10 Best sleigh beds

10 Best sleigh beds

Sleigh beds are an old style that is being made in new ways using different materials and colors that make your bedroom stylish. To help you purchase the best sleigh bed, we have jotted down all the details that will help you through your purchase. Our product review has the variety and allows you to have a better idea of the option available for you.

Let’s take a look to get a better idea!

What is a sleigh bed?

Sleigh bed frames are shaped like sleighs. They bring a highly elegant look in any bedroom and tend to suit almost all kinds of furniture. These can be in metal, wood, or even upholstery form. They are also quite heavy most of the time but are made lighter these days.

Things we like about Sleigh beds

  • Slay with style: Sleigh is designed to be highly elegant because of their magnified kind of look. What makes this bed perfect for style conscious people? It gives any room a blast of fashion that means if the rest of the room is not attractive enough, the bed will cover it.
  • Cozy vibes: The high raised headboard and footboard allow the bed to be more closed and hence it provides a more cozy effect especially in winters.

Things we dislike

  • Limited leg room: Since the footboard is also raised, you might not get enough leg space.
  • Difficult to move: Most of them are made of heavy wood that is why once they are assembled, they are almost impossible to move around.
  • Expensive: Since they are heavy duty and made with solid materials, they tend to be very expensive.

Top 10 Best sleigh beds

Short Reviews Material Weight capacity Box Spring Required
Richard Hardwood 600 lbs. Yes
Ferrero Rubberwood 400 lbs. Yes
Croftshire Metal 800 lbs. Yes
Abell Iron 750 lbs. Yes
Carpenter Wood N/A Yes
Dwyer Wood 450 lbs. No
Kinman Plywood, upholstery 600 lbs. No
Janis Metal 500 lbs. Yes
Serenity Tropical wood 600 lbs. Yes
Wood and Metal Wood and metal 750 pounds Yes

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Richard – Best rated overall

The Richard is made of hardwood material that gives the bed an elegant look and helps it become more durable than other models. To help the wood remain fresh, a coat of veneer is applied.

This model is made very strong and durable. It has the ability to accommodate up to 600 pounds that means heavy people – (individuals or couples) can enjoy without giving tension to the bed.

The basic style is like a platform bed. It has four slats that come with the bed and allow the standard sized mattress to easily fit on to them and provide the right foundation.

  • It can easily fit standard sized mattresses.
  • Hardwood and veneer create a durable piece.
  • Slats are included.
  • Up to 600 pounds can be exerted.

  • This model requires complicated assembly.

Why it is best for you

The ability to hold standard mattresses and box springs with durability features make this bed an overall top rated product.

Ferrero – Best Contemporary design

Ferrero - Best Contemporary designThe Ferrero comes with slats that allow the mattress to be easily fit and the bed to be able to remain well ventilated for the mattress.

There are two different wood colors included in this bed. Cherry and cappuccino colors make the bed natural colored and stylish along with allowing the user to have variety.

The slats play an important in providing support to the mattress with ample support and a longer life. Slats are included of the same rubberwood with this bed.

  • There are options to select colors.
  • The headboard and footboard are included.
  • You do not need to get slats as they are included.
  • The bed has center support legs to help keep it durable.

  • Not suitable for heavy couples.

Why it is best for you

Rubberwood along with the veneer gives sleigh beds a stylish look, but the option to choose the colors is most suitable for people that are adamant about keeping their furniture theme.

Croftshire – Best value for money

Croftshire – Best value for money

The Croftshire is a metal frame foundation in the sleigh design that is low maintenance and perfect for places with high humidity that cannot accommodate wood. It can be cleaned with a simple wet cloth.

This metal sleigh is versatile and can work with a spring box foundation as well as slats. Slats are provided with the bed; however, the box spring will need to be purchased separately.

It is perfect for places that are warm as the material is metal and it will not generate heat like wood. It will also help keep the mattress more durable and ventilated.

  • The material is highly durable and allows 800 pounds to be exerted.
  • The design ensures proper ventilation for the mattress.
  • It can accommodate spring box as well as slats.
  • Slats are included.

  • It is too low.

Why it is best for you

This model is perfect for people that are looking for low maintenance options. It can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth that keeps it looking fresh and new.

Abell – Best variable designs

Abell – Best variable designs

The Abell with a metal frame is a simple yet stylish design to allow it to be themed with the room and allows the bed to keep the room perfect.

One of the best things is its two center support legs. These legs allow the bed to hold up to 750 lbs of weight and keep the bed durable.

It is a low maintenance design. The rope-like structures allow the bed to be easily cleaned deeply. A clean damp cloth is enough to keep this bed looking brand new.

  • It is easy to clean with a damp cloth only.
  • The simple design promotes style.
  • Users can use it with box spring as well as slats that are included.
  • Over 750 lbs of weight can be exerted making it perfect for heavy people.

  • The model has no storage options.

Why it is best for you

Perfect for people that like to have a simple design that ensures style in their bedroom. The style helps in keeping the bed low maintenance for convenience too.

Carpenter – Best Classical design

Carpenter – Best Classical design

The carpenter can be used as a platform with the slats or solely with the box spring. This feature allows users to choose their own comfort with the bed foundation.

If you are using this for old people or for people that have the tendency to roll off the bed and seriously injure themselves, the bed has the option to fit metal rails.

Adjustable bases are highly suited to the bed since they allow the user to set the height according to their preference. This model allows you to choose any base that you prefer.

  • You can choose a base of your choice.
  • Users can put up metal rails.
  • There are included slats.
  • Can be used with any kind of mattress of the right size.

  • The assembly takes a lot of time.

Why it is best for you

This mattress is perfect for people that want to add classical design to their room. The detachable metal rails help the sleepers remain safe all the time.

Dwyer – Best for long life

Dwyer – Best for long life

The Dwyer is made with manufactured wood and topped off with veneer to ensure that their sleigh beds remain highly durable.

One of the biggest flaws of most beds is that they do not have the potential to hold thicker mattresses. With the Dwyer, you can hold a 12 inches thick memory foam mattress as per your requirements.

The center support legs also come with this bed, it is better for durability and weight distribution. These center supports are a must use when using the bed as a box spring.

  • There are center support legs for better weight distribution.
  • A highly thick memory foam mattress can be used.
  • This model can be used with a box spring foundation.
  • It is easy to assemble with the manual.

  • This model is very heavy.

Why it is best for you

Dwyer is perfect for people that are comfortable in sleeping with thick mattresses. This model allows up to 12 inches of mattress to be easily placed on it.

Kinman – Best for luxury sleep

Kinman – Best for luxury sleep

The Kinman comes in an upholstered design that allows users to enjoy more luxury sleep. This sleigh model is shipped in the making that means that there is no assembly required at all. This feature makes it very convenient.

The bed comes with about 39 slats all of that can be used to support the mattress and allow the exerted pressure to be up to 600 pounds.

  • Up to 600 lbs. of weight capacity.
  • 39 included slats for support.
  • Plywood and manufactured wood make the bed highly durable.
  • There is no assembly required at all.
  • This model is heavy in weight and moving around.

Why it is best for you

It is a great choice if you desire to enjoy the sleep on a luxury bed.

Janis – Best for Country décor

Janis – Best for Country décor

The Janis is a lightweight metal sleigh model that allows the bed to be sturdy and durable for a long time. It works with box spring foundations only that is perfect for people that require much more support in the weight distribution aside from the mattress.

The mattress that can be placed on this bed can be up to 9 inches thick. This is perfect for people that want to keep the mattress high enough to get up and low enough to not be very high.

  • With the separate 9 inches thick mattress, the bed remains at the perfect height.
  • Spring box foundation allows better weight distribution.
  • No slats required with this bed.
  • This metal bed can accommodate up to 500 pounds.
  • This model can become warm with the spring box foundation.

Why it is best for you

Janis is perfect for people with joint problems. The box spring foundation allows the proper weight to be exerted equally throughout the body and supports the height of the bed too.

Serenity – Best design without risers

Serenity – Best design without risers

The serenity is made of chipboard, okoume, and tropical wood altogether to give s stylish and a perfect finish to the bed. The brown and cherry colors are both highly stylish and you can choose them according to the theme of your furniture easily.

It can be used with box spring to make it more useful to the people who want to raise it without risers and want better weight distribution.

  • You can use it with box spring foundation as well.
  • There are two color options.
  • Multiple materials make up this model durable.
  • There is ample space on the bottom.
  • It cannot be used with risers.

Why it is best for you

With the best design without risers and the availability of colors to choose from can make this bed suitable for any room. It also has the option to be worked with slats or box spring that makes it versatile.

Wood and Metal – Best Stylish model  

Wood and Metal – Best Stylish sleigh beds

This unique sleigh model is made of wood and metal together. The wood helps in making the bed acquire a perfect finish and the metal helps in making the frame solid and durable. The metal frame is not at all complicated. Users can choose not to use the sleigh with the frame; they can use it with any other one for convenience.

The bed is low maintenance and does require much to help clean it. A damp cloth can be used to get rid of the dirt and keep the look clean and fresh.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be used with any other frame.
  • Two center legs for support.
  • Wood and metal make it durable.
  • Cannot be used with slats.

Why it is best for you

The combination of wood and metal is perfect for you because the sleighs are versatile enough to easily be used with any other existing frame.

FAQS before buying sleigh beds

What should be the height of the mattress on a sleigh platform?

One of the most important factors to complete a bed and take advantage of its features is the mattress. The following are details on the required height of the mattress on sleigh beds.

  • Keeping a low profile

These have a low footboard usually require a mattress that matches the height. Equal heights give a tailored look that looks neat as well. Low mattresses are also suited with a low headboard to keep the style intact. However, beds with no footboards can enjoy low and high mattresses both.

  • Rising high

Chalet style has a better chance of pulling off the high mattress. They are usually not that cocooned that allow users to enjoy the mattress thickness without worrying.

Which frame material is better for sleigh beds; metal or wood?

Wood is heavy duty and sturdier and long lasting material. It may be difficult to assemble but it is worth the effort. Wood is perfect for big rooms and grand looks. Metal, on the other hand, is stylish and lightweight. It creaks but it brings about a roomier effect in the bedroom. Metal is suited for smaller and stuffier rooms.

A combination of the two is highly suitable as well as it brings about style along with durability. It can also help in achieving colors and keeping the bed less heavy than usual.

Can a headboard style become a deal-breaker for a sleigh bed lover?

The whole style and look in the sleigh bed is either in the footboard or the headboard which is why if the headboard is not a good design or a preferable design then the bed can be a deal breaker for the sleigh bed lover. The precision in the sleigh curve of the headboard is what most people look into deeply when purchasing a sleigh bed.

Do you need on a box spring with sleigh bed?

Some sleigh beds offer the choice of sleeping on a platform surface or a box spring. For platform there are usually a few slats given; however, if you prefer the box spring option then you need to get it separately. Box springs come in various materials and sizes and you can choose them according to the bed. Most of the time the bed is not designed to have space underneath once box spring base is put up.

Do I Need a Box Spring or Foundation with sleigh bed?

Choosing a box spring or another foundation like platform foundation is up to you. Most sleigh beds seem grand that is why you might want to go for a box spring to support the mattress fully. However, if you wish to keep the bed cooler then you will need a platform or a more open foundation.

Box spring reduces the chances of having storage space under the bed. However, you will find the wooden sleigh beds to become heavier than usual with the box spring option.


After reading this, you ideally should have the idea of what sleigh beds are and how to buy a suitable one. Each detail in this article is to ensure that before you purchase the choice of your bed, you know what you are dealing with and you should handle it.

Our detailed reviews are there to help you with the choice that will suit your need and will provide you the best of options for sleigh beds.

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