4 Best Sleep Sacks You Can Never Miss

Do you have a baby who gets all jumpy at night? Do you wake up often to check on the baby? Having a baby and checking every now and then just to make sure the baby is sound asleep and cozy. Many mothers complain that their baby moves up and down a lot while sleeping and kicks off the blanket. In a cold night, it may be a little concerning regarding the baby’s health. Sleep sacks are here just to give you relief.

A sleep sack is a great comfort that enables a mother and her child to be at ease. For designs and usage, it can be used by different age groups. Yes, it can be used by adults for camping or just getting a fully covered soft sheet. It all depends on your need. Read our best sleep sacks reviews to find out a perfect match for yourself.


Sleep sacks have a very important role in a night time routine of a baby. It is made of soft material that helps in containing the baby giving him/her a good room for kicking and rolling.

Its main purpose is safety. It protects the child from getting overheated. Moreover, it makes diaper changing easier. Overall, it helps to handle the baby at night and protects him/her from getting cold, unlike the blankets.



The fabric is a major concern every person should know while buying a sleep sack. Fabric makes a big difference. Many people have allergies and many babies get allergies from different types of fabric. In a baby’s case to choose a healthy and hypoallergenic fabric is very important. Materials like polymer, polyester, and cotton are commonly used but cotton is the most recommended fabric. It has a silky and soft touch to the skin with a breathing capability that prevents one from overheating.

Whereas, wool is also a great fabric for regulating body temperature. Wool is recommended for cold weather to give a heating effect on the body.


A key factor many parents are unaware of is the TOG rating. While buying a fabric it is very important to know the temperature regulating property of it. The higher the tog, the warmer the fabric will be. So while buying a sack remember to know the weather in which it will be used so that you do not regret your choice.

Ease of Access

Sacks are closed completely from the bottom which may cause uneasiness for the parents when it’s nappy changing time. That is why many have now zippers placed at different locations. Such as, a two-way zipper opens up the whole bottom of the sack and allows full access to the diaper while in other sacks there is an inverted zipper that opens up only in between giving easy reach to the diaper at night. The most loved from the parents is the two-way zipper as it is easier to open up in the dark.


Many sleep sacks are assisted with adjustable straps on shoulders and waist. They allow you to adjust the height and length of the sack according to the baby. Babies grow quickly which makes the old sack useless whereas, these adjustable sacks work for a long time.

A palm design is also structured on the sack to give a soothing effect on the baby’s chest and help him/her in deep sleep.

Sleeve Length

Many sleep sacks come with different types of straps. An adjustable strap shoulder, full sleeves, and sleeve-less sacks. They all offer a different purpose.

The adjustable sleeve straps are versatile and easy to adjust according to the growing age of the baby which fits the shoulders perfectly. Whereas the full sleeves are recommended for extra warmth, it partially acts as a onesie. On the other hand, the sleeveless is the most recommended and loved by the babies. They are more versatile and weather friendly.

Advantages of Using Sleep Sacks

  • Baby sacks are recommended over blankets because they help the baby to stay in place and avoid the baby getting tangled in loose bedding which can cause a sleep hazard. Babies seem to be active even when they are asleep which poses a risk of getting tangled between the blankets.
  • The fabric has small holes which enable the air to enter the sack without causing suffocation.
  • They have armholes and neck hole which keeps the sack in place acting as a proper garment for the baby. This restricts the baby from sinking in the sack.
  • They have a major role in keeping the baby safe, warm and comfortable. They come in different fabrics for different seasons.
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4 Best Sleep Sacks

Attributes Halo Sleep Baby Sleep Bag From Nested Bean Travel Sleep Halo Sleep Micro-Fleece Swaddle
Designed for Babies Toddlers Adults Newborns
Material 100% Cotton, 100% Muslin, Microfleece, 100% Cotton and BPA free. Includes microfiber. 100% Cotton, 100% Muslin, Micro fleece,
Weight recommendation 10-36 lbs. Varying is size. 16-24 lbs. N/A Newborn (6 -12 lbs.), Small (13-18 lbs.)
Dimensions 0.7 x 9 x 11 inches. 9 x 9 x 4 inches 93 x 43 inches 1.5 x 9 x 11.2 inches
Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Has two sizes one from 3-6 months and the other from 6-12 months. One size, perfect for adults. 4 Sizes.
Colors Available in 19 different colors. Ranges in 7 colors. Available in grey. Available in 17 colors.
Machine washable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $ $ $ $

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Halo Sleep – Best for Babies

Halo Sleep – Best for Babies


HALO is a baby product manufacturer known for their best quality sacks and swaddles. HALO sleep sack is a 100% pure cotton product that has a very soft effect on a baby’s body. It has perfect stitching and an inverted zipper that gives a comfortable touch to the baby.

With the bottom unzipping, it proves its unique design. No need to be concern about the random rolling and kicking of the baby as the sack wholly protects and limits the legs of the baby giving the baby much space to move.

The sack is designed with a neck and arm holes to keep the baby from suffocating or getting into the sack. It also has an embroidered back that states ‘BACK IS BEST’, that reminds the parents to make their baby sleep on their backs as it is safe and healthy. It is machine wash friendly. The material is of such fine quality that the color does not wash off.

It has a special fabric that allows fresh air in and out resisting overheating. Moreover, its perfect design allows easy diaper changing at night. All mothers can agree on that. Halo sleep sack can be bought in 19 different colors and all with great designs.

  • Allows free space for movement.
  • Has soft and health friendly fabric.
  • Restricts the kid to get out of the crib.
  • Great for summers.
  • Does not suffocate the child.

  • The zipper is of a plastic material that lowers its sturdiness with an increase in age of the baby.

Baby Sleep Bag from Nested Bean – Best for Toddlers

Baby Sleep Bag from Nested Bean – Best for Toddlers

Nested Bean are great manufacturers known for their unique thinking and ideas that show up in their designs. Baby sleep bags are designed keeping all the physical requirements in mind. They have set up such a comfortable bag that contains you toddler and restricts him/her from jumping out of the crib. Special adjustable straps for shoulders are given.

Is your toddler growing? No problem. These straps will adjust just the right size of your toddler’s shoulder and still give the comfort it used to. Improving more, it has a two-way zipper that fully opens up the bag from the bottom and facilitates fresh air to enter while midnight nappy changing. It is an overall transition sack.

Also taking care of your toddler’s calmness, Nested Bean has tested and approved the reassuring palm placed right in place of a toddler’s chest. The weight is endorsed due to the poly beads filled in the palm shape that are non-toxic and BPA free ensuring a healthy and long sleep. Whereas, the material used in the sack is TOG rated for 0.5, that makes is cool and cozy for summer nights with breathable technology.

Moreover, it has been tested and tried quite a few times for quality check in order to give you a fine product. It uses 100% cotton and restricts the use of any toxic material. The cotton is soft and free of allergies that make it BPA and phthalate free.

  • Reliable with a very soft and luxurious material.
  • Let the toddler sleep for more hours than usual.
  • The two-way zipper is an ideal design for parents to change nappy.
  • Keeps the toddler from getting into mischievous acts at night.
  • Machine washable to keep it clean and healthy.
  • The light weighted pad helps in deep sleep.

  • Some toddlers might not like the padded chest.

SleepSack – Best for Adults

SleepSack – Best for Adults

‘Where the Polka Dots Roam’ is the brand behind this amazing product. The bed allergies a traveler faces due to the bed sheets of different hotels was solved with the idea of a travel sack. Travel sleep sack is specially designed for adults who love staying covered all the way around. This is basically used to give you a comfortable sleep experience while traveling.

The lightweight design sack is made with microfiber that makes it more breathable and cool than cotton. It has a machine washable material to keep the sack fresh and clean without wearing off the quality. The microfiber used keeps you away from getting heated. On the other hand, it has stain resistant technology that helps it stay clean longer than any other sack and easy to use anywhere around.

It does not have any zipper or strap to get in or out but it is designed for direct usage. It also assists a pillow cover that allows you to pack and use the sack with a comfy pillow.

  • Easy to pack for travel.
  • Lightweight gives comfort.
  • The material used is free of toxins.
  • Can be used for bed linen.
  • Contains a pillowcase.
  • Soft fabric.

  • Has only one color and size.
  • Does not have zipper or straps.

Halo Sleepsack Micro-Fleece Swaddle – Best for Newborns

Halo Sleepsack Micro-Fleece Swaddle – Best for NewbornsHALO being the brand especially for babies and especially for blankets and swaddles ensures a good quality and baby friendly product. HALO sleep sack is made with micro-fleece 100% polyester to ensure its breathability. It is specially designed for newborns to help them stretch and grow in a healthy way by getting a healthy nap.

It supports fasteners that are strong and durable and hold the newborn easily. The straps can be functioned for different needs and purposes. This sack not only helps the baby have a nice long nap but also helps the parent to hold them easily.

Moreover, it contains inverted zipper that ensures easy diaper changes. The sack has a good room for baby leg movements so that the baby does not get restricted or strangled. Also, the sack is made machine washable but with few precautions, i.e. wash with light colors and close the straps before washing so that the straps don’t lose their quality.

The back of the sack has ‘BACK IS BEST’ embroidered for parents’ reminder to ensure that their baby sleeps on its back. The sleeveless design allows the sack to be breathable and protects from overheating. Listed at 1.0 TOG, making it fresh and free from BPA.

  • Multi-strap options for newborns.
  • Free of toxins fabric.
  • Can be used for sleep time or swaddling.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.
  • Soft and light material.

  • The straps are made industrial and can feel a little forceful to the child.
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There are several things you should know about safety precautions for your baby.

Although more than one million sleep sacks have been sold, there have been very few incidents involving the safety of the baby. One problem occurs when a baby in a sleep sack ends up in a supine (face down) position. Some babies have suffocated after they rolled onto their stomach while wearing a sleep sack although the problems with sleep sacks have a lower incidence than those experienced with blankets.

The recommendation is to stop using sleep sacks as soon as you notice your baby trying to roll over. The same advice is given for any type of swaddling.

There have been some cases where the zipper of the sleep sack posed a choking hazard and a couple of cases where an opening in the zipper caught a baby’s new tooth, resulting in the extraction of the tooth.

Like with any baby clothing, make sure any design you use doesn’t pose any choking hazards and that all fasteners are securely fastened.

Do not put your baby face down. It greatly increases the risk of injury or death, including SIDS. You should also avoid bumper pads, blankets, soft bedding, and pillows.

Finally, you want to make sure you don’t overheat your baby. Hats can interfere with the ability to cool down in a hot room. If you pay attention and think about what you’re doing as far as keeping your child warm enough but not too warm, you should be fine. Infant’s control of their body temperature isn’t as sophisticated as an adult’s control.


There is no second thought how much a sack can do but it may concern you with its useful life. Many think that sacks are just for baby use but they are wrong. People who love traveling around or for those people whose job is with traveling might face problems with bed allergies. This problem can be overcome by using a sack which makes life and travel easier.

Moreover, babies are quite fragile and to handle them with care sleep sacks are the best choice you can make. These sacks are very handy for parents as they help the baby and the parents sleep deep at night without having the need to look at the child again and again.

So, replace a blanket with a good quality sleep sack to ensure the health of your baby.

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