TOP 5 Best Sleep Stylers

Sleep stylers are a new way to style your hair invented by a busy wife and mother. Hairstyling is a very old tradition that is slowly regaining popularity. Having your hair straightened or curled gives a new look and fresher approach to your personality. Since styling your hair can take a long time and a lot of effort, the sleep styler was invented to style your hair while you sleep, reduce heat damage to your hair, and save you time.

In the old days, curlers were used to curl hair while people slept. But the curls weren’t comfortable. Even the prettiest woman with the most gorgeous hair doesn’t look good when she is sleep deprived.

Sleep stylers are easily worn at night so you have perfectly styled hair in the morning. This product is commonly used these days. This write-up will tell you everything you need to know about sleep stylers before you purchasing them.

Let’s begin with a quick comparison.

What are sleep stylers?

Sleep stylers usually require no chemicals, heat, or other external factors that may be damaging to your hair. They are simply worn for about 6 to 8 hours while you sleep to bring you results that you would have to spend hours achieving during the daytime.

Sleep hair stylers are easy to use and can easily be set before you go to sleep. These stylers are available in different forms to accomplish different goals like curling, waving, and even straightening. Despite their differences, they share some characteristics. They are soft, plushy, and comfortable so that they do not hurt or hinder your ability to sleep. The result of using sleep stylers is beautiful hair.

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How does a sleep styler work?

Sleep stylers are made from a soft fabric wrapped around foam with hidden wires inside. The soft fabric soak in all the remaining moisture from your hair and provide a dry and more natural base for the styler to work.

The foam of the style comes next with a couple of different uses. The memory foam, first of all, traps the heat of the body to raise the temperature of the hair by a few degrees. This process allows the hair to remain safe. No external heat comes in contact with your hair. The memory foam also helps you sleep by providing a soft place for your head that won’t cause discomfort.

The wires in a sleep styler are fit very conveniently and carefully so that they do not escape the roller and dig into the skin. The wires add flexibility so the need for bobby pins and other hear gear is reduced. The wire also allows users to use their curlers repeatedly.

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Factors to consider when buying

If you are planning on getting a sleep styler to make your hair easy to style without harming your hair, then you will need to keep the following few factors in your mind so you will buy the right one.

  • Choose according to your hair type: Sleep stylers are of many different kinds and the first thing you need to do is identify your hair type. For example, for longer hair, you may want stylers that are larger in size and can ensure that your hair remains intact in the rollers. Similarly, for the shorter hair, you will not need something very large. A few short curlers will do the trick. Remember, poorly selected styler may not work well on your hair and they may produce an adverse style.
  • Keep in mind the style that you want to achieve: An important aspect, you need to choose whether you want to style your hair straight, curly, ringlets, wavy, or any other style. There are different kinds of stylers that target a particular hairstyle and you will need to keep in mind your choice when you buy the product. However, some sleep stylers are made for more than one hairstyle and can be very versatile.
  • Keep in mind the comfort: Since sleep stylers will be used when you are sleeping, you need to make sure they are comfortable so that they do not interfere with your sleep. Styler with memory foam is more suitable instead of a regular sponge or regular foam. These ensure the shape of your head along with the roller is achieved and provides ample support to your head while you are sleeping. They also remain perfectly soft and trap the body heat better.You will also have to keep in mind the flexibility and how the wire is tightly packed so that it does not come out in the middle of styling and cause injuries to you.
  • Wet hair usage: If you are someone who takes a shower before going to bed, you would probably want to save time. Some sleep stylers do not work with wet hair. If you would like to save time by using these rollers on your wet hair, then you will have to keep in mind this factor before purchasing. Stylers that can easily accommodate wet hair are usually made with a more absorbent material or a tougher twist in their design. Some of them tend to not work unless there is some sort of serum applied to your wet hair.
  • Additional accessories: Sometimes, additional accessories are a very important factor in a product. If you are looking to make your sleep styling experience better, then it is ideal to go with the ones that have a wig cap kind of an item with them. This cap allows you to easily wear it and keep the stylers in a better place and be less worried about them being lost and falling off. Additionally, it is ideal to go for the ones that have a bag or carrying case with them so you can keep them safe after use.

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Top 5 Best Sleep Styler (Reviews and compare)

Product NameUse on wet hairNumber of rollers in a packetBest forPrice
Foam Hair Rollers Curler ClipsNo25Short hair$
All-star InnovationsYes if hair is not too thick8 largeCurly hair$
Amaeutty70 % dry hair20Straightening$
Zinnor70% dry hair20Long hair$
Aimin Hair Night Sleep No30 %Medium Length hair$

Foam Hair Rollers Curler Clip – Best for Short hair

Foam Hair Rollers Curler Clip – Best for Short hair

The foam hair rollers are a great way to style your hair without using heat and damaging your hair. These soft curlers are made with a flexible foam sponge to ensure your hair remains soft and easy to deal with inside the curlers.

The elasticity in them allows you to simply stretch it to tighten the hair inside it so that they can be flawlessly curled. These rollers are perfect for people with short hair as they provide beach waves and natural waves easily without losing the texture of your real hair.

The best part about them is the convenience to use while sleeping as well since they tend to be the right fit on your head. The soft sponge is about 6 cm which turns to half when compressed for curling the hair. The wig cap included with these curlers can help you keep them in place overnight.

One set contains about 25 rollers, 2 wig caps, and a cosmetic bag that can keep all of this in place. These curlers are highly soft and they do not interfere with your comfort at night which makes them a great purchase.


  • The rollers are a flexible system to twist them into any position and easily allow them to come back to their original.
  • The elasticity allows the curlers to be tightly fit in the hair so that they do not lose position while sleeping.
  • There is a wig cap and cosmetic bag included with these curlers to make them more suitable.
  • There is not heat, oils, or chemicals required to make them more sustainable and dangerous to your hair.


  • They are not suitable for wet hair.
  • The curls with these are lost and can be opened very easily on iron straight hair.

All-star Innovations Sleep Styler – Best for Curly hair

All-star Innovations Sleep Styler – Best for Curly hair

The All-star innovations sleep styler is a great way to save time and style your hair when you are sleeping. These are made in an easy design i.e. one piece per curler that reduces the effort of attaching so many items on your head.

These curlers can work on wet hair easily that makes it an ideal choice for those who use to take shower before bedtime. The core of these curlers is made with memory foam that allows users to sleep without displacing the curlers from their head. Memory foam also makes them comfortable to sleep when wearing them. Absolutely no heating is required to let your hair come to the required shape.

These curlers are absorbent that means your hairs’ natural tendency and body heat will do the job for you. These are a perfect way to curl naturally curly hair as the large ones can help in straightening them as well. Another size that is available in these curlers is the small one, it can be used for small curls or for people with shorter hair. The curls achieved with them are neater and allow natural curly hair to be more elegant. There are about 8 curlers of 6 inches in this packet.


  • The memory foam core allows comfortable sleep without the curlers getting in the way.
  • There is no heat required at all before or after the use.
  • You can use them on wet hair as well if your hair is thin.
  • The large curlers can be used to straighten hair naturally or simply make them more manageable.


  • Memory foam seems to flatten after sleeping.
  • They do not have a system to remain in place for long.

Amaeutty Sleep Styler And Hair Curlers – Best for hair straightening

Amaeutty Sleep Styler And Hair Curlers – Best for hair straightening

Amaeutty sleep styler curlers are a great option for those people that like to curl their hair without spending hours and without damaging them. These curlers are made with a foam design and are easily twistable, which allows you to simply attach these to your hair without worrying about adding serums or other chemicals to your hair.

Their easily twistable design allows the users to simply use it as a flat surface to straighten hair overnight without the use of heated irons. The foam in these curlers makes them a comfortable surface to sleep on which is why your comfort will not interfere while sleeping. You do not have to ensure that your hair is entirely dry when you use this curler; a few minutes of air drying will do the trick.

These curlers have the ability to easily come back to shape which is why they are perfect for reusing even every day. The lack of heat and electricity used makes it very safe for hair. The adjustable option in these allows you to simply choose the size of curls that you would want in your hair. To keep your curlers safe, there is a storage case that comes with them.


  • These curlers can be used as a flat surface for straightening hair.
  • They are soft which reduce the interference in comfort while sleeping.
  • Partially wet hair can be curler because of the absorbent feature.
  • Curling size can be adjusted according to the preferences of the users.


  • They do not come with a wig cap for protection.
  • They do not fit as very tight on silky hair.

Zinnor Hair Curlers Rollers – Best for long hair

Zinnor Hair Curlers Rollers – Best for long hair

Zinnor is a brand known for its new styles and designs in the beauty world. One such example of their exceptional products are these hair curler rollers. Without any heat or electricity, you can work to make your hair curly and stylish.

Additionally, you will not have to use any kind of chemicals on your hair to ensure that these are finely set. The curlers are foam sponges that are highly absorbent, you do not have to dry your hair all the way before you use them. Their flexibility allows the user to adjust it at almost any angle which is why they set perfectly on long hair.

You can make plenty of curling styles with these rollers. The flexibility also ensures that your hair does not fall flat and has plenty of volumes. You can easily put uptight or loose curls with these rollers. The softness allows you to easily wear them and sleep without being uncomfortable or worrying about them falling off.

These curlers can easily come back to their shape and be reused provided that they are washed properly after every use. Their lightweight property easily enables them to be fit in a bag and be transported anywhere. Their nonslip feature allows them to stay tight on long and thick hair for the finest result.


  • They are very soft and perfect to use while sleeping.
  • Rollers can easily be used in semi-dry hair and can absorb extra moisture in the hair.
  • They do not flatten the hair and add volume.
  • These can be used without any chemicals and heat.


  • The soft cushioned material has a strong odor to them.
  • They do not sit well on short hair.

Aimin Hair Night Sleep Foam Hair Curler Rollers – Best for medium length hair

Aimin Hair Night Sleep Foam Hair Curler Rollers – Best for medium length hair

Aimin hair has been around for about 4 decades and promises excellent quality products for hairstyling and hair care. The Night Sleep foam hair rollers are a comfortable way of curling your hair along with the assurance of perfect curling for your hair kind. These rollers are made soft and plushy so that they remain comfortable when you wear them at night and do not dig into your skin and cause injuries and pain.

The lightweight feature makes them easy to carry around and easy on your head when you are sleeping. With the flexibility and adjustability, you can make innumerable style; a few of the most popular ones include using two rollers together. Their versatility makes them great for medium length hair. Their design is so flexible that you will not need pins and other objects to keep your hair in place while you sleep.

In the packet, you can simply get about 30 rollers that are usually a little more than enough. These will help in making your styles and the thickness of the strands.


  • These rollers are very light in weight so they do not seem heavy on the head while sleeping.
  • They are soft and can easily be slept in without being uncomfortable.
  • These rollers can be used without pins and hair gears.


  • They are not suited if you have even partially wet hair.
  • These rollers do not come with a carrying pouch or a wig cap.

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Sleep stylers are definitely a great addition to the hair styling products. These items are best for practically all kinds of textures of hair and perfect for achieving almost any kind of hairstyles.

We have jotted the best sleep styler reviews to ensure that you can have an idea of what kind of sleep stylers the market has and what kind of different stylers can be achieved with them. Sleep stylers are the newest fashion item that helps in achieving so many different kinds of styles without damaging your hair or risking it.