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The best trundle beds help you solve a problem that plagues many urban homes. What common problem of today’s heavy populated areas can be solved using trundle beds? It is the lack of space available to accommodate everyone. Previously, people used to live in open places where they had large open areas. But now massive development is made in industrial and commercial areas. This thing resulted in congested living places.

People adopted many different tricks to resolve this issue. They manufactured useful products that consume less space and offer more benefits. One of them is the trundle bed.

It is a type of product that contains two single mattresses. They are placed one above the other. The lower one comes with wheels, to make it slide in and out of the upper mattress.

The most significant benefit you can get from trundle is a space-saving option.

Are you looking for such option?

Then, let’s look at a few best trundle beds along with their buying guide.

Top 5 best trundle beds (Reviews and comparison)

Reviews Presence of storage drawer Company in Business Required Mattress Size Material Price
Coaster Fine Furniture 300107 Bed with Trundle Yes Over 20 years Twin


Wood $$
Casey II Wood Daybed
Yes (in place of lower mattress) Long history Twin Solid Wood + White finishing $$$
Poundex Full Bed with Trundle
No 29 years Full Bed, Twin Size Trundle Hardwood+ Faux Leather, metal trundle $
DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle No More than 35 years Twin Wooden slats, leather upholstery $
Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle
No More than 11 years Twin Trundle Solid Wood $$

Coaster Fine Furniture 300107

Coaster Fine Furniture 300107

The Coaster Fine Furniture is a manufacturer company of this trundle. It is an America based brand. It aims at delivering quality furniture to its customers even beyond their expectations.

This trundle style sleeping place is constructed of the wood material. Its slats are made up of wood that needs assembling in order to serve as a sleeping place.

The wooden material is medium hardwood. It is not as heavy as pure hardwood. Also, it gives adequate thickness and weight along with durability.

The basic purpose of having a trundle bed in your living area is to get convenience. They offer ease of saving your precious space.

This trundle set of Coaster Fine Furniture takes convenience to the next level by adding storage drawer at its base as well. Moreover, medium-weight wooden planks are easy to slide as well.

This 300107 Bed with trundle is an amazing product of Coaster Fine Furniture. It is available in white color. This mission style daybed can accommodate a twin mattress size. So, you can accommodate teenagers and guests easily on it.

This design of this item is made in an efficient way. In this way, it can greatly help you in storing additional space. It also comes with storage drawers. It assists in storing many of your stuff inside them.

In short, this product is going to greatly save your space. Manufacturers sell this product in parts. You will need to do assembly work on your own.

If you purchase this product, you will get good-quality trundle bed with a great efficient design. It can also give you ease of use and durability while staying in the average price range.


  • Its additional drawers can give you huge storing place in your room.
  • Its elegant white color gives off great appearance.
  • Because of having wood as its construction material, it gives great durability.
  • As it offers twin size sleeping place, it makes this bed suitable for teenagers and guests.


  • As the upper part of this item doesn’t come with backrest, you will need to put them alongside the wall.
  • The upper part is slightly higher for kids to climb up.

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Casey II Wood Daybed

Casey II Wood Daybed

This Casey II Wood Daybed is manufactured by Fashion Bed Group Company. This brand delivers stylish products with innovative design and maximum functionality.

The frame of this Daybed with Trundle is constructed using solid wood. In this way, it not only offers durability but a solid structure for heavy use.

Above the solid wood, this item contains white finishing. This feature assists in increasing its lifetime. Its trundle contains wheel to easily slide out of its upper part.

This Fashion Bed Group product offers great convenience by its unique and functional style. Firstly, it gives ease of storing space by having roll-out trundle. You can easily slide it out because of its wheels.

Its next features that give convenience is multiple uses of its lower place. You can either use it for putting the mattress inside or for storing your items. Additionally, the back and arms of upper part gives an ease of using it as a sitting place

This Casey II Daybed has contained a place to hold twin size mattress. The base trundle of this product contains roll-out feature. It is made it this way to offer ease in pulling the lower part out.

The upper part is constructed in a way to offer multiple benefits. Firstly it can be used for sleeping purpose easily. Also as it comes with high backrest board and side arms, it can be used as a sitting place during the day.

Its lower part can also be used as storage drawers to store your extra stuff.

If you choose this trundle bed, it is going to be a solid purchase. Not only does its construction is solid and heavy-duty, but its design is also incredible. With its great manufacturing, it serves you in multiple ways.


  • You can easily draw its bottom out because of its rollout
  • Because of its ball finials, it gives the classic
  • It comes with ten years limited
  • Because of its headboard back and side arms, you can conveniently use it at daytime.


  • As you need to assemble it on your own, it might take some struggle.
  • Because of its solid wood construction, it might feel heavy.

Poundex Full Bed with Trundle

Poundex Full Bed with Trundle

This Full Bed Set with Trundle is manufactured by Poundex Brand. This company struggles hard to deliver a great quality product to its customers at the lowest possible rates.

The construction of this full bed set with trundle is done by using multiple materials. Firstly it contains hardwood planks for adding a strong foundation.

Other than wood, the side frames contain metal, and trundle frame is also made up of metal. The front part of this item contains faux leather.

All these materials together add durability to the product while keeping the cost low.

Like all other trundle beds, this one also offers great convenience. Its metal trundle frame with wheels slides effortlessly out of its upper part.

Additionally, its size also gives ease of making three people sleep on it at a time.

This full bed set with twin size trundle comes in graceful cream color. It contains faux leather material on its front along with upholstering bedframe. Both these materials add sophistication to this item.

It comes with the upper full sized bed. The lower trundle frame is just an additional luxury. In this way, you can use this trundle to accommodate your guests.

Moreover, in order to keep trundle inside, it contains cushioned stoppers. It prevents trundle to roll out again and again.

Purchasing this product will give you great design, solid structure, and durability. It also provides other convenient features along with enough sleeping area.


  • As it trundle can be pulled out from any side, it can give you a great ease.
  • Because of its full-size bed and twin size trundle, you can easily accommodate three teenagers on it.
  • Its upholstery frame adds value to your room.


  • As it needs assembly, inexperienced people may find it hard to assemble.
  • It might give off the strong chemical smell for the first time you open it up.

DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle

DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle

This Giada Daybed and Trundle are made up by DHP Company. This brand is involved in manufacturing wide variety of home and office furniture that is ready to assemble. It aims to provide furniture that stands for all types of lifestyles.

This product is constructed in a way to offer a balanced combination of durability and great appearance. The basic frame of this item contains wooden slats. It adds durability to the product.

The upper part is completely upholstered in faux leather that adds a lot to its looks.

Regarding convenience, this product can offer you the convenience of accommodating an additional person in unpredictable situations. Moreover, because of its compact size and lightweight, you can place it anywhere easily.

This DHP Giada Daybed item is available in brown color. It comes with the option to accommodate two persons at a time. You can put twin size mattresses on both upper bed and trundle as well.

The top bed frame is frameless. So it can be used as a room divider as well. It comes with multiple wooden slats. Because of them, you can get maximum support and comfort from this product.

The maximum weight limit of the daybed is 400 pounds, and that of the trundle is 225 pounds.

If you want to preserve a place to accommodate single person anytime, then go for choosing this product. It offers great convenience, comfort, support, and space saving features.


  • Because of its multiple wooden slats, you don’t need to add box spring.
  • With its wooden planks, it offers great support for the whole set.
  • Its compact style makes it easier for you to place it anywhere.
  • Its unique style makes it usable for multiple purposes.


  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Because of the absence of its side arms and backrest, you would need to place it on the wall.

Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle

Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle

This Modal Daybed with Trundle is a product of Furniture of America. This company offers a huge variety of furniture with best prices to the dealers.

The construction material of this bed set involves solid wood frame. The design of this item is contoured nicely that gives it a unique appearance.

Usually, the trundle comes with the feature to provide the opportunity of saving space. But, in the case of this product, it also offers the convenience of moving trundle out easily. It becomes possible because of trundle wheels and handles.

This Modal Daybed depicts the expertise of its manufacturer with its beautiful wavy design. It comes in dark cherry color with the ability to accommodate one twin size mattress in its trundle.

The frame of its product contains contoured side frames. It not only offers the opportunity to use it as a sitting place but adds a lot to its looks.

In an affordable price range, this product can offer you durability, great space storing, movability, and ease of cleaning.


  • You can clean it easily with a wet cotton cloth.
  • Because of the trundle wheels, it can be move easily.
  • You can purchase this item in parts. Therefore, you will need to do its proper assembly.
  • The trundle handles make rolling them out easier.
  • It comes with 30 days hassle-free warranty on its parts.


  • Unlike most other trundles, it doesn’t contain storage drawers.

Trundle Beds Buying Guide

Before going put to purchase any product, it is very important to know its basic details. After that, you can become able to choose the best product for you. Here is a brief guideline that can help you in getting the best trundle bed for yourself.

Types of materials used in trundle frames

The most important thing that you should consider while purchasing the trundle is the material of its frame. Because it is the aspect that is going to decide how your product will serve you.

Basically, you can get two types of material in their frames.

Wood frames

Wooden material is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction of frames. You can also have this material in your trundles.

If you have wooden material in your frames, it is going to serve you for a long time period. Also, it gives added support and comfort. Being one of the oldest used materials for frames, it is mostly preferred by people.

However, for its longevity, go for checking the wood type. There are different types of woods available in the market that offers different levels of durability. Remember, durable wooden frames might also feel costly to you.

Metal Frames

Nowadays, many frames can also be constructed with this material. There are a few positive aspects and drawbacks of this material as well.

Firstly, metal material frames are quite light in weight as compared to wood frames. This thing helps in moving your furniture around. Metal frames also look modern as compared to those made up of wood.

The most important benefit of this material is its reasonable prices. However, there are few drawbacks as well.

Metal frames lack in durability as compared to its counter wooden frames. Moreover, mostly metal trundle lacks storage drawers that do exist in wooden frames.

Mixed Frames

You can also see a few trundles with mixed material. These products contain wooden planks that add durability and support to the product. On the other hand, side frames are made of metal that gives a modern look and reduces the overall cost as well.

Types of mattresses used on trundle beds

Once you are done with deciding features and material of your frame, next thing comes is the mattress. Normally, two types of mattresses are used in these types.

Innerspring foam

As you must already know, innerspring mattresses contain springs enclosed in fabric to give comfort. These mattresses types give great support to the sleepers.

Memory foam

Memory foam is the latest mattress types, offer great comfort to the sleeper. The mechanism involves contouring the sleeper body. It gives this comfort to all body curves by molding according to them and retaining the shape when the person leaves its place.

FAQs before buying

What benefits can I get by purchasing trundle bed sets?

The type of benefits you can get from your trundle product depends on the type of product you choose. Few of these products come with additional storage drawer to store your extra stuff.

But, this feature is not available at all. In the same way, few items come with proper side arms and backrests that make them able to serve the purpose of a luxurious sitting place like a couch.

So, all trundle beds offer the benefit of saving space, but what more you can get from them depends on your product selection.

How can I purchase the best trundle bed?

There are varieties of options that you can use to get the right product for you. The first option is purchasing by going to shop physically. It will give you a benefit of checking the product properly before purchasing it.

On the other hand, there are great numbers of trustworthy online shops available. Using this option will give you a benefit of analyzing huge varieties of trundle beds that you might not be able to see in other shops.

What mattress thickness is appropriate for my trundle bed?

In order to make your bed work at its best, you also need to choose mattress wisely. For the daybed or upper part, you can choose a mattress with the average thickness you find suitable.

However, for the trundle part, it is important to have a thickness of almost 8 to 10 inches.

What sizes are available in trundle beds?

As the basic purpose of trundle beds is to store your space, therefore, they are not available in all sizes. There are very limited size options in them. Mostly you can get them in either twin or full size.


It is very important to opt for the right item especially when it comes to your bedroom items. As your bed is an important part of your everyday routine, it is even more important to choose it wisely. Trundle is great for providing comfort and support along with space-saving option.

In this article, we have mentioned a few best trundle bed along with other details. The purpose was to help you out in choosing the best-suited option.

It is very hard to decide the best option for our listed items. But, if you ask me, then I’ll go with Casey II Wood Daybed. The reasons behind are its multi-functional attribute along with great durability and nice outward show.

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