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The best travel pillow

The best travel pillow reduces neck muscle stress during air travel. This is important because when your travel journey is uncomfortable, you aren’t ready to embrace the experiences you hoped to have during your trip. Your memories of the trip may fade quickly if you arrive in a sleep deprived state because lack of sleep interferes with your mind’s ability to retain memories.

If you’re planning to go on a long journey in the upcoming days, you want to be sure you’ll arrive refreshed and well-rested so you can make the most of your adventure. If your shopping is done but you still feel something is missing, it may be the perfect travel to ensure you have a comfortable journey. We’re here to remind you to carry a travel pillow with you because it will make a big difference in how you feel when you arrive.

Travel pillows are compact pillows available in different shapes. The basic but important purpose of a travel pillow is to increase your comfort and ability to sleep or rest, even in a very tight space. These pillows come in handy during all types of travel, even if you are going by road, train, bus, or air.

There are different aspects that define the value and comfort level of your pillow. Here, you will get to read a few reviews of the best travel pillows along with a short buying guide to help you select the right travel pillow.

Don’t worry that airline baggage restrictions will prevent you from having space for a travel pillow. If you’re short on space, simply carry the pillow onboard or slip it around your neck when you board as you’ll see many other travelers doing.

These pillows will help you arrive fresh and ready to embrace your adventure and your life.

Top 8 Best Travel Pillows(2019 Version)

Short ReviewsMaterial TypeShapeMode of CleaningColorPrice
Cabeau Evolution Memory FoamCollarWashable CoverDifferent$$
AirComfy DaydreamerMicro-velvet, inflatableU-ShapedWashable CoverGray$
BCOZZY Polyester & Polyester blendScarf-likeMachine WashableDifferent$$
PUREFLY Velvet, InflatableU-ShapedWashable CoverGray$
J-Pillow Polyester FiberJ-ShapedMachine WashableBlack$
Trtl PillowFleeceScarf-likeMachine WashableDifferent$$
TravelrestSyntheticElongated CommaWashableDifferent$
Travelmate Memory FoamU-ShapedMachine Washable CoverDark Blue$
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Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel PillowCabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow is manufactured by Cabeau, a renowned industry name for creating travel accessories. With a number of award-winning products, it aims to make traveling easy for people.

With its U-shaped style and memory foam filling, this cushion is a highly supportive travel pillow. This product comes with a money-back guarantee for any material or workmanship defects.

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  • Features

This Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow is manufactured with the filling of good quality memory foam. In this way, it offers greater support and comfort as compared to other travel pillows. Another significant feature is its shape that covers your head from all directions. For the right, left, side, back or all types of sleepers, it is going to provide support at 360 degrees.

This item also comes with a removable cover that is made from good quality soft velour. You can simply take its cover off and wash it to give it a new look every time. It also comes equipped with a small storage bag to carry this pillow with your luggage.

Moreover, you can compact this pillow down to reduce its size almost to ¼ of its original size. it also contains earplugs made up of memory foam, in case you are annoyed by snoring seatmates or screaming babies.


  • Due to having memory foam filling, it can offer great comfort.
  • With removable and washable cover, you will need to put little effort in its maintenance.
  • Storage bag makes storing and carrying this pillow easier.
  • Because of its U-shape, it supports your head in all directions.


  • Few people might feel size problem with this pillow.
  • It is only suitable for adults.
  • Why is this style best for you?

Unlike other products, this one offers solid support to your head due to its memory foam filling. Also, its shape further adds to its value that left no directing unsupported for your neck and head. With its additional features and convenience, it is one of the best travel pillow options for you

AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow

AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow

This Daydreamer Neck Pillow is a product of AirComfy that is one renowned name for providing top quality products. This one of the economical neck pillows offer supports of inflatable cushion along with remarkable features of easy inflating. You don’t need to blow this up by making embarrassing noise. Rather, its built-in pump will perform this work for you.

  • Features

This neck pillow comes with a built-in inflation pump. In order to inflate it, you will simply need to press the button multiple times.  Simply press air valve to take all air out, when you want to deflate it. Moreover, you can adjust its thickness by inflating it to the preferred level.

The unique neck supporting the design of this cushion gives contoured support to the back of your neck and prevents neck pain during long flights. Moreover, it comes with zippered velvet cover that is removable as well. Simply take the cover off and wash it to get a new looking pillow.


  • Because of its packsack with carabiner clip, you can easily compress it down and carry it with your luggage.
  • Its removable pillowcase makes cleaning it an easier task for you.
  • Due to its ergonomic design, you can get maximum back support.


  • It might not be suitable for kids.
  • Few people with varying heights might have an adjustment problem with it.
  • If you have long hair, the velvet may cause your hair to tangle.
  • Why is this style best for you?

This neck rest can give you great support, ease of cleaning, and transportation. For added convenience, its built-in inflating button makes using it super convenient.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

This Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is a product of BCOZZY brand that creates travel pillow in order to give travelers maximum comfort and customized setting in any of their sitting position. With its spiral-like shape, this cushion wraps around your neck like a scarf. It offers immense support, particularly to your chin and neck. Due to its unique shape, it gives maximum comfort in whatever position you choose to sit.

  • Features

BCOZZY through its shape that wraps around your neck stops your head from falling forward. Due to its super comfy cushioning, it gives comfort and support at the same time.

Its incredible structure makes it possible for you to twist it according to your desired position. Moreover, you can also choose its tightness level according to your comfort preferences. Hence, these features make you capable of adjusting this cushion according to your customized requirements.

BCOZZY made the back of this cushion flat to prevent it from pushing your head in a forward direction. It can be washed easily in the machine. Also, its snap strap allows you to attach it to your luggage or easily hand carry it after compressing it. In this way, it gives an easy-peasy relaxing experience.


  • Due to its ability to fully wrap your neck, it prevents your head from falling forwards.
  • As its back is made up of a flat surface, it won’t push your head in a forward direction.
  • With its snap-strap, you can attach it to your luggage easily.
  • Because of its booster side cushions, it sustains your ideal sleeping position.


  • As it wraps around your throat, you might feel uncomfortable at the start.
  • Because of its multiple wrapping, you might feel hot especially in the summertime.
  • Why is this style best for you?

This BCOZZY product makes sure to give you maximum support and comfort along with easy to manage features. With its great customizable options, it can be one of the best travel pillow options for you.

PUREFLY Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

PUREFLY Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

This Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow is manufactured by PUREFLY brand that aims to offer enormous traveling comfort through ergonomic designs of their accessories. It is an inflatable type of cushion along with velvet top cover that gives the cozy and soft feel.

PUREFLY manufactures this product, and in case of having any issue regarding this accessory, you can contact their customer services for help.

  • Features

PUREFLY Soft Travel Neck Pillow is an inflatable type that gives support through blowing air inside it. Not only it offers benefits of inflatable pillow, but you can also blow it up easily through its button. Simply press the button repeatedly unless you get required thickness. For deflating, push the black air valve again.

With its scientific design, it makes sure to give huge support to your head and neck. It keeps them straight in upright direction with accurate alignment. This cushion is made additionally cozy through its lightweight velvet cover that is removable and washable as well. Have great traveling experience with this pillow, and after you are done wash its cover to get rid of possible germs and dirt.


  • Due to its inflatable feature and top lightweight cover, it can be easy carrying this cushion.
  • With its inflating button, you can conveniently blow it up and compress it down.
  • It can give great cozy feelings due to its velvet cover.
  • Its thickness can be tailored according to your body requirements.


  • As it is inflatable, it might not offer solid support
  • It might not fix properly and fall off easily from skinny people’s neck.
  • Why is this style best for you?

With its inflatable features, it gives great comfort, lightweight features, and ease of cleaning. Providing great comfort and support along with easy handling are its other boons.

Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow


The Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow is an alternative to sitting upright. This inflatable pillow allows you to lean forward and rest your head and neck at a comfortable angle while you sleep. The softness against your face helps to soothe you to sleep.

  • Features

The patented design of this unique inflatable pillow has a washable slip cover. It provides great ergonomic support so you’ll arrive at your destination rested and relaxed.


  • The 45 degree angle allows you to rest comfortably
  • It inflates in mere seconds and you can release the air quickly with a simple twist of the valve.
  • The waterproof design makes spills easy to clean.
  • It packs a lot of comfort into less than a pound of luggage that is easy to carry and rolls small and tight when the air is released.
  • Has a sweet pocket for your cell phone.


  • If you’re on the aisle, you’ll have to move if your seatmates want to get out of the seat.
  • Not great if you’re above average height
  • Why is this style best for you?

This pillow can make your next overseas trip as comfortable as flying first class.

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Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow

It is quite a unique option among our collection of best travel pillows. It is manufactured by Trtl. They created this amazing sleeping supporter particularly for busy frequent travelers, who spend their journey sleeping. This secret supporter is scientifically proven for being super soft support for your neck. It is available in a variety of vibrant colors and offers great comfort in order to make your journey more relaxing.

  • Features

This Trtl Pillow is scientifically proven to be one of the best supporting options during long flights. The most eminent feature is its compact size. Not only does it weigh only 148 grams, but it is almost half the size of other traditional memory foams.

Due to its unique feature, it holds your neck better in ergonomic position than others. It also contains Strengthened ribs inside this pillow not visible from outside. In this way, it offers incredible head and neck support.

The material used in its construction is super-soft Fleece. Its foam is stretched in order to create a comforting hammock effects. It is additionally made convenient for users through its machine washable features.


  • Due to its lightweight, you will feel great convenience in carrying it with you.
  • As its size is quite small as compared to others, it can be an easy-going option for you.
  • With its machine washable feature, you can stay worry-free about using it anywhere.
  • Due to its strengthened ribs, it can give remarkable support to your head and neck.


  • Because of the lower flexibility of its bracket, you would need to take extra care while storing it in other luggage.
  • It might cause the neck of tall people to lean more towards one direction.
  • Why is this style best for you?

This uniquely shaped Trtl Pillow is not only handy for storing and carrying it around, but it also gives great support through its hidden structure. Moreover, its super-soft material ensures you will experience an unbeatable comfy feeling.  With an affordable price range, it could be one of the best travel pillow options for you.

Travelrest- Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest- Ultimate Travel Pillow

This Ultimate Travel Pillow is manufactured by Travelrest. It comes in a travelrest shape that is kind of a lengthened comma shape. The curved part of this cushion holds back of the seat, and its remaining part starts offering support from shoulders towards its whole front body.

It is considered suitable for not only for traveling, but you can use it anywhere including your office. It comes with the warranty of two years.

  • Features

This Travelrest-Ultimate Travel Pillow is an incredible option that not only supports your head or shoulder but also gives full lateral support to your upper body parts with its unique shape. In this way, it makes sleeping while traveling more comfortable.

It further comes with an ergonomic design that reduces the amount of strain your neck might face due to sleeping at this position. You can also inflate or deflate this cushion easily. In this way, you can store it easily in the smallest possible size. Its long shape makes it suitable to be used in different positions depending on your personal choice. Moreover, it comes with an option of conveniently curving this pillow over seat’s headrests.


  • Because of its extended support, it can be a suitable option for chronic pain sufferers.
  • With its easy inflating and deflating, you can store it easily anywhere.
  • Due to its unique shape, you can use it at different sleeping positions according to your preferences.


  • As its button for inflating cushion fall off easily, you need to be extra careful with this model.
  • As it is inflatable cushion type, you would need to blow it up every time you plan to use it.
  • Why is this style best for you?

This Travelrest pillow is unique in its design with the ability to serve travelers in different positions and directions. With its compact size and ease of use, it offers great support to the majority of your body.

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a product of Travelmate, a company that aims to offer high-quality travel accessories in the affordable price range. This Travelmate product is made up of memory foam that gives extensive comfort and support to the sleeper while contouring to your natural curves.

It comes in U-shape. In this way, it supports your head from almost all directions. It is available in dark blue color.

  • Features

This Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a unique traveling accessory, as unlike others, it comes with adjustable thickness. It possesses built-in removable inserts that you can use to set its thickness according to your customized requirements. In this way, it assists in giving peaceful sleeping experience during long flights.

It comes with the memory foam as its filling material. In this way, it gives excellent comfort and support for your head and neck. Additionally, it comes with zippered plush velour cover that can be removed and washed in a machine easily. This feature assists in keeping your pillow clean and germ-free.

For making it easier to carry this cushion with you, Travelmate has attached built-in elastic strap with it that you can attach to your luggage.


  • Because of its removable and washable cover, you can clean it easily.
  • As its thickness can be adjusted, it can accommodate your different sleeping positions.
  • Because of its elastic strap, you can attach it with your luggage effortlessly.
  • As it contains thermo-sensitive memory foam, it completely contours your body for maximum comfort.


  • It is not breathable because of its memory foam material. It might make you feel hot while sleeping
  • The foam of pillow might divide into pieces during long flights.
  • Why is this style best for you?

With the memory foam filling, this pillow not only offers customized cushioning but also supports your head from all directions due to its U-shaped body. With easy cleaning and carrying feature, it can make your traveling experience the most wonderful one.

Things you need to know before buying your Travel Pillow

Read this section for getting basic know-how of features that you should look for while choosing the best travel pillow for yourself.

  • Which travel pillow material is suitable for me?

The material of your pillow actually defines the amount of comfort and support it is going to offer. Following are the materials that you can get:

Foam: this one is one of the most popular materials stuffing used in these cushions. But, here too, you will get huge varieties of foam type that will affect its performance. Memory foam is one of the commonly used foam types that gives maximum support and cushioning effects to your head and neck.

Beads: such types are filled with small beads or pellets that give support and cushioning for your body. However, they can be heavier in weight.

Polyester: this material is one of the most affordable materials and made by mixing blend of polyester and cotton fiber together. They are soft and easy to clean. However, they may not offer required support.

Wool: such material offers maximum support, comfort, and ease of cleaning. However, it might feel heavy on your budget.  

Inflatable: such types are required to be inflated/deflated for every use. They are easy to carry but offer comparatively less support.

Velvet Covers: While velvet covers are very soft to the touch, individuals with long hair may find that their hair catches on the velvet and becomes tangled. A smooth cover might suit you better, especially if you wear your long hair loose.

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  • Which shape should I choose for travel pillows?

These are the different types of shapes that are available; each provides different support features and appearance to your travel pillows.


It is the most commonly used shape for travel pillows. Not only does it look good aesthetically, it also offers support to your head from three sides. In this way, it offers amazing support and keeps your head in an upright position.


This unique shape looks exactly like the letter ‘J.’  The ending part of this style covers the chin area and the upper part goes along the head. They look quite unique and amazing in their appearance. It offers support to the chin, head, and one side of your face.


Such pillows more or less look like common pillows with the ability to support your back and neck. You can use it to give support to different parts of your body.

Collar Shaped

This shape provides 360 degree support to all sides of your neck. They cover your neck like your collar does and with the strap, it holds the side of these collars together. This shape prevents your head from falling in any direction.


It is a traditional cushion type pillow that looks conventional. You can use them for multiple functions


This shape is greatly unique among all other shapes. It resembles extended comma shape. They not only offer extended support covering your head down below your chest area, it also gives great aesthetic value.


Travelling can make you extremely tired. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by road, train, or air. In this situation, it is very important to have accessories with you to make your travels comfortable.

Among all the other stuff you take with you, a travel pillow is an important accessory that can give you the support you need to arrive rested without pains from being uncomfortable during the journey. With the huge variety of traveling cushions available in the market, you can get one that suits your needs perfectly.

All of our above-recommended products come with unique features and attributes that can make traveling an easier job for different types of sleepers.

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