Foldaway bed for guest room for more space

Best Rollaway and Folding Bed

Rollaway and folding beds are one of the best options if you are leaning toward minimalism in your home. Beds have always been one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Obviously, it is impossible to sleep well without a comfortable bed.

In the past years, people think of beds as big wooden planks jot together to make a proper place to sleep in. In the coming years, everything has changed. Convertible or compact furniture is popular. People do not prefer big furniture which would take more of the space in their homes.

Therefore, now there are rollaway and folding beds which you can simply open at night and fold them in the morning just to have more free space in your room. Another advantage is that you can roll them and shift it to any room you desire to do so. Living has been easier now with the invention of all such sorts of inventions.

For your ease, we have gathered the information so you can simply buy the best rollaway or folding bed for your needs.

Top 5 Best Rollaway and Folding Beds 2019

ReviewsPriceMattress typeRatingAssembling
39″ Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed$$$Luxury rollaway mattress4.3/5Easy
Milliard Folding Bed$$Luxurious mattress with memory foam4.2/5Normal
LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed$$Medium-plush mattress4.2/5Difficult
Corner Housewares iBED Folding Bed$Deluxe memory foam4.3/5Very easy
Serta Durable Rollaway Bed$$Classic poly fiber mattress3.8/5Very easy
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39″ Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed

Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed

Sick of other ordinary rollaway models in the market that promises of comfort and durability but don’t fulfill your needs? No need to worry now, Hospitality Bed brings you the best combination of comfort, durability, and strength. Now you need not worry about an extra guest’s arrangement. You can assemble this model easily when required and fold it back and hide it in a closet.

  • Features:

Deluxe, Heavy Duty angle steel rollaway bed with coil spring supports and mattress. Sturdy construction and it is equipped with 8” wheels that make the mobility easy without damaging your floor or carpets.

Comes with a 6-inch Tufted luxury rollaway mattress which is highly comfortable as compared to others, it also has an increased loft, quilted and tufted for durability.

It comprises of a dual braced frame with steel which gives extra strength and extended life. This rollaway cot frame is approximately 16 ¾ inch ground clearance excluding the mattress. Including the mattress, the top of the mattress is 22 3/4:” off the floor.

The bed is not hard to set up and take down as a single person can easily do that. Also provides an upgraded comfort level with high durability and strength. So if budget is not a problem, this is, without doubt, the best choice.


  • There is a coil spring foundation which adds support.
  • They provided a lifetime warranty.
  • The rollaway bed comes with involuntary leg opening with large wheel kit.
  • 6 inch tufted luxury rollaway mattress adds comfort to the sleeper.
  • The coils adjust instantaneously to the sleep movements, supporting the body and give comfort while you sleep.
  • Easy to assemble, you can easily transport, set up and fold the rollaway bed.
  • Easy to move with the wheel.
  • High ratings from amazon customers


  • Heavier than other options
  • Price seemed a little high
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Milliard Folding Bed

Milliard Folding Bed

Millard promises to provide you comfort with quality. They are designed to convert your temporary sleeping arrangements into highly comfortable, joyful and relaxing naps. With Millard’s innovative folding bed, you will no longer toss and turn at night. Complete your sleep comfortable and awake refreshed in morning. The Millard Folding model has gained high popularity in the market due to its durability, quality, and comfort.

  • Features

Millard’s maintains a unique balance between support and comfort with trampoline bed base and memory foam mattress. The adjustable straps, pivoting wheels, buckle and leg grips make it user-friendly.

The features as a whole make it the best folding cot you’ll get in the market. Almost every drawback of other ordinary beds has been addressed while designing and constructing Millard’s folding cot. It comprises of a full metal frame and double reinforced stabilizer bars.

Needs no technical tools, just attach the wheels, and you are ready to go anywhere. Sturdy, and strong for the adults as it measures 75” of length, 31.5” of width and 16” of height.

This bed quickly folds to 12 inches and can be hidden anywhere when not in use. Also, no assembly is required, it is sturdy and durable. These features collectively make it the best product you may get.


  • There is a clamshell folding pattern which secures shutting with an adjustable buckle which makes opening and closing easy for the use of other mattresses.
  • Full metal bed frame which makes the cot strong, sturdy and durable.
  • User-friendly, the bed comes fully assembled only thing you need to do is attach the wheels to carry it anywhere you like.
  • It comes with 5-pound memory foam mattress with medium firm feel.
  • The frame contains 32 carbon steel springs which keep the things at the place when pressure is exerted.
  • This bed folds to just 12 inches thick.


  • Springs break easily at 240 lbs weight.
  • The mattress seems to be firm as it might be a cause of discomfort for older people.

 LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed

LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed

Nowadays the major problem is that the apartments are small and there is a small space to accommodate an extra guest. Now you need not worry about that; LUCID has introduced Rollaway Guest bed for you which you can use at any time of your convenience. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use, LUCID guarantees you the best quality and comfort combined with this product.

  • Features:

This model folds up easily for easy storage and comes with a 4-inch memory foam mattress that will give you the highest level of comfort as you would expect from any such folding cot.

The rayon from bamboo cover is suitable for sensitive skin and will help to maintain regular sleeping temperature. The bed is 12 inches high. During the construction, it has been equipped with a poly deck which absorbs any pressure impact and sleeper’s weight efficiently eliminating the “bouncy” feeling.

This rollaway bed has 2 wheels that are able to lock for safety. It can be folded easily to 12″ deep x 48″ high x 34″ wide with a mattress inside.

In this price range, this foldable is the best meeting your needs. Pretty durable, attractive and comfortable. Also comes with 25 years heavy duty frame warranty.


  • The structure is designed to provide strength; the powder-coated steel has a unique and lightweight design which makes the transportation easy without compromising on durability and support.
  • It is quick to assemble and can be transformed into a compact shape in moments which means that it can adjust anywhere in a small living area.
  • The heavy duty frame comes with a 25-year
  • Spring supporting poly deck offers support more comfortably as compared to wood slat and wire mesh.
  • It comes with the most appropriate mattress for children with no harmful odors.


  • Mattress seems to be quite firm and also starts getting permanent divots in the middle where they are pinched for the folding.
  • Takes a lot of time while assembling, doesn’t come with adjustable screws.

Corner Housewares iBED Folding Bed

Corner Housewares iBED Folding Bed

Corner Housewares is a New York-based company, dominating the market for over 7 years. It has been creating innovative furniture also ensuring comfort, quality, and durability for their customers. The complete set comprises of a bed, 3-inch Memory Foam, and a Bonus Storage bag. This foldable model can be carried from one room to another in seconds via its folding feature.

This folding bed exhibits a spring supported flexible mesh which contours body without causing any sort of discomfort to the user. It is 74.5” long, 31.5” wide and stands 17” off the floor. The legs have a lockable feature to provide stability and safety, also including caster wheels.

The Foam Mattress is 3” thick and is filled up with a relaxing, comfortable and deluxe memory foam. You can just imagine the comfort you’ll gain while having a nap on your foldable bed. It can be easily carried, stored and hidden according to your usage.

It has both the frame and the pad, sturdy construction and comfortable mattress make it the best cot you can get in the market. Now you not need to worry about space if you have a small apartment, just fold and slid it under your bed when not in use.


  • This folding cot folds in moments to 31.5 lengths 38″ of width and only 8″ of height.
  • Can be easily stored and hidden when not being used.
  • 3” durable mattress with a high comfort level.
  • The legs exhibit caster wheels making the cot movable easily from one place to another.
  • Sturdy construction and it is pretty lightweight.
  • The size is very compact that it can easily adjust in your small living room.
  • The mattress is firm and doesn’t possess any sinkholes as ordinary foldable cots in the market.


  • The middle section doesn’t lock into place and tends to fold up way too easily. There should be a locking mechanism that keeps the middle section from folding up so easily.

 Serta Durable Rollaway Bed

Serta Durable Rollaway Bed

Now make your guest’s night full of comfort and joy with Serta. Your guest will experience a comfortable sleep without feeling the bouncy effect due to its solid design and construction. Have a small apartment, and you are worried about an extra guest’s arrangement, no need to worry now. Serta meets your needs; it can be assembled easily when required.

  • Features:

This steel bed is equipped with a 5-inch innerspring mattress that is comfortable and durable. It also features folding frame and rounded corners which make the setting of this rollaway bed extremely easy.

Wheels are attached to its base which makes this foldable bed portable; now you can carry it anywhere and store it at any place of your convenience. It is manufactured with US steel which provides it extra strength. Offers a super comfortable and durable experience for its users.

Easy to assemble as you don’t require any special tools to assemble it. Serta Durable bed is manufactured under great supervision, a great combination of quality and comfort for their customers.

Serta Durable, foldable bed comes with high quality and attractive design. US steel provides it strength and durability. It comes with a good enough size for an easy and comfortable sleep. The price is also pretty affordable for a product exhibiting such salient features.


  • It has an outstanding weight bearing capacity of 300lbs which is not available in other ordinary rollaway beds in the market.
  • US Steel frame makes it durable, and it doesn’t bend quickly when pressure is exerted as like other ordinary cots in the market.
  • Comes with wheels attached at the base, which makes it movable, easy to move from one place to another without scratching your floor or carpet.
  • You can quickly assemble it without any special tool.
  • It offers super comfort and durability; sturdy design doesn’t let you feel any bouncy effect while sleeping.


  • The mattress seems to be uncomfortable as coils can be felt.
  • It is hard to fold; this feature makes it unfriendly for the user.

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying a Rollaway or Folding Bed

Before making a purchase, it is essential to read out the buying guide; it will help you in several ways to which folding bed you should opt for:

  • Which frame type is best for you?

The frame type of your bed should be looked at before buying the bed, most of the beds are made up of metal frames, these are durable and maybe a little heavy in weight, but they do their job well, and you don’t have to buy new beds very often.

Some people like to sleep on a base which is straight but provides some bounce for such a cause you can go for a trampoline style it is most comfortable out of all and also provides good support.

  • Do the rollaway and foldable bed models have more durability than traditional ones?

The durability matters the most, as it is one of the products that you do not buy very often. So, everyone wants it to be durable and long lasting so it will last as much long as you can. Foldable beds can be shifted easily to any apartments and chances of damage are less over traditional models. Therefore, they are usually used for a longer span of time.

Check for the durability by seeing the frame type as discussed above and by seeing which mattress has been used. Then you will get the idea and make a purchase accordingly.

  • Do rollaway and foldable models really helps in saving room space?

The main aspect of buying a foldable model is usually because of the storage problems which people face at their homes or apartments. Who doesn’t like an extra space at their home?

Therefore, when you are going to buy a foldable model, you must check how compact it is when folded. It is easily stored able in your house or does it take a lot of space, and you will have a hard time keeping it in your store.

  • Does every foldable model come with a mattress?

There are models which come along with a mattress and others which do not have them included. You need to choose between the two. It is always better to buy the ones that come along with a mattress, it will cost you a bit more, but at least you will be free from all the hassle caused.

Each frame comes in its own size, and for that, they have their own mattresses, if bought individual it causes problems as you might not find the one which fits perfectly.

  • Size of folding bed when opened?

The main aspect of folding beds is that they can take less space and you don’t have to leave out much of place for them to be placed. Size of the folding model should be seen before time, so as you will know does it fit in your house where you want it to be when opened properly.

If not, you can choose a one that is of less dimension. Choose wisely and accordingly for your needs.


Once you go through all the products that have been mentioned above, then one thing for sure you can see is that all of the rollaway and folding beds are compact and will do the job easily. What is important is that rollaway and folding bed are comfortable and fulfill all the needs that you have.

After all the aspects noted down, I have picked the best product which is Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed. This foldable bed not only gives the best support to your back but also comes in a variety of sizes to choose from. Give it a try. It won’t let you down.

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