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A sofa bed is a very smart creation that is ideal for small places and for homes where you are always expecting overnight guests. The system allows you to easily pull out a bed from the couch at night while keeping it in a sofa position during the daytime.

There are many brands claiming to be the best sofa bed in the market. However, we have made it easy for you to choose your new sofa bed. The buying guide will first assist you in the focal points of the product. The product reviews are given later to help you do the virtual tour of the market.

5 best sleeper sofa bed (Reviews and compare)

Short reviewsUpholsteryMechanism Design Price
Ashley Furniture Signature Design Larkinhurst Traditional Sleeper SofaFaux leatherPull outCouch$$
Bonded Leather SleeperLeatherPull outCouch$$$
DHP Emily Futon Sofa BedLinenClick ClackFuton$
Modern Tufted Bonded Leather Sleeper Futon SofaLeatherClick ClackFuton$$
Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Alenya Sleeper SofaCloth texturePulloutCouch$$

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Larkinhurst Traditional Sleeper Sofa

  • Overview

The Ashley sofa bed is a traditional couch design that helps the users enjoys the look while easily pulling out a bed from it. The bed not only looks great anywhere around the house, but it also conceals its true identity.

  • Features

This sofa bed is a little high priced yet it accommodates many attractive features to its customers.

  • Design

The design of this sofa bed is a traditional couch style that can fit into your casual and formal drawing room. The pulling out is concealed with soft cushions and armrests. The pullout is a full sized mattress that helps with a comfortable sleep.

  • Easy lift mechanism

The sofa bed is pulled out with an easy lift mechanism. In this mechanism, you do not have to move the couch around and unfold it to make it a sleeper. You simply lift and pull out the bed while the armrests are intact and sleep on it.

  • Mattress

For the mattress, you can choose the memory foam mattress or the innerspring style mattress. This product gives you the option to choose your comfort full handedly. It also ensures the durability of the mattress along with assuring lumbar support.

  • Armrests

The armrests of the couch also work as doubles on this sofa. While sitting you can use the armrests for what they are designed for and while you lay, they can be used as pillows because of their softness and comfort.


  • The traditional couch design conceals the pullout and it is an easy lift mechanism.
  • You can use the armrests for multipurpose i.e. have a comfortable sleep on them while using them as a pillow or use them as traditional armrests.


  • The upholstery is not removable and washable.
  • Cover material seems easy to tear and not the last longing. The replacement of cover will cost you unnecessary cost.
  • Overall

This product is a very high priced yet a high featured sofa bed. There are a few flaws that it has, but most customers enjoy the features that it has to offer. The price is still too high for something that is a little above average in quality.

Bonded Leather Sleeper/Pull Out Sofa and Bed

  • Overview

The bonded leather sleeper is a two-in-one kind of sofa which looks good in your living room while serving a great purpose. The comfort, style, and features of this product are excellent. The price of this product goes a little over the budget for many; however, it is still an attractive purchase.

  • Features

The bonded leather sleeper is one of the best sofa bed that is made for the purpose. Take a look at the many features that it has to offer.

  • Size

The size of this sofa bed is made keeping in mind small spaces. It is a sleek design that fits anywhere with maximum convenience. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and even offices.

  • Upholstery

The upholstery of this couch is made of high-quality leather which helps in making it seem attractive as well as making it comfortable while sleeping. The material is durable and also increases the life of the product.

  • Cushions

In the sofa bed, users want to find the most comfortable option for them in both positions. This couch has overstuffed cushions so they can be perfectly useful while sleeping and while having a cozy night inside. The back and the seat cushions are attached with a Velcro and they can be removed easily.

  • Assembly

You can follow the instructions and do the minute assembling that is required for the product.


  • The cover of the couch is made of strongly bonded leather which makes it an eye candy along with making it comfortable and durable.
  • The size is convenient for all smaller places and apartments.
  • The cushions are overstuffed for maximum comfort and are detachable with a Velcro.


  • The material is sensitive to water and gets rough easily.
  • The bed seems to squeak a lot which seems annoying.
  • Overall

Even though this product is slightly overpriced, it is worth every penny. It looks stylish and is very comfortable. You will have a little assembling to do, but it is easy and can be done at home following the instructions.

DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

  • Overview:

The DHP Emily sofa cum bed is a classic design that helps in saving space as well as coming fully handy. The easy convertible design at a very reasonable price allows users to enjoy the use without having to worry about the style is old-fashioned too. The company helps in making it easy to assemble for the customers.

  • Features:

The DHP Emily is a product that is worth buying. It offers many features in the small price that you have to pay.

  • Slanted legs

The legs of this futon are made slant to ensure that the stability remains while the item is on the sofa and even the bed position. The slanted legs also help in making sure that the maximum weight can be on the sofa without ruining it. The legs are made of chrome which allows them to shine for a long time and give a fresh new look at the item for a long time.

  • Weight limit

You will find many different sofa beds in the market; however, one thing most of them lack is the weight capacity that is offered. The DHP Emily futon holds up to 600 pounds which means that the heaviest people can sit on it and even two of them can.

  • Easy assemble

This sofa bed can be easily assembled at home without the use of a professional. The items come in one box with instructions to set it at home with maximum convenience.

  • Cushions

The cushions of this sofa are designed to remain firm even after long hours of sitting. They are additionally comfortable being made of polyester.


  • Firm yet comfortable cushions that remain in the same shape for a long time.
  • The slanted legs design helps in increasing stability while reclining or sitting.
  • The weight limit accommodates more than just two people to ones including hefty people.


  • The cover is not washable and will leave you in astray.
  • Overall:

The product is a reasonably good purchase that is in a reasonable amount. It is stylish and has many features that make it a great competition.

Modern Tufted Bonded Leather Sleeper Futon Sofa

  • Overview

The stylish and modern designed sofa bed is a perfect addition to your living room or even bedroom. The dimensions are perfect to set anywhere and it comes in two exquisite colors – black and white.

  • Features:

This product is very attractive to the eyes. Read on to know about the features as they are more interesting than the look of it.

  • Upholstery

The upholstery of this sofa bed is made of strongly bonded leather. This material reduces the chances of easy rips and scratches on the sofa and makes it look fresh for a very long time. The material also helps in keeping comfortable while sleeping on it.

  • Legs

The legs of the sofa are made of wood to enhance the look of the product. The wood helps in making it attractive, yet increases the stability of the futon while sitting and while sleeping on it.

  • Arms

Unlike many futons, this design is not free of an armrest. The arms can be easily slid on and off while choosing the position you want it to be.

  • Stylish

The style is focused upon for this futon. It comes in two very elegant colors which are black and white. It is minutely studded which not cause any discomfort yet makes it looks highly classy.


  • The design makes it look very stylish in your casual and formal living room.
  • The Futon has wooden legs for stability and style while the arms are easy on and easy off.
  • The cover material is strong, classy, and it helps in providing comfort during sleep.


  • It does not support a lot of weight of the users which makes it very fragile.
  • The back seems to hang out and gives a bad impression.
  • Overall

In budgeted price, this futon is a great two-in-one design for your house. The size is reasonable and the features are two. The best part is the stylish look that comes with usage.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Alenya Sleeper Sofa

  • Overview

Another design by the Ashley furniture falls into the list of the best sofa bed because of the exceptional quality in once again what seems to be a pretty high price. The style is once again a customer and the features are highly competitive in the market.

  • Features:

Ashley furniture always has something different and amazing to offer to its customers. The following are a few features that you can find in this model d the sleeper sofa.

  • Cushions

The back cushions of this sofa bed are attached and cannot be removed. The seat cushions can be removed easily. The product comes with two extra cushions that can be sued as pillows when pulling out the bed from the couch.

  • Mechanism

Unlike a pullout mechanism, this sofa bed has an easy lift mechanism to pull out the bed. This system is much easier and takes less effort than the former system. It also reduces the chances of removing the couch every time you want to use it.

  • Comfortable arms

The arms of this couch are made very comfortable. Users can rest their arms on it while sitting and they can use them as pillow rests while they convert it into a bed.

  • Design

The design of this couch is made to be very subtle and has a concealed pull out bed within. The sofa is made of a natural cover which allows users to keep it anywhere with style.


  • The armrests are pillow top which makes it multipurpose, either use them for sleep or for armrest.
  • The mechanism is very easy to use and reduces constantly moving the item.
  • The design allows a concealed pullout bed. It comes with two extra cushions that can be used as pillows.


  • The covers are not easy to wash and they catch stains.
  • The mattress is not very comfortable to sleep on.
  • Overall

If you avoid a few cons that this product seems to have, it is actually a very good investment. It may not fit small places, but it will make an impression in large halls and rooms.

Sleeper Sofa bed buying guide

To help you uncover a few focal points of buying the best sofa bed, we have compiled this buying guide. After reading this, you may have a better idea of how to go about in the market.

Choose the Mattress Type

One thing to strictly remember while buying a sofa bed is that you are purchasing it with the intention of a human sleeping on it. Keeping that in mind, it is imperative that you look for one that has a comfortable mattress that is safe for people with allergies. A creative choice would be the ones that can have their mattress changed easily. Some brands offer a number of different kinds to help you pick out your favorite.

What Type of Pull out Do You Want

Sofa beds come in a variety of options that pull out and you need to pick which one you would rather prefer. You can opt for a futon style that pulls out; for a bigger bed you can opt for a couch style, and if you want a single one you can take the sleeping chair. All three fall into this category and perform the same function with exception to size.

Select the Size carefully

For a standard couch or a futon, there are many different sizes available. Before buying the sofa bed, you need to find a place in your house to see where you want to put it. You can choose the size accordingly. Some of these couches are specially designed for compact spaces, while the others are for style and brief purposes like in offices. Once you know your purpose, you can easily select the size. Remember to check the pullout dimensions as well to know the proper size before buying the product.

How Will You Maintain your sofa bed?

Maintenance is important for everything that you buy. A sofa bed needs to be clean and presentable all the time for your guests and for yourself. It is ideal to buy the one that does not have many demands. The simplest one is an easy wash cover that will provide much assistance to you. You can also look for options of how you will clean it from the interior.

If you plan to use this item for everyday use, then you will have to flip the mattress every few months. In that case, find the one that is not attached by the hip and can easily be flipped to save it from losing its essence over time.

What Will Be the Mechanism?

Another point of consideration while buying a sofa bed is the mechanism of the pulling out system. There are three basic mechanisms that you can choose from according to your convenience.

  1. Pullouts: In this system, the sofa is like a couch that holds a metal frame to hold the bed. The seat cushions have to be removed in order to stabilize the bed frame. It can be folded back just as conveniently.
  2. Click-Clack: This mechanism includes first removing the sofa away from the wall first. The next step is to put it in a ‘V’ position and bring it down to make a single bed.
  3. Power system: This is a relatively new design which converts your couch with the push of a button.


After taking a look at this whole piece, you may have had an idea of how to buy the best sofa bed that fits your budget and that helps you in fulfilling the purpose. Our product reviews were given in order to help you in understanding what the market has to offer at different prices and with different attributes.

With the buying guide, you will have a clear idea of what to look for when you actually visit the market and how to do some smart shopping. Follow the guidelines given in this piece for the best buying experience. Remember to check your sofa bed very carefully before buying and it makes sure you do not go over budget. Huge brands do not usually offer a lot at a large price, so go for quality instead of the name. With the right amount of invested time, you will easily find the right convertible sofa bed for you.

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