Best weighted blanket reviews

Best Weighted Blanket

The simplest definition of a weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds. It is a special blanket with additional weight in it. It is the most recommended choice because it helps with sensory processing disorders, such as autism, insomnia, and restless legs.

The pressure from the extra weight can be calming, and provides a sense of security. They are particularly designed to offer a safe, drug-free remedy for anyone who is on the verge of losing control, upset, or anxious.

As helpful as they are, these specific series of blankets can be costly. However, we are about to help you find the most suitable choice in terms of price, quality, performance, and durability. Choose the best product for your condition today.

Top 5 Best Weighted Blanket ( Reviews and compare)

Short ReviewsWeight (pounds)Type of FillerPopular SizePrice
YnM15Glass Beads48 by 72 inches$$
ZonLi Premium20Poly Pellets60 by 80 inches$$
Good Knight17Poly Pellets60 by 80 inches$$
Weighted Idea15Poly Pellets48 by 78 inches$$
CMFRT Cozy12Silica48 by 78 inches$$


YnM Weighted Blanket -Best seller

YnM Weighted Blanket

The YnM Weighted Blanket is the most popular choice for adults. Weighing in at 16.8 pounds and measuring 15.4 by 9.8 by 7.1 inches, it is a highly resourceful option for adults and children. Not to mention that it is competitively priced.

It is nothing like the quilts you have come across. It is available in sixteen different color options for preference and convenience. Some of the amazing colors that you can select are: dark grey inner weighted layer and navy inner weighted layer among others.

The construction of this stunning success is remarkable. The weighted inner layer is designed from 100% premium cotton, which is highly breathable. Then the small cubicles consist of hypo-allergenic, odorless, non-toxic glass beads.

The glass beads are distributed evenly in each cubicle for superior performance. Unlike plastic pellets used in some brands, the glass beads are remarkably quiet whenever you change positions in your bed, which is one of the most attractive features of this model.

Washing this cotton blanket is hassle-free, because the inner coating is machine washable on a gentle, low setting. Therefore, it is recommended for dry cleaning. You can also choose to buy a removable duvet cover for super easy cleaning.

The duvet cover and the weighted inner layer are sold separately. We advise you to order a weight that can be managed by your washing machine. For instance, if you order a quilt weighing 9 kilograms, then you need a machine with a slightly higher washing capacity.

Therefore, for a 9 kilograms blanket, you will need a washer with a capacity of at least 10 kilograms or more. This is so since water increases the weight of an already heavy quilt. You can avoid washing your blanket frequently by buying a cover.

This model is a good fit for everyone. It can help relax your nerve system by providing you with a hugged or feeling of being cuddle. This allows you to fall asleep easily. It offers a reliable sleep therapy for people with stress, insomnia, ADHD, autism, or anxiety.


  • Made of 100% premium cotton, which is breathable and durable
  • Weighted inner layer is machine washable and can be dry cleaned
  • Comes with three different sizes for the twin, queen, and king bed
  • Glass beads fillers are quiet when you turn in your bed
  • Stimulates a hugged feeling to relax the nerve system


  • May be too big for kids

ZonLi Weighted Blanket – Best for the Money

ZonLi Cotton Weighted Blanket

The ZonLi Weighted Blanket offers you unmatched performance at a competitive price. It is the kind of bedspread you buy when you cannot have a peaceful sleep. Are you waking up multiple times at night because of one reason or the other?

If so, then you need ZonLi. It comes in a really nice package along with use and care guidelines. According to the guidelines, this blanket is designed for people with diverse sleep problems, including: ADHD, anxiety disorder, agitation, brain trauma injuries, dementia, and cancer anxiety to mention a few.

This particular model works by increasing the amount of dopamine and serotonin, which are released in your brain when you are covering yourself with this blanket. It is an exceptional product that will surely meet your expectations.

It is available as a single weighted inner cover without a duvet. The manufacturer provides you with six different sizes for your selection. The available weights are twelve pounds, fifteen pounds, and twenty pounds.

The construction consists of premium material, which is 100% cotton. It features small squares that are filled with non-toxic pellets. The pellets are engineered to evenly distribute weight across the entire body for maximum performance and comfort.

Unlike conventional designs, this model can be utilized in more than one way. It is the kind of blanket you can use when sitting on a chair or while sleeping in your bed. Moreover, you are urged to buy this quilt along with its duvet cover for superior performance.


  • Premium cotton material is high quality and durable
  • Multiple sizes are available for preference
  • Inner weighted blanket is machine washable
  • Satisfaction guarantee is available


  • The pellets are noisy when turning

Good Knight Weighted Blanket – Luxury High End Choice

Good Knight Weighted Blankets

If you are looking for a mixture of quality and affordability, then look no further than the Good Knight Weighted Blanket. The two available sizes (15-pound and 17-pound) guarantee maximum performance during sleep.

High-quality, 100% premium cotton material offers guaranteed satisfaction. Each square of the construction is occupied by small, non-toxic poly pellets that help to evenly distribute its weight across your entire body. You will definitely feel the comfort.

One of the most resourceful features of this product that guarantees durability is the reinforced stitching. This means that the quilt will not get damaged at the edges of the squares even if you pull. The corners of the blanket are equipped with hooks for hanging when air drying.

The 60 by 80 inches size is ideal for teenagers and adults alike. Its XL length can cover grownups measuring up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. The product is measured and tested during manufacturing to make sure that the sizing is correct.

The poly pellets provide the ideal weight that provides you with a hugged or cuddles feeling. This helps to put you to sleep quickly. When you are sleeping, the cover will be busy calming your nervous system as it improves the overall quality of your sleep.

This particular model is made to deal with a lot of disorders, but it is best suited for sensory conditions, such as: anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, ADD, stress, or autism. The hypoallergenic pellets make it a convenient model for people with allergy problems.


  • Poly pellets used are hypoallergenic
  • The comfortable texture does not irritate the skin
  • Offers a hugged or cuddled feel all through the night
  • Helps with diverse sensory conditions


  • The weight may feel uneven and unbearable for some users

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket – Best for teens and tight budget

Weighted Idea Heavy Weighted Blanket

The Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is one of the most affordable products on the market with an assured performance. You have more than three sizes to choose from, including: 48 by 78 inches; 60 by 80 inches; 41 by 60 inches; and 80 by 87 inches.

The sizes are perfect for more than one scenario. You can get the ideal size for your full size or queen. It generously covers your entire body while sleeping, meditating, relaxing, or reading. It is simply a multipurpose design for the money.

The available weights are: 10 pounds, 12 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds, and 30 pounds. Therefore, you can choose the weight accordingly. Comes with more than ten color options for preference, including grey, brown/cream, and leopard.

It is made from 100% premium cotton material that is highly breathable and durable. The fabric is machine washable and very easy to maintain. The integrated small pockets are filled with eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, non-toxic tiny pellets.

The pellets do a great job of distributing the weight of the blanket evenly across your body for a superior sleep. It is a safe product for adults and youngsters with allergy problems and sensory conditions.


  • Premium cotton fabric is first-class and long-lasting
  • Small pockets feature hypoallergenic pellets for even weight distribution
  • More than one size available for more scenarios
  • Perfect for people with allergy problems and sensory conditions


  • Not a good choice for restless syndrome

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket- Best Weighted Blanket for Autism

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket

The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket is the perfect choice for your kid. It is specifically designed to help your child with OCD, autism, ADHD, and anxiety among other sensory conditions. Not to mention that it is one of the cheapest and high performing options.

It is made with the highest quality materials, including clima-cool cotton and warm minky microfiber. Both materials perform remarkably in winter and summer to provide you with endless hugged feeling during sleep.

This particular size for kids is 41 by 56 inches and weighs 7 pounds, making it ideal for a child weighing 60 pounds. You have to colors to choose from for the inner layer, including sea green/silver gray and serenity blue/silver gray.

The construction includes small filled pockets and superior uniform stitching. This construction is long lasting and comfortable. The blanket will not slide as your child is resting on the chair or sleeping in his or her bed.

This is a kids’ blanket; so, washing is a must. However, it is easy to wash compared to most models. The outer duvet cover is removable for quick and effective machine washing. It weighs less; so, it will not damage your washer.


  • Made of top quality clima-cool cotton and warm minky
  • Comes with a removable and machine washable duvet cover
  • Superior weight distribution thanks to the uniform stitching
  • Offers a hugged feeling, making it ideal for sensory disorders


  • Some of the sizes are smaller than the advertised ones

Things You Should Know Before Buying Weighted Blanket

You have to choose the best-weighted blanket for your condition or your child’s condition in order to get the finest performance. The following buying information will offer the ideal guidance you need during your search.

What type of fabric is best?

The most popular and preferred material by most manufacturers and users is cotton. This is the most breathable, coolest, and safest fabric. Well-weaved weighted cotton blankets are incredibly soft and very durable.

The best weighted blanket for kids is made of cotton, and it offers the following benefits: it is 100% organic fabric; it is soft and won’t rub harshly against the skin; it is highly aerated and breathable; it is non-allergenic; and the perfect choice for kids with asthma and autism.

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Other alternative fabrics that you can consider are fleece and minky. Fleece popularity in the market is growing because it is inexpensive, soft, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and durable. However, fleece is not highly recommended for an infant.

The second best weighted blanket for toddlers is minky. This is a more resourceful, reliable, and safe choice for babies. Most minky blankets are soft and are incorporated with dots, which provide an additional amount of sensory input.

How much weight do you need?

The typical weight recommendation is 10% of the body weight plus 1 pound. If you cannot select the ideal weight, you should consult an occupational therapist who can determine the appropriate weight. Beware; too much weight can lead to overstimulation and/or injury.

When selecting a weighted quilt for your child, determine the size with respect to how your kid will use it. For sleeping, you will want a larger size. Normally, a smaller lap size is ideal for homework, reading, and TV watching.

Construction of a weighted blanket

A weighted blanket features two pieces of materials fitted in with seams stitched to hold fillers, along with an outer seam for sealing the blanket. The safest choice is one with extra layers, which do safely secure the filler (glass or poly pellets).

The other most crucial consideration as far as the construction is concerned is the type of filler. Choose a blanket that is filled with FDA approved and BPA free filler. You should also know that glass pellets are noiseless compared to poly pellets.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

To ensure that your weighted blanket will last long, you must know how to wash it correctly. You are advised to machine wash cold with a gentle detergent. Avoid fabric softeners or chlorine bleaches.

Blankets are available in different materials, which require a specific way of washing. Here are a few tips on the materials:


Cotton is probably the most popular material used by most manufacturers. This specific fabric is not only high performing but also durable and easy to wash. You will hardly damage the material during washing.

  • Load the Quilt

Load the cotton quilt into your washing machine. Make sure there is enough water for better movement.

  • Add Detergent

For this material, we recommend a mild, liquid detergent. Avoid harsh detergent to avoid damaging the garment.

  • Set the Machine to Wash

Set up the machine for the cold wash and rinse in order to avoid shrinking. Use gentle, short cycle for washing.

  • Dry the Quilt

Once done washing, remove the quilt and place it into a drier to get rid of the water. Use medium heat when drying.


We urge you to use a warm wash when cleaning a fleece blanket and dry on low heat. In case of a stain, soak the garment for around forty-five minutes in order to weaken the stain. Then machine washes warm to remove the stain.

To avoid damaging the fleece, you have to use a gentle to mild detergent (powdered). This material is known to withstand the effects of fabric softeners. Therefore, you can use a softener, just in case you find it necessary.

You should rinse the garment several times to completely remove any softener or detergent. This will help to make sure that your blanket dries soft. You can do away with pilling, if you air dries the fleece.

  • Pre-treat the stains

Start by treating soiled spots and stains with a single drop of dishwashing fluid. Let the fluid soak the soiled sport or stain for at least ten minutes. Avoid rubbing the stain in order not to spread it all over the garment.

  • Wash

Remove as much soap as you can from the soaked blanket. Then place it in the washing machine. Wash your fleece quilt with other fleece clothing so as to avoid abrasion with other clothes. Make sure you combine colors.

Set the machine on a gentle cycle, because stronger cycles may potentially damage your quilt. Always warm wash the garment, hot is not advisable. Add the ideal wash detergent, and avoid softeners and bleaches.

  • Dry

Use low heat to tumble dry the fleece quilt. Make sure you remove it from the dryer as soon as the dryer stops so that you can prevent wrinkling. Avoid high heat when drying it may damage the fabric.

If the layers are too downy, lay them down on a flat surface and then press. We also advise you not to iron this specific material or else you will melt it. You should also consider hanging, your blanket outdoors with a renewed smell.

  • Storage

Do well to fold the blanket neatly. Then place a fragranced dryer sheet in between the last fold in order to maintain a fresh smell while in storage.


This fabric is more like fleece. However, it is thicker and softer, since it is made of 100% polyester. Unlike other materials, minky does not fade easily over time. However, you should still avoid bleach and softeners.

  • Get a dry rag

Obtain a dry rag and use it to smooth the blanket. Make sure you do not run the rag against the growth of the blanket’s material. This specific step will help you remove dust and dirt from the fur. Do not use circular motions.

  • Place the quilt into the machine

Make sure all the dust and dirt are removed from the blanket, and then place it into your washing machine. When placing the blanket into the washing machine, make certain that it is evenly distributed to avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Use the appropriate detergent

Minky is a special material, and you cannot just use any laundry cleansing agent. To avoid using the wrong cleaner, we advise you to read carefully read the guidelines on the packaging. Go for gentle fabric cleanser and conditioner.

  • Drying

You can dry a minky blanket by hanging it to air dry. Secondly, you can dry it using a dryer. However, the drying time is pretty long since these kinds of blankets are known to retain a substantial amount of water.

The Wrap Up

Weighted blankets are lifesavers for children with proprioceptive conditions. They are designed to help keep a hyperactive kid calmer and in better control of his or her senses. They offer natural therapy for restless legs, insomnia, autism, or anxiety among other disorders.

They are many choices in the market. Different manufacturers claim that their products are the best. But how do you really know which one is perfect for you or your child? Well, that is exactly what this guide is made to do – to help you choose the best and cost-effective option.

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