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9 Best RV (Camper) Mattresses 2020

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There is no denying that a mobile home or an RV should have a comfortable bed because for most people, it is a second home while some folks use an RV as their primary home as well. The mattress in your RV will define how comfortable you are sleeping in your camper. Your mattress should provide you with a relaxing bed in in all seasons.

There is a huge variety of RV mattresses available on the market to serve the 8.3 million RV owners in the United States. Choosing a mattress that suits your requirements can be a daunting task. Therefore, we have developed this post to provide you with guidance on how to select the best RV mattress to provide you with the long-lasting comfort that you seek on your journey.

What is RV mattress?

It is a mattress with dimensions of 60-inch x 74.5-inch and is mostly found in recreational vehicles like motor homes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. It is also known as short-queen size. You might be thinking that RV king might also be available, and the answer to this question is yes, there are RV king mattresses available, and it is called the regular queen because RV king has a similar size to standard queen size, and you can use both the terms interchangeably. There are some other size variations available, but it depends upon the space available in your vehicle.

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Are RV Mattresses Different from Conventional Mattresses?

Yes, RV foams are entirely different from the traditional ones. They are six inches shorter than the standard pieces so they will fit into the tiny frames that come pre-fitted in RVs. They are shaped to fit the rounded edged of the bed frame in an RV. Therefore, they don’t come cheap. Some of them are very expensive while others deliver exceptional value.

Manufacturers choose furniture in an RV based on heaviness not on comfort because less weight improves your gas mileage. If you follow RV blogs, you’ll see brand new mattresses described as “crummy,” “crappy,” “cheap,” and “painful” on a regular basis. The mattresses that came in your RV might be good enough for a couple of nights, but if you are planning to spend a few days on the road then you will develop back pains and might be unable to enjoy your vacation because you don’t sleep well. To prevent this, you can opt for a customized RV mattress or, if your RV has a common RV mattress size, buy mattresses made especially for RVs.


9 best RV Mattresses 2020

1. Cool Bliss Gel 8″ RV Mattress – Best Luxury RV Mattresses

Plushbeds RV Mattresses – Best Luxury RV Mattresses

Plushbeds offers four different mattresses specifically designed for use in RVs including a latex mattress. They will also custom make RV mattresses to fit your space if it is not a standard size. If you’re looking for an organic or vegan RV mattress, they may be able to help you because they offer both options in their line of mattresses for use in your home.

Cool Bliss Gel 8″ RV Mattress, Gel-Infused Memory Foam RV Mattress

This gel-infused memory foam mattress sleeps 30% cooler than traditional memory foam because its design draws heat away from the body using open cell visco elastic structure channels. It sleeps so cool, they put cool in the name.

Fresh Foam Technology

Fresh Foam is created using a C02 blowing agent and soy-based polyols instead of petroleum-based oils which means it is healthier for you and for the environment.

It has a dense knit cell structure that ensures it will return to its original shape while sleeping cooler than many mattresses.


Cool Bliss is CertiPUR-US certified which means it is safe and non-toxic and won’t emit harmful gases. Cool Bliss is non-allergenic because we make it with an environmentally friendly technology.


  • A mattress that sleeps cool means you won’t need to run your air conditioner at night, which might not be possible if you’re camping in a remote site.
  • There is a 100-night sleep trial, so you have plenty of time to try sleeping on it and the opportunity to return it if it doesn’t work well for you.
  • Made in the United States
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly construction
  • The 8” thickness will provide more support than the mattress that comes with most RVs when they are new


  • It is more expensive than some options that are available although those don’t offer a sleep trial.
  • It will weigh more than the cheaper options, which is why it will last longer.
  • If you return the mattress, you are responsible for return shipping.
 If you want to be as comfortable sleeping in your RV as you are at home, Cool Bliss would be a good choice for your new RV mattress. 

2. MobilePlush Eco Green 8″ RV Mattress – Best Eco-Friendly

MobilePlush Eco Green 8" RV

Latex is the most durable mattress material as well as the most eco-friendly as it is made from the sap from rubber trees. The mattress will provide superior support for your body

Latex Hybrid

This hybrid latex mattress is designed to provide the benefits of eco-friendly latex in a supportive RV mattress designed with a core of Plushfoam to keep the weight of the mattress appropriate for use in an RV.


The 2” latex layer doesn’t require CertiPUR-US certification because latex is naturally healthy and anti-microbial. The 6” Plushfoam core is CertiPUR-us certified which means it meets all the safety and non-toxic requirements that are required to achieve the certification. It won’t emit harmful toxins or gasses.


  • With the 2” deep latex, the mattress will be more durable and supportive than straight memory or gel foam.
  • The underlying PlushFoam is made with soy-based polyols.
  • It provides plenty of pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • Your back, shoulders, hips, and knees will rest easy on this mattress.


  • There are less expensive options if you don’t care about buying an eco-friendly mattress.
  • If you choose to return the mattress, you are responsible for the return shipping charges.
 If you want an eco-friendly mattress for your adventures in the great outdoors, MobilePlush Eco Green, with its organic cotton cover, fits your needs 

3. MobilePlush 6″ Original RV Mattress – Best for bunks in narrow spaces

MobilePlush 6

Plushbeds firmest RV mattress is just 6” deep but it works well for children and light weight adults. As you sleep, the memory foam molds to and supports your body. It will be a definite improvement over the mattress the manufacturer provided with your RV.


Plushfoam is eco-friendly because they replaced the typical petroleum with soy-based polyols which makes it safer and eliminates the off-gassing mattresses that use petroleum are known to produce.


The CertiPUR-US certification means the mattress won’t give off toxic VOCs and that it is free from PBDE Flame Retardants, Prohibited Phthalates, Mercury, Lead & Heavy Metals, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), 2-Methoxyethanol, Formaldehyde, Chloroform, Methylene Chloride, and 10,000 other harmful chemicals!

It is ideal for bunks where there simply isn’t room for a taller mattress.


  • The memory foam will conform to your body and provide support so you can rest well.
  • The 6” height won’t be too tall for bunks where children will sleep.
  • It won’t increase the payload as much as a thicker mattress.
  • 100-night sleep trial.


  • The 6-inch depth isn’t deep enough for people who have heavier bodies.
  • If the mattress doesn’t work well for you, you have to pay the return shipping cost.
 If you want to make sure your children sleep comfortably in their bunks and aren’t crabapples who make your family vacation seem more like trials and tribulations than a fun experience, you need a comfortable mattress for them to sleep on. Plushbeds provides one that will fit their space 

4. MobilePlush 8″ Deluxe RV Mattress – Best for heavy bodies

MobilePlush 8

This is Plushbeds softest RV mattress, which makes it perfect for side sleepers who want to curl up and feel cozy in their travel home. The Bamboo cover is soft and eco-friendly.


The same eco-friendly Plushfoam used in the 6” mattress but deep enough to support a 250-pound man comfortably, even if he needs a mattress that won’t bother his allergies. This mattress is odor free and non-toxic.


The factory is inspected every three months to ensure the mattress is non-toxic and free of over 10,000 toxic chemicals.


  • 100-night trial to make sure you can sleep comfortably on this 8” memory foam mattress.
  • The mattress will conform to your curves to support your back, shoulders, torso, hips, and knees so you can rest deeply.
  • Plushfoam is eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • It has features that will help it sleep cool such as its open cell structure.


  • If you decide to return it, you are responsible for the return shipping.
  • It is more expensive than some of the mattress options you’ll see.
  • It may be too high for some double bunks or upper bunks.
 If you want a comfortable mattress for your home away from home, this 8” deep memory foam RV mattress will provide it. 

5. Denver 326389 – Best for Couples 

Denver 326389 – Best for Couples 

Denver is the best RV mattress for couples because it is equipped with a high-density core that provides you with excellent comfort and support while lowering motion transferability as much as possible.

Euro Top Design

This mattress comes with a euro top design that guarantees maximum support to your spine. In addition to that, the mattress can handle various pressure points to prevent numbness in the morning. It enables you to sleep on a cloudlike surface so that you can wake up blissfully.

All foam construction

The RV mattress from Denver comes is an all foam construction that reduces motion transfer which means that it is best suited for couples. If anyone moves a lot during their sleep, then this mattress will allow the other partner to sleep without being disturbed.


  • Highly density core ensures proper support.
  • The euro top design provides you with an excellent surface for sleeping.
  • All foam construction ensures limited motion transfer.
  • The luxury knit cover offers exceptional breathability.
  • The high-density foam is plant based and doesn’t contain any harmful substances.


  • Not a budget-friendly option.
If you are do not have a small budget and are traveling with your partner, then this model will serve you well. Due to the reduced motion transferability and excellent support, the Denver mattress is best suited for couples.

6. Serenia Sleep – Best for Overall comfort

Serenia Sleep – Best for Overall comfort 

This RV mattress from Serenia is best for people who are looking for overall comfort. It has highquality materials and it also comes at a very reasonable price.

Sleeps cool

The RV mattress sleeps cooler as compared to numerous other options that are in the same price range. You won’t experience any sticky, sweaty feeling and will sleep more relaxed.

Open cell construction

It has an open cell construction that keeps the mattress cool and it also absorbs any movements so that you can peacefully sleep with your significant other. In addition to that, this design feature improves the breathability of the mattress and keeps you cool while you sleep


  • The six-inch support layer provides a solid base to the mattress.
  • The two-inch top layer enables you to have a relaxed sleep with a cloudlike feeling.
  • Extremely breathable due to open cell construction so it doesn’t make you sleep hot.
  • Certified under CertiPUR-US.


  • Some of you might not like the soft firmness of this foam.
  • It tends to sink in the middle with the passage of time.
If you are looking for overall comfort in an RV mattress for your next trip, then you should choose Serenia because it provides outstanding edge-to-edge support and is extremely breathable and doesn’t retain heat

7. Live and Sleep – Best for Cool Sleep

Live and Sleep – Best for Cool Sleep

The gel infused memory foam of this RV mattress ensures that you don’t sleep sticky or sweaty at night and lets you wake up fresh in the morning. The gel microbeads absorb the heat from your body and release it away from your body.

Super flex cover

The mattress comes with a super flex linen cover that is machine washable. You can use the bedding pad to prevent your mattress from damaging spills. In addition to that, the soft touch of this cover calms your senses and you instantly feel relaxed.

Ideal Contouring

With ideal contouring, this mattress works well with the pressure points of your body as it envelops your body and prevents you from experiencing a sinking feeling. The mattress works well to keep your spine aligned at all times.


  • Gel infusion allows you to sleep cool.
  • Works well for the people with back issues.
  • Comes with a soft flex cover.
  • Certified under CertiPUR-US.
  • Comes with a 30-day trial and twenty-year warranty.


  • The mattress might not fit in some RV bed frames due to thickness.
  • It might smell strange for a few days due to gas-offing.
If you want to have a cool night’s sleep, then you should try a gel infused memory foam mattresses. It is a good option at a very competitive price.

8. Zinus Ultima – Best value for money

Zinus Ultima – Best value for money

Zinus Ultima features conforming memory foam that provides support throughout the night with the help of its three different layers that work to provide you with a relaxing sleep.


Biofoam is the latest type of memory foam that doesn’t have petroleum in its construction. Instead, the manufacturers have replaced it with plant extracts to keep the mattress odorless and breathable.


The mattress is certified under CertiPUR-US and is not made with any harmful chemicals. It is perfectly safe for adults, kids, and pets. In addition to that, there are no hazardous substances used in the making of this mattress.


  • It is available in different thickness levels ranging from 8-inch to 12-inch.
  • It has conforming memory foam that contours to your body and provides better support to your back.
  • It features Biofoam, the latest version of memory foam that uses natural plant oil.


  • The edges tend to flattenout with the passage of time.
  • It is not an ideal long-term investment.
If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of memory foam but don’t want to invest in a luxury RV mattress, then this option is best for you.

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9. Best Price Mattress – Best Price RV Mattress

Best Price Mattress – Best price

Best Price Mattress is the least expensive entry on our list, and it lives up to its name. It is made of four-inch memory foam, which allows you to use it also as a mattress topper.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep with your partner, then the motion isolation is the feature that you should be looking for. This mattress is equipped with this motion isolation feature with its four-inch memory foam.

Import Quality

The primary reason why it is the cheapest option on our list is that this mattress topper only features two layers of memory foam and a base layer. However, it doesn’t compromise on quality because all the layers are highly dense that also improves its longevity.


  • It has a motion isolation feature that makes it a budget-friendly option for couples.
  • Price is a major advantage of this RV mattress.
  • Covered by five-year warranty.


  • Quality is low in comparison to the price.
  • It is not durable in comparison to other entries on our list.
If you don’t camp a lot, then this is the best product for you. It won’t cost you much but does come with some beneficial features such as a CertiPUR-US certification, motion isolation, and a five-year warranty.

Tips for Buying Best RV Mattresses

There is a considerable number of RV mattresses available in the market but not all of them will meet your specific needs and requirements, therefore; you need to know the basics about what to consider and what to ignore. Following are some tips to assist you in buying an RV mattress that should meet your needs and requirements, and you won’t have to spend a lot either.

What type of RV do you have?

Some RVs can accommodate any mattress while others might only accommodate bunk beds small enough to fit in an RV twin or RV bunk mattress. The bedding features of the most familiar RVs are listed below.


Motorhomes refer to RVs that you can drive from one place to another as opposed to towing. However, you don’t need to have a commercial driving license to drive them. These are high-end RVs and are the largest that you can find. They are further categorized into three subgroups.

  1. Class A, which is the largest of all motorhome categories and some of the models can measure up to fifty feet lengthwise. These motorhomes have plenty of room to offer and are fully loaded with features. These motorhomes can fit any size mattress.
  2. Class B motorhomes are less expensive than Class A and are 30 to 40 feet long. The RVs in this category come with plenty of storage space but small interiors. Most of these come with small beds that work well with toppers. Some of the models can accommodate any size of the mattress.
  3. Class C motorhomes are made on the chassis of trucks and they have doors that link the cabin directly to the interior of the motorhome. These can be 20 to 30 feet long and don’t have enough room for a full bed. These might come with pull out beds, sofa beds, or bunk beds above the driving compartment. In this case, a topper is an ideal option for such a motorhome.

5th Wheel Trailer

5th Wheels are the largest towable RVs. They are attached to the vehicle with a coupling and provide excellent maneuverability and flexibility. Most of these are big enough to fit any sized bed but some of them also come with bunk beds.

Travel Trailer

These trailers are very long and come with a plethora of features, but they don’t offer much in terms of maneuverability like 5th wheel coupling. In addition to that, these trailers are narrow and most of them feature a fold out bed. Some of the larger trailers have a bedroom at one end that can fit a Queen RV mattress on a platform.

Pop Up Trailers

Pop-ups are the smallest among the towable trailers that have sleeping quarters. These trailers are ideal for short road tours or trips and occasional campouts. They are fairly short hence; you won’t need a thick mattress. Therefore, you should opt for a topper.

Choosing the right size

The size of the mattress needs to be accurate if you want to sleep comfortably in your camper. There are different sizes available for you to use in your RV, and are listed as follows:

  • Twin – Twin sized RV mattresses come in different dimensions ranging from 28-inch x 75-inch to 40-inch x 80-inch. Choosing the right size depends on the type of bed in your camper. You can arrange them as bunk beds or side by side. This size is equivalent to a twin bed at home and the standard size is 38-inch x 75-inch. A twin size is suitable for small sized campers, in particular, pop-ups.
  • Bunk – bunk mattresses for RVs work well with twin sizes but they come with different dimensions based on your camper’s layout. Bunk mattresses can range in size from 28-inch x 75-inch to 35-inch x 75-inch. These mattresses are suitable for family-friendly RVs. There is a variety of combinations for these bunks. Your camper might have a twin on full, twin on twin or twin on a queen or even a twin on a full fold out couch. If you can’t find the right size then you might require one of a size of truck bed mattresses that can range from 35-inch x 79-inch to 42-inch x 80-inch.
  • Full – An RV full mattress is just like a double bed and measures 54-inch x 70-inch. An RV full mattress is one inch wider as compared to the model you have at home. Most of these come with a fold out couch and most of the RVs are equipped with it depending on the model.
  • Three Quarter – this mattress is three-quarters of the size of the standard queen bed and measures 48-inch x 75-inch. The RVs with longer than wider rooms or uncommon dimensions come with such mattresses. Three quarters are best suited for guest rooms with more than one person.
  • Queen – Queen sized RV mattresses are the same in size as compared to domestic beds with dimensions 60-inch x 80-inch. This size is available in most campers. Many of the popup RVs have queen sized beds on either side. It is an ideal option if you want some space between yourself and your camping partner.
  • Short Queen – This RV mattress has dimensions of 60-inch x 75-inch which means that it is 5 inches shorter than the standard size. These are better suited in campers with wider than longer rooms or motorhomes with limited space.
  • Olympic Queen – The dimensions of this RV mattress are 66-inch x 80-inch which means that it is 6 inches wider than a regular queen. This size is suitable for RVs that are wider than longer. You get plenty of moving space but can also be cozy in cold nights.
  • King – You might think that a king size is not very common in RVs, but it is. Depending on your RVs width, a king size can range from 72-inch x 75-inch to 72-inch x 80-inch. Some pop-ups come with king-sized beds on each side and it can comfortably house three adults or four kids.
  • Eastern King – This size is more recent invention and is found in some of the latest campers. The mattresses measure 76-inch x 80-inch, which means you get four more inches in width without compromising on length. It is best suited for couples who prefer plenty of space. You can also accommodate kids who end up sleeping alongside you and don’t want to sleep in their own bed.
  • California King – This size is common in homes but not very common in RVs because it has more length and less width and has dimensions of 72-inch x 84-inch. This size is ideal for tall people who need foot room and don’t mind cuddling up. You can place it in RVs that have longer than wider space.
RV Bunk28-inch x 75-inch
30-inch x 75-inch
30-inch x 80-inch
34-inch x 75-inch
RV Twin38-inch x 75-inch
38-inch x 80-inch
40-inch x 80-inch
RV Full53-inch x 75-inch
55-inch x 75-inch
RV Three-Quarter48-inch x 75-inch
48-inch x 80-inch
RV Short Queen60-inch x 75-inch
RV Queen60-inch x 80-inch
RV Olympic Queen66-inch x 80-inch
RV King72-inch x 75-inch
72-inch x 80-inch
RV Eastern King76-inch x 80-inch
RV California King72-inch x 80-inch
72-inch x 84-inch

Choose the right material

MATERIALPROSCONSEditor Rating and review
RV FoamSlim profile (lightweight)wear and tearGOOD

RV foam mattresses don’t take much space but are more uncomfortable because of their slim profile

Not very expensiveVery firm
RV LatexDurableExpensiveGOOD

RV latex mattresses are anti-microbial, but these mattresses are too big to fit in a camper.

Comfortable and responsiveVery thick and  heavy
RV InnerspringNot very expensiveProne to rustGOOD

RV innerspring mattresses can fit in most sleeping quarters; however, their springs wear out quickly due to rust.

Slim profileHeavy
RV Gel Memory FoamDurableNot readily availableFAIR

Gel infused memory foam is comfortable and expensive but RV models are hard to find because of their thick construction.

Responsive and comfortableHeavy and thick
RV AirbedThickness level adjustabilityNot compatible with RVsFAIR

It is not an ideal option for RVs because of their leakage issues; however, top quality models are very comfortable.

Responsive and comfortableExpensive

FAQs before buying an RV mattress

How much will an RV mattress cost?

RV mattresses are less expensive as compared to their standard counterparts and most of them are under $500 while some of them are even available under $150. The customized versions will cost a bit more.

What RV type should I get?

If you have a Class A or Class B homes, or a 5th Wheel trailer then you should go for a larger bed. On the other hand, anything smaller than these categories with easily accommodates a smaller bed or topper.

How are sleeping quarters built in my RV?

Sofas and beds that are built-in don’t have much space in them to accommodate thick mattress, large motorhomes can accommodate such mattresses.

What should be the dimensions for my RV mattress?

Apart from the customized option, you can opt from over two dozen different dimensions and eleven different sizes. Therefore, you have to measure the dimensions of the quarters and the bed in your RV for the best fit. If you have bunk beds in your RV, then you are limited to some size options.

What should be the thickness of my RV mattress?

Normally, RV mattress thickness range between five and six inches and no more than ten inches. Anything over ten inches will make it tough for you to fit your mattress in the sleeping quarters.

What firmness level should I opt for?

The firmness level depends upon your own preferences. Usually, RV mattresses do come with high firmness, but you can also choose soft foam or innerspring if you prefer a softer surface.

What type of RV mattress is best for camping?

Innerspring RV mattresses don’t last too long because they have metal springs which are rust-susceptible and are also affected by temperature variations. Nevertheless, for camping purposes, you can opt for foam mattresses because they have a long lifespan even in rugged conditions.

Wrap up

So there you go, now you have all the information that you might need to buy an RV mattress. Just make a list of your requirements, match them against each mattress and just buy the one with the highest checks. If you’re not running out of budget then go for the luxury feel.

In case of any suggestions or query, you can get in contact with us by dropping a comment in the section given below.

Enjoy Your Camp!