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Best Waterbed Mattress 2019

Best Waterbed Mattress 2020

When the waterbed was invented, it onto the bedding industry scene at the height of the free-love hippie movement and quickly took the mattress industry by storm. Within a few years, they waterbeds become synonymous with sex. In less than two decades, they garnered twenty percent of the mattress market share using sexy ads that highlighted the motion of waterbeds during intimacy.

Invented by a grad student in San Francisco near Haight Ashbury, the heart of the hippie movement, they appealed to youthful customers.

Today, waterbeds have less than 5% of the mattress market share. Early problems with beds that sprung leaks and the hassles involved with moving them led many customers to return to more traditional beds after their first waterbed got old.

The earliest beds were about as bad as a bed could be from a motion transfer perspective. Second generation waterbeds incorporated a waveless design that reduced motion transfer. Many also included heating systems that made the bed nice and warm when you went to bed but also provided another aspect that could break down.

We’re well past second-generation waterbeds now.

Today’s waterbeds are known for their long life as a better sleep solution, they give you a more peaceful sleep. Today’s waterbed mattresses are usually filled with water inside a strong foam. They are usually made from PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) material.

Waterbeds have a protective cover to provide extra comfort and saving you from accidental punctures. There are many different types of waterbeds available in the market each having its comfort level. We have collected five best waterbed mattresses and discussed their features, but before that, buying tips are important.

5 Best Waterbed Mattress 2020

1. Boyd specialty sleep waveless waterbed mattress

Boyd Specialty

This all-new waterbed mattress from Boyd, a sleep mattress leader since 1977, has introduced a waterbed mattress with a full kit and a conditioner. This model is an answer to all your sleep-related needs. The mattress incorporates three lumbar fiber layers which give you the best support.

It is absolutely waveless because it contains five layers especially constructed to reduce waves. For extra contouring and comfort on the top, it has reduced surface tension providing you with comfort and a good sleep. Its 4-point memory stretch tether system keeps the fiber layers from shifting. So, you don’t feel any movement from another sleeper.

In addition, the mattress by Boyd has four patented Quadra-tech to improve the durability and life-span of the mattress. Meant for your waterbed frame, it has dimensions of 72w x 84L. Available in blue, green and purple color, this king-sized mattress also comes with a full kit and a 4 oz bottle of premium water conditioner. So, you don’t need to purchase these separately. The package by Boyd will be a good choice for your sleep needs.


  • The baffles are the length of the mattress and are tethered at the corners, ensuring they won’t move.
  • This mattress is almost 100% waveless which provides exceptional motion transfer.
  • It is roomy and fits in perfectly.
  • This waterbed is a very comfortable waterbed to sleep on.
  • It has thick material to hold up for years to come. It is strong enough and good for your pets too.


  • A lot of extra material which can get bumpy and make it uncomfortable sometimes.
  • It has no extra hole to release the air out of it.

2. Boyd’s Waterbed Mattress lumbar supreme

Boyd Lumbar Supreme

Another waterbed form Boyd Company is its queen size waterbed mattress with full comforting features. This waterbed is meant to fit in your waterbed frame. Evenly distributing your weight, this waterbed perfectly aligns your body. So, you don’t feel pressure on any part and sleep peacefully.

The quality of this waterbed is enhanced by having long-lasting virgin vinyl with a vacuum molded top to provide extra protection and strength. These features let you allow your pets to sleep on these waterbeds, unlike many other waterbed mattresses. With its four-layer wave reduction system, it has approximately 99% motion reduction. So, you don’t feel a lot of movement from the person sleeping beside you. Its 4-point memory stretch tether system keeps it intact and does not let the fiber layers move.

This waterbed by Boyd is available with five years full and 12 years prorated warranty. Due to its queen size feature, it has a size of about 60×84 which makes it roomy. It is one of the best waterbeds available in the market. Not only this, but the company is also giving three bottles of 4 oz. conditioner with one fill kit for your ease. So, you don’t have to buy these products separately. The sides and seams of the waterbed are intact and strong enough to last a long life.


  • It is very comfortable; you wake up without any back pain.
  • The product is very firm and almost waveless. You will not feel any movement.
  • It has a very nice setup. Also, it is easy to fill and very firm.
  • This waterbed is good for a good price. The material used for its construction is strong.
  • The seams are reinforced to prevent spills


  • Top of the mattress is not quilted.


3. InnoMax Sanctuary Waterbed mattress

 InnoMax Sanctuary Waterbed mattress

InnoMax is a design with high-class quality from a company with 40 years of superior performance in mattresses. This waterbed includes many other features and offers full wave motion to keep you perfectly aligned while sleeping to reduce stress on your body. It includes a zero-wave elimination system and 20 mil premium vinyl body overcut Low Tension Mattress design. It gives responsive levels of support to your body’s different needs, giving your body complementary support and ease in any sleeping position.

With a depth of 9’’, this waterbed is fit for a minimum 9 x 72 x 84’’ rigid box or wooden frame. This king size mattress can take up to 200 gallons of water to fill. Its double reinforced corners and T-corner seam construction provides the durability and double strength for a long time. The quality is enhanced by an additional feature of Specific Gravity 1 SG 1 Low Tension Mattress which reduces the disturbance caused by the movement of another sleeper so you can sleep peacefully.

The company is providing a 20-year warranty. Its good performance is maintained by an easy pull cap and seal that provides maximum airtight and watertight security. It also has 8-layer mid-body support system to provide perfect contouring comfort and support. With a reasonable price, this waterbed is a must buy for your ultimate comfort.


  • It is strong and will not leak for a long time.
  • The quality of the mattress is exactly as advertised.
  • Enjoy the waves when you lay on the bed.
  • The mattress is quite relaxing.
  • It has great quality for the price and fits perfectly in the frame.


  • The color is red which is quite dark and can show through white and other light-colored sheets.
  • Putting sheets on a waterbed that sits in a wooden frame can be challenging.

4. InnoMax Genesis Waterbed mattress

InnoMax Genesis Waterbed mattress

This waterbed by InnoMax has a wave reduction quality which gives you the best sleeping comfort. As its name indicates, ‘’Genesis 500 Reduced motion’’, eases motion to facilitate a quiet night’s sleep with its custom hydrodynamic sleep. This feature keeps your body in perfect alignment from ears to ankles which is recommended by physician and chiropractors. With a depth of 9’’ and full king-sized, it requires a rigid side frame.

With a gravity neutral fluid suspension feature, this mattress by InnoMax provides mid-body support and comfortable contouring. This waterbed works best when full, but the filling level is close to the top of the protective liner.   A four-way tethering support system stabilizes the internal components. Its T-corner seam system provides strength to the mattress. This strength is further enhanced by 1’’ double reinforced corners.

This waterbed is available with a 20-year warranty which makes it a good purchase for its price. The motion experience it provides is between semi-wave and full-wave, this waterbed will provide comfort during your sleep, and you will wake up fresh.


  • This model is comfortable and provides good support for your back.
  • It perfectly aligns the body at any angle.
  • The quality of the mattress is great.
  • It is a wonderful waterbed mattress and wonderfully made.
  • This waterbed does not leak and is strong enough to live life.
  • Once the water is at a good temperature, you will not want to get out of it.
  • It provides perfect support for sexual activities.


  • It is not completely waveless.
  • If you want a waterbed heater you have to buy it separately.

5. Classic California waterbed mattress

Classic California waterbed mattress

From a company known for providing good sleep products, Classic presents its premium line of waterbeds. If you are looking for a full movement mattress, then this is the one for you. Movement lasts for 15-20 seconds. So, giving you a feeling of floating on the water. Classic California king-sized mattress is a free flow waterbed that allows your muscles to relax completely, reducing pressure on them and evenly distributing your weight.

With 22 mil virgin vinyl with reinforced corners increasing its durability to keep it strong for a long period. With a depth of 9’’, this waterbed is a hard side type, so it fits perfectly in your wooden frame or rigid box sized frame. This waterbed comes with 12 years of warranty.  Not only this, but the company is also giving a premium 4 oz clear bottle conditioner so you will not need to purchase it separately.

There are absolutely no creases in this waterbed and the corners are perfectly puckered. This thing prevents causing holes in it. With a very affordable price, this is a good budget conscious purchase you can.


  • The fill valve is in the bottom center of the mattress which is easy for you.
  • The vinyl used in this waterbed is supple.
  • These waterbeds are not heavy and not difficult to smooth out for filling.
  • It is thicker than many other mattresses and has a long life-span. This waterbed is a strong mattress with a very good value.


  • The corner treatment to reinforce the welded seam is a little different than other waterbeds and seems a little weaker than others.
  • There is a giant vinyl tag which affixed around the fill spout that may form a lump.
  • Changing the sheets on a waterbed with rigid sides takes effort.

Waterbed Mattress Buying Guide

Knowing some buying guidance in advance can help you buy the best product which you had been looking for. Here are some:

Are waterbeds prone to leakage?

Waterbeds are usually constructed of a vinyl material which is strong enough to remain durable. However, special care needs to be taken as the sides and corners of the waterbed can be prone to tearing. Animals should be kept off the waterbeds, and sharp things should be avoided.

How many types of waterbeds available?

There are two basic types:

  1. Hard-sided waterbeds
  2. Soft-sided waterbeds

Hard-sided waterbeds

This type of waterbed consists of the water containing mattress with the support at the bottom and all four sides. They require a special frame usually of wood to maintain its shape. They are inexpensive.

Soft-sided waterbed:

This one does not need a wooden frame to hold its shape. Zippered inside a fabric casing, it has sturdy sides that can stand alone. It can easily fit into your existing bedroom furniture.

What are the basic things I should check while buying waterbeds?

There are some points like:


If you have decided to buy a waterbed, measure carefully to be sure it will fit in your room. This step is especially important for wooden frame waterbeds.

Comfort level:

Waterbeds offer different comfort levels. The firmness level can be adjusted by adding more water, but you have to be careful not to overfill the mattress. They will have different firmness feel depending on how full they are and the type of material used on top of the water portion of the bed.  Even the waveless waterbed mattresses can feel as if you are floating. In clinical trials, waterbeds ease back pain.


Waterbed makes a noise like splashing water when they are not properly filled. So, you should always seek an instruction manual or help from an expert before filling it with water.


The durability of waterbed depends on a lot of how you handle it. There are lifespans reported from 10 to 25 years. So, you need to take special care if you have bought ay waterbed. Try to keep it away from animals, needles, nails or other sharp materials which may damage the vinyl material.

You will also have to maintain the health of the water. You can add chemicals to the water to prevent mold from growing in the mattress.


A waterbed is usually more expensive than other common mattresses. However, it may also depend on the brand. Waveless waterbeds are a little more expensive than other types.


Before making your purchase, always read the warranty. This check is needed in case you have any problems with your new waterbeds.

How many motion types are there?

There are three degrees of motion to choose:

  • Free flow waterbeds: water flows freely in them; a wooden frame is necessary to keep it in place. It is a bit like floating in a pool on a float except you don’t get wet. When your sleeping partner gets up, there will be a significant transfer of motion.
  • Semi-waveless waterbeds: floating feeling is reduced by adding foam.
  • Waveless waterbeds: there are no motions and waves. It is made by a combination of foam and fiber and may include air pockets to help reduce waves.

All in all

Before buying any waterbed, thinking about your personal situation and needs is important. Purchasing a waterbed mattress is a good investment when comfort and its durability are taken into account. It will pay you back.

From the different waterbeds mentioned above, we consider InnoMax Sanctuary free flow waterbed mattress to be the number 1 amongst all these choices. It is because it is quite affordable because of the features it provides for its customers. Having qualities like mid-body support, vinyl addition, reinforced corners for strength and a 20-year warranty, it stands at the top of others and is worth buying.

If you rent your home, you should consider one final factor before you purchase a waterbed. Many leases prohibit waterbeds or require an additional waterbed insurance policy that will pay for damage if the bed leaks. If you do not own your own home, you need to be sure your landlord allows waterbeds.

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