of the design is the Tencel cooling cover. Unlike other conventional fabrics, Tencel provides unique moisture transport, which guarantees optimum conditions for your skin. This allows you to always sleep on the cool side.

The Tencel cover is more breathable than cotton. It is smooth and it offers a silky feel. Therefore, it is very soft and suitable for the skin. Along with the cover is the mesh border that helps with the airflow and breathability.

With the Nectar cushion, you do not have to choose between supportive and soft firmness. The cushion offers both with its pillow-in-pillow structure. The inner shell is composed of three types of foam that offer support, while the outer shell which is made of Tencel offers loft and comfort.

  • Customize Your Comfort

The outer cover has a zipper that allows you access to the inner chamber, which contains shredded foam. You can unzip the inner chamber and take out some of the foam if you like to have a lower loft.

Usually, the cushion is overfilled with foam so as to allow you better control of your own comfort. If the cushion feels firmer, you can remove some of the foam to adjust the firmness feel. Remember to save the additional foam in case you will need the firm feel in the future.

Another impressive feature that customizes comfort is the cooling gel foam quilted into the cover. This addition is necessary for superior feeling, breathability, airflow, and active cooling. The removable cover is washable for a refreshed feeling.

  • Break In the Pillow

It is going to take a little while for the Nectar pillow to fluff out. You can help with the break-in of the pillow by pulling it apart with your hands. Alternatively, you can throw it in the dryer on a lower heat setting. This will help to get rid of any off-gassing that is common with memory foam.


  • Pillow-in-pillow design provides you with both soft and supportive comforts
  • You can adjust comfort by removing some of the foam
  • Easy to wash pillow for your convenience and health
  • It contours to the shape of your neck and head
  • It is hypoallergenic and suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Helps to ease sleep apnea and snoring


  • You may experience off-gassing when breaking in the pillow

All in all, this is a nice pillow. It gives you great support. It is not too thick, and you can always make it thinner to customize your comfort. You have no need of soft and firm cushions because both feels are offered in the same design.

The materials used are definitely hypoallergenic. Therefore, you will have no problem with the cushion once you have gotten rid of the little off-gassing due to boxing during shipping. With that said, it will take time before this pillow loses its integrity

2. The Scrumptious

The ScrumptiousThe Scrumptious is a handmade pillow possessing filling which is a combination of Certi-Pur Gel Memory Foam and Micro Gel Fibre.
The height is 5 inches and that too is adjustable because of the zipper added to it. The pillow has substantial firmness yet it feels soft. The filling is perfect to give good support for your neck and head maintaining its loft throughout the sleep bout.

It is designed for adjusting postures such that the spine alignment is fine to prevent a backache or neck ache.


  • The filling makes it firm yet having its soft feel for good support, balance, and comfort
  • The pillow offers a good loft which fills the gap between neck and shoulder to reduce any neck or back pain
  • The height is adjustable because of the zipper that allows the filling to be removed
  • It is machine washable and easy to take care of


  • There is no ear pocket to support side sleepers who wish to have indentations for the ear in the pillows
  • Comes with a chemical scent that needs ample time to be aired out

It is one of the best options for people looking for just the right amount of firmness for side sleeping to give excellent support to the neck, head, and shoulders. This is a good choice for those who wish to fix their posture for spine alignment. The pillow is good for back sleepers too

3. L-Shape Pillow for Sleeping ComfortL-Shape Pillow for Sleeping Comfort

This Z Gel Pillow with memory foam has a very functional design as it is L shaped. It uses the Gel technology memory foam for maintaining cooler temperatures throughout the night.

The gel memory foam filling is covered with a soft Bamboo derived Rayon velour cover. It is hypoallergenic for allergy sensitive people. The pillow dimensions are 26 inches by 26 inches by 5 inches.


  • L-shape design makes it ergonomic and fancy
  • The support and balance for side sleepers increases with the shape and firmness
  • The pillow gives a soft feel despite the firmness it offers
  • The gel foam gives a cooling effect removing heat during long sessions of sleep at night
  • Reduces back, shoulder and neck pain
  • The cover is machine washable


  • The middle of the L shaped pillow is lower the than sides that causes discomfort if user does not sleep in a specific position
  • Lacks ear indentation

It is an excellent option for those side sleepers who are looking for a very firm pillow. The L shape is suitable for people to use it for better support and balance for the neck and shoulders of people who sleep sideways.

4. Hypoallergenic by Sable

Hypoallergenic by SableThis pair by Sable is a Down’s alternative pillow. It is registered as a class 1 medical device with FDA and is Certi-Pur US certified.
The cover of the pillow is made up of 100 % cotton. It comprises of really soft plush fiberfill. The pillow height is adjustable with the features of removable filling so you can customize the shape and loft as per your individual needs.

Being firm, the pillow still retains its soft feel. The cover and filling both are hypoallergenic and goes through a treatment of anti-bacterial when built so it suits people sensitive to allergies.


  • The filling of the pillow is soft and adjustable with removable filling
  • It gives good support and balance for neck, shoulders, and head
  • The cover is decorated with a nice pattern and is breathable and removes moisture
  • The cover and pillow is washable and easily tumble dried
  • This model is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic for people who have allergies to dust or other allergens


  • The firmness is not much to support high loft for side sleepers
  • Do not have any ear pocket for side sleepers

This model is soft and low is appropriate for people who want a fancy and decorative pillow that is easily bendable and squished.

5. Bamboo Pillow By SableBed Pillows for Side Sleepers by Sable

This bed pillow for side sleeping by Sable is registered with FDA and is Certi-Pur US Certified. No harmful ozone depleting materials like formaldehyde, mercury or heavy metals are used in the making.

It does not contain any flame retardants and has low Volatile Organic Compound emissions that suit indoor usage. The cover is made up of fiber that is 60 % cotton and 40 % Rayon that is derived from Bamboo. Moreover, it is filled with a Certi-Pur US Shredded Memory Foam.

The foam is flexible and has a soft feel. The foam in this model is 20 % more than other similar options in the market. The zip closure helps easily taking out of cover for washing. The cover can be washed and dried at low temperatures.


  • It is soft yet supportive with medium firmness for a good balance
  • The pillow has an adjustable loft with the shredded memory foam filling it contains
  • 20 % extra foam to customize filling as per your need and comfort
  • The zipper can be opened to adjust the height for a variety of side sleepers
  • The natural fabric makes this cushion breathable and causes moisture and heat to release efficiently
  • Pillow jacket and the stuffing can both be washed in the machine and dried often without any worry if dried at low temperatures
  • For people sensitive to allergies, the plus point is that it is hypoallergenic


  • Memory foams tend to smell for a couple of days when new, so they need to be washed or left in outer air before you can start using them in your bedroom
  • Not everyone is pleased with such a large amount of memory foam filled
  • Does not have a built-in ear pocket as some side sleepers might want

It is an ideal option for those who love giant pillows that are extra firm and help relieve the pain in neck, shoulder or back. It is easily washable and environmentally friendly, along with being hypoallergenic for allergy sensitive users. Although best for side sleepers, this would be a good choice for back sleepers too.

6. Beyond Down Gel FibreBeyond Down Gel Fibre

Beyond Down is a Carpenter Co.’s registered trademark. This Beyond Down’s Gel Fibre Side Sleeper Pillow is filled with lavish micro denier gel fiber covered in a 100 % cotton cover.

This is a 4.5 inches gusseted pillow. Its cover has double-needle piped edges. The dimensions are 20 inches by 26 inches by 4.5 inches. The loft is high enough for side sleepers.


  • Filling the pillow with Micro-Denier Gel Fibre Filling gives a feel of 600 fill power pure down
  • The firmness is medium firm with a high loft to support side sleeping comfortably
  • The cover of is made up of 100 % cotton and is machine washable
  • It is hypoallergenic to prevent allergies


  • With the passage of time, the loft decreases which makes it less durable for side sleepers which tend to maintain a specific pillow height
  • No ear pocket or indentation to support some side sleepers who demand it

The Gel fiber is best for people who are too sensitive to allergens and wish to have medium-firm pillows. It would be good for side sleepers who change pillows every few months as their pillow may lose its loft after a few months.

7. Side Sleeper ContourSide Sleeper Contour

This Contour Pillow is a great choice for neck, shoulder and back pain relief. Its U shape and size make it a multipurpose pillow for both home and traveling. It has two ear pockets embedded in it.

These features perfectly contour to the side sleeper’s body for a comfortable sleep. The pillow dimensions are 21 inches high, 17 inches wide and 5 inches thick. The loft is high enough to support and balance neck.

The cover is made up of 100 % cotton and the filling is poly fiber. The cover has a zip closure.


  • The pillow is very firm to support and balance neck
  • Its high loft fills the gap between neck and shoulder
  • The U shape makes side sleeping easier
  • It has two embedded ear pockets that accommodate side sleepers
  • The size and shape make it compact and portable for traveling as well as home
  • Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain with better posture for spine alignment


  • People with shorter neck will face a problem adjusting the ear in the ear pocket, it is good for a specific size of head and neck only
  • If used for longer time, it flattens with the course of sleep at night and may cause the neck to bend downwards

The side sleeper contour pillow is great for side sleepers with the perfect shape and ear pockets. It is most suitable for traveling because of its compact size and shape, where you wish to take power naps.

8. Iso-CoolIso-Cool

This Iso-Cool model is made up of 300 thread count cotton cover. It has 100% rich polyester filling. The polyester is a rich loft, spiral spun and high quality. It is three inches gusseted pillow.

The cover has a zip closure and has a corded edging and is machine washable. The dimensions of the pillow are 17 inches by 23 inches by 3 inches. It is Certi-Pur US certified.


  • 100 % cotton cover with 100 % polyester filling gives a luxurious feel to the user.
  • It possesses adaptive comfort with a very soft feel
  • Iso-cool technology helps to release excess heat to give users a cooling effect throughout the sleeping session
  • The cotton cover is machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic feature ensures people sensitive to allergies can use it without any worries


  • This model is less firm for support inside sleeping as it easily flattens with the passage of time

It is best for those looking for cooler, luxurious, soft and easily foldable pillows to release heat marinating temperature throughout the night and folding it in half which some people tend to do.

Buying Guide: Buying the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is said to be the most appropriate position for sleeping. And side sleeping in the right posture with the right essentials, the accurate pillow most important, itself is mandatory. Buying the ideal support means considering a lot of important features that help you enjoy your side sleeping and makes sure you spend the night in peace and wake up fresh and energetic. We will now discuss some significant facets that we must think about and look for when we go shopping the best side sleeping pillows for us.

How does firmness play a vital role in providing a comfortable sleep for side sleepers?

The side sleepers must look for pillows that are firm for better support and balance. If they are not firm and fail to maintain the height which supports your shoulder and neck in the desired position, it will cause pain and disturbed sleep.

The firmer and higher one help you to fill the gap between the shoulder and the ear. The firmness maintained throughout the night will prevent it from bending downwards. The height requirement, however, is different from person to person so you have to choose the height that you are most comfortable in.

Which filling and material are appropriate for side sleepers?

First of all one thing, you must know as a side sleeper is that four pillows are extremely inappropriate for you. The feather filled, polyester, down and gel-filled is not a very good decision for side sleepers as they tend to be less firm.

The reason is that they are too soft and tend to shift creating empty spots that make the pillow lose its support and firmness. Pillows filled with down, shredded latex or buckwheat hull is good as it adjusts and stays firm for side sleepers.

What should be the perfect height of a pillow for side sleeping position?

The height matters a lot. Normally a high loft is a good option for side sleeping to make sure your head is lifted enough into a comfortable position without bending your neck causing pain. Where too low pillows cause downward bending, too high will cause upward bending.

You need to choose your option by trying them and choose the pillow with height which best supports your neck without causing any bending to make sure the neck doesn’t suffer any pain.

What eminence to look for?

The fillings must not come out when you use the pillow and for that well-stitched covers are required. The material used must be of good quality and must not lose its loft with age causing bending of the neck and hence pain. Durability automatically increases with high-quality. If you are to spend a good amount on pillows make sure you get the high quality.

Now that we know what to look for in a pillow when choosing the best pillow for side sleepers, lets us review a few products and compare their features to find the best one for ourselves.

Wrap up

So these were the best and top rated seven options for the side sleepers. One fact you should not overlook is that your sleeping contributes a lot to your daily life. If you fail to get the needed amount of time of sleep, it will cost your health. As discussed above, for having better sleep having the right pillow is very significant.

Pillows account for 30 % of our sleeping space and even with the best mattress and bed if we fail to have the best pillow as per our sleeping position, the investment on other essentials will also be a waste.

Right shape, best quality, good firmness yet a soft feel, and all other features that we have discussed must be taken into consideration when you are out shopping. You must set a priority list of the features you wish to have in the pillow and the things you may compromise on. If you are lucky enough, you might find all the needed facilities in one pillow.

If you are to spend a good amount, then make sure you are investing in the best one for you. Hope we have served the purpose of helping you out choosing the best side sleeping pillow for you. Sleep peacefully to wake up fresh and healthy. There is a whole world out there waiting for your efficient contribution to make it a better place to live for yourself and everyone around you.

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